Dangerous Games (MM)

True Psy 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,756
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Kinsey is free of the chains of the Dead Zone, but the war isn’t over. An old enemy rises to make one last play, and there is only one way to defeat him.
Atienne knows Kinsey’s battered heart still needs to be treated tenderly. However, the seductive game is put on hold when Atienne’s brother is kidnapped and the only way to get him back is to trade Kinsey.
Kinsey refuses to allow Atienne’s brother to die, so he agrees to the trade, accepting that he might die at the enemy’s hands. But Atienne isn’t prepared to give up the man he loves. Together they begin a dangerous game of systematically dismantling the enemy’s power base.
But the game has dangerous consequences that threaten to bring the Separatist Community to its knees and tear Kinsey and Atienne apart.  A bold ambush by the enemy forces Kinsey and Atienne to make a last stand that will change everything.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dangerous Games (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Dangerous Games (MM)

True Psy 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,756
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Kiri disabled the system from the edge of the lawn, and Atienne interrupted the dark magic webs. Kinsey scanned and found three minds on the premises. The minds were beat squad soldiers.

“Anyone inside?” Kiri asked.

“Four minds,” Kinsey answered.

“Let’s get to work,” Atienne said grimly as they headed up the driveway to the house. A few towering trees cast shadows over the grass, but there was no cover as they made their way up to the house. 

Kinsey stared up at the narrow windows and saw a woman looking down at them. She would inform Jenkins, but what did that matter? If he came running, so much the better, but he doubted Jenkins would show.

Once they reached the front porch, Kiri said, “We can do this one of two ways. We can set charges here at the front of the house or we can break in and go around back and set charges there as well.”

Kinsey frowned, but he saw the privacy fence that was nearly obscured by bushes.  “I want them all the way around the house, he said. “Atienne and I will take the back.”

Atienne gave him an approving look and Kinsey smiled feeling determination flood.

“Okay,” Kiri said with a nod. She nodded to the man standing to her right. “Watch their backs. Are we using spells and crystals for explosives?”

“We are,” Kinsey agreed.

“Best thing we can do is a controlled burn,” Kiri said. “Keep the neighbors from losing their property. So we can do the flash fire bomb spell, or we can do the dragon’s breath spell.”

“I don’t know the flash fire spell,” Atienne said. “I’m prepared to do the dragon’s breath with a cayenne kick.”

Kiri nodded. “Then, I’ll use jaspers to mimick the effect with the crystals. I’ll set my timer for five minutes?”

“Five is good,” Kinsey said. No matter what he wanted this place gone. The fire would help to purge the grounds a little. “Can you do a cleansing a later?”

“I don’t do those,” she told him. “I’ll send a two person team that does.”

Kinsey headed around back with Atienne ahead of him and Kiri’s man’s at his back. He could feel the malicious energy waiting to attack them. Mentally, he prepared himself for what he was certain was to come. He’d have to kill the portal opener. Jenkins would certainly be using one to ensure this place was not destroyed. It had been as close to a sanctuary as the man could have.

They rounded the back to find four beat squad soldiers waiting for them. Kinsey immediately cut off all thoughts and went into battle mode.

The first shot was a pyrokinetic one, and Kinsey moved to take point against her. Atienne deflected her fire. Kinsey turned to duel with a metokinetic fire bronze at them. He sent a stream of hydro-kinetic energy straight to the ground after ducking and directed it up in a hard jet that slammed into the attacker’s shoulder. It turned to ice that was sharply driven into the man’s shoulder.

Kinsey moved to one side to avoid a bronze spike and found himself being telekinetically shoved to the ground. He rolled and came up firing at the kinetic, but the man was already down. He turned his attention to the metal thrower, who was firing off shots at the witch. He sent a spike of ice into the male’s leg before sending shards of icy into his chest.

The metokinetic let out a harsh cry and collapsed to the ground.

“Too easy,” the witch said.

No sooner had the words left his lips than kinetic energy was fired at them from the roof and a portal shimmered into life behind them. Kinsey waited until the portal opened and commenced firing icy jets of water.

The first one through was a female who fell immediately. Kinsey moved closer to the portal while the fighting raged behind him as Atienne and the witch dealt with the shooters on the roof.


* * * *


“Do not close this portal,” Jenkins ordered Marcus Oaklyn. “If you do, I will kill your ass right here.”

“If you don’t quick fucking with me, I won’t have the focus to keep it open,” he snapped back.

Jenkins moved in behind the team; he was going to take care of Kinsey Lane once and for all. With the distraction of the soldiers, he’d never see the telepathic attack coming.

He sent out a strong telepathic blast and heard Lane’s cry. He saw him through the portal as he clenched at his head. A malicious grin played on his lips as he sent out a harder blast. This one should knock out his shields.

He heard a scream and saw one of his soldiers fall.

“No,” Marcus said. “Get back!”

Jenkins ignored him. “Shut the fuck up, coward.”

Marcus knocked him out of the way, and Jenkins growled as they hit t he ground, but his eyes widened as the team members left in the portal collapsed.

Ice began drifting back toward them hard and fast. “Close it!” Jenkins snarled. The damned blast would end them both.

Marcus didn’t have to be told twice, but before the portal closed, ice cut across Jenkins’s face, burning into the skin, making him howl in agony.

“I’m going to kill that fucking bastard!” He snarled as he got to his feet.

“Yeah, I bet,” Marcus said as he moved back to the monitor.




Atienne didn’t answer as he removed his sneakers and jeans. “Get over.”

“Atienne.” His words were a breathy plea for the comfort he wanted but didn’t know how to ask for.

“Now.” His tone was firm.

Kinsey scooted over wanting nothing more than for Atienne to hold him. He regretted pushing him away, and he’d missed having him in his bed.

Atienne turned toward him and rose on one elbow. The other hand he put on Kinsey’s stomach. “I knew you wouldn’t be easy, but it didn’t stop my heart from falling for you.”

He put his hand on Atienne’s. “Thanks for taking care of me while I was out.”

 “Don’t push my hand away,” Atienne said in a tone rife with tensile strength. “Building a loving relationship starts right here, right now, Kinsey. I’m your man.”


“We’ve both had a trying couple of days, and all I want is to hold you. When I touch you, and I will be touching you anytime I want from now on, it’s to reinforce that fragile bond that’s grown between us. It’s to take comfort, to show affection, to remind you that you aren’t alone, and to revel in having a strong, sexy man at my side.”


“Yeah, it’s going to be hard as hell for you, ice man, but you’ll learn that part of being a couple is about putting your lover’s needs first sometimes.”

He sat up and moved over Atienne, whose hands went to rest on Kinsey’s hips as he settled over him. He needed him so badly.

Atienne sighed. “I need you too. Lean back so I can get my bag.”

Kinsey did as he asked and a small black bag floated up from Atienne’s bag on the floor. He caught it and opened it up. Condoms and lube were set on the nightstand before he discarded the bag next to them. Sliding his body sinuously against Atienne’s, Kinsey bent his head and claimed his mouth greedily.

Atienne sighed into the kiss as he pulled him tighter against him. Their tongues dueled, stroked into each other’s mouths. Their teeth nipped as they battled for control.

Atienne flipped them telekinetically, dropping his lover against the firm mattress, and quickly moved to his knees. He flipped Kinsey onto his stomach and then dropped his hand heavily on his ass.

Kinsey let out a startled cry. “Atienne.”

His answer was another heavy tap before Atienne leaned toward him and trailed kisses down his back. “That’s for pushing me away.” He bit his shoulder and then swatted his ass hard.

“You’re turning me on even more.”

“Good, because you’re a bad enough boy that we aren’t going to play any games tonight,” he said as he reached for the condom. He tore the paper and rolled the latex into place before delivering another hard tap to Kinsey’s ass. “Damn, I need you so bad, Kins. I needed you—”

“Don’t, just fuck me.”


* * * *


Atienne swatted his ass again before reaching for the lube. He squeezed the cool liquid down the part of Kinsey’s ass and a single finger followed. He pulled the gel around the tight pucker of his lover’s hole before pushing his finger inside.

“So damn tight.”

“Don’t tease, lover, just do.”

“Admit it, Kins,” he ordered tightly as he fucked his finger into his ass. “Tell me you want me.”

“You know I want you, damn it!” he snapped. “That was never a problem.”

Atienne dropped his other hand on the tight curve of Kinsey’s ass in a sharp tap. He drew his finger out and lined the tip of his cock up with the tight rosette. He pushed in slowly and Kinsey groaned. “Me too,” he said breathing harshly. He pushed in deeper and Kinsey worked his hips, urging Atienne to take him faster. His reward was another sharp tap to the ass. “Wait for it.”

“Fuck!” Kinsey complained loudly. “I want it now.”

“Your ass wasn’t that open, let me take my time.”

Kinsey pushed back, moaned from the bite of pain as the blunt head quickly parted his tight tissues. “Oh fuck.” It burned so good he drove his hips back, taking the last of the thick length.

Atienne’s groan joined Kinsey’s as Kinsey squeezed his inner muscles tight around him. His arm went around Kinsey’s waist. “Crazy boy,” he said in a chastising tone. “Your ass is going to burn good in the morning.”

“Yeah? I hope part of the reason is you fucked me good.”

Atienne grinned above him and then kissed his shoulder. He began to move slowly, in and out, his hips shifting in an erotic gyration.

“Oh yeah.” Kinsey’s groan was tight. “Baby, I need it harder.”

“Not yet, sweetheart.” He stroked his hand up Kinsey’s chest and pulled at one nipple and then the other. Kinsey moaned. “God, I love the way you feel.”

“The feeling’s mutual.” He lay flat and shifted his body so he lay half on his side.

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