[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA] 
Jayme Cruz is dealing with a lot, the death of his brother, living in a new town, and having a mate that wants nothing to do with him. Life hasn’t been easy for Jayme but he refuses to just give up no matter how hard headed his fated mate might be. This might be Jayme’s only chance at happiness and he’s going to take it one way or another.
Finding a mate was never something Silas planned on and now that Jayme is in his life he can’t get the man out of his mind no matter how hard he tries.
When news arrives that Jayme’s brother might be alive, nothing will stop him in finding out the truth, but he won’t be going alone. Silas is a hunter, finding missing people is what he does, but can he stand the possibility of letting his mate down? This might be one mission that will define the rest of Silas’s life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Mate to Change For (MM)
23 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“I’m not going to cry.” Jayme dug his nails into the undersides of his arms where he held on to them. He hoped the sharp sting would chase away a fresh round of tears building up behind his eyelids.

His brother was dead and he needed to accept that and move on with his life. Samuel had been the one bright ray of light in his dismal world. Collin took everything from him and Jayme didn’t regret for a moment taking his life. In fact Jayme felt Collin got off easy. He deserved to suffer like Jayme was doing right now, but no amount of suffering would bring Samuel back.

“He’s dead and never coming back.” Jayme’s eyes filled with tears and he took another deep breath to ease his rapidly escalating heart rate. If he only he’d done things differently. If only he hadn’t agreed to help the council by turning over evidence of Collin’s dealings. “If only…” Jayme shook his head and swiped a hand under his eyes.

Jayme rested his chin on his arms and stared out the glass doors into the back yard. The stars twinkled in the black sky and the trees swayed from the evening breeze creeping over the yard. It was peaceful.

As he gazed out onto the lawn, he noticed two sparkling points of light. Jayme rolled his eyes and stood up. He flipped the lock on the glass door and slid it open. “Do you want to come in?” The large black mass shifted but didn’t respond. Jayme looked back into the dark house, then back to the large wolf laying in his yard. “No one is here but me. So you’re safe from having to interact with other people. Heaven forbid,” Jayme mumbled under his breath.

The wolf slowly stood up and walked toward the back door. After it got within five steps to him the air around it started to go wavy and the wolf became a man. Silas. Jayme would never get over how Silas made shifting from wolf to human form look so easy.

“Spying on me again?” Jayme asked as Silas walked through the door.

“I’m not spying on you,” Silas grumbled as he looked around the dark room.

“I promise they’re not here.” Silas quirked an eyebrow at him so Jayme elaborated. “Roderick and Dom went to have dinner in Nehalem with the rest of the pack.”

“And you didn’t go?” Silas’s eyes darted over the dark room then back to Jayme.

“Didn’t feel like being social. What’s your excuse?” Jayme asked but knew he wouldn’t get a response. “So I’ll ask again, what are you doing here?”

“Just making sure my mate is safe.”

“And here we go again.” Jayme shut the door, a little harder than he meant to, the glass shaking on its frame. “Like I told you before, I don’t need you to take care of me. I can do that myself.” Jayme spun around on his heels to face a very naked and very gorgeous Silas. He hated that he craved the man even though he couldn’t really stand him. Well, maybe the whole not being able to stand Silas was because the man kept himself at such a distance it made it hard for anyone, especially Jayme, to get to know him.

Silas stood a good six inches taller than his five foot eight inches and outweighed him in muscles by a good fifty pounds, but probably more than that. Solid, chiseled muscles that had the power to hold Jayme down if he’d only allow it and if only Silas would try. Then to top off the brooding, aloof look was his piercing navy blue eyes and shaggy black hair that always seemed to fall into his eyes. The straight edges of his jaw lines looked sharp enough to cut glass. Just by looks alone Silas was perfect but something on the inside was broken and Jayme didn’t know if it was fixable.

On the plane ride back to Silver Creek Silas voiced what Jayme already knew, they were mates. Jayme’s sense of smell might not be as strong as other shifters but he didn’t need it to know that Silas belonged to him. It only took one look and Jayme knew. In the midst of the worst time in Jayme’s life he’d been given a gift. A very quiet and cold gift that barely seemed human most of the time. He didn’t know much about Silas and he found himself wondering more and more what had happened to make this man so distant from the rest of the world.

“I never said you couldn’t.” Silas raised his hand to rake through his thick black hair.

The action causing his muscles to ripple and Jayme’s mouth start to water. Jayme couldn’t stop himself from letting his eyes roam down the front of Silas’s body. His pale skin nearly glowed in the poor lighting in the room. As his eyes fell lower, Jayme sucked in his bottom lip and bit it as his sight landed right on Silas’s long and fat cock as it dangle between his legs.

“But you never said I could,” Jayme answered, not bothering to look up. His eyes were glued to the now-growing penis in front of him. At least he knew Silas wasn’t as unaffected as he portrayed to be.




“Kiss me, Silas,” Jayme whispered against his lips, then moved his body to straddle Silas’s hips. “Help me forget, if just for a little bit.”

Silas raised his hands to cup the sides of Jayme’s face, then guided him down to his lips. He gently brushed his lips over Jayme’s. Jayme moaned and flicked his tongue out to tease Silas’s lips and that was all it took to set his wolf free. Silas moved one hand to Jayme’s neck and the other he dropped to wrap around his waist. He pulled Jayme closer as he licked his way inside Jayme’s hot hungry mouth.

The kiss was hard and demanding. Jayme’s greedy tongue ravaged Silas’s mouth, taking his ability to breathe away. It was Silas’s turn to groan. His cock filled with blood and throbbed in his pants. He lifted his hips to press his hard length up against Jayme’s ass.

“Oh god, don’t stop.” Jayme ground his ass into Silas’s hardness. “I need you so badly.”

Silas let his hands roam up and down Jayme’s back, cupping the firm globes of Jayme’s ass in his hands, squeezing the firm muscles. His balls grew hard and Silas could feel his orgasm building, wanting to rush to the surface and take what Jayme was so willing to give, but he pulled away.

“Wh…What are you doing?” Jayme stuttered as Silas held him at an arms distance away.

“I don’t want to rush anything with you, Jayme.” Silas flexed his fingers against the skin of Jayme’s shoulders. “You’re emotional right now and as much as you seem to want this, I don’t want this to be another thing you regret.”

“The only thing I’ll regret is if I don’t get to feel you inside me, now.” Jayme knocked Silas’s hands away. “I want you, Silas. Wanted you from the moment I saw you. Please don’t make me beg.”

Jayme reached between them and ran his palm over the hard bulge trapped in Silas’s jeans. This felt too right, Jayme felt right in his arms. He had to have him.

Before he could react, Jayme shoved him down to his back. Silas propped up on his elbows to watch Jayme unfasten his jeans and lifted his hips to help Jayme yanked them down his thighs. His hard cock bounced free and slapped against his flat stomach.

“Look at you.” Jayme wrapped his thin warm fingers around his thick length and Silas bit into his bottom lip. “So hard and ready for me.” Jayme glanced up to catch his stare. “I’ve been dreaming about this. About submitting to you, letting you fill me so full it hurts. I want you, Silas. Please say you want me in the same way. Not just because we’re mates, but because you feel something for me.”

The light from the glowing stars lit up Jayme’s handsome face. He could see the yearning there that reflected back at him in the mirror whenever he thought about Jayme. Why fight what they both wanted, needed?

Silas sat up and flipped Jayme onto his back. He covered Jayme’s mouth with his own, pouring everything he had into that one kiss, praying it was enough. Jayme wound his arms around Silas’s neck and his legs around his hips.

“I want you, Jayme.” Silas licked and kissed down his mate’s neck. “I need you.”

Jayme whimpered. His body went limp as Silas pushed his sweater up his chest and began to tease his nipples. He sucked in the left, nipping hard then soothing with his tongue, then he’d move to the right one while fingering the other.

The wind blew over their heated bodies, but it wasn’t enough to cool them off. Silas moved down Jayme’s body, trailing his tongue along the soft skin covering hard muscles. Jayme’s legs fell open when Silas reached his hard cock. He quickly unfastened Jayme’s pants and pulled them all the way off, his shoes tangled in the tight pants as they came off. Silas gazed down at his mate. The night made his features appear dark and shadowed around his eyes but there was no mistaking the desire there.

“Please, Silas.” Jayme fisted his cock and tugged at his shaft. “I need you.”

Silas pushed Jayme’s hand away and pressed his lips to the head of Jayme’s cock. His mate moaned and thrust upward and Silas opened his mouth. He took in the damp salty head and drank down the sweet pre-cum dripping from the small slit, sticking his tongue in to gather more.

Being with Jayme was more intense than he expected. The only other times he’d had sex weren't anything like this. Couldn’t even compare.

Silas’s whole body felt as if were on fire. He pushed Jayme’s cock further down his throat, spit dripping down Jayme’s length to fall onto his balls. Silas ran his fingers through the dampness, then caressed the area behind Jayme’s balls. Soft smooth skin quivered against his fingers and Jayme jerked at the first swipe over his tiny hole.

Silas teased Jayme’s opening as he sucked hard, kissing on his inner thighs. Jayme’s constant pleading and the pain in his balls had Silas sitting up. He pushed Jayme’s thighs up to his chest.

“So fucking beautiful.” Silas ran his finger down the crease of Jayme’s ass, then bent forward to lick around the ridged opening.

Jayme screamed out his pleasure and his small opening twitched against Silas’s tongue. Slowly he worked his tongue into Jayme then added a finger, then another. The hot silky walls sucked at his finger, causing Silas’s dick to ooze a river of pre-cum.

Silas sat up and grabbed the base of his cock. He guided it to Jayme’s opening and pressed at the tight muscle, looking up to watch Jayme’s face for signs of pain. Jayme pushed back against the fat, rounded head and it slipped in. Silas growled low and deep and Jayme whimpered, his body tightening around him.

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