Hook, Line and Sinker (MF)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,410
35 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Jory Raines is a legend within the D/s club scene. His voice alone can do more for a sub than two lesser men and a chest full of toys. When Bailey Verne breezes back into his life, scarred from her efforts to embrace the submission he likes in a woman, his vaunted self-control is shot to hell.

With her gilded curls and siren's body, Bailey tempts him more sorely than any other woman ever has. Her sassy mouth and blatant sexuality may threaten his sanity, but her bravery and resilience captivate him as she openly embraces the parts of him kept ruthlessly restrained.

From Denver’s underground club scene to Jory’s own dungeon of depraved pleasures, just who is leading who down the devil’s path is in serious question.

Bailey embarks on a fishing trip to land the catch of her life, and take Jory Raines off the market for good.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hook, Line and Sinker (MF)
35 Ratings (4.4)

Hook, Line and Sinker (MF)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,410
35 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I loved this book. so excited for the next one in this series.
Barefoot Okie
as always a fantastic read. an author to watch out for
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Jory Raines is a successful Dominant and his quiet authority makes him extremely popular in the D/s scene in and around Liberty Springs, Wyoming. Bailey Verne has loved Jory forever, even when Jory sends her away due to their age difference. Bailey has had a few bumps along the road including marriage, divorce, lost custody of her son, and the most tragic, a victim of a horrible accident. Bailey goes to the one person that she knows will allow her to heal her emotional and physical wounds. When Jory sees Bailey again his first priority is to help her and his second is to resist her attempts for him to take her back. Jory will just have to settle on one goal being met if Bailey has her way. Hook, Line and Sinker is the second stand alone story in the Liberty Springs, Wyoming series and it is a treat. Bailey is a complicated character, with everything that has happened in her past you would expect an angry or bitter woman, but Bailey is full of life and just waiting for the next adventure. Bailey and Jory have a unique relationship built on trust and the love of an older brother/younger sister, which Bailey is determined to change to a man and a woman. Jory is not what you would expect from a Dominant but I think the control he shares with Bailey make the D/s relationship real with lots of hot sexual chemistry. Jory and Bailey engage in spanking, whips, bondage, anal, wax play, and delicious sexual scenes that will have you asking for more. There are a few secondary characters in the story that will tease you for the next book in this series. There were a few times the storyline lagged due to unrelated events, but they were quickly over. I really enjoyed Hook, Line and Sinker and can't wait for the next installment." -- L.T. Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "This is Ms. Cole's second book in her Liberty Springs, Wyoming series and it is one seductive passionate book that will have many readers on the edge of ecstasy, if you don't mind a little pain mixed with a lot of pleasure. For as long as Bailey could remember, there was only one true love that held her heart but there was one thing she had to learn first before seeking Jory. She went to a couple of BDSM clubs but the last one she went to, she found herself pinned in rumble after a madman crashed into the club. So when she is finally released, she goes to the person that would do anything to keep her safe. Jory walked into his home ready to play but when he walked in, there were things out of place and a scent that he knew but could not place. When he found the blond curly-haired woman, he knew playtime was over. The next morning when he went to get his coffee, he saw a broken battered woman and his line of vision turned red. So when he questions her, he expects to hear about the man that did that to her but never realized that she was a victim of the Denver BDSM madman. Then when she told him why she was there, because she was getting prepared for his kinks, he had no words. Bailey really tested his control, but instead of giving in, Jory found giving her more pleasure to where she lost all reason was so much better. But when one day he walks into his home and finds her collar with a note, he knows that he has to give her what she wants. That is the only way he is going to get her back. He needed to create new images of Bailey, not the broken woman that came to him only weeks earlier. Ms. Cole does an incredible job in creating her characters. When the first book left off with Bailey returning, I knew she was going to be a handful. Jory was something else definitely, someone that I admired on how he was able to control himself. He dished out all he had and he found himself so content he knew what he had been missing all of his life. I was really interested in the line of work that Ms. Cole decided for Bailey since it actually fit her character wonderfully. I am eager to see what else Ms. Cole has in this series because there are plenty of characters that I would love to read their happily ever after. This book will hold your attention from start to finish. Please if you have not had the chance to read book one of this series I advise you to do so as soon as possible and experience it from the beginning."-- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

"Bailey Verne has known what she wanted in life for a very long time and that would be a life with Jory. But Bailey wasn’t sure if she could deal with the type of life she knew Jory would require. Now after an ended marriage and some sexual explorations, Bailey is back to claim Jory. Her return is not exactly as she dreamed because her last sexual exploration has left her badly hurt. Jory Raines might work for the Park Service during the day but his nights are mostly spent at the adult club in Liberty Springs. Jory is well known for his voice and control as a Dom. Bailey has always been a question mark for Jory. The little girl Jory protected growing up became a beautiful and spunky woman. The night she appears at his house badly hurt, Jory knows she is also the woman he could spend the rest of his life with. Bailey feels shame at first when she tells Jory what happened and why, but his quiet acceptance and healing touch soon turned that into passion. Too bad for Bailey, Jory can control his needs better than most men. After learning that Bailey can identify the man who is harming patrons in the underground club scene, Jory starts the ball rolling to find and bring to justice the madman who hurt Bailey and other patrons in the adult club scene. While this is going on, the passion that ties Jory and Bailey together is only getting stronger and undeniable. Life has given Jory and Bailey another chance to grab a loving future together, will they be able to grab that future when all is said and done? When the girl next-door turns into a spunky and sexy woman can a golden voiced Dom find the keys to bring them together forever? Jory and Bailey hunt for these answers in Hook, Line and Sinker. Both Bailey and Jory had my attention from the very beginning and I loved watching as they struggled to find a way for their happy ending. Bailey was strong enough to discover a lifestyle she knew Jory needed to be happy. Jory might be a Dom but he was also a loving man who knew when the Dom needed to give way to the man. The strength I found in Bailey and Jory balanced out the loving humor and erotic passion perfectly even when they were helping hunt a madman and dealing with sorrow. Life might give the normal ups and downs, but I found that Jory and Bailey would have each other’s strength to lean on and handle them. Hook, Line and Sinker shows how one couple incorporated a BDSM lifestyle into their lives along with the humor, passion and sorrows that turn a good life into a fulfilled one." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Jory had thought his control was unshakable—the old, immovable object—but Bailey Verne was the irresistible force that shot it to hell.

The scent drifted up to him. It was so faint at first it was all but lost amid her floral shampoo and the ghostly, lingering traces of her perfume. The musky allure of feminine arousal. Jory closed his eyes and wondered what ghastly crimes he had perpetrated in a former life to deserve suffering like this.

Whatever Bailey was dreaming now was no nightmare. She began to move against him, slow, sultry movements, barely more than the tightening of supple muscles. Her large nipples furled and poked at the hard, flat plain of his chest. The perfume of her arousal filled the air, danced along his palate, and went to his head quicker than bad moonshine. The folds of her sex became slick and slid so easily against his hair-roughened thigh.

The hitch in her breathing was his only indication that she awoke. Her writhing never ceased, but nor did it escalate. “Jory?”

A grunt was all he could force past his clenched jaw.

She tipped her head back. Her lips skated up his neck and along the stubble on his jaw. “Make me feel good. Make me forget.”

He capitulated with a heartfelt groan. His lips seized hers roughly, slanting across them. He captured her moan of hunger and released one of his own. The clash of teeth on teeth pulled him up. Bailey had had enough rough for ten lifetimes.

He backed off, keeping his kiss deep but gentle, dipping and sliding. Her taste rocked his senses. Her body was all over him. Silken skin. Soft and feminine curves. Hungry hands. Her thigh hooked over his hip. The soft, wispy regrowth on her mound caressed his hip as she rocked against him.

“I need you to take me. I don’t want to be in charge, Jory. Please.” Her plea spurred his lust, his resident demons exulting in her need to be dominated.

Jory rolled her to her back and braced his wide, lean body above her. He collected one hand, running his own down the length of her arm to trap it in his grip. He pinned it above her head before capturing the other and bringing it to meet its mate above the spill of golden curls.

He gathered her wrists in one big hand and looked into the dark pools of her eyes, dilated with need. “You sure this is what you want, baby? If you want sweet and gentle, you need to be in control. I can’t do that.”

“I don’t want sweet and gentle. I just want you.” Bailey arched beneath him, scraping his chest with the fiery tips of her breasts. “Please, Jory.”

The plea on her lips was more than he could take. This soft and submissive Bailey was a far cry from the ill-mannered hellion who teased and taunted and wouldn’t know “please” if it bit her on her saucy little ass.

The growl that rumbled from his chest was utterly feral, animalistic and wild. Fire lanced through his bloodstream, sending sparks of passion and glowing embers of carnal need to burn his mind as he blanketed her body. Hot, silken flesh branded his senses as her thighs parted naturally to cradle his hips.

He gathered one of her thighs, hooked his elbow beneath her knee and left her helplessly exposed to his mercy. “Look at me, Bailey. You keep looking right at me.” He moved his hips, grimacing as his cockhead butted with uncanny precision against her lubricious entrance. The slick flesh convulsed, sucking at him like a tiny mouth. Begging to be filled. Pleading to be plundered.

Staring into midnight indigo, he pushed into her molten cunt. A long, slow guide that went on and on, until he found her end a full inch before their pelvic bones clashed. He pinned her with his gaze and relentlessly continued, seeing her mouth part, hearing a fevered cry escape.

“Fucking perfect.” He watched her revel in the sharp-edged pleasure as he rolled their pelvises together and made her take every last hairbreadth of his throbbing shaft.

The roll of her hips intensified. The hot, slick pearl of her clit sought satisfaction furiously. The overriding need to dominate, to possess and conquer, had him lifting her leg higher, denying her purchase but sinking him infinitesimally deeper.

“You don’t come until I say so, brat. If you want me, you play by my rules.” He withdrew slowly before thrusting back in, his voice deepened and rough. “That’s the way. Take all of me, baby.”

Her pelvis tilted and pushed against his hold, striving to swallow every last bit he had to give. “Like a fucking glove,” he rasped, retreating, only to sink right back in.

Like a slow but devastating dance, she moved with him. Her breasts heaved as each thrust found her cervix and wrung a gasp from her throat. Her midnight gaze burned him with sheer sexual need, holding his even when his eyes dropped to watch the dance of her hard-pointed breasts. He looked into a need that matched his own and took them higher.

He felt the sweet clench of her flesh around his marauding cock and heard her cries of rising ecstasy. Lust clamored at his brain, screaming for satisfaction, for more fodder to feed his demons. His cock demanded more, always more, to sink inside her tight haven until they were both too sore to move and too exhausted to care. His self-control ceded some hard-won ground to the twin demons of lust and engorged flesh.

Deep and hard, he pistoned into her, hearing her cries lift and reach. “Don’t you dare, baby. You wait for me,” he warned.

“Can’t.” Breathless and thready, she panted as she strived to hold off her orgasm.

“You will.” His voice was steely. “You wait for me, Bailey.”

He lifted his hips, increasing the angle and making her cry out as the selfish stroke pressed him hard against her back wall. The hedonic caress stimulated the sensitive underside of his heavy cock, but it also mashed her clit with every downward thrust. “That’s it, baby. Take the pain with the pleasure. Sweet. Fucking. Agony.” Each word was punctuated with a deep, wet drive.

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