[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
After breaking it off with his cheating boyfriend, Omega wolf Noel decides to move back to his home town and stay with his dad. Arriving home, Noel’s shocked to discover that his father owes a huge debt to a vicious werebear clan whose leader wants Noel for himself. Noel finds a way out when he’s offered a marriage contract to Abel Hunter, a friend of his father. Noel is expected to mate Abel and give Abel kids, but he doesn’t mind because he’s had a crush on Abel for years.
Werewolf Abel Hunter has wanted Noel for years. The first time he meets Noel, he knows the Omega wolf was meant to be his. If all Abel has to do is get rid of a few nasty weerebears, then it will be his pleasure, but the bears prove to be more trouble than Abel expects.
Can he save his mate in time?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bound by Contract (MM)
13 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





“Are you calling me a cheater, little Omega?” Abel tipped his chin, thumbing the day-old stubble there.

Electricity traveled from Abel’s fingers, seeped into his skin, and went right to his dick. He could feel his dick thickening at the mere presence of the bigger man. God. Why did Abel always have this effect on him?

Worse, he was certain the dominant wolf could smell his arousal in the air.

“You don’t exactly have a pristine reputation,” he argued, heart in his throat. His wolf, which had lost interest in Clarence long ago, now sat up, intrigued by Abel.

“All my ex-lovers know the rules. I don’t do relationships.”

He finished his drink and set it on the balcony. “At least you’re upfront about that. Can you tell me why you’ve followed me? What did you mean, a solution to my father’s problems?”

“Easy answer. I’ve been interested in you for the longest time. Follow me.” Abel stopped touching him, and he didn’t like that.

Noel wasn’t drunk. All he had was one little drink, and yet this entire situation felt surreal. Never in his wildest imaginations did he think he’d be in Abel’s penthouse suite or sharing his problems with a complete stranger. Noel wasn’t naive though. He had a feeling Abel had other intentions, although what, he intended to find out soon enough.

Abel took his emptied glass and led him back inside, where it was warmer. After setting the glasses on the dining table, Abel gestured toward the corridor. He gulped, unsure where this was going. A few scenarios played in his head, all of them ending badly, but he knew, although didn’t understand why, that never in a million years would Abel hurt him.

Abel opened the door, turned on the lights, and he blinked to see some kind of personal office. It looked comfy though. Unlike the spartan look of the rest of the place, it was lined with mahogany shelves filled with books. A matching desk dominated the space, a laptop on one side. Abel went behind the desk and pulled out the drawer to take out a stack of papers, before laying in on the desk.

Noel hadn’t expected that. “What’s this?”

“A contract.”

“For what?”

“Go take a look, but I’ll gladly give you the gist of it.”

Abel pulled out the swivel chair. Feeling like a child in his father’s office, he took a seat.

“Basically, if you sign this, you’ll be exclusively mine to do as I wish. The benefits, of course, is that I’ll pay off your father’s debts and I’ll extend my protection to you. Murdock or any of his bears won’t be able to touch you.”

Head spinning, Noel flipped the pages. “Wait. This is a marriage contract.”

“Indeed, little Omega. I won’t let you become another man’s property when I’ve known since the beginning you were born to be mine.”

Noel didn’t know what to say. Mouth dry, he kept rereading the pages, wondering why he hadn’t bolted right out of the door and out of Abel’s home. He wasn’t a prisoner. Abel gave him that option to leave, but still, this was—he had no words to describe it.

“You openly admitted to me becoming your property. Who says stuff like that in real life?” he demanded.

Abel closed a hand on his shoulder, but he didn’t shove it away. His heart beat so hard, it might break free out of his chest. Conflicting emotions brewed inside of him, fear and excitement mingling.

Abel Hunter was downright crazy, that much was certain, and yet the rational part of him wondered, would it be so bad to belong to this man?

“I’d never ever cheat on you, or betray you,” Abel said against his ear, breath warm. A shudder crept down his spine as Abel caressed his jaw, angled it so he looked up at the dominant wolf.

“You look at me and think I’m some kind of prize, your slave. What happens if you get bored of me?”

God. Why was he still actually considering this? Still, seeing the zeroes on the two-million debt his father owed Murdock kept flashing in his eyes. All he needed to do was sign this contract, give his body for Abel to do as the dominant shifter wished. He never heard anything cruel or sadistic from the gossip surrounding Abel. In fact, it was the opposite. Abel’s lovers hoped Abel would notice them again.

Yet Abel promised him he wouldn’t cheat—fidelity and devotion. Was a man like Able capable of that?

“You’re not a prize or slave. You’ll be my mate, my treasure.”

Those words made him blush because no one ever called him that, never looked at him as if he were the most desirable man in the world the way Abel did.

Mate. That word had felt like a curse when he’d been with Clarence. His old naïve self kept hoping Clarence would give him his mate mark, that he’d get his happily-ever-after, just like the couples in his favorite romance novels. It took years to realize that he’d been nothing but idealistic. At least Abel Hunter had been nothing but blunt and honest with him.

“Why would you even want me? Am I worth two million dollars? Because that’s a lot of money.”

“Material wealth can be regained, but you’re without price.”

“Now you’re laying it on thick.” He meant to pass it off as a joke, laughing, but it came out shaky.

The look Abel gave him seemed capable of breaking his defenses wide open and unveiling his true vulnerable self underneath. It wasn’t Abel he feared but himself, because once he gave Abel his body, he was dead certain his heart wouldn’t be far behind.

“I see you, little Omega. All of you and you’re perfect.”




“Wait,” he added, and Abel paused, pupils now fully a burnt gold color. He saw nothing but the naked truth in Abel’s eyes, a need so vast, so consuming, it echoed his own. “I want to see you nude, too.”

Abel growled but nonetheless peeled off his shirt, revealing those broad, muscular shoulders, firm pectorals, a brickwork of abs. He wanted to touch the tempting V that disappeared down Abel’s jeans, and feeling bold, he reached out, only for Abel to close his fingers over his and kiss them.

A shudder crawled down his spine, his desire a roaring inferno inside him waiting to be unleashed. What was this man doing to him? How was Abel capable of making his body sing?

Mate, his wolf whispered, and this time, instead of doubting he wasn’t good enough, he accepted the plain and simple fact. Noel never believed in destiny, but he started to think fate led him back to Clear Water, to Abel for a reason.

Meeting Abel’s gaze, he uttered, “Take me. Make me yours, Abel.”

He held his breath a couple of seconds, then breathed easy when Abel wrapped a hand on the back of his neck, tugging him close until their bodies touched, chest and groins, with nothing between them. Skin-on-skin and he felt delicious.

“Sweet Omega,” Abel murmured against his ear, nipping at the lobe. He shivered, finding he liked the term of endearment. “I want to have a taste of you first.”

“What do you mean by that?” he asked, staring wide-eyed as Abel went to his knees.

Clarence never bothered to give him a blow job. It was a quite a sight, seeing Abel there, nuzzling his groin, one hand on his thigh. Despite their positions, it was clear who was in control. When Abel locked fingers around the base of his prick, he moaned.

Leaning forward, Abel flicked his tongue over his head, tasting him, swirled it, tongued his slit. The dominant wolf took his time, exploring the veined length of him, every ridge and bump. He let out a breath.

“I won’t be able to last,” he murmured.

“You can and will. You’re not allowed to come without my permission, little Omega.”

“If I do?” he challenged, unsure of this rebellious, defiant side of him he’d never seen before.

With Abel, he felt different, more confident and unafraid of his wants.

“We’ll see how well you do with punishment.”

If possible, those words made him rock-hard, his arousal almost painful. Abel continued his exploration. Not neglecting his balls, Abel took them into his mouth, sucking hard. The dominant wolf slipped a hand past the cease between asshole and privates, only to thumb his puckered hole. When he vainly tried to close his legs, Abel swiftly nudged him apart, message clear. He had to stand still and take this pleasurable torment.

Abel opened his mouth, and he watched in utter wonderment as his cock disappeared inch-by-inch into Abel’s mouth. The dominant wolf had no problem accommodating him. When Abel started bobbing his head up and down, he gripped the edge of the counter for support. Sensation speared through him. His balls tightened against his body as Abel ran his tongue, lips, and even used a bit of teeth on his prick.

Just when he neared climax, Abel pulled his mouth away, stood back up, and he let out a little hiss of frustration.

“So close,” he complained.

“I want to see your face when you come undone.”


Then Abel closed his hand over his engorged member and started stroking it. It didn’t take long. His vision hazed as he exploded, spilling his load into Abel’s waiting hand. He cried out, muffling the sound by burying his teeth into Abel’s left shoulder. The dominant wolf didn’t push him away, merely fisted fingers into Noel’s hair, holding him until he finished riding out his orgasm.

“God,” he uttered after, lifting his head to look at Abel.

“I think I want to see you come undone more often.”

That comment made his mouth dry, because Omegas were expected to be on the giving end, not the receiving side.


Abel wore a mischievous smile. “Sit on the counter.”

He sat, ass touching the cool granite, his legs dangling an inch off the floor. A second later, Abel touched his softening dick, moving lower, and he parted his thighs so Abel could touch him there, his hole. This felt incredibly intimate, and he watched the man as the realization dawned on him that he was slick and ready.

“So it’s true,” Abel murmured. “Omegas are self-lubricating. How convenient for us.”

He blushed, certain his face was bright crimson. Clarence called him a freak of nature, but he pushed that bastard away from his mind, because the past had no place in the present. “Sounds like you’ve never been with a lot of Omegas.”

They were rare, he knew, but despite that little fact, he knew he was average in comparison to other more confident, better-looking male Omega wolves.

“I’m only interested in one.”

It took him a second to realize Abel meant him. Abel rubbed his thigh, making his dick leap back to life. He knew humans didn’t recover as fast as them, and for the first time in his life, he was glad to be a shifter. And his mate? A dominant werewolf male who looked interested in devouring him inside out.

“We’re far from done, you realize that?” Abel ventured, closing one hand on his ankle.

“Yes, I’m aware.” He had no witty dialogue left.

“There’s no going back after this, little Omega. I’m warning you only once. Before this night is over, I’ll claim you, mark you until no one can dispute who you rightfully belong to.”

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