Azure's Warriors (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,216
4 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Being given an assignment to assist royalty hadn’t been high on Drake or Volos’s list of things to do. Finding out the royalty they are protecting happens to be their mate makes the assignment a lot more interesting. Azure Bloom isn’t anything like they’d expected, she’s a whole lot more in every way.
Her race has stayed hidden for centuries. Azure Bloom knows that now is the time to change that. Her abilities are needed to protect the Races from a threat no one knows exists. It won’t be easy, it takes so much out of her each time, but it has to be done in order to protect everyone.
Nerves will be tested, patience worn thin, and a love between mates forged as they do what they must. Azure must rely upon her mates, her warriors, if they are all to survive the coming days. A storm is brewing on the horizon, one that will push all their limits in the days to come.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Honor James is a Siren-exclusive author.
Azure's Warriors (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Azure's Warriors (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,216
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Standing by the doors into the main chamber, Drake eyed up the various folks filtering into the room. Some were Human, others were, well, other. Vhampires, Spirytes, Ahnjels and Luhpynes. The guards at the door were Luhpyne and Vhampire, the two strongest of the Races. Or so they thought.

Shaking his head, he rubbed at the bridge of his nose before a scent caught his attention. Lifting his head slowly, he glanced around lazily until he found the source, a petite female in Royal garb with two large brutes at her side.

He easily recognized the guards for who they were. But no one else would, not then, not ever. No, they were pretty damned good at hiding who they were from all the very sensitive noses in the place. They’d have to be, to keep their secret.

Like him finding them amongst the many, they, too, spotted him and knew who he was, what he was, right away. They gave the smallest of nods his way before their attention refocused on all the potential threats to the Royal they were protecting.

His own attention tightened on her. She was beautiful in an unconscious manner. She obviously played the role of a Royal but wasn’t comfortable in the mask. Not the first time he’d seen that before.

But he was more interested in what his inner beast was telling him. She was important in a way that no others there truly understood. They just saw her for the position she held and the power she wielded. That wasn’t what he wanted from her. What he would get from her.

Waiting until the Royal and her entourage went into the chamber, he finally turned to the open doors. “Into the deep we go,” he muttered.

“Oh, come on, it’s not that bad,” Volos said next to him.

The damned Vhampire really could move faster than he could track sometimes. Of course, all the other scents in the room definitely helped his friend’s cause.

“That’s what you think. I know what’s going to happen after this little party,” Drake said, not happy about it, either.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” Volos asked, way too chipper as he bumped shoulders with him before heading inside.

“I really wish you hadn’t asked that,” Drake muttered with a groan.

Following on his friend’s tail, he shot a look to the table where the Council would sit empty except for the Human regents. But then, the Council did so love making an entrance.

Rolling his eyes, he took the chair next to his friend and discovered he had an unobstructed view of the Royal. Sweet! Grinning slightly, he undid his suit jacket and settled in to wait. The Council could arrive immediately, or not. It was their prerogative as well as a safety measure. In the meantime, at least he had a great view.

The large, fortified doors of the main entrance were sealed, the crowd whispering among themselves as they looked around in impatience. Drake could have told them that it was to build the atmosphere for the grand entrance, but didn’t. Like they’d believe it until they actually saw it for themselves.

Shoving a hand through his short white-blond hair, he scratched his thumb nail over his jaw. He likely should have shaved, but it was such a pain. And really, it wasn’t that long yet, still relatively short, given how quickly it grew. Fingering the scar under his chin, he watched as the Royal sat perfectly straight. She didn’t speak to anyone and didn’t look around. If he didn’t know better, he’d have placed good money on her being nervous and giving herself a pep talk.

Interesting. Very, very interesting.

“All rise!” the call came. The rustle of clothing as everyone stood was loud in the vaulted chamber.

Great acoustics, he thought as he got to his own feet. But, again, it was all part of the planning of the place. It ensured that no electronics were needed, for the Council or anyone they called before them could be heard in every corner of the room. Yet another safety measure the Races took to protect their governing body.

The Council filed in through a door, perfectly in sync and without hesitation. They all stopped behind their chairs and then slid into them.

But his attention was only on one person, the cloaked figure at the center whose face never once appeared from the deep shadows created by the layering of the hood.

“Be seated!” another call went out.

Another rustle of clothing and now some low talking as people who hadn’t yet met the newly formed Council got their first looks. Two Luhpynes, two Vhampires, two Spirytes, two Ahnjels and two Raythes, the newest Race to be given a face before the Humans. And then there was the mystery member, the mediator, the chair, at the center of them all. Drake, and Volos of course, knew just who and what that Council member was. But the others would not, outside the Council members, of course.

“Princess Azure,” the hooded Council member said.

Drake grinned slightly as everyone around him shivered from that deep, dark and foreboding voice. Straight out of the Pits of the Human’s Hell, he’d heard it described. Actually quite fitting.

“We welcome you, Princess,” he continued. “Please, begin at your leisure,” he added.

Sliding his attention back to the female, Drake, as well as everyone else there, waited for her to speak. He needed to hear her voice, desperately, he found, as he leaned forward ever so slightly and began to rub his thumb over the bracelet covering his left wrist.




Wrapping her legs around him, Azure lifted herself slightly to rub against the growing need that Volos was sporting and soon moaned. “I need,” she whispered. “I need you inside of my pussy and want Drake inside of my ass. Will you fuck me? Take me here and walk us joined to the bed, please?” she asked so nicely.

Groaning, he lifted her up with his hands on her ass. “Only because you asked with a smile on your face.” He lowered her down over his cock slowly, letting her feel every inch as it slid into her pussy and filled her up.

Azure began to moan as he filled her so deliciously. She bit her lower lip and groaned. “Perfect. You fit me perfectly.” She loved the way it felt to have him inside of her, just as she did with Drake. Lifting herself slightly using his shoulders, she lowered herself back on his cock and let her head fall back. “Yes. So good.”

He helped her to move up and down on his cock, keeping her movements slow and relaxed. It was a gentle loving, easy and so much more as she got to process each sensation. “Don’t let go now. I’m going to start for the bed, sweetheart.”

“Trust me, not letting go.” Azure purred the words. “Let’s just hope that Drake was a good Draygon mate and got the lube nice and warm so that he can slide into my ass and then you both can take me rough and hard until we all three collapse with our orgasms.”

“It was warm, but then you stayed in there so long it might be cold again,” her Draygon called out. Of course he could hear her. Why she kept forgetting that both of them had exceptional hearing, she’d never know. “’Course, it would be nice if you got out here and saved me from eating all this food.”

Azure looked up at Volos and asked, “Well, are you going to walk us in there?” To Drake, she called out, “No more food. Volos is walking us to the bed and then I need you inside of me as well. I want you both coming with me. Then we will eat.”

“I was bored and it was sitting here,” he said with a laugh. “And you were taking so long,” he bemoaned, dragging the words out horribly.

Chuckling, Volos began to walk her to the bedroom. He was adding a little bounce to every second step that had her sliding down on him deeper as he lifted her and let her move at her own pace. It was rather nice and very sensual.

Azure was gasping for air. “Volos.” She didn’t want to come yet. She needed for them to all be together when they came. She wanted to feel Drake in her ass when they all came. She was desperate for that feeling.

He just grinned at her as he kept walking and torturing her. Each step pressed her toward that edge. Then he stopped, not moving and allowing her a chance to regain her balance, which was when she felt Drake’s heat at her back, his hands sliding over her ass and then the warm sensation of the lube filling her anus.

Azure arched back against Drake and the new angle of her connection with Volos had her crying out. “Yes,” she moaned aloud, almost a hissing sound with the s on the end of the word. “More.” She was moving now, moving on Volos, against Drake’s fingers and wanting more. Needing more.

“Lean forward, princess,” Drake said to her, his hands sliding up her sides. He pushed her toward Volos and she felt his cock pressing at her ass. Volos held her up a little higher on his cock to allow room for Drake to slide into her body.

The moment that Azy felt the hard press of Drake’s cock into her ass, she shuddered. She shifted a bit more and pressed her face against Volos’s neck and nibbled him lightly. “You both fit me so well.” She had been made for them. She knew it when they were all coming together, so much more than she could ever express with words.

Drake’s cock pressed deeper, breaching the rings of muscle and then sliding slowly into her ass and filling her completely. “Hands,” he demanded of her when he was pressed in deep. Taking her hands in his, he put them down low. “Lock your elbows and use the grip with your legs to raise and lower yourself,” he told her.

Azy did as Drake instructed and cried out in sheer pleasure from it. She felt her entire body shudder and licked her lips. “That feels amazing,” she professed with another shiver. “Again.” She moved once more on them like she was told and closed her eyes to let her head fall back. “So good.”

“Good, keep going,” he encouraged her. Volos had his hands on her hips to help her as she moved up and down on their cocks. Both were rocking in to push deeper as she descended, and then easing back as she slid up.

This was so odd, to have them standing and yet be so sure with holding her and keeping her safe. She moved against them, using Drake’s hands as leverage as well as her legs around Volos. She moved fast, and then slow, hard, and then very gently. She was using every muscle she had in her body and wasn’t surprised when sweat started to pour down her face. “Oh Gods,” she whimpered. She was so close to coming, so close to orgasm, and shuddered with the impending release.

“That’s it,” Volos said with a smile. She could see strain on his face, too, and in the way he was braced. They were letting her have her time, to take her pleasure and give it to them both. “Move faster, love. Push yourself more.”

Azy did as he said and moved faster. She pushed harder down on them and before long, she sobbed out their names, followed with a scream of pure and intense pleasure. It washed over her like a tidal wave, the emotions from both men, the feeling of both of them holding onto her and filling her to capacity and beyond. It was almost too much. Almost.

“We have you,” Drake said against her neck, his arms wrapped around her upper body. Volos’s hands held her hips still as they continued to rock in and out of her. They hadn’t come, not yet, but she knew they would. They were already driving her up into another orgasm. “Just breathe, Azy. Breathe,” he whispered to her.

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