The Detective and His Werewolf (MM)

The Stolen Mysteries 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,222
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Eli Raven, a young detective, is involved in a big case. A prominent painter died, his artwork stolen. With the leak of an underground auction happening, Eli comes across Damon Caddell, a werewolf who falls for him. Their connection is quick to grow despite the first impressions. They begin working together, and Damon believes his beloved family member was murdered.

With three murders on their hands and the possibility of the original work disappearing, they have to act fast. At the Caddell’s house, Eli finds the unthinkable. Several new discoveries only deepen the case. However, they have to deal with a werewolf who treats individuals as pawns. The only solid lead to find him is the rumor of yet another auction. Eli and the police have no choice but to believe it.

With the involvement of the authorities and other werewolves, their operation begins.

The Detective and His Werewolf (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Detective and His Werewolf (MM)

The Stolen Mysteries 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,222
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Damon placed his drink on one of the steps and approached the painting, drawing everyone’s attention. “Has no one noticed this painting is forged? Or have none of you bothered to take a closer look at it?”

The six people switched their attention to the painting and rushed to get closer to it.

Eli clenched his jaw when Damon paced to the single door across the room. He hurried after him. Damon had already figured out the painting looked exactly like the one he’d seen before. Eli held the door open and sneaked after the tall man. He followed Damon along a wide, dim hallway of concrete flooring. At the end was a room to the left, a garage door straight ahead.

He didn’t like how Damon went straight to the room and raised his leg, kicking the door down, as if he already knew who was involved again. Damon had come from upstairs, so there was no other hiding spot but this one. Eli pulled his gun from the holster in his tuxedo jacket and ran the rest of the way. He peeked in and saw the same man from the video backing away into the corner of the small office.

Damon grabbed the other’s shirt collar and lifted him off of the floor. “You’re trying to sell that fake painting again.”

The man panicked, breathing hard. “I have no choice—you don’t have to buy it if it you don’t want to.”

That ticked Damon off even more, and he grew larger, into a human-like werewolf with thick black fur and bright blue eyes. Only his pants remained on. Everything else fell to floor, torn to shreds.

Eli nearly dropped his gun. “Let him go!” he shouted. He tried his best to stop his hands from shaking. After a deep breath, he focused on his responsibility. The claws and fangs shouldn’t scare him from doing his job.

The man in the werewolf’s grip took the chance of distraction and kicked the werewolf’s gut, but nothing happened.

The werewolf regarded the man again, but Eli pointed his gun firmly. “Stop or I’ll shoot.” He didn’t know how to react when the werewolf dropped the man, who staggered and held his throat while coughing. “Run and forget about the painting. Think of your son,” Eli told the man.

The man sneaked away and ran past Eli, almost tripping from shock.

Eli was now in a predicament, alone with this being. He froze for a moment when the werewolf took slow steps toward him, his large feet-paws with black claws spreading on the floor with each step. “Stop. Now,” Eli said, but the werewolf didn’t stop. “You’ll give me no choice but to shoot.” No different. He knew the werewolf understood him, so it could only be a sign that the werewolf wasn’t afraid of being shot. The other man’s kick hadn’t done anything to him either.

Eli couldn’t call for backup, and he was alone. The door lay on the floor destroyed, so he couldn’t lock the werewolf inside either. Running became the only solution. But he couldn’t. His legs refused to move. This wasn’t a human being, so his brain short-circuited at the worst possible moment.

He watched with wide eyes as the werewolf put his big warm hand over his and the gun and moved it aside. Eli breathed hard, heart pounding, and he couldn’t do anything but stare at the wolf’s head that almost touched the ceiling of the small office. Damon took the weapon away, and Eli let his arms go limp at his sides.

Finally, Eli snapped out of it and noticed the garage door a tad open. His mind grew alert again, and he took off running. He rushed through the space under the garage door and hurried toward the left, hoping that was where he’d left his car.

Eli came to a stop again when the garage door burst outward. He turned around as the werewolf approached him.

He hated how he shut down. What he needed the most now were his survival instincts to kick in properly. Eli swallowed dry when the werewolf stood one step away from him. “Are you going to kill me?” he blurted out quietly. “You should think twice because I’m a detective. Everyone at the police station knows I’m working on the case of the stolen paintings. It wouldn’t be a good idea to kill me.”

“You’re a detective?” the werewolf asked, and Eli nodded. “How did you find out about the auction?” Eli didn’t answer. “Do you know anything about the original painting? I need as much information on the original paintings as possible.” Once again, Eli remained quiet. The werewolf leaned down and grabbed Eli, draping him over his broad shoulder.

Eli’s eyes widened, and his mind worked again, but it was too late. The werewolf crouched and jumped at high speed onto the building across the street.

Damon reached into the pocket of his pants and took out his cell phone.

Eli struggled to do the same but stopped when Damon jumped onto another building’s rooftop. This was the worst time to be afraid of heights. Eli listened to Damon’s call while he tried his best not to panic. Damon’s arm held his thighs firmly, so he couldn’t reach into his pocket.

“Clean the museum up and meet me at the house in half an hour.”

Eli didn’t do anything as the werewolf carried him somewhere in silence. He needed to escape as soon as he could find a chance.




They kissed, and Damon pushed Eli lightly onto the bed before he pounced onto Eli. With his heart pounding, Eli wrapped his arms behind Damon’s neck and pulled him closer. That prompted Damon to spread Eli’s thighs and press their groins together.

Eli let out quiet moans as Damon thrust against him. He felt Damon’s hard cock teasing his own. Damon kissed his neck as he roamed his hands under Eli’s shirt. He held the bottom hem and took Eli’s shirt over his head before throwing his own off to the side. Eli dragged himself backward with his hands on the bed and kicked his shoes away. Even if he desired Damon, he didn’t want to seem as if he was in a hurry. He glanced up when Damon hummed, and he noticed Damon’s intent gaze.

“It’s not as if I don’t want it,” Eli said quietly.

“It’s just that you doing that is turning me on,” Damon said, the corner of his lips tilted upward.

Eli’s face heated up, and he looked down, unbuttoning his pants. Damon did the same. When fully naked, Damon gathered their clothes and underwear and tossed them off of the bed. Eli gazed as Damon came to him and climbed back onto the bed.

He didn’t wait one more second to caress Eli’s cheek as he kissed him. He wrapped his other hand around Eli’s cock, and Eli parted his lips. Damon took the chance to slide and entwine their tongues together. As lust escalated, Eli drowned in the pleasure Damon’s hand gave him.

Damon switched to pressing several kisses to Eli’s neck and nuzzled him. “Do you have condoms and lube?” he asked, and Eli glanced over at the dresser under the TV.

Eli missed Damon’s warmth in the cold room when Damon moved away. He took a good look at how Damon moved, as if he’d locked Eli in his own world. Eli watched as Damon returned and popped the new tube of lube open with his thumb.

He handed it over to Eli while he ripped the condom open. Eli looked at the tube in his hand for a moment before he poured some onto his hand. He reached over, getting on his knees, and stroked Damon’s prick over the condom.

Damon moved his hand over Eli’s cheek and to the back of his head, Eli averting his gaze. He guided Eli closer, and Eli engulfed Damon’s cock into his mouth. A pull to the back of Eli’s head made him look up. He noticed Damon’s sneaky smile as Damon pushed his cock deeper into Eli’s mouth. The thick head of Damon’s dick almost pressed against the back of Eli’s throat.

Eli clenched his hand on the bed cover as he bobbed his head, quicker by the moment. Damon extended his arm with ease and teased Eli’s hole with a slicked finger.

In turn, Eli arched his back when Damon pushed one of his fingers in. He moved his head away, catching his breath, and kissed the side of Damon’s engorged prick, stroking it with his hand. He enjoyed the quiet growls coming from Damon. But he stopped moving as Damon added one more finger and picked up the pace, thrusting in while parting them. Eli put his hands on Damon’s sides and moved up, resting his head against Damon’s chest.

He hugged Eli with his free arm while he added a third finger into Eli’s hole. Eli drowned in pleasure with Damon’s fingers while he listened to Damon’s quick heartbeat. His breathing increased, and Damon laid him on his back. He watched with half-lidded eyes as Damon guided the tip of his cock against his hole.

Damon moved forward, the head of his prick pushing into Eli. “How are you feeling? All right?”

Eli snapped out of it after being lost in the moment. “I’m fine,” he uttered, and Damon thrust further in until his hips were flush against Eli’s ass. Eli had to adjust to being filled with Damon’s cock. He liked how Damon had gotten so aroused that his dick was curved upward a tad.

With his hands around the back of Eli’s thighs, he weighed Eli down and rocked his hips back and forth. Eli was relaxed enough for the discomfort to soon vanish, especially with Damon’s cock teasing his sensitive insides. From being pent up in a life focused on work, he wouldn’t last long. His breath got caught in his throat when Damon gave him a hard thrust of his prick.

Damon kept going, skin smacking against skin through Eli’s heavy breaths. He nibbled Eli’s neck as he pounded into his hole.

The way Damon held back made Eli reach over and pull Damon by the hips. He desired more. Damon took the hint and drove his cock into Eli’s hole. Eli groaned out in raw lust as Damon fucked him. Damon’s dick plunged into his hole over and over again.

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