The Bride Train Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM)

Bride Train 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 266,793
0 Ratings (0.0)

In Barefoot Bride for Three, eager to escape marriage and gain her independence, Elizabeth James rides the Bride Train to the end, refusing all suitors. Banned from town until married, Trace Elliott will wed any woman who accepts. But he shares the ranch with twin brothers who want equal benefits. Will Beth agree to share?

In A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise, vengeance or marriage? Ross MacDougal chooses marriage to avoid his Clan Chief’s banishment. He’ll bed Amelia, share her with his brothers, then find the men who murdered his young cousin. He discovers he wants Amelia far more than he expected—until she’s captured by the men he’s sworn to kill…

In Compromised Cowgirl, Kenrick "Ace" Langford hires a cheeky boy because Jessie can teach them about ranching, though he’s strangely drawn to the lad. He’s furious to find Jessie floating in a hot spring until the boy rolls over, exposing lush breasts. Ace decides it’s time to teach Jessie a few things.  


A Siren Erotic Romance
Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Bride Train Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Bride Train Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM)

Bride Train 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 266,793
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“When Simon’s finished with your hair, I’m going to cover your eyes,” said Trace.


“So you won’t know who’s doing what.”

She shivered. Would that be better or worse? If she didn’t know who touched her, she couldn’t feel as guilty. Not that she had anything to feel guilty about. Her husband wanted her to do this, and a man’s word was law in his own home. Trace wanted her to enjoy being loved. With so few women in Montana Territory, perhaps other wives shared more than one man. It would be wonderful to have women friends.

Trace opened her gown and sent a trail of kisses down her front. Simon’s strong arms brushed her hair from the top of her head to her bottom. She squeaked when Jack picked up her foot and suckled her toe. He winked and pressed a knuckle under the ball of her foot, causing her to sigh in relief. She hadn’t realized how much her feet ached. Though she worked on her feet long hours at the farm, that was years ago. She hadn’t been on her feet as much since. Jack’s kneading removed knots she didn’t know she had.

Jack stopped while Trace lifted her to stand, dropping her blouse and skirt on the floor. The evening breeze flowing in the window brushed past her hot flesh, cooling her. She was glad when Trace tied a handkerchief around her head and laid her on the bed on her back. That way she couldn’t see them watching her with those hungry, possessive eyes.

She knew Jack held her foot and recognized Trace’s wonderful kiss, so it must have been Simon who parted her lower curls with his tongue. He rubbed her clit. She pressed her feet down, pushing herself into his mouth for more. But he chuckled and began to tantalize her, flicking his tongue around and over, but never back on her clit.

Jack finished with her foot and worked his way up her leg to her thigh. The bed tilted as he moved around. At least, she thought it was Jack. Someone else kissed her. She tasted herself, so it must be Simon.

The bed squeaked in protest as they moved around and over her. She soon lost track of who was where. They discovered all her especially sensitive places—the outer curve of her breasts, under the back of her arm and the top of her thigh where her leg creased to her belly. They explored everything they could reach.

Then they turned her over and began again.

One man massaged her calves while another drew day-old bristles over her back, lightly scouring her and waking her skin. A third concentrated on her bottom, massaging her cheeks, pulling them apart, drawing fluid up from her pussy and pressing lightly.

How could anything that felt so good be wrong?

At an unknown signal, her hips were lifted and pillows inserted under her belly. Her face heated in embarrassment and desire as they positioned her with knees wide, bottom high in the air. Something cool spread between her cheeks before a finger slid just past her ring. Remembering how good it felt before, she pushed out.

“A ring of pink. Perfect,” said a deep voice, either Jack or Simon.

She moaned when the finger pressed deeper, twisting to tantalize her. He slid in and out, adding another finger to stretch her again. Someone pushed the pillow aside and began playing with her pussy lips.

“Simon, on your back,” croaked Trace.

The bed shifted beside her but the fingers kept up their work. She curved her back, thrusting her bottom high. A light spank caught her by surprise. She jerked, but a hand on her back kept her down.

“I’m going to lift you. Follow my lead,” said Trace.

He helped her to kneel and then move over. Her leg touched a hairy thigh, tickling her. Trace lifted her again, settling her knees on either side of the rough thighs. She reached out to balance and found her hands pressing on a warm chest, her fingers catching curls.

When she leaned forward, a hard penis prodded her stomach.

“Don’t bend it, darlin’. It could break,” said the man under her. “Need help to find your ride? I remember how you like bareback.”


She grasped his cock, one fist over the other, making him moan. She lifted onto her knees, shuffled forward, and rubbed his cock against her, just where she needed. It wasn’t enough. She leaned forward and placed one hand on his chest. Other hands guided her hips as she positioned Simon’s long cock against her opening.

She slowly backed up, letting him slide in and out of her using short strokes. By the time he filled her, his gasps were louder than hers. She sat up, tall in the saddle. She jerked when rough fingers clasped her breasts from behind, catching her nipples between his fingers. Another set of hands grasped her hips, encouraging her to rise and fall.

She leaned forward, pressing her clit hard against his pubic bone. Finding the right angle, she drove him deep inside her, farther than ever before. She sped up, taking what she needed. Simon grasped her shoulders and pulled her down to his chest. She fought, wanting completion.

“Shh, Beth,” whispered Trace. “Not yet. Trust me. It will be even better if you wait.”

Someone settled behind her and spread something cool over her crack.

“Sweet and ripe, just like a peach,” growled her husband.

He leaned forward, rubbing his chest hair over her back. For a moment she was sandwiched between their chests. He sat up and encouraged her to move forward. Simon’s cock slid out part way.

“What are you doing?” she complained. “I was almost there.”

“I’m going to do what I’ve wanted to since I first saw you, fists high, facing down Charlie in that jail cell.”

He slid a finger deep in her ass. She clenched him, clenched them both.

“What’s that?” she said, panting harder.

He leaned over her and skewered two more fingers in her.

“I’m going to fill your ass while you ride my brother,” he growled.

He pressed his fingers in her bottom as he spoke. She felt wicked and wild with Simon already filling her. No one she’d ever met could know how wonderful this felt. She was raised to believe marital relations were something to be dreaded. But she’d found a husband who wanted her to feel pleasure. Even more, he wanted to increase her pleasure by sharing her with his brothers. She trembled, eager and scared at the same time.

“Will it hurt?”

“Sweetheart, we’ll always take care of you. Did it hurt when I spanked you?”


“But didn’t it make you feel so good afterward?”

She bit her lip, not wanting to answer when she heard the laugh in his voice.

“Trust us, Beth. Trust us to know how to make you purr.”

She hadn’t yet made up her mind when he pulled out his fingers and pressed his cock against her. Simon twitched below her and she tightened up.

“Shh, relax. This is just like before, only more.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” she bit out. “You’re not the one being stuck!”

She bounced on Simon’s chest when he laughed. His cock moved in her again, making her tingle.

“One of Lily’s girls told me there’s a walnut-size lump just inside a man,” said Simon. “If you press it when he comes, it makes it even better. You should try it on Trace.”

“Shut up, Sy,” said Trace. “Don’t be giving her ideas.”

“Too late,” she replied. “Your bottom goes up in the air next.” Jack, off to one side, laughed, and she joined him, just a bit hysterical.

Trace grunted and pressed forward. She held her breath as he gently forced his way past her tight ring. For a moment it stung, and then she relaxed. Simon slowly rocked. She pressed on his chest to sit up. He let her rise just enough to grasp her breasts. She inhaled a gasp, and Trace pressed deeper. He pressed, in and out, a little farther each time.

“God, you’re tight,” he muttered when he completed her impalement. She tingled, panting as the two men set a rhythm. In and out, out and in.

Trace snuck a hand along her ribs and lifted her, holding her bottom tight to him. It allowed Simon to enter her pussy. While Trace filled her ass, Simon’s cock rubbed forward and back against the thin membrane separating them.

She moaned as Simon plunged deep. He held her breasts tight in his fingers, squeezing until he exploded. He plunged upward, grunting. She soon joined him, quivering and gasping until he sagged back onto the bed.

Instead of letting her lie on top of Simon, Trace pulled her back tight against his chest. He entered her deeply, setting off more vibrations of pleasure. He lifted her. Simon moved out and away. Trace leaned back and shifted in the bed. When he stopped, she sat up, still connected. He pulled off her blindfold, and she blinked in the lamplight.

“My turn.” 





His eyes fully adjusted to the dark during the few minutes it took to rest his jacket over the back of a chair and pull off his boots. He walked silently to the half-open door to the bedroom. His lungs contracted and heart thudded hard. He grasped the doorjamb with his hand.

“Hot damn,” he whispered.

His wife lay on her left side, facing the far wall. A shaft of moonlight from the high window lit her body. She wore an almost sheer, white nightgown. Brown hair streamed across the pillow like a pennant held by a galloping Army soldier. Her body dipped from her shoulders to her waist before flaring to wide hips. A dark shadow showed the cleft between her plump ass cheeks. He choked. She sighed and rolled onto her back, proving her breasts were as ample as the rest of her.

His cock jerked, demanding to plow into her, now! He agreed. He didn’t care where, be it mouth, breasts, pussy, or ass, just that he brand her as his.

Under white man’s law, she belonged to him, and he could do whatever he wanted to her. Lend her to his friends, ignore her, or beat her to near death. It was his right, just because both of their names were written on a piece of paper. It was not his way. When he claimed something, it was his. Child, woman, or horse.

His cock strained against his buttons. He couldn’t hold back a groan. He knew the second he woke her. She faked it well, but her deep breathing missed a beat before starting again. The clincher was her right breast, the one lit by the slanting moon. As he watched, a large nipple rose to strain against her nightgown. In case he missed it, the shadow thrown by the moon exaggerated its size.

Ross exhaled all the tension he hadn’t realized he carried. As soon as she knew he was near, her nipple sat up and begged for his touch. He considered that a very good start for an Eastern virgin. He could almost feel the way that nipple would roll around his tongue. He took a few deep breaths to make sure he could speak without his voice breaking like an eager boy.

“Good evening, Mrs. MacDougal,” he finally said. “I know you’re awake.”

She stiffened and opened her eyes. He stood in shadow, watching her. Mother Moon had never lit up a more beautiful sight.

“I was just resting my eyes,” she drawled. “I didn’t know when you’d arrive.”

She set her jaw when he didn’t immediately reply. She reached out her hand and pulled the top sheet over her. He let her hide, for now. Gillis told him to do anything and everything to make sure she accepted him as her husband. That meant pleasuring her a few times before he made her his. He was up for that. Literally.

“Are you going to just stand there and stare at me? I’ve had a long journey and would like to get back to sleep.”

Knowing she couldn’t see, he let a grin escape. Prue was demanding but in a surface way. She was easily pleased by material things. This younger sister not only had a backbone, she had a pert tongue. Making her angry would mean she’d need spanking. Soothing her afterward would be worth damn near anything she said.

“You tired?” He still didn’t move, waiting for her reaction. Would she invite him into her bed, ignore him or—

“Yes. Close the door behind you on the way out, thank you.”

She rolled over on her side, again facing away. The sheet hid what he wanted to touch. Such as the curved ass begging to be spanked for her impertinence. He shut the door loudly then waited. He didn’t move but didn’t try to hide his breathing, either. For some reason, he couldn’t control the heavy rasps as he inhaled deep.

“You’re on the wrong side of the door, Mr. MacDougal.”

Her voice cracked on the last word, showing her indifference as a lie. She chose the wrong man if she thought she could control him.


He moved so his body was in the light but his head still in shadow. He pulled his white shirt from his pants. She whipped her head around at the sound, looking over her right shoulder. He unbuttoned his cuffs, watching her watch him. When he continued with the shirt, she rolled partway back to face him.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking off my shirt.”


She sounded snippy, but nipples didn’t lie. The room was too warm for them to rise in chill. No, she was hot. And he was damn well going to make her hotter.

“I’ve been working since sunup. Instead of sleeping, I rode all the way to town to meet my wife. I want my bed.”

“You’re not getting in this bed with me!”

He unhooked his belt and slowly slid it out of the loops. She watched as if it was a leather snake, slithering toward her.

“Who am I, Mrs. MacDougal?”

She rolled onto her back and clutched the sheet to her chin with both fists. She shifted her gaze to where his face would be.

“You’re my husband, Nevin.”

He rolled up his belt and placed it on the table as he strolled to the far side of the bed.

“Nope. I’m your husband, Ross.”

For a moment she stared then shook her head silently.

“No!” She scrabbled to the far side of the bed, taking the sheet with her. “I married Nevin, the quiet, nice one, not the MacDougal Devil!”

That was the problem with a bad reputation. People believed it.




“You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” Nevin tilted his head toward Amelia while looking at Ross.

“You here to watch us work or for something else?” Ross shook his head before scratching it briskly with both hands. Sawdust and wood chips fell out. Only then did he turn to her.

She clasped her hands behind her back. “I thought I might dip my feet in the creek.”

Nevin snorted a laugh. “I was hoping I’d be the one doing the dipping.”

She didn’t understand what he meant until he shook out a leg and adjusted himself. The heat from washing clothes was nothing compared to the jolt that hit her pussy.

“She’s blushing, Nev. That means she’s hot.” He turned and began walking toward her. “You hot, wife? I think a dip in the creek is a good idea.”

He reached her and pulled her into his arms. His sweaty chest pressed against her perspiration-soaked dress. He smelled like a man who started out clean and worked hard all day. Her nostrils flared as his musky scent enveloped her along with his arms.

She licked a drop of sweat from his nipple. He groaned. He dropped his hands to her bottom and began pulling up fabric. She tried to pull away as the breeze touched the backs of her knees, but he held tight and kept lifting. In a moment, the sun’s rays touched her bare bottom.

“That’s one fine ass,” groaned Nevin from behind her.

Ross walked his fingers over her bottom, pulling her cheeks apart. He slid a finger between her pussy lips from behind. She clenched, moaning her need.

“That’s it,” choked Ross.

He lifted her by the waist and carried her uphill to the narrow log supporting the one they’d just cut. It reached her hips. Nevin tossed him a shirt, which he placed over the wood. The top surface was flat. Ross stood behind her, massaging her back cheeks.

“Tell me to stop, Amy. Tell me now or have both of us.”

Nevin faced her, rubbing his hard cock through his pants. The way he stared at her, as if he would die unless he saw Ross take her, sent a shiver of heat through her. Staring back at Nevin, she lifted her hands and began unbuttoning her damp dress. Ross, standing behind her, didn’t move, but his breathing roughened.

Nevin’s eyes followed her hands, mesmerizing her. She kept the fabric edges closed until she reached the last one at her hips. She held her lapels and opened her dress, revealing her breasts to the sunlight for the first time. Ross moaned and held them from behind, massaging them with his callused skin. She arched her back, thrusting into his hands. Her dress fell to the ground.

She dropped her right hand to her curls and parted them. Every movement she made increased the heat in Nevin’s eyes. He licked his lips, eyes flicking from her breasts to her fingers busy in her pussy.

“Damn!” he muttered. He opened his pants and drew out his cock. The sun caught the drop on the tip, making it sparkle. Better than gold. She licked her lips and circled her clit.

“She’s wet, Nev,” whispered Ross hoarsely.


The word was both question and plea. She nodded.

Nevin knelt in front of her. She opened her legs. He inhaled, closed his eyes, and moaned. He tentatively touched her clit with his finger. She tilted her pelvis forward, bending her knees to open herself up. His first touch was light, almost a tickle. She pressed her hips forward. He took her offer and kissed her pussy, inhaling deeply.

Ross turned her to face the log and pressed her feet apart. Big hands grasped her hips and lifted. Ross sighed as he slid into her pussy. Nevin, still kneeling, groaned. Ross’s fullness stretched her, straining her senses to overload. Nevin stared at the place where she and Ross joined, the hand on his cock keeping rhythm with Ross’s slow thrusts.

“Watch Nev,” ordered Ross in a rasping whisper. “See how much he wants to fuck you. Hard and fast, Amy. That’s what fucking as lovemaking is. He wants his cock to be deep inside you, like this.”

She moaned as his balls slapped against her clit, tantalizing her.

“Nev wants to suck your clit to make you come.”

She gasped and clenched at the thought. She loved Ross’s tongue and his cock. But to have both at once!

“She wants it, Nev,” gasped Ross. Nevin’s eyes opened wide. “Don’t you, Amy. Nod if you want my brother to lick and suck your clit while I fuck you. Do you want it?”

She nodded, eager for more and not caring how or why.

Nevin moved under her. She couldn’t see his face anymore but, oh! She felt his tongue. Ross widened his stance. He grasped her thighs, lifted, and spread her wide.

Nevin’s tongue slid over and around her clit. Ross tilted his cock so it scraped against something that revved her higher. Nev nipped her clit with his lips. She clenched, and Ross sped up. A hand brushed against her breast then squeezed. She wriggled, her body one mass of need.





Sin turned to Ace. “When are the ranch hands arriving?”

Ace stared straight ahead as if he hadn’t heard. After a moment Sin and Henry shifted in their saddles.

“You did find a couple of men in town?” Henry looked from Ace to Sin, and back. He groaned. “Tell me we’re not going to have to figure out how to do this all by ourselves.”

“Why should one work for low wages when one can find gold by walking along a creek?” said Ace sarcastically, imitating the miners. He ignored Henry’s cursing. “We can do it.” Ace looked at his partners, friends since childhood. “We will do it.”

“Of course,” said Sin.

“This is our future. All we need is effort and time.” Henry shifted on his saddle. “Though, a wife would be pleasant to come home to. Give me another few days of practice, and I’ll be roping cattle better than Ranger Elliott.”

Ace coughed back a laugh. He was determined, not a fool. The new owners of a herd of half-wild Texas longhorns let the knowledge of their next challenge settle onto their broad shoulders. They sat tall and watched Ranger Elliott ride toward them with an ease of a lifetime in the saddle.

“While you’re counting that herd, remember half belongs to the Bitterroot Ranch,” said Ranger drily. He nodded to each man and reined in beside Sin. “There’s nothing like watching your own cattle graze on your own land.” He winked. “Though Trace swears watching Beth brush her hair before bed comes close.”

 “It’ll be a long time before we see anything like that.” Sin snorted a laugh. “Good thing we’ve got cattle to keep us busy.”

“I can see why Luke Frost isn’t happy Trace and the MacDougals took both women who arrived on the Bride Train,” said Henry. “There’s mighty few females out here.”

“Wait until Luke finds out Ben’s bringing a wife home with him,” said Ranger. “I hadn’t heard Ben was married,” said Ace.

Ranger shrugged. “Don’t expect he is just yet, but my twin said he’d bring a wife. He hasn’t broken a promise yet. Good thing, since he’s been out East for years, learning to be a lawyer.” Ranger lifted an eyebrow and looked at Ace. “Why? You lookin’ for a wife?”

“Perhaps in a few years,” replied Ace. “We have a lot to accomplish before we consider bringing a lady to the Double Diamond.”

“The cabin is fine for us, but women expect comfort,” said Sin. “Beth Elliott and Amelia MacDougal walked into fine homes when they married. We can do no less, and that will take years.”

“I’ve got five older sisters. The last thing I want is a nattering woman fussing around the place.” Henry chuckled. “But I hear Montana winters are long, cold, and dark. I wouldn’t mind a warm woman next to me come November.” He sighed. “If you hear of one eager to live on a ranch with some greenhorns, let me know.”

Ranger coughed. He looked away from the Double Diamond men. After a moment he cleared his throat and looked back.

“I hear you’re looking for ranch hands. Find any in town?”

“No, blast it,” replied Ace. He turned to Ranger. “You brought three good men from Texas. Would they consider hiring on until winter? We could spare some of Smythe’s gold.”

Ranger shook his head. Humor sparkled in his eyes. “No insult intended, but they’d never work for greenhorns. They want their own ranch. Walt Chamberlain talked to them about bringing up cattle for him next year. Turns out he wants to start a ranch on his land. So, it’s just the three of you?”

“We’ll manage,” replied Ace stiffly.

“Of course,” agreed Ranger. He scratched his chin. “You thought about hiring a boy? One came to me today, lookin’ for work. I knew him before he went East for a couple years. He was a damn good cowhand before he left. Knows the land and works hard. He’s broke, so he’s willing to work for bed and board to prove himself.”

Ace frowned. “I do not think a child—”

“We’ll take him,” said Sin. He glared back at Ace. “If Ranger says the boy can do the work, it’s better than what we have now. All it will cost us is food. Maybe we can learn something from him.”

Ace glowered for a moment before nodding. Ranger lifted his hat and waved to the herd below. A horse, one of the Elliott remuda, moved toward them. The small shape of the rider proved it was the boy.

“I’ll have a word with him first,” said Ranger. He rode downhill to meet the boy.


* * * *


“Dammit, Ranger! I can outride, outshoot, out-rope, and outlast all three of those greenhorns before breakfast! Why do I have to prove myself to you?”

Jessamine Bonham Elliott, all sixty-one inches of furious cowgirl, spat the words at her younger brother. As he was thirteen inches taller and more than twice her weight, all of it muscle, he smirked at her. They faced each other on horseback, far enough away from the three men watching so they wouldn’t be overheard.

“Jessie, you’ve been in Virginia for two years, learning to be a lady. Before I let you buy into the Bitterroot Ranch, you’ve got to prove you’re worth it.”

“I swear, Ranger, if this is one of your tricks…” Her face screwed up in a snarl that would have suited a mountain lion. “You’ll force me to work for a bunch of arrogant lordlings?”

Ranger shrugged and looked away as if it didn’t matter. “Your choice, Jessie. But if you want to buy into the last Elliott ranch, you’ll beg Ace to hire you for three weeks.”

Jessie leaned back and raised her chin. “I don’t beg a man for anything.”

“You will if you want to be a ranch partner in this valley.”




 “Jessamine Elliott, I wish to court you, Western style. You have any objections?”

“What’s Western style?” She sounded breathless, as if she’d swum hard for hours.

“We do whatever feels good and damn the consequences.”

A hand grabbed his cock. His mouth went under water, he gasped, and took a mouthful down the wrong pipe. He stood up, choking and laughing. She kept her grip the whole time.

“That what you’re talking about, cowboy?” She laughed as well.

“Damn right,” he replied.

He held her hips for a second and lifted. She knew what he wanted and guided his cock into her heat. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself onto his cock. They both groaned as she wiggled her way until there was no gap between her skin and his.

“I wanted to take hours before we got to this point.” He rested his forehead on hers. “I was going to lick, kiss, and suck every bit of you, making you shake until you demanded that I make you come. Then I’d stop, and start over again.”

“It’s too cold to do that tonight. You’ll just have to show me on a sunny day.”

“Damn right, I will.” He looked up at the sandpit. “The fire looks ready for us.”

“A fire?” She laughed. “I didn’t even notice. That sounds good.”

She opened her ankles and wriggled as if to get free, but one of his hands held her ankles tight behind his back.

“Hold on tight.”

She gripped tighter, squeezing his cock. He gulped and strode through the water. Every step moved his cock inside her. Climbing the rocks was worse, or perhaps he should say better, as her pussy rubbed against him. They laughed as he dried them off and spread out the quilts as best he could with her attached like an erotic limpet. Finally, he went to his knees and gently laid her on her back. Though he wanted to finish the job, he pulled out. His cock felt so hot he was surprised it didn’t steam.

“I want you in me,” she demanded, trying to sit up.

He placed one hand on her ribs and held her down. He gave her the look that made the younger schoolboys follow his orders without question. “Not yet. There’s a certain fresh pussy I want to get acquainted with.” He covered her with a quilt to keep her warm.

“Don’t take too long. I’m getting hungry,” she said.

Her pout challenged him to prove he was better than Ace or Sin. “You’re going to be too busy gasping to think about supper.” He shuffled back and lay down, cupping her butt cheeks in each hand. “I don’t need food when I have you.” He inhaled her perfume and brought his mouth between her legs.


* * * *


Henry slid his hands under her, one on each cheek, and lifted her to his mouth. His slick body felt so good against hers in the water, and his thick cock filled her more than she’d known, but his tongue worked magic.

He attacked her like he did everything, with determination and a bit of fun. She lay sideways to the fire so they could both see each other. He looked up, his laughing eyes barely clearing her curls as he nosed her clit and sucked her lips. She gasped and pressed herself up with her heels to demand more, but he growled a warning as to who was in charge.

His tongue flicked sideways, soft like butterfly wings. He opened his mouth wide and sucked on as much of her as he could, his tongue now like a lance, stabbing into her pussy. He lifted her high and probed her bottom with his tongue. He set her down and went on one elbow, curling his fingers into her and up. He found a place that made her shudder.

“Like that, do you?”

“Do it again!”

He did, and she slammed her hands against the quilts. She’d been building since Sin exploded in her, hours before. Henry’s fingers, tongue, and lips brought her so close she could feel the coil about to spring.

“Not yet,” he said, and reared above her. He leaned on his palms, smiling smugly down at her. “Time to taste us.”

She grabbed his ears and pulled him down, kissing him deeply. She tasted nothing different from before, but it was good. He slid his tongue between her top lip and teeth. She went to do the same, but he lifted his head, both of them gasping.

He looked at her intensely, predator to prey, his eyes wide and wild. Without breaking their visual bond, he inserted his cock in her an inch. She tried to grab him with her inner muscles, but he wasn’t far enough in. She lifted her heels and grabbed another few inches. His cock was so wide it stretched her. She didn’t have to squeeze much to grip him. He leaned his weight on her, holding her from controlling his depth.

“You are mine, Jessie Elliott. Mine to take, and mine to share.” His voice shook.

“I’m not yours until you take me, Henry Bennett,” she taunted.

His eyes widened further. He lifted, supporting himself with his left hand. Just enough to slide his right between them and touch her clit. She trembled as he moved it in circles. He balanced on both palms again, high above her, and pulsed. Bit by bit, he filled her to the hilt. She sighed, thinking he’d give her what she needed, but he slowly began pulling out.

She needed to come. Needed so bad she didn’t care what happened.

She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her as she pushed with her heels and tightened her inner grip on him.

“Not. Yet.” He gasped the words.

His greater strength allowed him to ease backward, that thick, wonderful cock slowly leaving her.

“Now! I want to come now!”

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