[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Military, MFMMMMM, HEA]

Starting a new life pretending to be someone she isn't keeps August Malone in soldier mode. Once a special operative, she was abandoned and held captive by a masochistic criminal for nearly a year. Now she avoids romance, and very few people can gain her trust and respect. That includes her new bosses, the Fitzpatricks, six brothers and owners of the club where she works: Dorian, Dade and Tristan—former military, now powerful businessmen—and Blackwell, Connery and Dargan, active duty soldiers.

She and they butt heads right from the start, as the men take command of the club’s operations, and take a strong interest in August. Both sides resist the attraction at first, but the connection between these stubborn, damaged warriors is too powerful to ignore. When they let down the walls it’s wild and erotic, and may be strong enough to last a lifetime.

But the military brothers have targets on their backs, put there by the thug whose kinsman they killed…the same monster who held August captive. In finding the men, he finds her, and takes her. It will take every bit of resources and soldiers they trust to locate her and end the danger to her once and for all.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Soldier Mode (LoveXtreme)
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“Gentlemen, meet your CFO, office manager and a whole lot more, August Malone,” Bandit said and she stepped down, security guided her by her hips unnecessarily and probably more out of the desire to touch her. She reached her hand out and closed the space between them.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick, so nice to finally make your acquaintance,” she said and he shook her hand and instantly felt the attraction. She must have too because she widened her eyes but quickly recovered and turned to his brother, Dade, as Bandit introduced her to him next. He inhaled the scent of her hair and perfume, enticing, light, sexy, like her. He glanced at Dade, who shook her hand and licked his lower lip.

“So nice to meet you,” his brother said and then she had to step closer and past Ottis, who began to talk about some updates to the décor but Dorian’s eyes were glued to her backside as Tristan began to actually talk to her. Tristan.

“Shall we head upstairs? We have some appetizers and things set up and can enjoy dinner and updating you guys on the improvements,” Vaughn said and they began to head toward the stairs but then Tristan was introducing her to Breaker, Merdoff, Reynolds, Holden, Frenchie, Lucca and Kisco. Those guys were immediately flirting with her and she laughed at something Frenchie said but motioned with her hand for them to all go before her.

“Holy shit, she is fucking hot. Did you even know your CFO is that good looking?” Breaker asked Dade. It was obvious as they all began to gather by the bar in the VIP section that the guys were interested in August, however she evaded them and stood by Bandit. She was a bit shorter than all of them, even in very high heels. This close up to her he could see the definition in her arms. It was impressive. Her smile hit him hard and he felt on edge and a bit out of sorts. It wasn’t like he didn’t know how to handle good-looking women, or that he wasn’t used to it. There were several over the years who were okay, but this woman affected him immediately and that wasn’t normal or something he ever felt before. Add in Dade and Tristan staring at her as if trying to read her mind, and he was on edge.

“It’s been about six months since you took on this position and started working here, correct?” Dorian asked her.

“Eight months, since taking on the position of CFO. I did some other things for Bandit that involved IT stuff and some help with managing the place while he found replacements for a few of your employees that weren’t working out.” He narrowed his eyes, glanced at Bandit.

“Nothing to bother you with, Dorian. We just had to remove a few people and hire replacements,” Bandit added.

“Where did you work before here?” he asked and she smiled.

“New York initially, then bounced around, basically reforming smaller, run-down clubs into lucrative ones,” she said as one of the servers interrupted.

“August, Gavan needs you a minute by the bar,” the server said.

“Okay,” August said and then smiled at Dorian and Bandit. “If you’ll excuse me a moment, gentlemen.”

He nodded and he watched her walk away, and noticed all the men looking at her, trying to catch her eyes as she passed them and headed behind the bar.

“She is an amazing young woman. Very professional, honest, sincere and has truly helped to transition the entire place into an exceptional club. She budgets things out and keeps us all in check to not overspend, and spend foolishly.”

“And how did you come to hire her and not someone else? Did you conduct interviews?” Dorian snapped at him.

Bandit squinted and looked him over. Dorian didn’t mean to be this way with Bandit, it was just that trust didn’t come easy, and this woman was an outsider who apparently won all the men over.

“We did several interviews and no one compared to her. Plus, she came highly recommended by several friends of ours and yours.”

“Who?” he asked.

Bandit leaned closer. “The Greek.”

Dorian wasn’t expecting that, nor the way his eye twitched and questions filled his mind. Then came a little jealous feeling, like perhaps she knew the Greek intimately. He just jumped to that conclusion because no man in his right mind who was single would not try to make a move on a woman as gorgeous and professional as August. Even the small bit of time they just talked he could see how classy, appealing and likable she was. He just wondered if it were an act, and what consequences there could be for this club, his family and their friends. He continued to watch her and so did his brothers and their security.

* * * *

“There’s no way she’s single,” Kisco whispered to Holden as they finished up dinner and were back to the bar and overlooking the bottom level where all the action seemed to be.

“Don’t go pissing her off, guys, she seems very uninterested in all of you,” Dade added and then took a sip from his bourbon. Kisco looked away from them and toward the left and when he licked his lips, Dade turned to look.

“Well, gentlemen, it was nice meeting you all this evening. Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Fitzpatrick, I will see you in the office Monday morning,” she said to Dade and Tristan.

“Leaving so soon?” Holden asked her and she looked up at him.

“I actually have plans this evening,” she replied

“Please don’t tell me it’s with a man,” Reynolds asked with his hand over his heart. She chuckled.

“Okay, I won’t,” she said and then turned to walk away.

“Oh shit, she told you, bro,” Kisco teased Holden.

“Playing hard to get, I think,” he added.

The guys remained talking about her body, her looks and personality, and Dade looked at Tristan as they leaned by the balcony watching her head from the stairs to the main bar. Several men tried to get her attention, one went to stop her but she shook her head and said something and he raised his hands up like “come on” and then she headed around the bar. When she got to her destination there were three women there and a couple of guys. They all hugged hello and she smiled, took a seat some cowboy offered her and she crossed her legs and the bartender gave her a glass of something and smiled wide. In a matter of minutes, she was surrounded by men.

“Player, ya think?” Tristan asked him.

“The brunette?”

“Mm,” he mumbled.

“Not really getting that vibe. She didn’t flirt back, she seemed like she couldn’t wait to leave.”

“She did pretty much exit smoothly though. I think Dorian was interrogating her,” Dade said and Tristan snorted.

“He’ll find out everything he can and ensure she is legit. Always making sure we’re all protected.”

“No doubt in my mind.”

They hung around for a little while longer, but still kept glancing back toward the brunette who made quite the impression on all of them indeed.




“I think you want to take the risk just like we all do, but the fears, your experience, whatever it was, is what stands in the way. Whatever it is, I don’t think my brothers and I are concerned about not being able to handle it. The way it feels to be with you, to hold you, to kiss you, isn’t like anything we’ve felt before. We’re all adults here, August. Forget about everything else and let go with us. Do the here and now, and we’ll handle tomorrow when it comes.” He pressed his lips to hers and lifted her onto his lap.

Blackwell took in the sight before him, the way Dorian lifted her so fluidly as if she were as light as could be and into his arms. He knew his brother had very little patience when it came to having things he wanted. They all felt it for August. A desperation and need. They all had fears, and obviously the conversation was getting too intense, and her walls were about to go up until Dorian took charge as usual. August was absolutely gorgeous and sexy. She stood out, and the possessiveness and instant jealousy he felt the moment other men looked at her, wanting her, aggravated him. He personally wasn’t used to having such sensations or a reaction, and then add in the incident tonight, and he was on edge and felt even more determined to possess her and protect her. The underlying questions he had about her and the way she held back were not going away, but it definitely was put aside for now. They would all protect one another if it turned out that August wasn’t everything they thought she was, or worth all they were currently feeling.

* * * *

Dorian smoothed his palm along her thigh and up under her skirt. She continued to kiss him as he explored her body, prepared to at minimum get a taste of her and begin to break down these walls she had up. She felt so sexy and voluptuous in his arms. Her scent enticed him, made his dick so hard he wanted to claim her tonight. Would she let go with them? Would she put aside the fears she had?

He slid his palm higher, exposing her ass to his brothers.

“Damn, baby, you have got one hell of a body,” Tristan said as he lowered her to the floor and pushed her skirt higher.

“What’s that she’s wearing?” Dade asked, moving closer. Dorian moved his lips from hers and cupped her breast against the top she wore.

She reached down and pressed her hand over Tristan’s that was on her ass and thigh.

“Raise your arms up and back, and let go, and let us pleasure you,” Tristan ordered and she licked her lower lip.

“I shouldn’t feel all this. I shouldn’t,” she said and her eyes looked emotional. They all moved closer.

“We feel it too. It’s crazy, and we want more. We want all of you, August,” Dade said to her, as Tristan spread her thighs and ran his palms up her inner thighs to the body suit she wore underneath the skirt.

“Say yes to feeling more,” Dorian said to her.

“Yes,” she whispered and her voice cracked.

“Look at her thighs, so sexy and toned,” Connery said.

“I want to see what she’s hiding under those snaps,” Connery said and winked. She blushed as Tristan pulled the material apart, unsnapping the fabric against her pussy. She gasped.

“Oh God.” It was obvious she was aroused, and when the snaps gave, they saw her bare pussy, and cream dripped from her pussy lips.

“Beautiful,” Tristan said and lowered down to take a taste. The second his mouth landed on her pussy, she grabbed on to Dade’s shoulder and Dorian’s shoulder and cried out.

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