[Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting: Contemporary, Menage, Paranormal, Werewolves, MFM, HEA]

Werewolf, Brit Michaels, is engaged to the perfect man. Or, at least, he seems perfect on paper. But when she and fiancé, Mike Vanderburg, return to Wayward, she runs into her two high school crushes. The connection she’d resisted back in school rises again, pulling her to the two cowboys. But Mike has literally saved her family’s ranch and she loves him (right?), so how can she turn her back on him?

Werewolf friends, Brand Bolten and Charlie Hurt, are thrilled when Brit returns to town. Although they ignored the connection when they were younger, now they’re ready to claim her as their intended mate. There’s just one catch. Pack law prohibits shifters from interfering in a mate’s life after she’s engaged or married.

But what are Brand and Charlie to do when the suspect Mike’s motives are underhanded? Do they obey pack law or do they help the woman they love?


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Always the One (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


The emotions whipping through Charlie were both unexpected and wonderful. He was off the bar stool and right behind Brand as his friend strode with purpose toward Brit.

I can’t believe she’s back.

Sure, he’d dreamed of the day she’d return to their hometown, but he’d never really expected to see that day. Why would she come back to small town Wayward when she was working in sunny California and hobnobbing with celebrities and other film people? Then there was the other question. Why hadn’t he heard that she’d come back? Not that her parents would’ve told him—they still gave Brand and him dirty looks whenever they crossed paths—but what happened to the usually efficient and fast gossip train in town?

Who the hell cares now?

He grinned when Brand picked her up and spun her around. The memory of her lips on his struck him, weakening his knees like a heroine in some silly romance novel. Not that he would know, of course. He’d only read a few of those kinds of books.

But then when the man sitting with her stood up, the incredible feeling of the kiss vanished. His inner wolf growled, immediately disliking the man. Was he human? He hadn’t seen him with any of the packs. Why was he with her, anyway? And then he heard the man’s name.

Mike Vanderburg. He recognized the name, of course. He, like everyone in Wayward, knew of the family. And like everyone in Wayward, he did his best to steer clear of the family.

Everyone, it seemed, except Brit.

He struggled, trying to keep his wolf at bay. He shouldn’t judge someone without really knowing them, but his wolf had a keen sense of choosing the right people.

His wolf had long ago chosen Brit. But they’d been too young to do anything about their feelings. Especially when her parents, her father most of all, couldn’t stand them. So he’d languished, feeling bereft until she was finally off to college. Charlie was off to a different college, a different life on the other side of the country, and who knew where the Navy would send Brand?

He followed the conversation, answering when he should, saying what was expected of him. But he was only paying half attention. Then, suddenly, Mike jolted him to full awareness.

“Oh, wait. So you guys haven’t heard yet? I figured news like that would get around like grease lightning in a small town. Especially considering, you know, who I am.” Mike smirked, lifting Brit’s left hand. A huge diamond ring sparkled on her left hand. “Yeah. That’s right. You got it. Brit and I are engaged to be married.” His focus shifted to Charlie. “And soon. Real soon.” He laughed. “Hell, if I could get her to do it, I’d haul her sweet little fanny to a judge and get hitched today.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe his ears. That man, that human had to be kidding. He looked to Brit, praying she’d start laughing, letting him in on the joke. “You’re getting married? To him?”

She swallowed as though she didn’t want to give him the answer he didn’t want to hear. “Yes.”

“When?” he asked, barely loud enough for even a shifter to hear.

Her brown eyes held sorrow. Was that the way a bride-to-be should look?

“In a couple of months,” she said.

Her smile seemed forced. Or was he imagining things? She’d accepted the man’s proposal, so she had to love him. Why else would she get married? Did she feel the connection with Mike? Unfortunately, if she did, he and Brand were out of luck. A woman could have several mates, but it didn’t mean she’d want to be with all of them.

“And, naturally, you two are invited,” added Mike, making his presence known again.

Fortunately, Brand managed to say something. Charlie wasn’t sure what he’d said, but he didn’t care. Instead, he went on auto-pilot, once again saying the correct things.

But he could handle only so much pain. “Congratulations, Brit. You, too, Mike. I hope you’ll be very happy.” How had he managed to say the words? “Uh, anyway, I’ve got to go.”

He hurried toward the exit, needing fresh air. Although caught off-guard by his quick departure, Brand was soon following.

He burst out into the parking lot, sucking for air. Bending over, palms pressed against his legs to keep him steady, he shook his head, determined to rid his mind of Mike’s smug face. “This can’t be happening. It’s bullshit, man.” Straightening up, he searched Brand’s expression, hoping to see humor there. “Please. Tell me it’s a joke. It’s a fucking crappy joke, but a joke.”

“It’s no joke.” Brand shoved his hands into his pockets and suddenly found the gravel at his feet interesting. “I wish to hell it was, but it’s not.”

Heartache mixed with determination. “No fucking way, man. We can’t let her marry Mike Vanderburg. He’s like the rest of his family. A fucking snobbish asshole. She deserves a hell of a lot better. Like us. No fucking way can we let her ruin her life.” He stabbed his finger into the middle of Brand’s chest. “We have to stop her.”

“We can’t. You know what pack law says.”

A werewolf had to stay away from their intended mate if she was already involved. “I don’t give a fuck what pack law says. Besides, she’s engaged. Not married. At least, not yet. We have to help her for her sake, not for us.” He whirled around and headed back to the bar. “Damn it. We have to stop her.”






“Come, sweet stuff. Sit on me.”

She let Charlie support her as he moved to the large low shelf in the corner of the huge shower. He eased her onto his lap, his cock slipping between her butt cheeks. “Stop me now if you don’t like it this way.”

There was no way she’d ever stop him. She wanted both their cocks inside her. Both pushing at her walls with force and friction. “I’m not stopping anything.”

She let out a gasp as he eased his cock into her butt. Protection and lube were never needed with werewolves. Yet she was surprised at how easily and perfectly his cock fit inside her. She pushed back, circling her hips as he took hold of her waist and kept her hard against him.

“Ease back and spread your legs.”

She slipped her torso lower, depending on Charlie to keep her from sliding off onto the floor. Brand bent low and settled between her legs. He smiled then put his tongue to her pussy.

Oh, sweet Heaven above!

He captured her clit, his tongue whipping around and around it. Two fingers found her pussy and pushed inside her, pumping in then out. She moaned, her breath hitching in her throat as spray from the sides of the shower landed over her, keeping her wet and warm.

Charlie shoved his cock deeper and cupped her breast with one hand. He nibbled on her shoulders, biting just enough to bring her pleasurable pain but not enough to break the skin. She reached behind him and tunneled her fingers through his wet hair.

Brand ate at her pussy, lapping her juices along with the water. His shaved head glistened with water droplets, his broad shoulders holding her legs apart.

She climaxed suddenly, taken by surprise by its intensity. Brand’s lapping quickened as he did his best to drink her juices up.

“More,” she panted. “You.” And hoped Brand would understand.

With Charlie pounding into her ass, she pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing her entrance to Brand. “Fuck me,” she said, her inner wolf growling its need.

Brand lifted up but kept low enough. He positioned his cock at her opening, his amber-flecked gaze meeting hers. With a snarl, he shoved his cock inside her pussy.

She wondered why she wasn’t torn apart. Their cocks were so enormous, their thrusts so powerful. Instead, she held on to Brand’s arms and did her best to match their fever.

Yet she was no longer in control. She was no longer able to do much more than receive their poundings. The tips of her fangs pinched her lower lip. The world around her colored amber. But she wouldn’t change. As much as her wolf wanted to take over, she wouldn’t allow it.

Their pants were the only sounds, save the shower. Their movements matched as though their bodies had been made for each other.

Mates. If their joining had proven nothing else, it had proven one thing. These men were her mates, and she was theirs.

She felt them tense at the same moment another rising climax burst free and spun outward. Charlie squeezed her breast, his forehead against her spine as he pulled out his cock and groaned out his release. Hot seed mixed with the water streaming down her back. Brand moaned, stilled, then, taking her by the chin, kissed her hard. His cum shot into her as he deepened the kiss, possessing her in both ways. Their bodies jerked as their orgasms took them. When at last they were spent, she collapsed against Charlie as Brand dropped to the tile floor.

She wasn’t sure how long they stayed in the shower. They probably would’ve stayed even longer, but the water had started to chill.

“Want to move to the bed?” asked Charlie.

She was tempted but had a different idea. “No.” She laughed at their disappointed expressions. “Before I go back to my folks’ house, I want to run.”

Surprise showed in Brand’s eyes. He nodded, obviously liking the idea. “Yeah. It’s been years since we ran together.”

Charlie stood up, taking her with him. “Sounds like a great idea.”

And it will be, she thought. Especially since she had more than a run in mind.

They’d run together as children and teens, but they’d never had sex. Now that they’d made love as humans, she wanted to know what it would be like to let their wolves free to have fun, too.

“Catch me if you can,” she said. She pushed past Brand and was out the door, dripping water as she dashed out of the bathroom, through the bedroom, and down the stairs. She shifted while running.

They might’ve been letting her win, keeping only a few feet behind her, but she didn’t care. By the time she made it to the same place near the high school where they’d said good-bye so many years earlier, she was ready for them. The image of Mike’s face flitted through her animal’s mind, but she pushed it away.

Whirling, she faced them, fangs out in a playful challenge, her tail wagging. They snarled with not an ounce of menace, then pounced on her.


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