Warriorville 2: In the Darkest Hour (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,981
11 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever: Menage, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Suspense, MFMMM, HEA]

Dr. Alaska James is a Corpsman who spent her years as a trauma doctor in the field in Baghdad. It's time to retire but her need to help soldiers and ensure their transitions into civilian life are a priority.

So, when her friend Charlie, and fellow colleague recommend Warriorville and ask her to aid in two programs including Warrior's Way, she never expects to love it, to fall in love, or to identify criminal activity that's putting soldiers and civilian's lives in jeopardy. Her love and drive to help soldiers and their families is something she is willing to fight for.

Magnar, Czeck, Gordo, and Asher are recovering from their injuries. When they meet Alaska James the attraction is immediate but they aren't exactly feeling whole, and Asher is an amputee and believes his disability stands in the way of a relationship with Alaska.

She proves to them all that their attraction is special and doesn't back down when stubbornness collides head-on. Even in their darkest hour Alaska guides them through it, proving to them that love is real, and life can go on filled with happiness.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Warriorville 2: In the Darkest Hour (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Warriorville 2: In the Darkest Hour (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,981
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley


“Everyone, this is Alaska James,” Leeann said, and introduced her to each of the men. She shook their hands, and Magnar suddenly went from looking shocked as his eyes widened, to angry maybe as he squinted and looked her over. When their hands touched, she felt a surge of energy between them, but she brushed it off. She had been around soldiers for many years, and was used to handling their flirtatious ways or their games to get some action. What threw her off was these sensations instantly, and the way his dark, green eyes held hers with some intense emotion.

“A pleasure meeting everyone. This place is amazing. You all are doing such awesome work here. Faith and Leeann have been explaining some things and I am so impressed,” Alaska said to them as she looked around the place.

Magnar was right next to her. “It’s great to have you hear, Doc. We’ve heard such great things from Charlie about you,” Randall said to her.

She smiled.

“Doc?” Magnar asked.

“She’s a doctor, a Corpsman, so the best of the best, and we are so grateful that you’re taking on this position,” Voight said to her.

“I think it will be a great fit. I guess you all have some kind of schedule we’ll go over and get things organized,” she said to him.

“We sure do. As a matter of fact, Magnar and his team are some of the soldiers you’ll be working with. We were just going over some things with Magnar and letting him know more about you.” Voight said.

“Any questions you have, Magnar, feel free to ask,” Alaska said, and they started to head inside.

“Not sure this is going to work, Voight,” she heard Magnar say, but Randall took her arm and was talking to her and escorting her inside and explaining about the group sessions and some of the concerns they had. A few minutes later, Voight walked into the house looking upset.

“What’s going on? Where is Magnar?” Randall asked.

“He’s not sure his men are going to be able to handle working with Alaska.”

“Why is that?” Alaska asked.

Voight looked her over. “Not really sure. This is their M.O. really. They find something wrong with any of the therapists, and Magnar is super protective of his team. So if they complain or give any shit, Margnar removes the person.”

“Is he outside?” Alaska asked.

“He might be gone.”

“Let me go talk to him. Maybe make him understand what I do is not traditional at all and very noninvasive.”

“Are you sure?” Voight asked her.

She nodded and then headed toward the front door. As she went outside, she didn’t see him at first and then she saw part of his shoulder sticking out from behind the truck. He looked bent over like maybe he was getting sick or something. Her concern moved up a notch and she headed straight toward him. “Magnar?” she said his name.

“Shit,” he cursed, and she came around the truck and saw him with his eyes closed and leaning against the door.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine,” he snapped.

“Migraine?” she asked, and he opened his eyes and looked at her.

He had to look down a bit. The man towered over her and now that he was this close, she could see the more seasoned expression. The fine lines by his eyes, that look of determination, but emotion in his eyes.

“Will you be okay to drive?” she asked.

“I’m fucking fine to drive.” He raised his voice and then closed his eyes and held his temple. She glanced around them and saw a bench right between the trees in the shade.

“Why don’t we sit down a minute, and let it pass? Do you have something on you that you take?”

He was breathing through the pain, and as he walked, he teetered a moment and she didn’t think twice. She wrapped her arm around his waist and guided him to the bench.

“I’m fine.”

“I know. I’m just making sure that you are. I guess it’s just the way I am.” He sat down and she stood next to him.

“I feel like a fucking invalid. The way this shit comes on out of nowhere. It’s been days, then this morning I felt it.”

“Well, I haven’t looked at your files or injuries as of yet. Did you have head trauma of some sort, and maybe a concussion?”

“Explosion, sent me back against the building wall. Slammed it hard. Plus, shrapnel hit me, too, and debris.”

“Hmm, what do the doctors say as far as medication to help?”

“I’m kind of in between needing something and not.”

“You mean you’re resistant?”

He glanced at her and leaned back. He rubbed his jaw. “It fucks up my thinking and makes me feel groggy, and like I’m out of it or slurring my speech. Like I’m fucking drunk but I’m not.”

“Could be the dosage,” she replied.

“Anything less and I still have the pain.”

“How about more homeopathic remedies? Did the doctors suggest anything like that?”

“Are you kidding me? We’re a name and number. You should know. You’re a fucking doctor,” he snapped at her.

“I’m not that kind of doctor.” She took a seat next to him and faced him. Staring into his dark green eyes, she could see the pain he was in.

“I want to help you. It’s why I’m here, and if you give me a chance to show you some things, you might find my techniques are unique but helpful.” He stared at her and she could tell he was having a hard time, and she remembered what Voight said about his resistance and the team’s.

“It can’t be easy trying to maintain control and a position of authority when you’re hurting. Nor can it be easy to order your men to concede to treatment and help making you all feel vulnerable. However, if the result of feeling a little bit of weakness and vulnerability can eventually lead you to empowerment, control, and strength, wouldn’t you risk it to help yourself and your men?” she asked him.

He just stared at her and inhaled as if he liked the smell of her perfume. He licked his lower lip. “They are resistant to everyone and everything. They are fighting it all.”

“I understand that, but they’re hurting, they’re frustrated more than likely, and we need to get them past that. You need to get past that.”

He looked away. He rubbed his jaw and whiskers. “I don’t know. Fuck if I know anymore.”

“Others have failed. I don’t fail, Commander. I see things through, and I have a determination that some may say is annoying, but it gets the job done. I want to help you and your team. It’s why I’m here. Why I’m working at the clinic and here.”

“You don’t know what they went through. How hard it is for them.”

“I can help.”

“They won’t accept.”

“You’re their commander. Their leader. Why don’t we see what happens? I can work with you, find a better way of helping you heal once I get access to your medical files, then to your team’s. We can work this out together.”

“Together? No doctors, therapists of whatever, say we’ll do it together. They want it done their way, and for us to be robots and just comply.”

She shook her head. “I’m going to make you a deal. We do this together. You help me and I’ll help all of you.” She stuck her hand out.

“You don’t know how aggressive, how intense they get when they are frustrated and angry.”

“You’d be surprised what I know, what I can handle, and my determination to help.”

He shook her hand and she immediately felt the attraction, and he must have too because he squinted and then looked her over. “They’re going to fucking kill me.”

She released his hand and chuckled. “I doubt that very much. Now, explain to me what you’re feeling and again how it happened.”


He shook his head. Gordo lifted up and pulled off his shirt then his pants. The others were undressed, and she pulled Asher down over her and kissed him. She ran her hands up under his shirt and it seemed to give him the push and confidence he needed to continue. She never made love to a man who was missing any limbs before, but it didn’t matter to her. She felt such an attraction and a desire to be with all of them. He pulled off his shirt and then stumbled to get up. He stood up by the edge of the bed and she knelt there as he tried taking off his pants. While he fumbled with getting the jeans off his prosthetic, she cupped his balls and pushed down his boxers and immediately lowered to suck on his cock. She didn’t pay attention to his cursing or the fact that Czeck helped him get the jeans off, and now he turned and Asher sat down on the bed. She spread his thighs, touched the device, and focused on loving him, on pleasing him and showing Asher how special, how gorgeous he was and how attracted she was to him, prosthetic and all.

He ran his fingers through her hair as she bobbed her head up and down. “Sweet Jesus, I don’t deserve you,” he said and his voice cracked.

“Fuck that, bro, you deserve her. We all deserve an angel after the hell we survived,” Czeck said, and he moved in behind her and gripped her hips and pulled them back.

“Fuck, look at her sexy, firm ass. God damn, Doc, I’m going to love fucking that ass.”

She felt panicked. She never did that before either. Looks like there were going to be several firsts with these men. Czeck slid fingers up into her cunt from behind and then began to lick along her asshole. She pulled from Asher’s cock. “Czeck!” she exclaimed.

“You look like a goddess,” Magnar said and he reached over and cupped her hair and neck then kissed her on the mouth. Asher and Gordo cupped her breasts and tugged on her nipples.

“Ride Asher, baby, while I play with this sexy ass. You ever have a cock in your ass? Ever do more than one man at a time?” Czeck asked her as Magnar released her lips.

“Don’t fucking ask her that. I don’t want to fucking know,” Gordo exclaimed.

“No to all the above,” she said, panting for breath, but then she lifted up and held Asher’s cock and began to sink down onto him.

“Alaska, condoms,” Magnar asked.

“I have an IUD. Oh!” she cried out as Asher thrust upward.

“Holy fuck. Oh shit, Alaska. Oh my God, baby.” He panted and began to counter her thrusts. Up and down, back and forth, she rode Asher, and he grunted and told her how fantastic it felt all the while Czeck slid a finger to her asshole, and the sensation burned but then sent her over the edge.


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