Task Force Two: Fennigan Pack's Earth Angel (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,732
35 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
Salina catches killers as a homicide detective in NYC. When she kills two criminals to help save her partner and they show up alive the next day, she knows that something strange is going on. She finds out that humans aren’t the only ones who walk this earth, or who kill. Salina always felt different, but it takes meeting six Alpha men who can shift into wolves to bring out her special abilities. She’s not so keen or trusting of the whole mating thing, and by the size of the six men, their intimidating attitudes and Irish brogues, she’s going to fight them every step of the way. 
Fennigan pack has drifted apart after losing their first mate to murder. As they hunt for revenge, they are shocked to find the gods have granted them a second mate. Angus, Adrian, Brady, Delaney, Eagan, and Quinn Fennigan expect respect and submission, something Salina doesn’t give freely. Her defiance could cause her death.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Task Force Two: Fennigan Pack's Earth Angel (LoveXtreme)
35 Ratings (4.7)

Task Force Two: Fennigan Pack's Earth Angel (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,732
35 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another great book I really enjoyed it
Nobody does it better than Dixie!!! Love this series and hope more are on the way.




Salina tried to calm her heavy breathing. She gripped her revolver in her hands, feeling the cold, hard metal embed against her skin. She was trying not to shake. She needed to maintain control of the situation she was in. She tried to swallow, but her dry, nervous throat nearly made her cough. She couldn’t do that. That would alert the creeps that she was in the vicinity.

She cursed Reggie, her partner, for the third time since he took off all gung ho after two guys he spotted, and obviously recognized as criminals. Basic training enforced the rule of sticking together, and never leaving your partner. But no. Not Reggie. A detective sergeant, her training officer and then partner, for the last five years, and he does this?

She peeked around the corner, keeping her cheek against the concrete wall. It was an old building, by the way the paint peeled away in shredded curls from the walls. It was probably filled with lead paint or even asbestos.

She could hardly make out the scene around the dark corner. Her heart hammered in her chest. Her lungs filled with the damp, moldy smell of old, dilapidated building. She’d called in for backup minutes ago. Why wasn’t anyone coming to help? She saw one asshole, his gun pointed to the back of Reggie’s head. Somehow, he’d gotten the upper hand on her partner. Another one stood there looking beaten and about to pass out. She felt proud of Reggie. He obviously did some damage to that guy.

She thought she heard a low growl, and looking around her, into the darkness, nothing came into view.

That was all she would need now, was some rabid dog coming in and attacking her before she could help Reggie.

“You think you’re so fucking smart, pig. You don’t know who you’re messing with. You don’t even know who I am,” the gunman stated in a thick Irish accent, his hand steady as he pressed the gun against Reggie’s head giving it a shove.

“Fuck you. I know who you are. You come from a family of shit, your father included!” Reggie yelled back.

Shit, Reggie, don’t egg him on. This kid has killed before. It was obvious by the way he held the gun and didn’t shake. His expression was cocky, arrogant and all punk. How the hell do you know him? Shit, I need to get in there, but if I move now, he’ll take the shot and kill Reggie.

“Fuck you, Fennigan, and your whole fucking bloodline of weak beasts. The clan should have destroyed you all by now. Your pack means shit.”

The gunman slammed the barrel of the gun against Reggie’s head. Reggie fell over.

Pack? Clan? What the hell?

“Stop, police!” she yelled out. Reggie looked to the side, right at her. His eyes looked funny. They almost glowed yellow. Something made her hesitate and think of the beast in her dream. Then she heard the kid with the gun growl, and when she looked at him, she could have sworn he had sharp teeth. He aimed and fired. Salina didn’t hesitate. She took the shot, hitting the gunman, with the face of a teenager, right in the forehead. She felt the hit to her upper arm, but she turned to the left where the other guy pulled a gun from his hip and pointed it at Reggie. It happened so fast. Two shots rang out. The guy shot Reggie, then turned to shoot her, but she pulled the trigger, hitting him in the forehead. She was an excellent marksman, thanks to her father.

She pulled the radio from her hip.

“Officer down. I repeat, officer down.” She gave their location again, demanding to know where the hell their backup was.

She fell to the ground next to Reggie, feeling her own arm ache from the bullet wound. Even if the guy shot further to the right she would be okay. She wore a bulletproof vest.

“Reggie. Reggie are you okay?” she asked. She heard him chuckling, eyes closed, his breathing funny.

“Reggie?” She didn’t know why he didn’t answer as she heard sirens in the distance, coming from outside the building as she painstakingly ran her palms along his body where the bullet went.

“You crazy son of a bitch. Holy shit, I love you, Sal. You have got to be the best shot in the department. Whoo!” he yelled out. She gave his shoulder a smack and he cringed.

“I thought he got you. What the fuck, Reggie?”

When she tried to stand up, she felt dizzy. He reached for her. “Slow down there, cowgirl. The adrenaline rush is leaving your body. Just sit still.” He tried to sit up, but he cringed then moaned and groaned.

“Fuck, I don’t remember it hurting this fucking bad,” he said, referring to being shot even with a bulletproof vest on.

She chuckled this time. “Serves you right. Why the fuck did you run off like that? We’re partners. We’re supposed to stick together. You didn’t know if there were other people in here. People that could help them. How did you know that kid anyway? You said something about his father.”

“A thank-you would be sufficient.”

“A thank-you for what?”

“For saving your ass from getting shot.”

“Uh, I did get shot. Hence, why I’m bleeding like a fucking fiend right now and feeling dizzy.”

He scrunched his eyes together in an expression of concern. He looked at her arm. “Apply pressure to the wound. Shit.”

“I am, and I’m fine.”

“Fuck, you’re not. You got shot. Fuck,” he exclaimed, suddenly acting awfully concerned and not so humored by the situation.

He ran his fingers through his salt-and-pepper hair he kept too long. The sexy bachelor loved the attention it got him from the ladies. She shook her head.

“You need an ambulance.”

“You need a shrink,” she replied.

He stared at her, mouth gaped open, and then he chuckled.




Sal didn’t know what had come over her. It seemed that every time these men were close by, her body was instantly horny for their cocks. They were so damn sexy and appealing, any damn woman wolf or human could see that. Their bodies were phenomenal, and their deep sexy voices penetrated to her core. But they were all so wild, untamed, and capable. They didn’t fit in here in the United States, never mind New York. Their brogues, their attitudes, the size of them, and their amazing personalities energized the mood around them wherever they were. Being practically attacked by Jeremiah, a wolf and a man just like the Fennigan Pack, made her see how vulnerable she was. Did she need Fennigan Pack to really keep her safe? Was she defenseless without them? A lot of things were going through her head but most powerful were the attraction between her and these men. It took precedence over everything else.

She felt the bed dip and Adrian joined them on the left side. Quinn was now to the right of her.

They worked in sync. Eagan slowly pulled her panties down. His thick, hard thumbs and knuckles burned against her skin, and it was another indication that she was going through with this. She was going to have sex with these three men. Instantly she thought about Angus, Delaney, and Brady. Was Brady still upset about the situation? He hadn’t said much to her on the way here.

All thought ceased the moment Adrian brushed his fingers along her jaw and stared into her eyes. “I’ve waited to taste you again. You’re so sweet, angel.” He leaned down and covered her mouth with his. At the same time Quinn cupped her breast and began to play with her nipple. She felt the tingling sensation as she tried to focus on Adrian’s kissing. And then, as if she weren’t overstimulated enough, Eagan licked against her pussy lips and she lost it. She pulled from Adrian’s mouth and moaned as she thrust upward.

Eagan was slurping and sucking her clit, swallowing the cream she’d just released on a hell of a foreplay orgasm.

It shocked her, too, and Adrian seemed impressed.

“You’re a fucking wild one, aren’t you, lassie? You’re going to love a cock in your pussy,” he said, spreading her pussy lips and coating his fingers with her cream.

“Oh God.” She moaned out.

“And how about one in this delicious mouth.” Adrian trailed his fingers from her wet pussy lips to her mouth. He pressed his digits gently between her lips and she smelled her own scent. It was so damn erotic and she felt wild. She wanted to feel and act so experienced and sexy. She didn’t want them to know how little she knew about sex, and even tasting her own cream off of his finger was a first for her. She licked his fingers, and he suckled her neck harder.

“Fuck yeah,” Eagan whispered.

“Oh God.” She spilled more cream, her body instantly reacting to their moans and words of pleasure.

“Then there’s this sexy ass, so tight and firm,” Eagan whispered, pressing a finger from her cunt to her puckered hole. Sal cried out another orgasm, and Adrian chuckled, his warm breath colliding against her sensitive skin.

She gasped at the thought, but then he kissed her again as he cupped her other breast and devoured her moans.

Below, Eagan pressed a finger to her cunt and began to thrust in and out of her pussy. She counterthrust against his fingers feeling this internal, deep, strong itch that made her want to yell for these men to fuck her in every hole already. It was so damn outrageous, even her anus ached with need.

They pulled from her at once and Eagan lifted her thighs and brought her lower on the bed. He knelt down on the floor, placed her legs over his shoulders and licked her from anus to pussy. She shivered.

Back and forth he stroked her privates with his tongue that seemed to be growing thicker and harder. He teased her in some wild, animalistic way that called to some deep inner goddess in her soul. She nearly growled with need for more. She wiggled and panted, felt dizzy with need.

“Please, I need more. Please, Eagan.” She thrust her pelvis up and down. She was oversensitive. Her ass even felt a tingling as it caressed against the soft fabric of the comforter. Even that aroused her cunt.

It was wicked crazy, and she knew as they explored further and eventually she had sex with them that things would never be the same again, and nor would she. She felt almost in a panic thinking that she would need to change first. Everything she did was in challenge against the norm. She never backed down, or ever gave up. She wouldn’t start now.

“More,” she chanted, feeling like she should assert some control here and not allow these Alpha men to have all the control and fun.

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