[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Tynan and Kelton are twins and warriors with a special Dareen military unit that rescues women who are being sold by Malderan slavers. They arrived on Earth to try and stop the abductions of human women. Just as they arrive they come across a group of slavers that are trying to abduct a woman, Megan Townsend. They had planned on just allowing her to leave, but questioning the slaver that tried to abduct her reveals that they have to find her for her own protection. Once they find her they decide they would like to make her their mate. Megan has a dark past that makes it hard for her to trust anyone. Kelton, being a strong empath, senses this and convinces Tynan that they need to move slowly with her. They use their senses and knowledge of the Dareen form of BDSM to help her recover from her traumatic childhood and be able to trust them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Starfall (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What can I say- these books just keep getting better! The best of all the plots so far- great story with lots of hot steamy sex and just the right amount of domination. A great read!
Wow! ..it's almost perfect! I just needed the aftercare - I felt a little lost at some points because I needed that aftercare as I am sure Megan did too!




She saw a flash of light in the alley she had to cross to get to her car. She slowed with her heart pounding at the indecision of crossing the alley to get to her car or running in a different direction. Memories she had long buried tried to surface. She stubbornly tramped them down. She no longer had any reason to fear the monster that was her father. Still, she had never been able to get rid of the terror he’d caused her all her childhood. She still woke at night screaming and jumping at shadows all the time. Maybe she could call Melissa and have her come over. Instantly, she felt like an idiot. Was she really going to call her friend in from Kirkwood because she was being a chicken and terrified of a long-dead man? She held her keys in between her fingers and walked out into the road so she could get to her car faster. Almost there, just a few more steps. She pressed the “unlock” button on her key for her car. She turned away for just a moment when a blur of movement made her turn. She barely saw a huge man before a giant fist crashed into her face, and knocking her to the ground.

Megan noticed another flash of light as she tried to raise herself up to her hands and knees. She shook her head, sure she was seeing double. Two huge men in black leather were there now. Once walked over to her and pressed his boot in the middle of her back, shoving her back down to the pavement.

“This one has the same bio signature from the last trip here. You think she could be kin?” one of the men asked the other in thickly accented English.

“She looks just like the other one. If she is, Barosemen will reward us. He was not pleased to lose the other slave.”

She had the same bio signature from the one they lost. Could they mean Amanda? “Where is Amanda?Megan demanded.

One of the men kicked her in the ribs. Pain exploded in her chest, driving all the air from her lungs. “Shut up, human filth.” The man sneered. “I am sending her bio readings in. We should get a bonus for replacing the other human.”

Megan was gasping for air when there was a gust of hot air. The air wavered and light appeared within her vision. She blinked in confusion as men in dark uniforms jumped out. The weight on her back disappeared. One of the men looked at her for a moment. He saw her injuries and his face hardened before he chased down the man that had kicked her. Megan did not want to risk staying around to find out what was going on or become a victim again.

She painfully got up, gritting her teeth to keep from screaming. She almost fell to her knees from the pain, but she had to get Emma. She lurched for her car, and was thankful she had already unlocked it. She slid into the driver’s seat. She glanced in the driver’s side mirror to see one of the huge men chasing her. She cried as her shaking hands tried to get the key in the ignition. She looked into her rearview mirror and saw one of the huge men fighting both of the ones that attacked her. He had a long knife-like blade in one hand and some sort of gun holstered at his waist. He swung the blade at one of the men and kicked the other at the same time. He was easily fighting both of the huge men at once. Movement caught her attention, and she noticed the other man was almost to her door, and he was just as big as the man that was taking on her attackers singlehandedly. She forced herself to look at what she was doing. Finally, the key sank into the ignition, and she cranked it over. Her car came to life, and she pulled the shifter into drive.

“Wait!” she heard the one coming toward her yell over the quiet purr of her motor just before she pressed on the gas.

“Like hell,” she muttered and sped away. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest it was nearly painful. Her license plate lights were burnt out, so she relaxed, knowing he could not trace her in case he was good with a computer.

She turned down several small side roads just in case they were following her. What the hell was that? What are they? She thought about calling the police, but how would she explain men showing up in a flash of light and others appearing out of thin air? No, she could not really turn to the police. She was sure they would have her committed if she went to them with that kind of insane story.

She made it to the main road and forced herself to slow down to the speed limit. The last thing she needed right now was a ticket.




He pulled her to him and took possession of her mouth. Megan’s arguments cut off with the kiss like he planned.

“I say we wear out a little of that fight in you, Megan,” Tynan told her. He watched her eyes dilate. He did not need to be empathic to see she was aroused by that idea. She tried to be so strong, but she was a little submissive that was forced to be dominant. That always made things harder on little subs. He would fix that, though, happily.

He was going to dominate her completely and when he was done with her, she would be his perfect submissive.

Pull her up, hold her open for me.

Kelton grinned as if he could read his thoughts and knew what he had planned. Megan squeaked in surprise when Kelton lifted her easily. She was already underweight and Kelton was in top shape. She stood no chance if she thought about fighting them.

Thankfully, she seemed too stunned. Tynan dropped to his knees and pulled her labia apart.

“Tynan,” she squealed, then bucked her hips when his lips sealed over her clit. They did not have a lot of time, so he could not prolong this like he wanted to. It was a good place to start her training anyways. When she got a little out of hand, he would distract her.

Megan’s surprised squeals were turning into moans as he sucked hard on her. He knew she had a sensitive bundle of nerves in her sex. He inserted one finger, then another, and prodded carefully while his tongue flicked over her clit. Her hips jerked and her knees flailed. Kelton was able to hold her open for him despite her thrashing around.

He felt something and prodded. Megan’s body seized when he stroked it. There it was. He grinned and stood.

Kelton gave him an approving smile. The more pleasure they gave her, the tighter their bond formed.

He lined up his cock with her molten core and shoved in. He aimed right for that tight bundle he found. Megan threw her head back against Kelton’s chest and she cried out at the pleasure.

“Open her wider for me,” Tynan hissed.

Megan whimpered when Kelton pulled her legs farther apart. He would make sure she knew there was no defense against him. She could not block herself off from him. He would have Kelton hold her open while he pounded into her if he had to. Hopefully it would never come to that and she would learn.

Tynan thrust hard, forcing Kelton to brace against the wall. Megan’s head thrashed from side to side as his shaft hit her G-spot without any mercy. He wondered if he would be able to have more contact with her bundle of nerves if they were both inside of her at once.

He moved his hand to her clit and started to rub circles around it. Megan’s moans and whimpers were continuous now. He could not help but wonder if maybe he could get her to scream uncontrollably if he mated with her just right.

He looked into Kelton’s eyes and his brother nodded. Many times no words needed to pass between them to know what the other wanted.

Kelton adjusted Megan when Tynan pulled out. When he thrust back in, she cried out. Now this was more like it, he thought, and pounded away at her with more strength.

Her pussy walls were starting to tighten. He knew she was getting close. Just a few more strokes against her sensitive nerves and she would fly apart in Kelton’s arms. He thrust harder and as predicted, her body seized and her hips bucked as bliss claimed her.

He leaned in and kissed her gently. “Now it is Kelton’s turn.”

Megan whimpered a bit. She was sore from them being so large and her going years without sex. All this sudden pounding was making her tender.

“I will be gentle,” Kelton assured her. She studied him for a moment. He always seemed to know what was going through her brain. Tynan helped to turn her around and Kelton entered her. True to his word, he was gentle.

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