[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, MFMMMM , HEA]

Quinn Labelle is on her own, something she is used to. After getting a second chance at life, she's determined to make the best of it and every decision has consequences. She isn't taking any chances especially with her heart. Slow, steady and solo, seems the best method to happiness, but not necessarily to healing.

So when she meets a Lieutenant, Junior Rottino first, his twin brother Range, and then a soldier, Rocco, and feels an attraction for all three men, she immediately is on the defensive. She's been down that path before and nearly died. They represent everything she fears and has decided to stay clear of. Soon she meets their other brothers, King and Jagger and the sparks fly and their connection is too strong to ignore. The Rottino brothers have issues and fears too, and Quinn brings them together. They believe she completes their family, and they heal her as much as she heals them.

Just as they are celebrating their commitment and love, Quinn becomes the target in a case Range is working on. Their happiness is compromised in that moment as the criminal attempts to abduct her. Her captor doesn't know she has faced death before and that loving her men and having her happily ever after will not be taken away from her by him or anyone else.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Heal Me (LoveXtreme)
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It took some convincing, but with Shane, his brothers and Anastasia they all joined one another for lunch, sat at the picnic tables set up under the shade away from the crowds. Of course Junior and his brothers gathered around at a table with Quinn, where Ray and Celeste and a few other guys came over as well. He watched her closely, wondered how this gorgeous, young, sexy woman snagged his and his brothers’ attention so fast. Plus she had a hold on Rocco, and that was just something Junior couldn’t wrap his brain around. He notice her tighten up as she sat between Rocco and Jagger.

“Well, we need to head out, and I have to get back to work. Everyone enjoy the day, and Quinn, have fun tonight and say happy birthday to Katie for me,” Shane said and she smiled.

“Will do, Chief,” she replied and then they all got up and started saying goodbye. Quinn stood up to hug Ray and Celeste and as they left, leaving her alone with Junior and his brothers, he hadn’t expected Rocco to stop her from moving. He grabbed her hips and there she stood between his legs as Rocco sat on the end of the bench.

Junior got up and leaned against the table next to her and Rocco and his brothers all gathered around close to her.

“Don’t take off yet. This is nice.”

“Rocco, I should go, I—”

Junior reached out to touch her cheek and her jaw dropped, her eyes widened and he felt the attraction intensify now that he and Rocco were both touching her at the same time.

“Damn,” Junior whispered.

“We’re supposed to go to Calbetta’s tonight with some friends for a gathering. Maybe we can buy you a drink and make some plans to hang out together,” he said and stroked her jaw.

“Junior, I told you that I don’t date. I don’t really want to get involved with anyone and—”

Rocco pulled her closer. Junior moved his hand and she had to hold on to Rocco’s shoulders. When she did she stared into Rocco’s eyes, and she looked intimidated. Junior assumed she had some kind of bad relationship despite how young she was and he was taking his time this week being friends first, but seeing her here today and with Rocco holding her now and getting a reaction from him, the whole friends thing was out the window. Junior wanted to hold her too, to kiss her, but his gut told him she would run and run fast like she did earlier with Shane the moment she met his brothers and realized.

“You’re scared, and my gut says you have good reason to be, especially knowing we’re a lot alike and you have PTSD too,” Rocco whispered to her as he caressed her hips, moved his palm up her back, making her press closer.

“What?” Jagger asked and she lowered her eyes, squeezed Rocco’s shoulders, and went to move when Rocco pulled her closer, her body now pressed to his.

“What happened? How?” Jagger asked. She shook her head and when she looked up she had tears in her eyes.

“Shit,” King said.

“Maybe when you trust us more you’ll explain,” Range told her, reached out and caressed her hair.

She shook her head. “I’m sorry but this is a lot to take in. I don’t know any of you, and I’m being honest about not dating, not wanting to be involved in a relationship quite yet.”

Rocco pulled her onto his lap, making her sit on his thigh.

“Is it because of me? I know I’m snappy, and look like I could hurt you but I wouldn’t, I—”

She cupped his cheek, caressed along the shadow of a beard his brother had and Junior’s heart raced. He could see the desire in Rocco’s eyes, the life in them that seemed lost since he retired. Plus Quinn looked so feminine and sexy on his brother’s knee. They were all so much bigger than her, no wonder she was still shaking and timid. As Rocco closed his eyes she worried her bottom lip, realizing what her touch did to Rocco.

“I’m scared. Crazy for admitting that, but you seem like honest, good men, and Shane said you all are. It’s me, Rocco. It’s the life I left behind, the scars that are still healing and the anxiety, the fear I live with every day, in many actions I take.”




Rocco’s heart was racing so damn fast he thought it would burst from his chest. As he pulled her closer he slid his palms under her ass to find her wearing skimpy thong panties. He ran his thumb under the thin material and pulled downward. As he released her lips she was panting, tears on her thick eyelashes and those gorgeous glowing green eyes were sparkling.

“Trust us and let go. We need as much as you do.”

“Oh God, Rocco, please, please don’t hurt me. It’s been more than two years, and that time, the days as his prisoner were the—”

He shook his head.

“We are going to take his touch, his hurt, his memory away. Let us love you, and if you need to stop, you tell us and we will,” he said.

She nodded her head and he kissed her softly then slowly lowered her down to the island in the kitchen. His brothers joined in.

He pulled down her panties and then pushed up her dress to her hips.

“Oh my God,” she moaned as he caressed her inner thighs and licked his lips. Jagger and King slid their palms along her calves, spreading her wider.

“Look at that sweet, wet pussy,” Rocco whispered and lowered down as she moaned and came.

“Damn, your body knows, Quinn. Let go and give us all your orgasms. All of them,” Junior commanded and then lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her.

“She’s ours. We’re claiming her today and never going to let her go. Every day we’ll show her how perfect she is and protect her with everything we’ve got. God damn, am I going to be so fucking protective,” Range said and Rocco moaned against her pussy lips, licked and nibbled on her clit and then slid fingers in and out of her cunt. He tilted up to look at her as she moaned and shook, and kept coming.

“You taste delicious. You’re one hell of an appetizer,” he said and then replaced fingers with his tongue and continued to torment her. She moaned and gasped, only for Junior to move and Range to kiss her next.

“I can’t take it. Oh God, your hands are all so big and sexy,” she said as Jagger and King caressed her from calf to groin.

“My turn,” Jagger said and he took Rocco’s place and Rocco moved around to kiss her so Junior and Range could taste her pussy too. They would all share her, take care of her and fill her up with cock, claiming her officially their woman.

He looked down into her eyes as she moaned now that Jagger was fingering her cunt and tasting her.

“You heal me,” he said to her and kissed her. She kissed him back, reached up and lifted her torso. She pulled back and cried out.

“Jagger!” she exclaimed.

“Just exploring this tight sexy ass we’ll be filling up with cock as well,” he said all confidently.

“Oh my God, this is crazy,” Quinn exclaimed.

“This is real. All of it,” Rocco told her and then King took Jagger’s place and Rocco watched as his brothers enjoyed feasting on their woman.

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