The Muse: MMF Menage Romance

The Muse

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 53,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A billionaire businessman and a brilliant artist meet a wild, curvy girl and get their lives turned upside down. A sassy heroine is seduced by a billionaire, while an angsty artist tackles his past. Expect humor, mind-blowing sex, and emotional-fulfillment in this perfect escapist romance.


Everyone is supposed to have big dreams and that is exactly what Cara Reeder has. As the sales person for her family’s small Boston brewery, she decides that she is going to get their beer into the largest resort in the Bahamas. Does it hurt that it’s freezing in Boston and this curvy girl just bought a new bikini? It doesn’t.

But, always the professional, Cara arrives on the island and gets right to business. It’s not her fault that that business is as a muse for an insanely good-looking clothing designer? Now, the hot sex they’re having, that is partially Cara’s fault. And the entanglement that develops between her, the clothing designer, and the designer’s hot business partner, well, that might be Cara’s fault too… especially when their relationship gets very complicated.

Mars Templer has a problem. A few months earlier he started a clothing company with a hot billionaire. That’s not the problem. The problem is that right after signing the contract, this clothing designer got the worst creative block of his life. Joining his business partner on a trip to the Bahamas, he finds inspiration. It’s in a fearless and sexy, curvy girl named Cara. Will Cara complicate his emerging relationship with his business partner? Will this wild girl inspire more in him than he bargained for?

Brik Evander knows how to build the greatest resorts in the world, but after meeting a gorgeous clothing designer, Brik is inspired to build something new, a clothing company. Too bad that as soon as he signs the papers, his designer gets the worst creative block of his life. Desperate to help, Brik discovers someone who seems to clear his designer’s block. It’s a curvy beer distributor visiting his resort. Is it a good idea to hire her as a muse for his struggling clothing designer? And, if he does hire her, will she inspire feelings for Mars that Brik didn’t know he had?

Steamy nights, wild island adventures and heart-felt moments follow as they all fall for one another in this funny MMF bisexual romance.  

‘The Muse’ is a very steamy, very funny, ultra-high heat standalone bisexual menage romance with explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes. Contains a not-to-be-missed HEA ending!

The Muse: MMF Menage Romance
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Muse: MMF Menage Romance

The Muse

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 53,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“Wait, I’m sorry, who are you, again?” Cara asked not sure of what to make of him.

“As I said, my name is Brik Evander, and I own this hotel.”

This time Cara took him seriously. Sitting up, she allowed the idea to roll around in her still foggy brain.

“No, you’re not,” she decided after a moment.

“I’m not Brik Evander?” He asked confused.

“Your name might be Brik whatever. But I know for a fact that you don’t own this hotel.”

The good-looking man looked at her intrigued. Crossing his arms, he encouraged her to go on.

“Well, before I came here I did my research. This resort is owned by a multinational corporation, not some dude.”

“You are correct. This resort, and a few others, are owned by the same multinational corporation. I am the person that owns that corporation. Which means that I own this hotel,” he said with an amused smile.

Cara paused taking a better look at him. Did one man own this and all of the resorts around the world? That couldn’t be true. If it were, the man standing in front of her would have to be some sort of gazillionaire. Gazillionaires looked like the guy on the Monopoly box. They weren’t unbelievably hot men with chest/waist ratios reminiscent of superheroes.

“So, you’re trying to tell me that you own this resort?”

“That is correct,” Brik said with a smile. “And I’m here to offer you a job.”

“You want me to work for you? As what? A salesperson?”

“Oh, God no.”

“Why would you say it like that?” Cara asked offended.

“Let me see. First, you tried to push your way into a meeting not respecting the time of those who had taken the time to make an appointment. Second, your brewery makes about, what? 500 gallons of beer a year? All of the beer distributors we work with produce a minimum of a hundred thousand gallons a year. Third, when you did interrupt my meeting to pitch your brewery, you were, most certainly, drunk.”

Now Cara was sure he was making stuff up. She was a great drunk. There is no way that he could tell how drunk she was.

“No. I’m here to offer you a job as a muse,” the good-looking man said with a charming smile.

“As a what?” Cara asked not believing what she was hearing.

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