[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, voyeurism, HEA]

Sabrina Lancaster wants to live the unbridled sexual lifestyle of the Double Rider Men’s Club. Unfortunately, Drew Montgomery and Parker Grayson, former rodeo rivals and the two men she adores, are not members of the club…at least not yet.

She invites them both to compete in a private rodeo contest at the DRMC property, and the winner gets a date with her. Both men are very interested in Sabrina and eagerly sign up. Sabrina plans to invite both men out for the evening regardless of the contest’s outcome. Once nestled in a small cabin, Sabrina invites them to share her.

Neither Drew nor Parker had never considered participating in a ménage relationship, but the night they spend with Sabrina changes both of their minds and hearts. Both are willing to try a relationship as long as it remains private. When a newspaper exposé outs their supposed love triangle and resurrects their previous rivalry, will Sabrina be able to keep her dream relationship?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unbridled and Unsaddled (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I'm never going to want this series to end! Love all the books. Sad Panda is my new catch phrase!! :)
It is always fun to watch a community grow and characters mature through several books in a series. Now a young event planner is working to bring together two men for whom she has had the "hots" for years and now sees an opportunity to perhaps live out a favorite fantasy. All the characters in this series are successful and yet, all are open about the fact that their emotional lives are incomplete. This, like the other books in this series, is written beautifully, good editing, good spelling and sentence syntax (thank you to the author and editorial staff), and two handsome cowboys who are not only encountering the fantasy of a beautiful woman but whose personal horizons are expanded surprisingly. Another great piece of work for all the fans of this series.
Dr. J



After a few minutes, as she jotted a few notes down, Parker asked, “How will this Western rodeo triathlon work, exactly?”

Sabrina looked over the top edge of the spiral and straight into his engaging eyes. She cleared her throat. “Well, each of you will ride a bull for eight seconds, rope a calf as fast as you can, and then target shoot with a rifle.

“Points will be given for each of the first two events much like any other rodeo, and then a rifle-shooting match will determine the overall winner. Serving also to eliminate any tie scores from the first two competitions.”

He nodded, but his gaze hadn’t shifted from her face. He leaned closer. She kept the notebook between them as if a barrier across her chest might help block him. It didn’t.

And the truth was, she didn’t want to keep him at bay.

Parker pushed his face closer and closer. Sabrina wanted to kiss him so desperately, she refused to hinder his forward action by moving a hair in any direction.

Glancing down at her notebook and pretending that she didn’t see him moving ever closer, Sabrina finished writing, lowered her notebook to the side, and looked up in time for him to plant those sensuous lips right across her mouth. Heaven.

Limbs suddenly trembling with pent-up lust, Sabrina pushed her body into his. Parker’s hands came up to her shoulders only briefly before his fingers skimmed past her neck and sank into the tresses of her hair.

His tongue licked its way between her lips with hungry intent. She let him in. Let him kiss her. Let him lick deeply inside her mouth. Would let him do probably anything he wanted. 

Parker’s kiss was exactly as she expected it to be. Firm contact, engaging movement, sensuous lips working in concert to ping her libido, and altogether perfect.

She’d longed for this moment for quite a while. She’d worshiped him from afar for what seemed like forever. It was time for action and she was more than ready.

They were out in the open at Parker’s ranch. She was only barely hidden by the corner of the barn, but Sabrina didn’t care. The competition coming up was entertainment for the Double Rider Men’s Club. They loved to watch all sorts of decadent sexual acts. Sabrina wanted desperately to be a part of their sexy ménage lifestyle, but the two men she desired weren’t club members. At least not yet.

Perhaps if her complex diabolical plan worked, that would change. Truthfully, her plan wasn’t exactly diabolical. She didn’t want to take over the world or anything, but she had powerful desires that she’d long ignored. After years of self-denial with regard to two gorgeous cowboys, this was her chance to get what she wanted. She intended to grab on with both hands and ride hard. 

Parker gripped his fingers more securely in her hair and tilted her head back for a deeper taste. This intimate kiss was so fucking good, her panties were damn near saturated with her own juices. He suddenly licked and tangled his way even farther into her mouth. Their hungry tongues collided in a maelstrom of pleasure. She was already breathing hard like she’d run around his substantial ranch a few times.

Her notebook dropped to the dirt and she didn’t care. Her hands moved tentatively to touch and explore his torso. With only the width of a blouse and a single layer of T-shirt between them, her fingers explored his upper body with glee. The man had muscles on top of his muscles. He hadn’t gone soft even after he’d retired from the rodeo circuit several years ago. The ranch he owned must keep him very busy and in good shape.

Sabrina’s fingers slid from his muscularly ripped chest to the contours of his back. As she tactically explored his body, she noticed something coming up between them fast. Parker’s cock stiffened beneath his denim fly and pressed against her lower belly as they consumed each other. One arm was slung around his torso, her other hand bunched in the shirt’s fabric at his impressive shoulders.

If she let this go on much longer, she’d find herself staring at the sky, with Parker’s big cock buried in her pussy. And while that was actually an acceptable scenario to stumble across on the Double Rider Men’s Club property, and something she planned on happening eventually, she didn’t want to drop and go for it here on Parker’s ranch. At least not quite yet. Not until Drew was also with them. Not until she could lure both of them to her bed.

She had a detailed plan and she intended to see it through to the end, whatever the outcome might be.

Using every bit of her flagging willpower, Sabrina internally sighed in regret and pulled away slightly. He didn’t let go at first. But once he realized she was moving, he loosened his grip. Soon she was out of his arms and away from the luscious kiss. They were both breathing hard as she took yet another step away. The outline of his cock was impossible to miss.

Sabrina wanted to drop to her knees and end his suffering with her mouth in the worst way. But he probably wouldn’t let her since they were in the open where any of his ranch hands could see them. Besides, she had stipulations for her own satisfaction. And she didn’t know if he’d agree yet.

Being caught with her mouth wrapped around his cock in broad daylight wasn’t the biggest difficulty she faced in setting up this tentative relationship. She wanted to participate in the standard pleasures the Double Rider Men’s Club had to offer. Two men sandwiched around her as they doubly penetrated her and brought her to repeated gratification while others watched.

If she could even get Parker to take a single walk on the wild side with her, which was debatable. Asking him to share her with Drew Montgomery, who was a very public rival in the roping and riding rodeo world, was, in fact, the toughest problem she faced.




Being sandwiched between these two remarkable men had been her goal for what seemed like forever. She had almost forgotten how endlessly she’d waited for this moment. It had been a long fucking time.

Drew eased his finger in and out of her tight rear hole as Parker continued kissing her hard and fast. She quickly came to a place where double penetration sex was the next obvious position that would happen between the three of them.

She was nearly breathless with uncontrolled anticipation.

Parker finally pulled his lips from hers. He pushed out a long breath, cleared his throat, and glanced at Drew, who was still playing gently in her ass.

Sabrina glanced over her shoulder at Drew and then she looked at Parker. “So who wants to go first this time?”

Parker and Drew exchanged a look between them. “I will,” Parker said.

“I agree,” Drew replied. He removed his finger from her slowly and backed up a couple of steps.

Sabrina turned around and grabbed the lube. She handed it to Parker along with a condom. The three of them moved to the center of the shower where the water didn’t spray as high. She glanced over her shoulder with a smile as Parker rolled the condom in place. She then bent over slowly to allow Parker to get her ready. Her heart thudded hard in her chest. Drew’s dick came level with her face the moment she was in position. She slipped her mouth around the head of his cock and sucked on him hard.

Air suddenly whistled between his teeth as she tongued the underside of his cock. “Fuck, that feels great,” he whispered. He put a hand gently on the back of her head and guided her movements as his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

Behind her, Parker was spreading lube liberally between her cheeks and inside of her rear channel. She was ready. More than ready. He spread her cheeks and inserted the head of his cock into her ass very slowly. The dark, near-painful pleasure of his intrusion made her clit throb and her pussy gush with anticipation. She couldn’t wait for more.

He pushed out a low grunt when his cockhead made it past the tight ring of muscles at the entrance of her rear channel. She kept sucking Drew’s cock as if nothing important was going on behind her. She wanted to ensure that he wouldn’t stop. Forcing herself to relax, Sabrina couldn’t help the moan of pleasure when Parker began a slow slide deeper into her ass with his substantial cock.

She pulled her mouth from Drew. “You feel amazing,” she called out. She pushed her butt against him and he suddenly entered her butt a little deeper. The shock of the thrust made her cry out again.

He paused. “Want me to stop?”

“No. Please don’t stop.”

“Good. Because I don’t think I’d be able to.” He squeezed her hips with his strong, able fingers and inched his wide cock deeper and deeper until he was fully seated. She felt like she had a cock-shaped, solid, metal pipe plunged between her ass cheeks.

The dark feeling of his dick buried all the way inside her ass was almost more than she could bear. The glorious invasion was so much more satisfying than she’d expected. If either of them touched her clit right now, she’d likely shatter into a thousand pleasurable pieces.

“Help her straighten up,” Parker said. The husky sound of his voice betrayed how he felt really about his cock being buried balls deep in her ass.

Drew helped her stand and then put a condom on. Sabrina motioned him forward and widened her legs in invitation. He brushed his palms over her bare breasts and tweaked her nipples. He trailed his hand down to the apex of her thighs and pushed his fingers inside her pussy. On the way he brushed across her throbbing clit and an electrifying pulse of blissful pleasure almost sent her over the edge of oblivion. She clamped down her ardor.

He removed his fingers and quickly pushed the head of his cock between her legs. The tip slipped into her wet, hot pussy and she had to exhale and focus hard to keep from losing it. She was so close.

Even after the previous orgasms, it was as if she’d been celibate for a year. This intense experience of this sexual act might prove addicting. She wasn’t even through with this first time and she already wanted to do it again.

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