Best of Both

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,200
0 Ratings (0.0)

Why limit yourself to one gender when you can have both?

This collection of 20 stories focuses on sharing. From crime and punishment in the Nevada desert to voyeurism in Marrakech, to a 22nd century theme park where every sexual fantasy is catered for, these tantalising tales all have one thing in common. They celebrate bisexuality

Office affairs, naughty weekend hunting trips, and salon sensuality, from one-on-one loving to foursomes and moresomes, this anthology ticks all the boxes!

A saucy short story collection for readers who want the best of both worlds.

Best of Both
0 Ratings (0.0)

Best of Both

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,200
0 Ratings (0.0)
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‘Yes, better.’ I rocked back to take him deeper, my fingers, slick and fumbling, found my clit and I discovered my rhythm. The first orgasm was rushing toward me like a fireball. It had been a few days, I was so eager. I’d been anticipating time alone all day. My body was ready and warm for him the moment our boss had ordered a break.

‘Come on, I can feel it. Give it to me,’ Ryan said. He feathered both hands along the small of my back and then gripped me hard and shoved deep. I came with a rush of air and a shiver that rocked my body like a small quake.

‘Good girl. That was nice. What a tight little cunt you have.’ The words alone had me back on the edge of another release. Ryan was hypnotic. Were I not so down on love right now, I thought I could love him. Maybe one day. He was dirty and he was crass and he could be a bit scary even – so big and lumbering with a mane of dark brown hair and a beard that hid half his face. If angered he resembled a bear. But under it all was a brilliant awesome man who touched me like I was made of glass or steel depending on my mood.

The door opened and we froze. I felt my heart stagger and spots bloomed in my vision. It was Meredith and she was almost all the way in the tiny room before she registered what was going on.

‘Oh – my – oh! I’m so sorry. Oh God I …’

‘Get in here and shut the fucking door,’ I growled, Ryan’s cock still buried deep inside me. Still hard. Still welcome. Though he hadn’t moved, he was holding me in a death grip like I might float off.

The door snicked shut and Ryan started to move imperceptibly. He laughed. He knew me so well. We’d need to share more than fucking if we ever moved forward in the future he’d told me one night that we went out for beers.

And now here she was – Meredith – pretty, brown haired, skittish little girl. I’d liked her from the get-go. I’d wondered about kissing her more than once. Ever since Joelle and I split, I’d been lusting after the kiss of feminine lips. I grabbed her by her white uniform blouse and tugged her in. She stumbled and sputtered but when I got her close and kissed her, she sighed. Even as her small white hands hovered in the air like pale butterflies. She didn’t try and pull away. She didn’t scream and run.

She kissed me back.

‘On the counter, pants off,’ I ordered and Ryan grunted, moving slow – delaying his orgasm, no doubt.

‘But I…I mean, I don’t want to interru … and I’m not sure if …’ The words tumbled out of her mouth, tripping over one another. She wasn’t making any sense.

I shook her once. ‘Do you want to join us or no?’

It was an easy question.

Her big blue eyes darted to me and then Ryan, finally settled on my mouth. I watched her watching me, feeling the small aftershocks of my orgasm firing off in my pussy. I licked my lips and she nodded once. ‘Yes.’

That’s how we got her on the counter with her pants off. The door had been blocked with a chair and I shivered at the smell of us all in the tiny room. Pure, unadulterated sex. I inhaled the scent of sweet Meredith before I even touched her. When I touched her it got even better. Smooth pale skin under my fingertips as I traced her labia and kissed her inner thighs. My lipstick leaving little red ghost images of my mouth on her skin.

‘Jesus, I’m a dead man,’ Ryan said, gripping me tight, thrusting slow but deep inside of me where my muscles gripped him with a slippery kind of greed.

‘Hang on, big boy.’

I kissed her outer lips until she gripped the edge of the counter and her trim hips shot up to meet me in little blips and jerks. I tsked teasingly but licked a wet split along her sex and found the tiny knot of her clit. Her fingers threaded in my hair and she tugged.

The pain shot through my scalp but my cunt clenched up around Ryan from the pain. He sighed and I sighed and the warmth and wetness on Miss Meredith made her sigh. I nibbled her until she wiggled and then I started to lick her in earnest, finding her slippery pussy with my finger and fucking her slowly until she gasped.

Pushing back to Ryan, welcoming him to move, we began our short and sweet break. He fucked me, rocking me hard, driving me forward. The motions of him moving into me, shoved me between Meredith’s pretty legs, making me half crazy with lust. I sealed my mouth to Meredith, licking and sucking until she came with a short cry, adrenaline fuelling a speedy finish.

‘Fuck,’ Ryan said and gripped me so hard I knew I’d wear his fingerprints for days – a thought that turned me on no end.

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