Push and Pull (MM)

Supernatural Royalty 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,712
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, gods, HEA]
Charged with improving her child, Bia, the goddess of force, mimics Zeus and decides to give her son a soul mate.
Dev Ravanan has just learned of his father’s death when he is summoned into an unknown penthouse. Without so much as an introduction, he is mated to demigod Adrian Bioudas and handed over. Adrian’s mother has pushed too far this time by mating him to a complete stranger.
Although Dev is quiet and peace loving, he will not be walked on. When Adrian pushes Dev around, Dev pushes right back. All that shoving leads to an unhappy mating with Dev ready to split.
Dev is held to Adrian by necessity during his mourning period. That means Adrian has less than two weeks to prove he is the one for Dev. Can the two stop the pushing and pull together long enough to save another kidnapped demigod and their mating?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Push and Pull (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Push and Pull (MM)

Supernatural Royalty 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,712
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




A telltale niggling in his mind told Adrian his mother wanted him. He looked up into the mirror and spoke to his reflection, although it was directed to her.

“Mom, I’m brushing my teeth,” he replied through their telepathic link. The joy of speaking with his mind meant he always had mommy dearest with him.

“Move along! I don’t have all day.”

“Ugh.” She was always pushing. Not all the gods lived up to their supposed trait, but Adrian’s mother, Bia, truly did. As the goddess of force, she pushed her way around, bossing as she went. Adrian found early in life that the only way to deal with her was to push back.

“I’ll be ready when I’m ready!”

He spit into the sink as if it punctuated his thought and grabbed his cup to rinse once more when his room disappeared, and he was standing in front of Bia still bent at the waist. He stood straight and let his cup drop to the floor. She made it disappear before it splashed a drop.

“Really, Mother, would five seconds have killed you?”

“I’m immortal, so no.” Bia guffawed and rattled the windows. He rolled his eyes at her ever-numbing sense of humor.

“What do you want?” She glared at him, and Adrian returned her gaze without flinching. He had been playing this game with her for thirty years now and knew that was all it was to her—a game of wills. When he didn’t blink, she squinted her eyes and snorted, looking like an annoyed pet dog.

“Dear, I am sure you have heard about your cousin Jason and his mate, Marco, by now.”

“Yea, I was at the party. Even saw Jason being carried down the hall over that brute Marco’s shoulders.”

Adrian’s mind wandered back to seeing Jason with his pants down around his knees, and Marco plunging his fingers into Jason’s ass for everyone in the halls to see. He had given a hearty “Hell, yeah” to Marco as he passed, but received no reply. Adrian’s mother loudly clasped her hands together drawing his attention back to the present.

“Well, your dear Uncle Zeus—”

“You mean the axis of your world?”


The force of her yell threw Adrian across the room, and he landed against the base of the wall in a pile. He pushed to his knees and glared at Bia from under his bangs. She merely smirked.

“I can play this game as well, Mother.” He jumped to his feet and shouted back at her. “Stop yelling at me!” The sound waves from his voice pushed her skin taut and blew her clothes and hair out behind her, but, otherwise, she didn’t budge.

“Well done, Adrian. You are most definitely my son. Now, as I was saying, your Uncle Zeus wants us to encourage our children to become better people, so that we gods can join society like the preternaturals have been able to do. I thought that since Jason has changed so wonderfully with the addition of his soul mate into his life, you would do so as well.”

“I don’t have a soul mate.”

“True, you didn’t have one, but I am going to change that.”

“Mother, I appreciate your wanting to be more involved in my life, but you can’t just make a soul mate,” Adrian sighed.

“I know, and that’s why I went and talked with the fates. They said that you can have a soul mate, but they had all these rules, like both parents must agree and blah, blah.” Her hands waved wide in a dramatic gesture. Adrian scrunched his face trying to follow her reasoning, but she rambled so quickly that he was lost.

“Wait. What rules?”

Bia bounced on the balls of her feet, her excitement barely contained. “Don’t worry. I found a way around them. You like men, correct?”

“Yes, but you can’t just make me a soul mate now. I don’t even want one.”

Bia snapped her fingers and brought a man into the room with them. He stood, hands spread out to keep his balance or perhaps to signal that he was ready to spring into action. His head whipped side to side tousling his dark hair.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” Bia walked around him and looked him over head to toe. “Who are you?” The young man was frantic, his voice rising in volume with each question.

“Yes, you’ll do.”

Bia reached out her arms between Adrian and the stranger. Her eyes closed as she uttered ancient words under her breath. Adrian’s chest was yanked forward by some invisible force as was the other man’s. An orb of color left both of them and swirled together above Bia’s head before separating and plunging back inside the two men. Instantly, Adrian felt the connection to this man. The stranger fell to the floor on his knees in front of them, his head forward, and his hair limp and full of sweat from the ordeal. “What have you done?” His voice was washed in anguish.

“Here he is, Adrian. Enjoy.” Bia grabbed him by his collar and tossed the smaller man into her son’s arms. Adrian heard her fingers snap right before she transported them back to his house. He collapsed onto the couch, the man now lying unconscious in his arms.




“Ugh, how could you still want me?”

“You’re gorgeous.” The words slipped from Adrian’s mouth before he thought the confession through. There was no taking it back now. “Dev, even if we were not soul mates, you would still be breathtaking.”

Dev shook his head and looked away. Adrian took the opportunity to rush him. He grabbed Dev’s face and turned it toward him before he devoured his lips. Dev didn’t protest. Of course with that aggression Adrian was showing, even if he could form words, Adrian would have silenced them with his mouth. Adrian walked him backward until Dev bumped the bed and toppled onto it. Adrian watched as he landed, his eyes wide with surprise. His parted lips glistened with spit, and his chest rose rapidly. Adrian grabbed the hem of his shirt and yanked it off before climbing over him.

He crowded Dev, forcing him further up the bed. He didn’t comment or resist. “Absolutely gorgeous.” Adrian traced Dev’s chin with his fingertips, and he slowly lowered his eyelids. “I will always want you.” Dev nodded his understanding as he lay back on the pillows. His eyes stayed shut, and Adrian smiled at the thought of what was in store.

Adrian removed Dev’s T-shirt again, exposing all his tanned skin. His hands roamed over Dev. He scraped his nails down his flesh catching his nipples as he passed toward his waist. Dev sucked in a gasping breath. Adrian bent to kiss Dev’s neck and straddled his thighs. His cock pushed down against Dev’s while he licked and nipped his neck. Dev’s beard scratched Adrian’s skin, and he found himself rubbing against it. “Gods, you feel amazing.”

Dev grabbed Adrian’s arms and whimpered. Adrian stopped his actions and pulled back.

“Dev, are you all right?” His hands rushed to Dev’s face, and he gently stroked his hair. “Please, talk to me.”

“Don’t stop.” His eyes flew open, and he rose upwards toward Adrian’s face. “Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

Then it was Adrian who couldn’t breathe. Dev placed his lips against Adrian’s, and they glided gently. There was no rush, no frantic need. He kissed Adrian sweetly and leaned back, taking Adrian with him. He caressed his way over Adrian’s arms until he reached his shoulders and neck. His fingertips pressed into the skin, striking nerves, and sending tingles down Adrian’s spine. Adrian’s eyes rolled behind his closed lids. He gasped at the feel, and Dev invaded his mouth with his tongue which tasted spicy and exotic.

Dev pushed against Adrian, and he rolled allowing Dev to lie on top. Their legs tangled, and they rubbed their clothed erections against each other’s thighs. Adrian reached the curve of Dev’s back and pushed the waist of his sweats lower. Dev stopped his kiss and rolled off of Adrian. His eyes flew open as he sat up ready to question why Dev left him when he saw him removing his pants. Quickly, Adrian followed suit and tossed the remainder of his clothes away.

Dev slid toward Adrian, and he followed his gentle leading until Dev had situated himself beneath Adrian once more.

“Do you have lube?” Adrian nodded, too lost in Dev’s body’s perfection to speak. His eyes grazed across Dev’s body. Adrian’s pale hand against his tanned stomach had him captivated. Adrian watched as taut abs rippled with a laugh, then he tucked a curl behind Adrian’s ear. “Adrian, we need the lube unless you are just going to stare at me.”


Dev sank back into the downy pillows, and he smiled. “I asked you for lube, but you are, I think, gawking.”

Adrian’s face heated with Dev’s accusation, but it was true. He had been caught staring at Dev’s flawlessness. “You’re so pretty.” He shrugged not caring that word was reserved for women. Dev was every positive descriptive word he knew. Adrian reached toward the end table and grabbed the lube before he had time to argue with his phrasing. “Dev, stay where you are.” Adrian froze mid-move having caught himself commanding Dev. “Please.” Dev smiled and closed his eyes.

Adrian slid into the V of Dev’s legs wanting to feel the press of Dev’s dick against his body. Reaching under Dev’s thighs, he lifted them and pressed them toward Dev’s chest. Dev grasped his knees. His balls were tightly pulled to his body. Adrian brushed his sack with his knuckles. Adrian wanted Dev trembling and begging, but first, Adrian wanted to explore and pleasure him. There was no need to rush with Dev. Adrian could feel the bond forming between them, but he pushed it aside to concentrate on the pleasure.

Adrian stroked the back of Dev’s thighs from knee to buttocks. He massaged and caressed the crevice of his groin until Dev’s legs relaxed, and he spread wider. He picked up the abandoned bottle of lube and rubbed some on his fingers to warm it. Adrian stroked up and down the crease of his ass, each time pressing harder against his anus. When Dev was rocking against his finger, Adrian finally plunged inside his warm body.

He moaned his pleasure and loosened around Adrian’s finger. “More, faster.”

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