Bewitched (MM)

Natural Magic 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,724
8 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranomal Romance, M/M, witches, HEA]
Ciel is a witch. Neither expression or attitude, he was born into a family of casters with a long list of traditions that gives Ciel little choice in his life's path. While he's never been thrilled following someone else's rules, he hasn't had a good reason to fight them. Until now.
Hisoka has always felt different but didn’t know why until he falls into bed with his boss. Finding out he's the human version of a witch's black cat should be alarming, but the process is exciting, especially when Ciel demonstrates that he isn't crazy by busting every light bulb in the building with a snap of his oh-so-talented fingers.
Familiars may be good luck to witches in the movies, but Ciel's family doesn't watch TV. Faced with the prospect of being blackballed from the music industry, with worse consequences for Ciel if the witches' governing body finds out, they must decide if being together is worth the potential consequences.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bewitched (MM)
8 Ratings (4.0)

Bewitched (MM)

Natural Magic 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,724
8 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters



New York had something new on every corner. Office buildings towered above most structures, but one in particular towered above them all, seemingly endless in its attempt to reach the heavens. The steel-reinforced and mirrored-glass building was the largest business in the music industry. The company sought out only the most talented artists and musicians to add to their empire, and every wannabe singer, songwriter, and band wanted desperately to get in on the action. Express Music Corporation was the only label people paid attention to. Without their name, without their advertising skills, it was almost impossible to become famous, which was all anyone really wanted anyway.

Of course, if they knew the entire business was run by magick casters, they might not have been so keen on handing over their talent and fortunes to a bunch of powerful witches.

Past the unfriendly exterior of the building, on the ninth floor in a large corridor, sat a conference room the size of a hotel ballroom. It was decorated with silver, white, and black ribbons, balloons, lights, streamers, and a crap ton of other items meant to emphasize the grand occasion they were celebrating. Record-high sales and a band that would make everyone who worked on the project very wealthy was cause for infinite hangovers come morning, but that was more than all right. Everyone needed a little break.

Many women were dressed in long, flowing silver or black gowns while the gentlemen schmoozed in suits or tuxes. Hisoka Henderson stood toward the back of the room, brushing his short black hair behind his pierced ear while he shifted nervously in the crowd. He hated crowds. While the fact may have been humorous given the fact that he was around them as an occupational hazard, it didn’t make him any happier to know that the swell of people surrounded him.

He adjusted his black suit as it hung uncomfortably on his body and took a nervous sip of his drink in an attempt to calm his nerves. A passing waiter accidently bumped him, and his night went from tolerable to highly annoying in two seconds flat.

“God dammit, I hate these gatherings,” he mumbled to himself as his glass of champagne spilled down his front. He frantically rubbed at it with his hands, making it worse, his originally white shirt turning tan.

“Isn’t that just the breaks?” a rough voice rumbled from behind him. A silk crimson handkerchief was shoved into Hisoka’s face, obscuring his view of his would-be savior. “Try not to spill anything else while you’re playing with the big boys. They don’t take kindly to having to pay additional cleaning bills when underlings ruin conference room floors with wine stains on the carpet.”

It was on the tip of his tongue to correct the jerk and tell him politely that champagne wouldn’t stain the damn carpet. Hisoka looked up.

Holy shit. The guy was gorgeous. His scowl didn’t even mar the beauty of his mug. His crimson-red hair, just a bit longer than regulation, and insane honey-colored eyes topped off a six-foot-two frame with muscles for days. The sheer allure beckoned him closer. However, the expression on his face made Hisoka take a step back. The last thing he wanted was to gain the attention of one of the executive types floating around. He just wanted to do his time and get out of here.

Why does this crap always happen to me?


* * * *


Ciel St. Germaine looked the smaller man up and down. He didn’t understand why anyone but the board of executives was invited to these things. Some people couldn’t handle the pressure of a sophisticated setting. He knew it was snobby, but he really didn’t give a shit. He had to be here, had to make sure everything ran smoothly, and it was the people who weren’t used to the big parties that were the reason behind his splitting headache at present. The fact that he’d had to kick out three grown-ass men because they were falling-down drunk at a work function was utterly ridiculous.

On closer inspection, he realized the man before him wasn’t drunk, which eased his temper somewhat. Not an idiot, just clumsy. It was a far better circumstance than the conclusion he’d jumped to. He deliberately softened his expression before he brought his champagne glass to his lips and sipped.

“So I’m guessing you work in advertising. Which one of my new colleagues are you?” Ciel asked. Having been recently moved to the advertising section of Express from his former position in the production department, he wasn’t familiar with any of the other people who he was expected to work with. The company president didn’t even know of his transfer yet and he wasn’t sure how the man would handle it, but the vice president had insisted on his transfer to make room for his son. He wasn’t surprised that none of his new coworkers had gotten the memo.

“Um, Hisoka. Henderson.” The way he tripped over his own name was rather charming. Hisoka’s eyes danced up and down Ciel’s body, and when he realized Ciel caught the expression, an instant blush followed. Ciel almost chuckled. He was used to being checked out, so that wasn’t a problem. Of course, he normally only paid attention when ladies did it, because there was always some dancing around the fact that he was absolutely unavailable. But plenty of men did it, too. However, he’d never seen someone so unnerved from doing it.




Ciel’s mouth enveloped Hisoka’s cock all the way to the back of his throat, just the way he liked other people to suck him. He groaned around the unfamiliar length that was bruising the back of his throat in absolute bliss. He couldn’t ask for anything more in this moment. The taste and texture of Hisoka’s cock was perfect.

The magick deepened in intensity, making the air fairly crackle with electricity. The spell was reaching a climax, no pun intended.

He suckled harder to draw another stuttering moan from his companion. This was what he’d been waiting on his entire life, this moment and this man. His destiny.

What the fuck does that even mean?

It didn’t matter. Caster was united with magick, and he could no more stop the instinctive joining than he could stop breathing. Casters might have been able to manipulate magick from time to time, but in the end, they were just as driven by the unseen force of that energy.

He bobbed his head, slicking Hisoka with his spit as he tried to inflict as much pleasure as humanly possible. His soft sac was tight as Hisoka neared orgasm. The idea of swallowing down his cum made Ciel’s prick leak in sympathy.

He kneaded his lover’s sac once more before spreading the firm globes of Hisoka’s buttock to find the tight rosette nestled between. Endless moments were spent teasing the tight opening with the firm touch of his fingers as Ciel attempted to loosen the other man while sucking Hisoka’s cock with deep draws of his mouth.

He popped his mouth up. “Need some slick.”

Hisoka groaned. “Do it. Jesus, do it.”

He was loath to leave him for even a second, but he needed to get into his nightstand. He rolled to the side and dug in his bedside drawer. He came out with the small tube of lubricant he sometimes used to play with his prick in the afternoons.

Ciel returned to Hisoka, rearranging him so his legs were spread even further before he sank one slick finger into Hisoka’s ass. He’d never had a virgin before, so he hoped he was going slow enough. He angled his fingers to rub the pleasure spot inside him, and Hisoka screamed his approval.

“How does that feel?” he asked, licking the head of Hisoka’s length to catch a shiny drop of liquid at the tip. He moved his finger, caressing the spot over and over again with each subsequent movement.

His body was screaming at him to force his way into Hisoka’s tight body that was gripping his fingers so beautifully. He groaned at the image. He took another slow lick and added another finger.

Patience. Patience. Gotta have patience.

Hisoka writhed in pleasure. “Fuck me! Please, Ciel. Stop teasing!” He bucked his hips, and Ciel slipped in another finger. For someone who hadn’t done this before, he was certainly reacting like a seasoned pro.

Mine. First. Best. Always. He didn’t even fight himself that time. He was so hard, he couldn’t even manage to edit his own thoughts.

“Ciel!” Hisoka shouted. “Now!” He sat up, shoving Ciel up as he did so.

He was so stunned that he just went with it, falling back as Hisoka mauled him. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Please, fuck me.” He grabbed Ciel’s cock roughly and stroked him from base to tip, eliciting a shudder.

“Jesus,” Ciel cursed. He bucked and rolled, pushing Hisoka under him once again. “Easy, boy.”

“So lucky. So lucky you picked me,” Hisoka babbled, his arms and legs wrapping around Ciel like a very enthusiastic octopus. He almost laughed but somehow managed to refrain.

“Lucky, eh?” He pulled his lover’s hand off his cock. He might as well have not bothered. His hot little hands wrapped around him again and stroked. He did laugh then, though it ended on a groan. “Hisoka, you’re precious.” He bucked his hips as Hisoka rubbed him once more. It elicited another low moan from him. His body took over, and the next thing he knew he had Hisoka pressed against the bed with his hard cock between Hisoka’s widely spread legs.

His power flared, his caster magick boiling over with his desire.

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