Safe in His Arms (MM)

A Forever Home 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,274
22 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
A chance encounter six months ago has changed Elliot Nolan’s life forever. It was only supposed to be one night of great sex, nothing more, but once Officer Sam Lancaster steps back into his life, Elliott doesn’t know what to do. He’s suffered abuse from a man who claimed to love him before and allowing someone so close again is a fear Elliot’s not sure he can ever overcome.
All Sam wants to do is fall in love and settle down. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently when it comes to Elliot it is. Sam tries to be just friends with Elliot but that is proving to be a lot easier said than done.
People come in and out of your life for a reason and Elliot is starting to see that maybe Sam’s worth the risk. A lifetime alone is a safe option but living without Sam is something Elliot isn’t sure he can do.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
Safe in His Arms (MM)
22 Ratings (4.5)

Safe in His Arms (MM)

A Forever Home 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,274
22 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“After you, Officer Lancaster.” Randy waved his hand in front of him, motioning for Sam to go in first.

Sam looked at the shop in front of him. The windows were covered up and it looked like some remodeling was going on inside. He then turned to Randy, who still had his fingers plugging his ears, to ward off the angry shouting of whatever band was singing the song that was polluting the air. “Officer Cooper, you will owe me for this one.”

Randy shook his head from side to side. “Dude, I can’t hear you over this artistic expression they call music blaring at me.”

Sam flipped Randy the finger and opened the door. Artistic expression his ass, this music was toxic to the ears. All he could hear was loud pounding and someone screaming words. So not his kind of music. He walked inside to see a man with his back to Sam. He obviously hadn’t heard Sam and Randy enter because of the loud music. It really shouldn’t have surprised Sam when the man jumped a foot into the air when he touched his shoulder.

“Shit, you scared the fuck out of me,” the man said while grabbing his chest. Sam was trying his best to tell the man to turn down the music. “What? I can’t hear you. Let me turn the music down.”

He rolled his eyes and looked at Randy, who was concealing his laughter, just barely. What, did this guy think he wanted the music up louder? While the man went to turn off the stereo, he took a look around the little shop. The walls were being painted by the looks of it, gray with black trim. Sam thought that was an interesting choice, maybe, for a haunted house. Just then the music cut off and the man came back around the corner.

“Sorry about that, officer. I was working and didn’t hear you come in.”

Sam stared at the man as he came to stand behind the front counter. He was tall and thin with auburn-colored hair. Not a bad-looking guy. The man had on a sleeveless red tank top that had the name of some band Sam had never heard of on the front. The shirt did nothing to hide all the tattoos covering the man’s arms, neck, and torso. Sam ventured to guess there were more underneath his tight black jeans. It kind of reminded Sam of E, and a small grin crossed over his lips. The guy caught Sam staring and shot him a sexy little smile. Sam quickly turned to Randy to let him do the talking.

“Well, sir, that’s kind of the reason why we’re here. There have been some complaints about the music.” It was funny to watch Randy go from jokester to mister professional cop mode.

“Really?” The auburn-haired man was still looking at Sam when he answered Randy. “We didn’t realize it was that loud.” He looked Sam up and down from head to toe and then shot a big smile toward Randy.

Randy looked at Sam with raised eyebrows, as if saying, is this guy for real? All Sam could do was shrug his shoulders.

“Okay, well it’s quite loud. Are you the owner of this establishment?” Randy asked.

The guy thought that was funny, because he started laughing. “No, this fine establishment is owned by my friend. Oh, shit, I’m sorry, my name is Aaron by the way.” Aaron reached out his hand to shake Randy’s, then Sam’s. Aaron held on a little longer than Sam was comfortable with. “Let me go get him.” As he walked off, he shouted the name Nolan down the hallway.

“Dude, that guy was checking you out big time,” Randy whispered none too softly.

Sam looked at Randy like he had grown a third head. “Hey, will you shut up? He might hear you, and we need to stay professional here.” He looked back in the direction Aaron had left through to make sure he hadn’t heard what Randy had said.

“Relax, will you? If that guy listens to his music that loud all the time he can’t hear shit unless you’re yelling it at him.” Sam watched as Randy crossed the room to lean against the counter. “He seems like a nice guy, your type, too, with all those tattoos.”

Sam rubbed a hand down his face. He swore to himself he would never get drunk around Randy ever again. Apparently, after a night of hard drinking he told Randy how attractive he thought a man with tattoos was. How they were like a road map for his tongue. Randy still gave him shit about that.

Just then he heard footsteps coming from down the hall and turned to meet the owner of the shop. When the man looked up, Sam found himself locked with a pair of bright green eyes. Sam about had a heart attack, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. E. The man who had been haunting his dreams was standing right in front of him.

It appeared, by the looks of it, that E was just as surprised as he was. Sam looked him over. E still looked the same, pale skin, spikey black hair, and the greenest eyes he had ever seen. Just looking at E was enough to get his cock stirring, it was like it remembered being buried deep in that tight ass, and how good it felt. His attention was pulled back to E’s lips when he started to speak.

“Sammy, is that you? I didn’t know you were a cop.” E’s eyes did a sensual up-and-down roam over Sam’s body.

Randy’s face scrunched up like it always did when he was thinking. “Do you two know each other?” he asked while waving a finger between Sam and E.

Before Sam could say anything, E answered for him. “Yes, we know each other. In fact, I’d say we know each other pretty well.” E was smiling so wide, Sam could see all his perfect white teeth.




“I’m here and I’m not leaving until you make me come,” E said as he traced a finger down the center of Sam’s chest, only stopping when he reached the waist of his jeans. Sam let out a deep growl, pushing their chest closer together. E gasped as Sam’s hard cock pressed into his stomach. “Do you want me, Sammy? Do you want to pound into my ass until I scream out your name?”

“Fuck yes.” E shuddered as the warm air fanned over his ear from Sam’s rough spoken words. Sam dropped his head down into the crook of E’s neck and started licking and sucking at the sensitive skin. E started to squirm and buck against Sam. Sam worked his way up to E’s ear and nibbled at his lobe.

E reached up and wrapped his arms around Sam’s neck. Sam ran his large hands down E’s back until he was grabbing E’s ass, pulling E closer until their jean-covered cocks were rubbing against one another.

“I want you so fucking bad,” Sam rasped, breathing heavily, his hands hard and soft all at once on E’s thin body.

“What’s stopping you?” It was as if E’s words unleashed a beast.

Sam grabbed E’s ass, pulling upward until he wrapped his legs around Sam’s hips. Sam carried him down the hallway toward his room. Once inside he walked over to the bed and dropped E on the bed.

“Get naked and do it fast.”

E started to remove his shirt as he watched Sam rush through an open door off to the side of the bedroom. E could only assume that it led to the bathroom. He watched as Sam came back into the bedroom with lube and condoms. He set them on the night stand and started removing his clothes. E couldn’t help it. He stopped to stare.

Sam was tall and covered with muscle, his abs were so tight it was like looking at a marble statue. With the short blond hair, blue eyes, and strong built body, Sam could be anyone’s walking wet dream. To put it simply, Sam was gorgeous.

“Baby, I told you to get naked, now do it,” Sam ordered. “I want to taste that beautiful cock of yours before I fuck your tight little ass,” Sam said in a sharp, demanding tone.

E moved in a frenzy of arms and legs to get his shoes and pants off. Once he was laying completely naked for Sam’s viewing, he scooted up on the bed to make room for Sam to climb between his legs.

“I don’t know if I told you this last time, but I love that you have no hair down around your cock, or on your balls.” Sam stopped to kiss the area just above his cock. E was so hard Sam had to push his dick to the side as he mouthed the smooth hairless spot. “I love the feel of your soft skin.”

“I’m glad you approve.” E groaned as Sam dropped his head and started to lick small circles around the base of his cock.

“I do.” Sam leaned down and engulfed E’s entire shaft. E wasn’t a large man but his cock wasn’t small either. Sam sucked him down until he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of Sam’s throat. When Sam swallowed around the engorged shaft, E cried out. Sam was overloading him with sensations and E loved it.

“God, Sammy, your mouth is amazing.” E looked down his body to see Sam smiling around his cock. It was the sexiest thing E had ever seen. A man giving him head as if he was worshipping his body.

Brayden had done that for E in the beginning of their relationship but it wasn’t long until he just started using E’s body to get off, not caring if E enjoyed it or not. The care Sam took with E made his heart swell, but E shoved all those feeling of want and need aside. This was just two men getting off.

E lay back on the bed and moaned when he felt a slick finger push at his back entrance. He didn’t know when Sam lubed up his fingers but he had, and Sam wanted admittance into E’s body. E spread his legs a little wider for Sam to have better access to his tiny hole. Sam didn’t hesitate, he pushed one large finger inside E, down to the knuckle as he continued to suck E’s cock.

“God, Sammy, I’m close. Don’t stop.” E clenched his muscles around Sam’s finger. He knew he was close to coming, between the feel of Sam’s warm wet mouth and the finger inside him, it was too much stimulation.

Sam didn’t stop. He added another finger to stroke E’s inner walls and pulled off his cock just enough to suckle at the weeping tip. E felt Sam push his fingers forward to rub against his prostate. E couldn’t hold off his orgasm any longer and came so hard he hoped he wouldn’t choke Sam with the force of his seed shooting out of his body.

Sam sucked it all down like a pro. E’s dick twitched as vibrations from Sam moaning tingled up the sides of his shaft. Sam licked E clean then pulled off, but not before giving the sensitive head a kiss. E gasped and goose bumps crawled over his skin.

“Pull your legs up and keep them spread.” Sam smacked the side of E’s hip.

“Wh…what?” E asked. His brain was still foggy from the blowjob he’d just gotten and wasn’t sure he heard Sam correctly.

“You heard me.” Sam brought the condom wrapper up to his mouth and ripped it open. He smiled evilly down at E. “I’m going to fuck your tight ass until you scream.”

“You think so, do you?” E let his lips curl up into a smile, he loved a good challenge.

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