Matched to Mate (MFM)

Werewolves of Granite Lake 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,951
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary, Menage, Paranormal, Werewolves, MFM, HEA]

Big beautiful, Scarlett Henderson, and her friends plan a fun bridal party weekend at a scenic ranch near Granite Lake. However, as soon as they arrive, it’s clear that the handsome cowboys who own the ranch aren’t expecting them.

Werewolves Rob Tiller and Trey Darton can’t figure out why groups of women keep showing up at the ranch claiming they have reservations at a B&B. They’ve sent the other women away, but when Scarlett and her friends arrive, they’re immediately mesmerized by the voluptuous woman. For her, they’re willing to play B&B hosts.

But winning over their mate isn’t easy. Entertaining the other women, especially one who’s doing her best to seduce them, doesn’t give them much time for romancing Scarlett. They’re fighting a losing battle for love. Should they give up? Or will they be matched to mate?

Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Matched to Mate (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Matched to Mate (MFM)

Werewolves of Granite Lake 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,951
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Scarlett reached out to both of them, clutching their shirts, terrified either one of them would leave. Her tongue skimmed along the seam of Trey’s mouth then was sucked inside as he pressed his mouth to hers even harder.

Rob’s hand explored her body, traveling from her arm to the curve of her waist then over the rise of her hips. At first, the impulse to move away, to keep him from realizing how heavy she was, came, but as though he understood her mind, Rob slipped his hand up to her breast. She froze, heat swamping between her legs. Her nipple hardened under his hand then under Trey’s as he captured her other breast.

“Hey, do I smell something good?”

Damn it. Bella. You have shitty timing.

Trey and Rob jerked away from her, turning in opposite directions. She put her back to the door and wiped the back of her mouth with her hand.

“What’s going on in here?”

Scarlett turned toward Christy, who stood next to May. The two ladies were behind Bella. Although May and Christy were both dressed in jeans and T-shirts, Bella wore a barely-there sexy red nightie. Her hard nipples pushed at the nearly see-through silky material. Her long legs went on forever while her long black hair looked as though she’d just slipped out of bed.

“We’re cooking breakfast,” said Trey, his voice husky.

Scarlett gritted her teeth, but couldn’t hold back. “Bella, that isn’t the nightie you wore to bed last night, What happened to the blue sleep shirt? You know. The one with the hole in it?”

One eyebrow arched as Bella leveled her gaze at Scarlett. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is the kind of lingerie I always wear.”

Bullshit. She came to bed in a blue sleep shirt. Which, of course, she looked fabulous in even with the damn hole.

But the red nightie was a definite step up in the sex appeal department. A very calculated and, judging by the men’s appreciative stares, very effective step up.

Rob probably sensed the animosity between them and jumped in to save them both. “Well, you look very nice.”

“Nice, but completely ridiculous to go riding in,” said Rosa as she let the door swing closed behind her and Aunt Lou. “Bella, honey, this isn’t the bunny ranch. You’re going to have to put on some sensible clothing if you’re going riding with the boys.”

Bella tossed her hair over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering at the older woman. “I’ll change after I have breakfast.” Her gaze grew softer as it shifted toward the men. “But first, I’d like to eat something.”

May gaped as Christy giggled. Rosa shot Bella a chastising look. Lou, however, gave Scarlett a “what are you going to do about her?” glance.

“So you’re taking us riding?”

“That’s the plan.” He smiled at her.

Was his smile only for her? Or was she letting her imagination run wild? Scarlett moved toward Rob.

But Bella was quick to get between them. “I love riding.”

I’ll just bet you do. But let’s be real. You love riding men, not horses.

Somehow, this time, she managed to keep her thoughts to herself.

But Bella wasn’t finished. She leaned against Rob, her sultry gaze sliding from him to his friend. “I absolutely love horses. They’re so powerful, so strong, so sexy.” Her hand pressed flat against Rob’s chest then made a slow trek over his stomach. “Riding is like sex, don’t you think? Having an animal between my legs turns me on.”

Something that was a part of the electrifying sensation Scarlett felt toward the men flashed into life. Anger swelled in her, and for the first time ever, she wanted nothing more than to snatch another woman bald.

Bella, her body as close to Rob’s as was physically possible, turned her attention to Scarlett. “I want to ride a real horse. A stallion.” Sporting a soft smile, she took her hand downward and cupped Rob’s crotch. “In private.”

What the fuck?

Rob sucked in air. Scarlett was thrown as much as the other women. Immediately, he took hold of Bella’s wrist and jerked her hand away. “Whoa there. Let’s not get carried away.”

Trey snagged his friend by the arm, pulling him away from the lecherous lady. “We’re happy to take everyone riding. Everyone. All together. As a group.”

Rosa took hold of Bella’s arm, keeping the horny woman from moving in on both men. “Okay, that’s enough. Bella, you head on upstairs and put on some clothes—real clothes that cover all your body. You wouldn’t want a bloodsucking tick crawling up your sweet ass, now would you? Boys, Lou and I will handle breakfast. I’m sure you have some chores to do before you can go lollygagging around the countryside with the girls.”

“You’re right,” added an eager-to-get-away Rob. “We’ve got work to do. See you ladies in a bit. And, yeah. Wear appropriate riding clothes. Jeans. Shirts. Boots.”

“But I don’t want them to go. We were just starting to get acquainted.” Bella lower lip jutted out in a perfect sexy pout.

Before Bella could finish, Aunt Lou took hold of her and pushed her into the hallway. She let the door swing shut before turning back to the others. “Gotta give it to her. That girl’s got real balls.”

An amused Trey shoved on his cowboy hat, slapped Rob’s against his chest, then opened the back door. “And that’s our cue to get out while the getting’s good. Eat up, girls. Riding will take it out of you.”



“Guys?” Her voice came out louder than she’d meant.

Trey feathered kisses along her shoulder. “Yeah, darlin’?”

She wasn’t a prude or a born-again virgin, but she could barely remember the last time she’d had sex. It had been less than satisfying. “It’s been a long time since…” She arched her back instinctively, pushing against Rob’s hands. “Well, you know.”

“Quiet.” Rob pressed a finger to her lips. “The past is the past. We’re your future, and you’re ours.”

Trey helped her go to her knees, the grass soft under her. She lay back at his urging, her heart pounding a quick rhythm in her ears. He cupped a breast and tracked his tongue around it before taking an easy nip.

Rob went to his knees at her other side, his hand dwarfing her other breast. His gaze was filled with urgency and need and, strangely, tiny flecks of amber. And then he put his mouth to hers.

The kiss was more than she’d ever dreamed of. His lips, his tongue were the stuff of her fantasies, at first tender, yearning, then deepening. He nibbled at her lower lip then swept his tongue inside again, more desperately this time, then kissed the corner of her mouth.

She looked up at both men, their gazes locked to hers.

“Scarlett, do you want us as much as we want you?”

She could barely answer. “Yes.”

“Good. But we’re not going to enjoy you at the same time. At least not this first time.” The cocky lopsided grin that turned her insides into a whirlwind came back.

Not the first time.

Which meant they’d have more times together. But would they really? Or would the trip be too short, too busy? And then there was Bella.

Anger flashed inside her as she shoved the woman from her mind. No one, not even Bella, would ruin their time together.

Trey, naked, his hard, muscular body a vision of manhood, pushed her onto her side. “Just relax and let us do it all.”

Rob stretched his long body next to hers then skimmed his hand between her legs. His touch set off a multitude of emotions and corporal reactions. Pleasurable zings raced through her, coming from between her legs, sizzling on the tips of her nipples, quivering in her stomach. She couldn’t tell where one started and the next took over. He stroked her, rubbing her clit with slow then quick movements, and kept his gaze locked to hers.

Her mouth parted, her breathing quickened as he pushed a finger into her pussy. She was ready, hot and burning with need.

“Please, Rob. I can’t wait.”

“Don’t you want—”

She couldn’t even wait for him to finish his sentence. “No. Please. We may not have very long.” Soon enough, the women would want to go back to the ranch.

Rob plunged another finger into her pussy then bent his head to take her nipple again. She arched and reached for his hand, tugging it away from her throbbing clit. She opened her legs wider.

“Now. Please.” Her voice was harder, louder.

Trey reached from behind her and lightly covered her mouth. “Shh, darlin’.”

She gave him a quick nod, her attention still focused on Rob, then took his cock and pushed it against her pussy folds.

She was rewarded with a flash of hunger in his eyes then a quick press of his lips against hers. “Whatever you want, baby.”

She inhaled as he pulled her on top of him then thrust his cock inside her pussy. As though his cock were the key to her body, she came more alive than ever. He filled her, driving to the very end of her.

She cried out, Trey’s hand still covering her mouth and muting the sound. She dug her fingers into Rob’s shoulders. Trey cupped her breast and leaned closer to whisper into her ear.

“That’s it, baby. Ride him,” he whispered.

She’d dreamed of making love this way, with men who would show her how much they wanted her with their touch and their words, but those had only been dreams. The type of fantasy most women had but never lived.

What if they’re werewolves?

She smiled softly at the silly thought. Fantasies were wonderful, but these real men were so much more.

Rob’s hips thrust against her, his cock an instrument of pleasure as she straddled him. At times, she closed her eyes to better savor the feeling of his cock stretching her pussy then, at times, opening them to find him still watching her. Trey was beside them, murmuring words of endearments, caressing her in places Rob couldn’t reach.

Her body hummed, her craving singing as her climax began small then grew faster, hotter. She forgot about everyone else as she pushed hard against him.

Rob plunged into her, over and over, their bodies moving in sync now until, at last, he abruptly stopped. She stared at him and saw the climax heralded in his eyes.

With his teeth gritted, he thrust his cock into her again. She tightened her pussy walls, wanting to draw out his release. But his expression told her he was too close to the edge to stop it. As he slammed into her one more time, he let his orgasm go.

The wall of her need built higher, spinning skyward until, suddenly, it collapsed. Her pussy quivered as her thunderous climax roared out of her.

Trey pulled her away before she could catch her breath, and settled her on top of him. His cock pushed against her crotch but did not enter her.

“You’re our everything. Remember that.”

She’d heard similar words before, words lacking the emotion, and had recognized that they were simply words without true meaning. But something deep inside, something almost primal in its consciousness, said this time was different.

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