Instinct to Mate (MFM)

Werewolves of Granite Lake 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,524
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Cowboys Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MFM, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]

Connie Juniper’s dream to open her own shop in Wayward, Oklahoma, is finally a reality. Leaving behind her very controlling wanna-be mate is a definite plus. Who knew Luke would follow her, determined to claim her?

Werewolf friends, Joe Barrett and Jed Morgan, feel the connection that happens between shifters and their intended mate the moment they see Connie. Better yet, they’re certain she feels the instinctual urge to mate them, too. But Luke, the shifter Joe believes killed his brothers and their future mate years earlier, is determined to lay claim to her.

Holding back their need for revenge is hard, but Joe and Jed are willing to do anything for Connie, even put aside their hate for Luke. But will Luke force their hand? Will Connie accept them as her men? Does she already know what they are and can accept it? Or will she choose to go back to Luke?


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Instinct to Mate (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Instinct to Mate (MFM)

Werewolves of Granite Lake 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,524
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Her face was oval, a little plump by some people’s standards, but the roundness of it made her appear all the more like a heavenly creature. Her pink full lips parted, and he fought back the urge to lick his lips. He could almost feel her plump softness against his mouth.

“I’m sorry, but the store’s not open yet.”

He heard her, but the meaning of her words was lost in the mesmerizing lilt of her voice. “Sorry?” He was surprised he could talk.

Her mouth curved upward, even as a frown marred her unblemished forehead. She studied him, her gaze penetrating. “I’m not ready.” She’d spoken in a softer voice, and although most humans might not have heard her, he had no problem doing so.

You’d better get ready because we sure as hell are.

How many times had he and Jed talked about their future mate? What would she look like? Would she be kind or mean? Would she want to live on a ranch? Would she want both of them? If she didn’t, they’d pack up and leave Oklahoma. For them, it was all or nothing. She’d take the two of them or neither of them.

“Is this your store?”

Joe had almost forgotten that Jed was by his side.

Her gaze jumped to Jed. She smiled a little wider, sending an unfamiliar pang of jealousy through Joe.

“Yes. It is. But I’m not open for business yet. The Grand Opening is tomorrow.” Confusion clouded her blue eyes. “Do I know you? Either of you?”

Yes. You do. You just don’t know it yet.

Fortunately, Jed stepped forward before Joe could speak and put out his hand. “No.” An unspoken not yet hung in the air. “I’m Jed Morgan, and this is Joe Barrett. We own the Triple B Ranch a few miles outside of town.”

She reached out her hand, and then, almost touching his, she hesitated. Her frown deepened then was washed away with another killer smile. She took Jed’s hand and shook it.

And held it.

Joe’s breath hitched in his throat as she met Jed’s gaze dead-on.

Does she feel it for him? For me?

If she didn’t feel the connection with them, he’d die from a broken heart. Hell, he’d tell Jed to cut it out and throw the useless organ away.

Jed put his other hand on top. Her smile was lost again as her mouth parted a little more and a peek of her tongue enticed him.

Keep calm. And, for the love of the connection, don’t grab her.

Yet his inner wolf howled, demanding that he ignore his human side and take her.

Slowly, as though she regretted having to do so, she slipped her hand out from between Jed’s. “I’m Connie Juniper. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to Bewitched.”

He couldn’t be left out, so he stuck his hand out, too. “Did you just move to town, Connie?” He’d rather have called her baby, but it was too soon. At least, for her.

“Yes. Just a few days ago.” She took his hand.

His feeling of being in heaven a few moments ago was nothing compared to the delirious happiness that swept into him from her gentle touch. The connection, the swirling electricity that sizzled inside him, grew so strong that, for a moment, his vision blurred. His wolf howled again, rising to the surface and almost taking over. He had to struggle to force it into submission.

When she withdrew her hand, making him feel bereft, she glanced at her palm as though trying to see something. Her expression grew confused again as she lifted her gaze to his.

“Bewitched?” Jed looked around the small store. “Candles, stones, charms? I’m guessing you’re into the paranormal, right?”

Her laughter was like musical magic. “I am. Hopefully, the supernatural theme will be a hit with tourists and locals.”

“I’m sure it will be. I just wish we’d met earlier,” said Jed. “We could’ve helped you get your store set up.”

“Me, too.” A pink hue filled her cheeks. “I mean meeting both of you. I wouldn’t have put you to work, though.”

“We would’ve loved to have helped. Still would.” He’d do anything to stay near her.

“That’s really nice of you. In fact, everyone in town seems really nice. I just wish I’d had time to look around and meet more of the other shop owners, but I’ve been busy getting the store pulled together.”

“Have you been to Wayward before? I mean you had to have, right? Why else would you have chosen here to open your business?” As much as Joe wanted to keep staring at her, he forced his gaze away, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable. Another table was filled with T-shirts, including one he recognized. Pain hit him, stunning him in its intensity.

“I spent a few summers here and always had the idea of a store in the back of my mind. And I lived not far from here. In Victorville. Um, Joe, are you all right?”

He nodded, but it was a lie. Striding over to the table, he picked up an orange shirt. A silvery moon hung in a night sky, and below it, three wolves lifted their heads in howls.




Don’t torture me. Suck on me. Suck hard.

Yet she wouldn’t voice her command. To do so might break the spell they were under.

His mouth assaulted her clit, sucking it in hard, using his teeth with just enough force against her sensitive clit to give her bursts of pain. Flicking his tongue quickly, he drove her to the edge of a climax then evilly pulled away.

Her body tensed, writhing under his skill. She rocked, pushing against him, but he remained in control. Her commands were no longer commands but silent pleas.

He slid his tongue along her folds then slowly dragged it over her clit. She cried out then, being only human and unable to withstand the exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. His chuckle warmed her flesh a moment before he drove his tongue inside her pussy.

She cried out again, this time with victory in the sound. Her body blazed inside and out, filling her with a rolling heat.

Yes! Yes!

Joe fondled her breasts, twisting her nipples, giving her delightful slices of pain. She turned her head as the bed dipped behind her, and she saw his erect cock close to her face. She drew him in, sucking hard, hollowing her cheeks, then turned him free. He groaned his complaint, but by then, she was already drawing him in again, tugging harder with each suck. He moaned again, this time in pleasure, and rocked his hips gently back and forth.

She was consumed by two men she hardly knew and yet knew better than anyone she’d ever met. Who cared if it made sense? Or was that the real truth to it? Somehow, in a way she couldn’t have named, being with them made more sense than all the other truths in the world.

Jed took her hips, making her give up Joe’s cock, then picked her up and scooted her body over his chest. She eased back and straddled his thighs. With a wicked chuckle, Jed plunged her down onto his cock.

The movement was fast and hard, taking her breath away. He filled her, pushing at the limits of her. His eyes glinted with unrestrained passion.

Please, fuck me hard.

As though he’d heard her, he slammed against her, driving his cock impossibly deeper inside her. Muscles rippled in his chest and abdomen as he worked into her, bringing her high in so many ways then dropping her fast enough to make her head spin. She cried out, the sound primal.

A soft growl from Joe reminded her that he was there. He moved to her side, holding out his cock for her. She circled her tongue around his wetly shimmering length then drew his cock in. An inch at first, just to tease him, then another, stopping yet again to tease him more. Yet as much as he was enjoying it, he wasn’t one to be teased. He thrust his hips toward her, putting her face to the curly mass of dark hair. His half-chuckle, half-growl changed into a satisfied moan.

She rode Jed, feeling powerful, feeling elated. She was in charge—at least for the moment. Wrapping her hand around Jed’s cock and cupping his balls, her fingers playing lightly against them, added to the powerful feeling.

Yet she knew who was really in charge. They proved it with each thrust of their hips, each touch of their hands, each deep masculine chuckle.

She was a part of them. Not only in a physical way but in a way that was much deeper, binding her to them.

Her mind betrayed her and wondered for a brief moment if they were right. Was she theirs?

Yes, I am.

And they’re mine. But do they know it? Or do they believe this is one-sided?

But the questions were soon wiped away by the thunderous fire surging through her, claiming not only her mind but her body. Her climax spun her faster, higher, tensing her, readying her.

Jed moaned loud, the sound filled with angst. “I can’t hold back.” His hot cum shot into her, a different kind of fire burning its way upward to then travel back down and slick her inner thighs. She clenched her pussy, strangely, yet undeniably wanting to have his child.

Joe pulled away from her and went to his knees beside them. “Come.” He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off his friend, placing her next to him on her hands and knees.

“Down.” Putting a hand in the middle of her back, he pushed her onto her forearms.

“Ours.” His tone was guttural, animal-like.

Lifting up her ass, he plunged his cock inside her pussy. His huge cock entered her, driving into her as he leaned backward and thrust forward like a battering ram. Like his friend, he filled her completely. When his cock skimmed over her spongy spot, another orgasm burst to life.

Her second orgasm came with frightening speed, splitting her apart. It tore at her, another furious flame of desire. She screamed with her release, her throat hurting from the intensity of the sound.

Joe rammed against her, shouting his release. She pushed back for more, yet unsure if she could handle more. His shudders worked against the flesh of her butt cheeks.

He moaned and rolled off, leaving the other side for Jed to lie down beside her. Her body trembled, the last vestiges of her climax still finding their way through her.

Slowly, her breathing returned to normal. Slowly, her mind began to clear of the lust-fog. Yet, instead of regretting what had happened, she was happy. Elated. For the first time in a long while, she felt whole. Alive. Completely ready to face her new life.

Yet, was she ready to be in a relationship? Especially with more than one man?

Her heart responded with a skip, the void between beats filled with hope.

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