[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MFM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

Sela Grimes runs to her best friend for help. Cara Pearson welcomes her to the ranch she co-owns with her brother, Rob Pearson, and his friend, Dave Conrad. Sela confides in Cara about being violated by a coworker and now, she fears she’s pregnant.

Dave and Rob instantly feel the invisible bond to Sela all werewolves feel toward their intended mate. They’re sure she feels it, too, and the sex is hot, but then Sela pulls away. Never mind, though, they’ll make her their mate one way or another.

Dave and Rob are ready to become fathers if Sela will let them. But will she keep a baby conceived with a man she considers a monster? Can she see past the horrible memory of that one night and love the baby as much as they will? Even if she can, will she accept them for what they are? Or will she see them as a different kind of monsters?


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Bare Fangs (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“So now you know what I’m talking about,” exclaimed Cara Pearson as she took the bar seat next to Sela. “Granted, I’m a little biased when it comes to my brother, but Dave is a great guy, too. Hell, if I wasn’t batting for the other team, I would’ve made a move on him. Even so, I did have a crush on him the first few days after I met him. If any man could ever turn me, it would be Dave Conrad.”

“As if a man could ever turn you.” Sela laughed and took another sip. “Look, I’m sure your brother and his friend are the greatest, but I’m not interested.”

“I’m calling bullshit on you.”

“What? Why?” Her friend was very good at calling bullshit on people. And she was usually right, too.

“Because I’ve told you about them a lot of different times.”

“So what?” Yet she had a difficult time keeping her gaze level to Cara’s.

“So…every time I did, you asked more questions. You were definitely interested.”

“I was only being polite.”

“Yeah. Right. I know polite, dear sister, and that was not simply being polite. You were into them. And now that you’ve actually met them, I’ll bet you’re even more interested. Deny it all you want, but I know what I see on your face.”

She and Cara had often referred to each other as “sisters” during their college years. It pleased Sela that they still thought of each other that way. Unlike many people who became friends in college, they’d managed to stay in touch even when Sela had, at one time, lived in California. Sela had flown back to Tulsa to see her family and other friends over the years yet had never met Rob or Dave. Stranger still, even after she’d come back to Tulsa and lived only a couple of hours away, they hadn’t gotten together until today.

“Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re right. But if that’s true, dear sister, why didn’t you ever show me a photo of them?” She had to go on the offensive. Otherwise, Cara would never let the subject go. “Or were you trying to keep Dave all to yourself?” She was only teasing about Dave. At least, she thought she was. Yet the idea of Dave being with Cara tightened her stomach.

“You’re joking, right? Or did you forget that I’m a lesbian?”

“No, you’re not. Not strictly speaking, anyway. You’re bi, remember? And I know you like guys, too.” Cara had had more than her fair share of men and women during college. That was one thing Sela had loved about her friend. She’d never been judgmental about Sela’s many sexual exploits.

“That doesn’t change anything. Dave is like a second brother to me.” Cara smiled smugly. “But neither one of them is a brother to you. Not by a long shot.”

“No, they’re not.” And she could never think of either one of them like a brother. They were too damn hot.

“Ooh, that’s telling. So tell me. When you first came in, you said you met them in front of Tina’s shop.”

“I did. But we only talked a little while.” If she knew Cara, her friend would start digging for more information.

“So tell me. Did you feel anything?”

How did Cara know? Yet, she wasn’t about to tell her. Not with everything else going on. “Like what?”

Disappointment covered Cara’s face. “Which tells me you didn’t. Damn.”

Was Cara talking about the odd sensation that had swept over her? Did she know about the electricity-like sizzle?

Sela took a drink. If she’d come to visit Cara only a month earlier, their conversation would’ve gone in a completely different direction. She would’ve told Cara everything, including how she’d suddenly craved to touch both men. And how, if given the chance, she would’ve taken them to bed and had an amazing time. But now? Any feelings, anything else had to be sidelined by what had happened.

And Cara being Cara, of course, sensed that something was up. She put her hand on top of Sela’s, bringing Sela’s gaze back to hers. “Hey. What’s going on? What’s got you in a funk?”

Sela shook her head. Yet hadn’t she come to Wayward to visit her friend so she could tell her what had gone so terribly wrong? But now that the time had come, she struggled to come up with the right words.

“Sela, come on. It’s me, remember?” Cara leaned forward, worry darkening her eyes. “You can tell me anything. You know that, right?”

Sela swallowed, choking back tears. “I know. Which is why I came. I’m just not sure how to tell you.”

“Bullshit. You know exactly how to tell me. Just spit it out and let the crap land where it may.”

She couldn’t keep from smiling a little. Cara had always been able to make her feel better in any situation. Dragging in a quick breath, she closed her eyes and told her friend the ugly truth.




“Hay,” said Dave from behind them.

Rob grunted, and then suddenly they were falling. She landed on her back against a pile of hay. Rob caught himself before his body crushed hers. For a moment, his eyes filled with even more amber.

“Are you sure about this?” His mouth quirked to the side. “We wouldn’t want your affection for Thumper to cloud your judgment.”

She laughed then glanced to the side. Dave had discarded his shirt, the muscles in his strong chest still as he waited for her answer. “I’m fucking positive.”

“Thank God,” muttered Dave as he began working on his belt buckle and jeans. He thrust them to the floor but didn’t take them off. Instead, he twisted around and fell against the hay. His huge cock, curved just the right amount, pointed at her, pre-cum glistening on the tip. “Let’s get her undressed, man.”

Rob rolled to the side, his hands already at work tugging her shirt from her jeans. She shoved them away then pushed herself to a standing position.

“What the hell, baby,” complained Rob. “I thought you wanted this.”

“Don’t worry.” She smiled a sexy smile, doing her best to seduce them. “I’m not going anywhere.” Instead, she turned and put her back to them. With a glance over her shoulder, she crossed her arms, took the hem of her shirt, then pulled it slowly, inch by inch toward the top of her head.

The groans she heard weren’t ones of misery. Unless, of course, the misery was that she was making them wait.

When she had the shirt up to her shoulders, she did a quick twist, flashing her breasts at them. She’d never been a fan of bras and was very grateful for that fact now. Judging by their hungry looks, the men were grateful, too. She laughed then turned back and yanked the shirt over her head and tossed it away.

“Sweet thang, you’re killing us.”

She glanced over the other shoulder at Dave. “In a good way, right?”

“Oh, yeah. In a very good way.” Dave’s hand was on his cock, stroking it slowly. His attention never left her.

Slowly, with a deliberate need to make them drool, she hooked her thumbs on her jeans then eased them downward. Rob muttered something that sounded almost like an animal growling when the V of her thong was revealed.

“Holy hell, baby, but you’re fucking hot.”

She shot Rob a smile then bent forward, sticking her ass out. He was busy, his attention never leaving her, as he hurried to get undressed as fast as possible. Like Dave, his cock was thick and primed, ready for her mouth, her ass, or her pussy.

“Oh, shit. Come on, Sela. Sit on me. Ride me, baby.”

She wiggled her ass, teasing them more. “Take it easy, boys. I’m getting there.”

“Shit. I can’t wait any longer,” said Rob.

She let out a yelp as Rob grabbed hold of her legs and jerked her backward. She ended up sitting on top of him, turned around in one smooth move. He hugged her to him, his mouth finding her nipple and sucking hard.

She moaned, tossing her hair as she laid her head back and arched, thrusting her breasts against him. Her fingers dug into his tanned skin.

“Ride me, baby. Give me all you’ve got.” His cock pierced her, driving to the end of her.

She let out a moan then began moving against him, working her hips back and forward then in slow circles hard against him.

He cupped her breasts, put his head between them, and pushed them against his cheeks. Moaning, he lay back against the hay then began torturing her tits with his tongue and teeth.

A slap against her butt cheek confirmed where Dave was. Another slap jiggled her other cheek.

“Damn, but you’ve got a great ass, sweet thang. Perfect for fucking.”

She gasped as fingers found their way around her tight ass rings then into the hole. Although she’d never been a fan of ass fucking, she instinctively knew this time would be different.

The sensation hummed inside her, thrilling her, and sending warm wetness rushing between her legs. Harder and harder, she thrust against Rob. With a look to Dave, she silently urged him to put his cock where his fingers were.

A bite, however, came first as Dave bent over, pinched her flesh between his fingers, then put his teeth to work.

Was it her imagination, or did their teeth seem extra sharp? She didn’t have time to worry about an answer as Dave eased closer and spread her butt cheeks apart. The pre-cum from his cock wet her asshole’s rings.

Please. Now.

He answered her unspoken request, driving his cock into her ass. His abrupt entry should’ve hurt, and it did, but only for a flash of a second. Before it could hurt any longer, the electric sensation whipped around her, changing pain into pleasure.

Suddenly, it was as though she had been transported to another time and place. The barn, the horses, and Thumper were gone. Only she and the men existed. The air around them thickened as though their sex had taken on a tangible form, denser than fog. She mewled as she pushed toward Rob and tightened her ass around Dave’s cock.

She closed her eyes, concentrating on the myriad of emotions rushing through her. She heard the men’s moans, felt their cocks inside her, smelled the pungent aroma of their need. Giving herself to them, she tried to hold back the storm of her climax, but it was no use.

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