Tango Trio (MMF)

Dream Marked 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,612
13 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, shape-shifters]

Tessa never expects to dream about two gorgeous guys making love to her on the train. She certainly never imagines they might be real men. Or that one of them is her sexy friend Parker and the other their insanely hot dance teacher, Jared. She definitely doesn’t anticipate the three of them bonding and fighting enemies desperate to steal their blood.

Who would create a drug that gives non-bonded humans extrasensory powers? It seems insane until Tessa learns that her mother might be the chemist behind it all. Even so, she certainly doesn’t expect her senses to go haywire or for the bonding to give her the ability to heal. And shape-shift. Mostly, she doesn’t expect to live happily ever after with her bond-mates when so many different people want them dead. But she hopes she can.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tango Trio (MMF)
13 Ratings (4.1)

Tango Trio (MMF)

Dream Marked 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,612
13 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Love this author. This was a great second book. I am looking forward to the installment.
Excellent book. Tango Trio has it all - strong characters, good plot, very hot smexy scenes, mystery, some action and unexpected cat shifters.The second book of the Dream Marked series, it can be read alone but the enjoyment is much greater if read in order. Highly recommend
Professional Reviews

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4.5 HEARTS: "When Tessa begins having dreams about her best friend Parker and a mysterious stranger, she welcomes the erotic adventure. Soon she finds out she's part of a bonded trio, a group of predestined soul mates. Once she and Parker meet Jared, a soldier-turned-dance instructor, in the flesh, their bond takes on psychic proportions. Their bond gives them the ability to communicate telepathically, but it also sets them up as targets for people who want to use their blood as a street drug called ‘Path. Soon, they find themselves the target of merciless drug dealers, the leader of which is no stranger to Tessa. Tango Trio is a rollercoaster of action. From the first mouthwatering dream sequence to the last scene that'll leave the reader with something to dream about, it's one hot, exciting story. Ms. Leaf doesn't fool around with a slow build. She dives right in and leaves you breathless. Parker leaps from the page, a dynamic stud in tight jeans, and his chemistry with Tessa fairly burns. When Jared's character is added, watch out. Once the trio is formed, the real action of the story begins. The bonding makes for an incredibly close and sexually-charged relationship, but it also paints a bright red bull's-eye on them. Their blood forms a powerful, addictive drug that fetches top dollar on the open market. Even clandestine government groups are taking notice. While Tango Trio can be read alone, it's the second in Ms. Leaf's Dream Marked series, and I highly recommend reading the first to understand and appreciate the background of the bad guys. Ms. Leaf is a wonderfully talented writer with a fun, easy style. Overall, Tango Trio is an action-packed must-read that's so full of paranormal twists and turns you'll never see what's coming next. I can't wait for the next installment!" -- Clare, The Romance Studio

4 STARS: "TANGO TRIO is a very good paranormal ménage story. I liked the three hot leads and the paranormal elements were integral to the interesting plot. Tessa begins to have erotic dreams about her friend, Parker, and another man. The dreams feel so real that when she and Parker attend a dance class they accept their dance instructor, Jared, as the man they've both been dreaming about. Tess, Parker and Jared are trio-bonded, a chemical reaction suspicious in nature. Now the trio are running from an evil chemist and her henchmen who want the trio-bonded's blood. But Tess and her two men have gained special abilities thanks to their bond-mating, along with an incendiary relationship they explore at all times. The strength of this short novel is in the emotional and sexual relationship between Tess, Parker and Jared. I really liked how no one in the relationship was reluctant or resistant, even Parker who never thought he was attracted to men. The three commit to each other quickly and wholeheartedly, and the sex and emotional sharing really illustrated that. I liked how the author took time out of the incredibly hot sex scenes to have the three share their history and feelings with each other. For instance, Jared had been a soldier and was injured in a mission and through the trio's telepathic bond, he shares the story and how it affected him. This emotional sharing added to the intimacy of the story and pushed it away from erotica into erotic romance, and I really liked that. I also liked how the paranormal elements of this chemical bonding moved the story along. The plot was surprisingly action packed as the trio refused to be victims and instead went on the offensive against the mysterious agents trying to steal their blood. TANGO TRIO was a very good ménage story but also worked as a strong paranormal romance. The plot was well paced and balanced the many spicy sexual encounters. Readers of both ménage and paranormal stories will like this book and will likely do as I did and go back to read book one of the series, Appassionato." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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Fuck, fuck me, was all he had the coherence to think. She slipped a finger inside him then licked around it while Jared scrubbed his tongue up his cock. The woods, the water, the sand beneath him faded to a blur as he let himself lose control. Tessa gave him another finger, then another. It felt incredible.

“Tessa, here, fold your thumb in,” Jared murmured. Parker heard him but didn’t know what his bond-mate was talking about.

“Won’t that hurt him?” Tessa responded, slipping her fingers out of Parker.

No, no don’t stop, Parker sent, his mind voice urgent. He didn’t want them to ever stop.

“No, he’s so aroused it won’t hurt him. It’ll feel wonderful,” Jared soothed Tessa. Parker opened his eyes, confused. Then he groaned as he felt her ease four fingers inside. It burned, but felt good at the same time. Suddenly, another digit poked at him, slid inside. He felt full, almost uncomfortably so, but the pleasure far outweighed the pain. Fuck! Was that—?

Yeah, Parker, that’s Tessa’s fist inside you, Jared sent.

Parker writhed on the ground, arching his back when Tessa’s small fist bumped his prostrate. It felt like he’d died and been reborn. Again! Tessa, please

She twisted inside him and bumped his prostate again. And again. Parker couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak. Then Jared swallowed his cock, and Parker knew it was all over. His orgasm crashed over his body, freezing every single muscle. Parker moaned and shook as the waves exploded inside him, again and again. He could feel his bond-mates climaxing, too, the three of them locked in a white-hot circle of pleasure. Except, when the orgasm receded a little, he realized that his cock was still hard. Still aching and desperate. What the hell?

Jared chuckled breathlessly. “I kept my hand around you, like a cock ring. You came, but only a little bit.” He laughed as Parker struggled to process what just happened.

“What?” Parker swallowed and tried again. “Are you kidding me?” He lifted his head up, dimly realizing that Tessa had removed her hand from him and was washing off in the water. He looked down at his cock, still hard.

Jared’s smiling face stared up at him. “I want to fuck you.”

Parker blinked. He had no problem with that. “Yeah, okay.” He lifted his thighs up again, exposing his center just so he could watch Jared choke. Jared’s face went slack, then he clambered up, his dick slapping Parker’s thigh before plunging inside with no preparation. Parker grunted, surprised at how easy it was.

“Well, I had my fist up your ass, you know,” Tessa said, snuggling up against him. Her breasts pushed into his arm, but Parker couldn’t think anymore. Jared still held his dick, keeping him from coming as he thrust against Parker’s prostrate.

Jared, you’re killing me, he thought as his body trembled, half exhausted, half desperate.

You can take it, Jared sent, his hands gripping Parker’s thighs hard enough to bruise.

What about me? Tessa thought, idly running her hands up and down Parker’s chest. He closed his eyes as she tweaked his nipples. Then Jared stopped.

“Jared, fuck, don’t stop now!” Parker ground out, panting. He felt Jared slide out of him and moaned in protest.

“Hang on,” Jared said, his voice strained. Parker jerked as Jared gently lifted Tessa over his torso. She splayed her legs over his abdomen, then Jared aimed Parker’s cock at her pussy, and she sank down.

“God!” Parker gritted his teeth, straining and bucking against the fingers Jared still held vise-like around his erection. “Let me go, Jared.”

You’ll like this, Jared sent as he urged Tessa up again.

“Jared? What—?” Tessa slurred the words, drunk with arousal. She dropped into the water next to Parker, slumping down against his chest. She rubbed the peaked tips of her nipples against him, making them both shiver.

“Shh, Tessa, just wait. You’ll see.” Jared took her place atop Parker. When he aimed Parker’s rigid cock at his hole and began to slowly sink down, Parker hissed. Tessa’s slickness on his dick helped some but not enough. Jared was insanely tight. Parker thought he just might lose his entire fucking mind.

Jared laughed, the sound strained. See, I told you you’d like this.

“Christ!” Parker grit out, trying not to thrust. I don’t want to hurt you.

You won’t, Jared assured him just as he shoved himself the rest of the way down. He sat there, unmoving.

Jared, move, please. Parker clenched his hands in the water, scrabbling at the sandy bottom of the shallow pool. He couldn’t risk touching either Jared or Tessa. He could feel his claws scraping.

Jared looked at Tessa, his eyes half closed. Parker frowned, wondering what his bond-mate had in mind, and then Tessa heaved herself up and over, settling down atop Parker too. Parker, don’t move. Not yet, Jared sent as he snaked an arm around her waist. His other hand went between her legs, parting her lips. Parker bit his lip, tasting blood, as Jared teased her clit.

Parker could see how hot she was. His mouth watered, and he tried his best to keep still, but watching his two lovers writhe on top of him was more than he could take. He bucked, making Jared gasp. Tessa opened eyes that had fallen shut and smiled down at him. Then she raised herself up to her knees and reached between her legs to grasp Jared’s dick. She angled it right at her center and sank down. Parker grabbed fistfuls of sand as she teased both Jared and herself, right on top of him.

“Tessa, God, you’re sexy,” Parker said, clenching and unclenching his hands. She smiled as she knelt up again, exposing Jared’s cock. Parker watched her flick a thumbnail against it, felt an echo of the pain through their bond. Jared moaned, his chin on her shoulder as he clenched around Parker’s cock, impossibly tight. That was it. He had to move right the fuck now.

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