Beauty and the Beasts (MFMM)

Bride Train 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,623
43 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

Betrayed by men who said they loved her, Sarah Unsworth is determined to stay single, operate her bakery, and share her life with her cat. Unfortunately, the three men of the Circle C ranch arouse her, causing erotic fantasies and a craving for the orgasms she knows they can provide. Luke Frost, raised in an emotionless society of wealth and prestige, requires a wife to produce sons as he's the last of his line. Sarah refuses his proposals though is delighted to take his partners, Oscar Cutler and Gabe Downey, as lovers. It takes time, but Luke realizes his cold, businesslike behavior is what keeps Sarah away. Not wanting to leave the Circle C, Sarah faces her fears and agrees to marry Luke if he can prove he loves her and will never betray her. But to do so he must face his deepest fears…

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.

Beauty and the Beasts (MFMM)
43 Ratings (4.3)

Beauty and the Beasts (MFMM)

Bride Train 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,623
43 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I loved this story!!! I cried and laughed!! Sarah and Luke's love story was wonderful. I loved the scene with Sarah's cat in the tree. Sarah relationship with Oscar and Gabe was so touching and sexy!!
JK Maxwell
Great Book! Highly Recommend!

Story Excerpt


Oz shuffled into the cabin. Luke couldn’t stand it any longer. He’d been worried about Sarah all morning, thinking of the dirty, woman-hungry miners he’d seen lining the boardwalk, waiting to get inside the hotel dining room.

“Did you see Sarah?”

“Yep.” Gravel crunched under Oz’s boots as he walked over to the table. He kept his head down as he looked at the food.


Oz ignored Luke’s question. The man liked to get under a man’s skin. A shadow fell across the small room as Gabe leaned into the doorway. His massive chest more than filled it.

“Did Sarah serve in the dining room?”

“Yep,” replied Oz.

“You’re not talking much,” said Luke. “You get in another fight?”

Oz turned. He’d pulled off his eye patch, which he usually did as soon as he left town. Luke raised an eyebrow at the new cuts and bruises. Oz might be able to open his good eye tomorrow, but he doubted it.

“You win?”

Oz scowled. Luke read his “you have to ask?” expression.

“One good thing about Oz fighting,” said Luke to Gabe, “it’s quieter around here until the swelling around his mouth goes down.”

They sat down to supper, knowing it would be the best meal for a while. Luke grinned when Oz stuck to bread and mayonnaise. He tried the beets but hissed when the spices touched his cut mouth. Luke saw him glance longingly at his steaming coffee. The man had been in enough fights to wait until it cooled before drinking.

“Sarah should be sitting with us,” Luke groused, “not serving strangers in the hotel dining room. Someone might bother her.”

“Won’t happen again,” mumbled Oz. He chanced a sip of coffee.

“Again?” Luke leaned forward. “Did something happen today?”

Oz shrugged. He winced and rubbed his shoulder. “Miner grabbed her skirt. She whapped him on the knuckles. He howled and let go.”

Luke slammed his palm on the table. “You waited this long to tell us someone attacked her?”

“Me and Jack threw him out.” Oz used his hand to move his jaw left and right. “He won’t be back.”

“If you look like that, how bad is he?”

“This wasn’t from the miner. Some guy who thought himself a curly wolf insulted me, so I had to—”

“How is Sarah?” Gabe asked quietly.

His voice, like the bottom of a well, cut through most voices. Oz smiled like a cat with more cream than he knew what to do with. Luke’s gut clenched.

“She kisses real good,” said Oz, dragging the words out.

“She kissed you?” Luke looked at Gabe, then back at Oz.

“She pecked Jack’s cheek.”

Luke waited while Oz carefully sipped more coffee. “And…?”

Oz sat up. He blotted his bleeding lips with his shirt. He reached for his coffee mug again but Gabe put his paw on it.

“You kissed Sarah?”

Oz ignored Gabe’s question. Luke and Gabe shared a look. They stood up, shoving the bench on its side. Each man grabbed Oz by his shirt and lifted. Oz squawked, his toes dangling above the floor.

“For a man who usually won’t shut up, you’re not saying much,” said Luke. “I assume that means something important happened?”

Oz nodded. They released his shirt, letting him drop to the floor. He took a moment to settle his clothes and further frustrate them. He looked at Luke, and then Gabe. He sighed and smiled through his cracked lips.

“She wanted to thank me and Jack with a kiss for tossing the miner in the street. I told her more men might go after her unless she already had a husband in mind. Being the gentleman I am, I offered the Circle C’s help. You weren’t there, so I kissed her.” He slowly shook his head, sighing. “That woman kissed like she meant it, and wanted more.”

“You kissed Sarah in front of the whole damn room?” sputtered Luke. “You?

Oz nodded. Luke was sure there was a smirk hidden in his swollen face.

“Dammit, I’m the one that needs sons to carry on my name.”

“You weren’t there. I was.” Oz smoothed his shirt with his palm as if it would take out the wrinkles. “But don’t worry, I told her it was from you.”


Adult excerpt


Though Luke had exploded with the biggest damn orgasm of his life less than an hour ago, he was harder than he could believe possible. Sarah lay across both mattresses. Butt naked. She smiled as she rolled onto her back and stretched out her arms and legs.

“I said it before, and I’ll be sayin’ it for years.” Oz stared at Sarah. “You have one fine ass, woman!” He turned to Luke. “I wouldn’t want to try it now since she took both of us just last night, but give her a day or two and you’ll find out just how sweet she is!”

Luke had never imagined he’d be sharing his wife with anyone. But then, he never knew that a wife could laugh freely, could lie there like a courtesan, begging him with her eyes to join her. And what the hell was he doing waiting?

He stripped off the pants he’d quickly tossed on before Gabe and Oz broke in on them. Sarah pointed at his cock and widened her eyes.

“Oh, my! Is that for me?” She laughed, her smile wicked and wanting. “I want it, now!”

He laughed freely for the first time in how many years? It didn’t matter. This was his new life, the only one that mattered. He knelt on the mattress and moved forward, his cock bobbing before him. Sarah gripped him with both hands and licked her lips.

“Can I have all of it this time?”

“You can have anything you want from me, Sarah,” he said. He brushed her hair off her face. “No matter what, when, or how. I’m yours, forever.”

Her eyes glistened with unshed tears, but she opened her mouth and guided him in. God! She was hot, and wet, and the edges of her teeth rasped along his cock like nothing he’d ever felt before. A lump formed in his throat as he watched her enjoying him. He had more control this time, but it was rapidly going out the window as her tongue flicked over him.

She groaned and the vibrations sent a wave to his balls. He turned his head to see what caused it. Oz’s red hair tickled her belly. He looked up for an instant, his face shiny with her juices, winked, and went back to work. A shoulder bumped him. Gabe, eagerly working on her breasts.

Her small, warm hand tightened on his sac. He watched and enjoyed as she massaged them, rolling them in his sac. She pressed her tongue into the eye of his cock, swallowed the head, and dragged her teeth as she pulled him out. He clenched his fists and hissed.

Oz growled something and changed position. Gabe moved back as Oz entered her in one long stroke. His expression was so intense he glared. She still held Luke’s cock tight in her hand as Oz pulled back and penetrated her. Whenever he plunged forward, her fingers rode Luke’s cock. He watched, amazed, as she gripped him with her hand, and wrapped her legs around Oz’s back.


She inhaled the word and froze for a second. Even with Oz in the way, erupting in his own release, Luke saw the deep pink flush that rose from her belly, over her breasts, and up her face. Her nipples poked up, hard and wet.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, exhaling. “More!”

Gabe pulled a laughing Oz out of the way. He lifted Sarah’s legs, pulling up her bottom, and rested them on his shoulders. He held himself up on his arms and slid into place, giving her a different angle. She moaned and released Luke to touch her breasts. Whatever Gabe did, she thought it was good.

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