[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA]
Xavi Diaz is on the run from his family. They want to send him to a retreat to “cure” his gayness. Hiding out at his grandfather’s best friend’s ranch, he meets Trace Griffin. Xavi has been watching the huge farrier, but his extreme shyness prevents him from getting any words out. When Trace offers him a job, he’s determined to not only speak to the man, but to get up close and personal.
Trace loves his job placing himself under two thousand pound animals, shoeing their hoofs. He loves riding his big black motorcycle at high speeds. And he would also love to take Xavi into his bed for more than his usual one night of fast and rough.
Can an extremely shy man, raised in a very religious family, take on a bad boy who likes living on the edge? Does he even want to? Watch Trace break through Xavi’s walls of protection and watch Xavi teach Trace patience.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Xavi's Wild Ride (MM)
26 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Holy crap! Xavi cleaned the shoeing equipment and put everything away. Then he went and brushed Satellite down and let him out into the pasture. All the while, he was thinking about the giant farrier that had been in most of his thoughts and some of his dreams for the last three days.

Xavi had been minding his own business that first day, cleaning out a stall, when in walked a huge, long-haired man dressed in a black T-shirt that stretch across his muscular chest. Jeans encased powerful thighs that made Xavi want to run his hands over them while he sucked on the package that was clearly outlined.

Xavi’s shyness was the bane of his life and he could do no more than nod a greeting at the man each morning when they met in the barn. Xavi would give just about anything if only he could make himself talk to the man. It wasn’t like Trace was a monster or anything. In fact, Xavi could swear as he watched Trace work, there were times Trace was looking back at him. Xavi got goose bumps just thinking about it.

Now Trace was hurt and Xavi decided that he had to help him. With determination, he was going to push his shyness aside and take Trace something to eat. He would include pain medicine, in case Trace needed it.

Making his way to the bunkhouse, he quickly showered and then made a couple of sandwiches in the tiny kitchen. Most of the meals were served in the big house, but the bunk kitchen held basic supplies for the hands. Getting a tray out, he added chips to the plate, along with a glass of milk, and he took them to the door of the room that he knew Trace was staying in.

Setting the tray on the floor, he ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of over-the-counter painkillers and then headed down the hallway. Before he could lose the courage he was hanging onto by a thread, he knocked on the door. Xavi heard a muffled response, but couldn’t quite make out the words.

Opening the door just a little, he said, “It’s me, Xavi. Can I come in?”

“Come in, Xavi,” Trace answered.

Opening the door wider, Xavi froze. Before him, lying on the bed was Trace, dressed only in a pair of tight black boxer-briefs. Acres of skin, covered in small beads of water, called to him, asking for his touch. Thick tribal tattoos covered Trace’s upper chest, shoulders, and upper arms. Long, still-wet black hair fanned out from the pillow beneath Trace’s head. Xavi was stuck. He couldn’t move, he was so transfixed by the man before him.

“Did you need something, Xavi?” Trace asked.

Xavi couldn’t answer, he could only look at Trace helplessly, grey eyes wide and pleading.

“Did you bring me some pain medicine, sweet pea?”

Xavi looked down at his hand holding the meds. He was so embarrassed, he was sure his face was beet-red. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t make himself answer that gorgeous man. It was even more humiliating, because he had just been talking to him and now he couldn’t. So, like an idiot, he nodded his head up and down.

“I can take them dry, but it would probably be easier for me to swallow them down with water.”

Automatically Xavi tossed the bottle of pills to Trace, who caught it with one hand. When he realized what he had just done, Xavi felt even more like an idiot. Turning, he bent and picked up the tray of food.

Behind him, he heard, “Nice.”

Not understanding what Trace was talking about, he turned and saw that Trace was staring at his ass. Now his face flushed for a whole new reason.

Xavi took the tray over to a wooded chair sitting against the wall and set the tray on the seat. Then he went back over to Trace and helped him sit up. He tried his hardest to ignore the feel of warm skin under his fingers and the eye-popping muscles while he propped pillows behind Trace’s back. Xavi hated that the action brought another hiss of pain from between Trace’s clenched teeth. Once he was settled, Xavi went back and got the tray, trying not to stare at the large bulge under the cloth of Trace’s underwear, before laying the tray over it.

Taking the bottle of pills out of his hand, Xavi opened it and shook a couple of tablets out for Trace, and then handed him the milk. All of this was done without him saying a word. It gave him time to get his bearings and ease the muscles in his throat so he could hopefully speak.

Trace let Xavi take care of him, watching as his actions seemed to ease some of the tension out of the man. He could see now that Xavi’s shyness at times was almost disabling.




Xavi spent the rest of the day getting to know the layout of the ranch and the horses. Trace wasn’t shoeing any horses today, having decided to give his bruised leg a little more time to heal. Instead, he gave Xavi a tour of the granary and the tack room. Then they went into the largest barn, going from stall to stall and meeting each of the horses.

In the attached arena, Xavi enjoyed watching Tyler work with a young colt, getting the horse used to the feel of human hands running over its back, legs, and hoofs. Xavi was impressed. He could see that the colt was reacting well to Tyler’s ministrations. While they were there, a beautiful orange golden retriever came over and stuck his cold nose into Xavi’s hand. That was how Xavi met Barney. Xavi instantly fell in love with Barney, who washed his face with doggy kisses and wagged his tail so hard he almost fell over.

Next, Trace took Xavi over to the fouling barn and Xavi enjoyed watching the babies’ antics. Most people loved the fouling barn, with all of the newborns that were so cute and innocent. Xavi liked it, too, but personally, his heart belonged to the big geldings. They were the ones that pulled the fancy wagons and competed in contests to see who could pull the heaviest weights. Those were the horses that always claimed Xavi’s heart.

“Would you like to go for a ride on the four-wheeler and see some of the property?” Trace asked.

“Sure, that sounds like fun,” Xavi answered.

 The next thing Xavi knew, he was holding onto Trace’s waist for dear life as they went down trails only Trace could see. Xavi decided that Trace had only one speed in his brain, and that was “bat out of hell.” After an hour of the scenery flying by, Trace finally slowed down and parked the four-wheeler in a grove of trees, next to a good-sized pond.

“We use this pond for swimming and fishing. Sometimes everyone comes down here in the evening and we swim. Afterward, we break out the beer and build a campfire.” Trace pointed to a circle of blackened rocks, which held the remnants of ashes in its center.

“That sounds like fun.” Xavi climbed off of the four-wheeler and stood looking at the pond, trying to give his cock a few moments to settle down. Xavi hadn’t been afraid of the wild ride Trace had just given him. He had liked it and the side effect was his current hard-on.

“Xavi, why don’t you come over here for a minute?”

Xavi turned and found Trace leaning against the four-wheeler with his legs slightly spread and lust burning in his eyes. Today he was wearing a dark T-shirt with the sleeves cut off and faded jeans that Xavi could see were struggling to contain a raging hard-on.


* * * *


Trace watched Xavi slowly walk towards him. With each step he took, his hips gave a little twist. That twist was like catnip for Trace, and he was ready to pounce. His attraction to Xavi was growing steadily, as well as other feelings that he wasn’t ready to think about.

When Xavi got close enough, Trace reached out and cupped his hand around the back of Xavi’s neck and pulled him in between his legs. He tilted his hand a little and brought their lips together. Gathering Xavi up against his body, he pressed his tongue between Xavi’s lips, tasting his sweet mouth. Trace felt Xavi pull the band from his hair and bury his finger through the strands, pulling them a little, causing Trace to become even more excited.

Trace broke the kiss and looked into Xavi’s beautiful gray eyes. “Suck me.”

Xavi didn’t hesitate. He immediately dropped to his knees and opened Trace’s jeans. He pulled the jeans and underwear down a few inches until Trace’s granite-hard cock popped out. Then he stopped and stared.

Trace knew he was big. Hell, he was a big man everywhere. For a second, he thought he had finally scared Xavi away, until he saw Xavi slowly lick his lips. Then Xavi leaned forward and lick the bead of pre-cum off the head of Trace’s cock. Without hesitation, he took Trace’s cock into his mouth and started sucking.

Trace couldn’t contain his groan when Xavi pulled slightly away and licked the underside. Then Xavi again sucked Trace’s cock into his mouth as far as it would go. Xavi’s hand crept around the base and started twisting it as he fucked Trace’s cock with his mouth. Trace just about came when Xavi started humming and groaning, all the while sucking him in deeper and deeper.

Trace lost it. He grabbed Xavi’s head and took control, plunging into his mouth with deep, hard strokes. He would have worried he was hurting the smaller man, but Xavi opened his mouth as wide as he could and tipped his head, letting Trace in even deeper.

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