A Clean Sweep (MFMM)

Suncoast Society 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,389
55 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, cropping, caning, sex toys, HEA]
Essline Barrone left Sarasota after graduating high school and never looked back. Sixteen years later, her neatly organized world in Spokane grinds to a halt when her mom drops the bomb that Essie’s father died.
And their hoarded house is at risk of condemnation.
Mark Collins carries a torch for Essie from their brief high school romance. Now she’s returned, and it’s up to Mark and his brothers to help her save her mom’s house while TV cameras film the whole thing. But Mark, Josh, and Ted have a secret—they’re looking for a strong-willed submissive to share their bed and their lives.
Essie feels torn between a tidy, self-sufficient existence, and the three brothers who insist she’s perfect for them. Can Essie empty the clutter in her heart and spare room for the three hunks who want nothing more than to help her make a clean sweep of her emotional baggage in exchange for a new life together?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton  is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Clean Sweep (MFMM)
55 Ratings (4.7)

A Clean Sweep (MFMM)

Suncoast Society 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,389
55 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love all of Tymber's books and she does not disappoint with this addition to the Suncoast Society series!
Indigo Bloom
Great book
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "What Worked For Me: Abso-freaking-everything!! I make no secret about being a screaming Tymber Dalton fangirl, and she never disappoints me. The Suncoast Society series gets better and better with every new addition. “A Clean Sweep” has a very interesting premise. It’s tackling the mental disorder of hoarding, which has been a problem forever, but it seems with the number of television shows dedicated to the subject, it’s just recently being acknowledged. We learn about the possible roots of Essie’s father’s obsession, and we also learn about the effects that obsession has had on his family. I was caught up in the story quickly. I thought that the characters were perfect. Essie had just the right amount of anguish, meaning that she trying to come to terms with coming home to Florida, helping her mother deal with the mess, mourning her father (slowly, but surely), and the feelings that she’s developing for Mark, Josh, and Ted Collins. Speaking of Mark, Josh, and Ted… I fell in love with all of them right away. Even though they all found themselves developing feelings for Essie quickly, it didn’t feel rushed to me. They also struggled with those feelings. They were weary about falling for a woman who would be leaving after her Mother’s house was cleared, and none of them wanted to step on each other’s toes or make her choose. I was impressed with the character development. Even the background characters play an important part of the story, if if it’s only just a paragraph or two. That’s what great about the “Suncoast Society” series. People cross over from book to book, so they’re really like old friends. I was especially thrilled to see a teeny appearance by my beloved Tony Daniels from “The Denim Dom” (Heavy sigh!). Now…on to the romance. It was just perfect. It was actually a slow build up. The first love scene wasn’t even until at least 42% (give or take) of the book. Sure, there were kisses and adoring looks, but real time was taken to get to the smexytimes. Yes, it’s a BDSM novel, but to me, it felt like the scenes were more loving than punishing…even though they called it “punishment”, it seemed much more erotic than that. I was actually very touched by it all. Of course, there is some angst. There always is, and it’s necessary for the plot to flow, but I just cannot stand when there is so much that I find myself skipping pages, and sometimes whole chapters, so that I don’t fall into a depressed funk. “A Clean Sweep” had the right amount. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it. Thankfully! I have to say that every book in this series is awesome. They’re all some of my “go to’s”…books that I will read again and again because I love them so much. Tymber has such outstanding style. She nails everything, right down to the smallest detail without crushing you under it all. It’s a pleasure to read anything that she writes. What Didn’t Work For Me: NOTHING! Everything worked perfectly! Would I Recommend This Book: HELL YES!! You really need to read this one. You won’t be sorry. Final Star Rating: If I could give it 100 stars, it wouldn’t be enough. SO…I’ll stick with five :-):" -- Kenna, Nice Ladies Naughty Books

4 STARS: "Watching shows about hoarders may cause a viewer to want to clean their house. One may wonder how these people live with themselves. Many may judge hoarders and their immediate family harshly. How do their families allow this to happen? In A CLEAN SWEEP, Ms. Dalton humanizes hoarders and their families. This story is moving in the sensitivity it applies to family members impacted by hoarding. Essline Barrone, aka Essie, is estranged from her parents. As an only child, this makes it sadder. The reason she no longer goes home after she escaped through her college years is because of her father's hoarding issue. After trying to stick up for her mother and being slapped down, she's done with both of them. When her father passes away, her mother reaches out to her. This story is moving because of how realistic Ms. Dalton creates her main character. Learning about Essie's sorrow and rage against her father is painful to witness. The children and spouse of hoarders suffer in a way the general populace don't understand or see. Learning how Essie and her mother couldn't allow people to come to their home or how they had to keep the curtains closed so no one can see the hoarding is heartbreaking. To see how Essie's mother even lost a place in the marriage bed to the hoarded items is soul-crushing. The sensitivity Ms. Dalton uses to show how the hoarding impacts both the hoarder and their loved ones is commendable. From an erotic perspective, this story didn't need it. Yes, the light BDSM is delicious. It's Ms. Dalton, so it is a guarantee that the BDSM is accurate. It's a poly relationship, so it's going to be smexy hawt. This all takes a back seat to the healing Essie and her mother go through when they clean the cluttered home. A side thread involving a pet hoarder enhances and helps make this story even better. It ties in well since Essie works as a vet technician. For those who have read all the other books in this loosely tied series, favourite characters from previous books make an appearance. These secondary characters are lovely because once again, it's a community of realistic people helping others in their time of need. These characters aren't millionaires or billionaires. They hold regular jobs, experience the common problems most people go through and enjoy the benefit of a kinky life. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a happily ever after." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

4.5 STARS: "When Tymber Dalton is “on”, she can write books that wrench your heart, and leave you with a lasting memory . Clean Sweep is one such book, with captivating characters, a creative plot, sizzling sex and a unique approach. Essie Barrone is estranged from her family, having escaped from her father’s hoarding by going to college, then moving clear across the country. She returns home when she learns her father has died and her parents’ home has been condemned. When she returns to help her mother, she runs into Mark Collins, the boy she dated in high school, then dumped rather than bring him home as her father insisted. Mark and his brothers now run a cleaning company, specializing in cleaning up after hoarders for a television show. His brothers Ted and Josh, are concerned because they know how badly Mark reacted when Essie quit seeing him before. Since then, the trio have become dominants and they know the vanilla lie isn’t for them. They tried poly once and it didn’t work out. But as they come to know Essie while working on her mother’s house, they all fall for her and want to try a relationship with all four of them, with Essie as their submissive. Can Essie find happiness with three brothers and live a kinky lifestyle? This was a remarkable read, exploring an area not often addressed in romance books-hoarding and its effect on families." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Mark stepped forward, concern on his face. It made her feel vaguely guilty that it was his eldest brother she wanted to talk to right now. “Are you all right? I know that’s a stupid question under the circumstances.”

“No, it’s not a stupid question. I guess I’m as okay as I can be. Under the circumstances,” she added. “Can I talk to Ted alone for a few?”

“Sure,” Mark said. Josh nodded. She didn’t miss the slightly puzzled look on Mark’s face before he turned with Josh and headed over to their supply trailer.

She pulled the large garage door down and locked it, the solid, clanking sound more satisfying than she’d ever imagined it’d be.

“Wow. Mom’s right. That’s pretty neat.”

“I think your mom would stand out here and open and close that door all night if we let her,” Ted lightly observed.

She ran her hand over the handle. Someone had used a broom or something on the inside of the door, sweeping it clean, as well as oiling the rollers, hinges, latch, and other mechanical parts of it.

“You might be right,” Essie agreed.

“So what’s going through your mind?”

She couldn’t turn and face him yet. “I accidentally overheard Loren and Tilly talking earlier today,” she said to the door handle. “About BDSM. I asked, and they answered.” She finally forced herself to turn, her eyes focused on his knees. “Tell me about it.”

He let out a long breath before sticking his hands in the pockets of his jeans and shifting his stance, feet a little wider apart. His voice dropped, softer. “What do you want me to say, Essie?”

Even his tone sounded different, and not just the volume.

Now she knew she couldn’t look up and meet his gaze, afraid she’d want to drop to her knees in front of him.

Make it go away for me. Please, make it all better. I don’t want to do this alone anymore.

“You and your brothers are into it?” she asked.

“Into BDSM, yes. Does that bother you?”


When she didn’t continue, he pressed. “Then what did you want to ask me?”

“You’re a professional. How do you reconcile that?”

“Back up a step. A professional what?”


“Yes, I am. The mental health community is finally recognizing that consensual BDSM isn’t an indication of a psychiatric disorder.” He smiled. “Something a lot of us have known for years.”

She didn’t know how to respond to that. “Tilly was talking about being poly. What does that mean?” She risked a glance at his face again before her gaze dropped to his knees.

He took a slow, deliberate step forward. She didn’t flinch away. He stopped a few feet from her, hands still in his pockets. “It means a non-monogamous relationship where people are involved with more than just their primary partner. It can take many forms, and it usually means all the people involved in the arrangement have consented and agreed to the rules the group sets.”

“So they can have sex with whoever they want?”

“Not necessarily. You might be thinking about swingers, and even then, there’s a hugely malformed public image about what they do. They frequently have their own rules about what can and can’t happen, but I suspect that’s straying from your topic.”

She nodded. “How many poly people do you know?”

“Besides myself and my brothers? Quite a few.”

“You don’t, you know, with your brothers, do you?”

“Eh, no. We were in a poly relationship with a woman, a submissive, for a while. She wanted and enjoyed having more than one partner at a time. We enjoyed playing with her. When she needed more from us than we could give her, we parted friends and went our separate ways.”

“Needed more how?”

“Every sadist has their limits, just as every sub has theirs. She pegged us out at the top end of the scale and needed more.” He shrugged. “Communication is key in poly relationships. Well, it’s key in BDSM, too. It’s about trust and communication. If you can’t manage either of those, it won’t work.”

“And Mark and Josh?”

“Yes, they’re Dominants, too.”

“Are you seeing anyone now?”

“No. I’m single. Can I ask why you’re so interested in this?”

She felt heat fill her face. “I just wanted to know.”

“And now that the secret’s out, can we depend on you to be discreet about it? We have a lot of friends who came out today to help, and more who will be here tomorrow.”

“I won’t say anything, I promise.” It took every ounce of strength she had, but she looked him in the eyes. “I’m okay with it.”

“Good. I’m glad it’s not an issue. Our private lives are nobody’s business. You will find the same mix of people in BDSM as you will in the general population. All occupations, economic situations, genders and sexualities, and with countless interests. Hell, there’s probably people paying for clean garage porn.”

That made her laugh, as well as relax a little. “Think Purson will set us up with that to make more money?”

“You never know. Look, it’s late, and you have to be exhausted. I promise, if you need to talk to me about this at any time, feel free. But I’d prefer we make sure we don’t have a film crew tagging along, and we make sure our mics are off. Deal?” He withdrew his right hand from his pocket and extended it.

She shook with him. No magic zap of energy raced through her, although she did wonder what his strong hands would feel like roaming over her body.

“Deal,” she said.

He helped her get the garage locked up and they rejoined Mark and Josh by the supply trailer.

“Everything all right?” Mark asked.

She smiled. “I’m good. Really. Thank you.” She hugged—just hugged—him, Josh, and then Ted, before bidding them good night and heading back to Ross and Loren’s.

Her mom was just finishing up her shower. Essie opted for a quick shower, followed by a soak in the tub. Closing her eyes, she envisioned first Mark, then Ted.

Don’t forget Josh.

No, don’t forget him, with his black hair and brown eyes. They all strongly resembled each other. You could see they were brothers.

Is it any coincidence they all turned out to be Doms? Were there any case studies on that?

Probably not.




“See?” He kissed her again, savoring it. “I know this is new to you. But we also know this can work. We have friends who make this work. I’m not saying it’s perfect or that there won’t be hiccups, but with all of us there behind you, we’ll be able to hold you up, help you find your way, and never abandon you. Sometimes, we’ll each have alone time with you.”

He chuckled. “And sometimes, we’ll have you in bed between us, our hands all over you, our cocks inside you, and blow your mind so hard that you’ll never want to be anywhere but here.”

“You don’t even know me,” she said. “Not really. How can you be so sure?”

“Because I feel it. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove to you how good it could be if you just let it happen and don’t keep making excuses for why it couldn’t work.”

Big brother Ted suddenly applied the brakes. “Uh, guys, condoms?”

Mark silently swore, but Josh jumped up. “I think I still have some. Hold on.” He ran down to his bedroom and returned a moment later, triumph on his face and Trojans in his hand. “Ta-da!”

Essie giggled, the sweet sound sending the good kind of shivers through Mark’s soul.

Hers. Whether she knew it or not, whether she still wanted him or not tomorrow, he knew his heart irretrievably belonged to her.


* * * *


Essie realized she was really about to go through with this.


As every logical reason as to why this was a horribly irresponsible and dumbass move tried to scream its way through her mind, she shoved those thoughts away and did her best to ignore them.

Maybe this would be okay.

Maybe it would lead to something good.

Maybe she could find whatever it was that had been missing from her life all these years.


If she didn’t try, she wouldn’t know.

“I’m on the pill,” she said.

“No offense, sweetheart,” Mark said, “but at least for the first time, until we can have a better, more detailed conversation, for your peace of mind and ours we’d rather use them.”

“Okay.” She closed her eyes and let the men ease her back on the couch. Mark kissed her, nibbling his way down her jaw to her ear and back again. Hands lifted her blouse up and over her head. Then she felt her bra being removed.

Two warm mouths closed around her nipples, sucking, flicking, playing, teasing until they were hard, aching peaks and sending pulses of need to her clit with every pull.

“See?” Mark murmured. “How good is that?” He cupped her face with his hand and made her look him in the eyes. “Answer me, baby.”


“Good what?”


He kissed her, hard, other hands now working on her jeans to get her belt loose and the button undone. All the while, Josh and Ted continued teasing her, sucking on her nipples, drawing soft whimpers from her.

Working together, they finally got her jeans and panties off her with her assistance. Then Ted relinquished her nipple and knelt in front of her, pushing her thighs apart. He hooked his arms under her legs, fingers digging into her flesh as he buried his face in her pussy.

Not only did her eyes drop closed, she was pretty sure they rolled back in her head in a complete three-sixty. His tongue found and flicked at her clit as Mark changed positions, his mouth now covering and sucking her abandoned nipple.

Holy…fuck. She’d never felt pleasure so intense before. Sure, she rubbed one out in bed or with the handheld showerhead on occasion, but that wasn’t very often.


Hell, if it felt this good every time she did it, she’d die of starvation because she’d never stop doing it.

Ted’s tongue circled her clit, dipping into her pussy before returning. She felt the climb start, her head lolling back on the sofa as pleasure filled her. She tangled her hands in the men’s hair, moaning, but then another jolt of pleasure shot through her when the men both took her wrists and pinned her arms over her head, against the couch.

“Please don’t stop,” she softly begged.

Ted burrowed even deeper, nibbling on her clit with his lips before sucking her sensitive nub into his mouth, where he flicked it with his tongue.

Searing pleasure that bordered on pain shot through her, rocketing from one end of her body to the other. That she couldn’t move, between Mark and Josh pinning her arms down and Ted keeping her in place, impaled on his tongue, only added to the sensations.

Ted took her above and beyond, not stopping even when she didn’t think she could take any more and tried squirming free.

Mark lifted his head. “Oh, no, sweetheart,” he playfully said. “You don’t get to safeword for pleasure. Only pain. You will stay right here and keep coming as long as we make you.”

With that, he bent his head to her breast again, once again sucking on her nipple.

She tried to pull her hands free and that made the men only hold on tighter.

Which only fired her pleasure centers up again.

Essie found herself locked in a downward spiral into the deepest, most intense pleasure she’d ever experienced in her life. No other lover before had ever made her feel like this.


And then, impossibly, she felt her body responding, once again surging toward another orgasm.

Ménage with hot guys? Check.

Multiple orgasms in the space of a few minutes? Check.

When the release slammed into her, she sobbed at the sensation, pleasure so raw she didn’t know if she’d remember what it felt like to have a plain old boring climax she gave herself.

Josh lifted his head. “Look at me, baby.” Her head lolled toward him and she opened her eyes.

He smiled. “Just think how good this could be every night. Oh, another of our rules might be you don’t get to masturbate ever again. If you want to make yourself come, you have to ask permission.”

Not that she did a lot of that, but that rule sounded so utterly H-A-dubya-T hot that she nearly came again from the thought.

“Would you like a rule like that, baby?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered, unable to put more strength into her voice.

Between her legs, Ted had eased up a little but was still circling her clit with his tongue, keeping the boiler primed, as it were.

And she thought she just might be able to come again.

Mark lifted his head. “Hey, go get the Hitachi.” He grinned as Josh let go of her and went dashing down the hall again.

“Wait until you get a load of that,” Mark promised with an evil grin.

Josh returned a moment later with a towel, a vibrator, and an extension cord. Ted finally sat up, smiling as he licked his lips before leaning in to kiss her. She loved tasting herself on him.

“Baby,” he said, “I cannot wait to fuck that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Change,” Josh said. “My turn.”

Ted climbed onto the sofa where Josh had been. Mark and Ted grabbed her wrists and held them over her head again, pinned against the couch. With their other arms, they each hooked one under her legs, holding her spread wide open for Josh, who now sat on the floor.

“Eyes down here, baby,” Josh ordered.

She could barely keep her head up, but complied.

He tucked the towel under her bum, then held up the vibrator. “Meet Señor Hitachi,” he said. “He will be your new best friend.” He held it up to her lips. “Kiss it.”

She did, her heart racing in anticipation.

“Good girl,” he said. With one hand, he spread her labia wide open, making her moan again.

Then he flicked the vibrator on and pressed it against her clit.

Had it felt good before? Holy crap, this made even that pale in comparison. She let out a cry as the intense sensation threatened to overwhelm her.

“Take it,” he sternly ordered. “Come for me.”

Mark and Ted tightened their grips on her as she struggled. “Take it, sweetheart,” Ted ordered. “You can take this. This is nothing. This is just the warm-up.”

“Eyes on me,” Josh ordered.

She didn’t try to keep her cry quiet as she tipped over the edge again. With the men firmly gripping her body, she sobbed her way through that orgasm, heaving in a relieved sigh when he pulled the vibrator away after a few moments.

“Oh, we’re not done,” he teased. “Not even close.” He pressed it against her clit again.

This time, his goal was apparently to build her up to an even bigger release. He kept teasing her, tormenting her, driving her closer every time before pulling it away.

Finally, she found herself begging for release and didn’t even realize it until Mark chuckled.

“You want to come, baby? A few minutes ago, you were trying to get away from Señor Hitachi. I think you need to make up your mind.”

“Please make me come, Sir!” she begged.

It was only as Josh laughed and pressed the Hitachi against her clit once more that she realized her tactical error.

“Oh, I’ll keep you coming, all right.”

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