[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Life was supposed to be easy for Lucas Compton. Go to school, get good grades, make his fathers’ proud, and then fall in love and live happily ever after. Lucas is finding out that’s just a fairy tale and real life is much more complicated than he expected. Two years ago, Lucas met his mate but fireworks didn’t explode and he didn't fall into his mate’s arms in the throes of passion.
Bane Parker doesn’t understand this obsession he has with Lucas. It's driving him crazy in the best way possible. But it doesn’t matter. Lucas is a shifter and Bane swore to protect the defenseless humans of the world from those monsters. Lucas means nothing to him.
Fear, passion, and love swirl around Bane and Lucas in a whirlwind. They must find a way to fight the pre-conceived notions set before them or they will never have that happy ending they’ve both been dreaming about.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.


A Mate's Forgiveness (MM)
12 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“You.” Lucas sat up straddling Bane’s hips.

Bane had to admit he really liked this position. Having Lucas on top of him was beyond exciting. His dick grew firm, and he wanted to thrust his hips up into the rounded globes of Lucas’s ass.

Before Bane had the opportunity to think more on the subject, Lucas pulled his right arm back and punched him in the face. Those imaginary stars a person sees in a cartoon after being hit, that’s how Bane felt. Damn, the kid could pack a punch. Just as that thought left his rattled head, another fist came down, getting him right in the nose. That one stung a bit more.

Bane reached up and grabbed Lucas by the wrist and squeezed. He met Lucas’s feral gaze. His blue eyes were glowing, and his teeth had elongated and were piercing into Lucas’s bottom lip. A drop of blood oozed from the puncture mark.

While Bane was staring Lucas lunged forward and snapped his teeth in Bane’s face. Bane thrust his hips up and rolled Lucas underneath him. Lucas was struggling, and he was strong. Bane took a deep breath and allowed his body to morph into his bigger form. His hands grew large, and his muscles became so massive the seams of his shirt busted open. He watched as Lucas’s eyes widened, and he stopped fighting.

“You need to calm down, wolf boy.” Bane’s voice came out sounding hard and distorted. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“And why should I believe you?” Lucas bucked up, but his wolf strength wasn’t enough to overpower Bane’s.

“Never said you had to, but you’re on the bottom right now, not me. You’re at my mercy, shifter.” Bane leaned in closer to Lucas’s face. The fresh morning dew scent radiated off of his skin and was like an invisible noose pulling him closer. Bane wanted Lucas. Just as Bane neared Lucas’s lips, Lucas turned away.

“I won’t let you take him.” Lucas growled in frustration. He was still fighting Bane. It was pointless but nevertheless still cute. Bane found an angry Lucas a cute one. Lucas’s short brown hair was damp with sweat, and his ears had grown into sharp points with tuffs of fur covering them.

“And what makes you think you can stop me?” Bane lowered his head and sniffed around Lucas’s neck and up to his ear. “As I see it you’re pretty much helpless right now,” he whispered into Lucas’s ear.

“What are you?” Lucas asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Bane couldn’t resist. He nipped at Lucas’s earlobe. The clean taste of his sweat made his tongue tingle and his dick pulse in his now too tight pants.

Bane used his left hand to hold on to Lucas’s wrist then lowered his right hand to shove Lucas’s legs further apart. Bane lowered himself between the V of Lucas’s thighs and covered the twitching body with his much heavier one. This felt good, way too good. It was a dangerous sensation to have with a shifter. Shifters were dangerous creatures.

“Why are you doing this?” Lucas sounded out of breath, and he wound his legs around Bane’s waist. Bane could feel the hardness of his cock through his black cargo pants.

“Better question is, why are you letting me?” Bane didn’t give Lucas a chance to answer. He dove forward and sealed his lips to Lucas’s. The taste of copper filled his mouth as he plunged his tongue in deep. Lucas’s sharp teeth nicked his tongue, but it didn’t hurt enough to make him stop. For two long years he’d been hungering for something, and now he knew what it was. It was Lucas.

Lucas kissed him back with just as much force. He tugged at his hands, but Bane wasn’t letting go. He liked having Lucas underneath him, helpless.

“Please,” Lucas begged.

“Please what?” Bane sucked a line down Lucas’s chin to his neck where he opened wider, sucking in a large chunk of skin to leave a bruise.

“I want to touch you. Please, Bane.”

Bane couldn’t resist the desperation in Lucas’s voice and let go. Lucas’s hands lowered to rub against Bane’s chest then moved around to his back. Bane fisted his fingers into the short hairs on Lucas’s head. He felt as if he couldn’t get close enough to the younger man. He wasn’t sure what was coming over him. He only knew one thing, and that was he couldn’t get enough of Lucas’s taste.

Bane felt it the instant one of Lucas’s hands left his body. His senses went on full alert. Lucas’s kiss was sloppy as if he were having a hard time concentrating, and Bane moved with lightning-fast speed. He reached for Lucas’s hand and felt the cold metal of the gun. He jerked Lucas’s hand upward to see it was a fancy tranq gun.

“Cute.” Bane smiled down at Lucas. “Thought you could distract me with a kiss.”

“Did you think you could distract me?” Lucas hissed.

“Bane, come on.” The sound of Kingsley shouting interrupted the moment. “I got the dog. Let’s go.”

“Oh shit, Easton.” Lucas struggled and pulled at his arms, but Bane held tighter.

Who was this Easton? He wanted to ask, but it wasn’t his place. Lucas wasn’t his, and in fact Lucas was the enemy.

“As much fun as this has been…” Bane pulled the gun from Lucas’s hand and reached back and shot him in the leg. “I have to go. See you around, Lucas.”




For some strange reason, he was attracted to Lucas for reasons he couldn’t explain. There was no way in hell he could tell Kingsley or his father about that. He knew that Charles had plans for Lucas, and Bane just hoped he could turn his back on the younger man when the experiments started.

“Bane, please,” Lucas begged.

Bane shook off any lingering feelings of dismay about what was to come and focused on the here and now. He wanted Lucas. Had wanted him for the past few years and here was his opportunity to have what he wanted. Before coming into Lucas’s room, he’d shut off the cameras on the off chance he was unable to control himself.

Bane roughly tore away Lucas’s clothes and stared down at his lightly tanned flesh. Lucas’s didn’t have any hair on his chest, but he did have a thin trail of soft curls that ran from under his belly button down to his groin where he kept the hair neatly trimmed. His cock was hard and leaking from the tip. Bane couldn’t resist any longer. He reached out and wrapped his fingers around the heated shaft and squeezed.

“Oh shit!” Lucas propped up on his elbows. His head was throwback exposing his neck.

Bane smiled as he lowered his head to flick his tongue over the swollen tip. Lucas cursed again, and his body jerked as Bane played with his cock. Bane inhaled the fresh scent of soap that clung to Lucas’s body from the bath Bane had given him earlier that day. He turned his head and sucked up the side of the thick shaft then opened his mouth when he reached the top and sucked Lucas as far down as he could. The salty taste of his pre-cum coated his tongue.

“Oh my god, yes, Bane,” Lucas whispered more to himself than to Bane. “Don’t stop.”

Bane smiled around the cock in his mouth. Like he’d ever stop. Wild horses wouldn’t have been able to drag him away. He worked his mouth up and down the heated flesh, sucking hard at the tip. Bane moved his right hand down to fondle Lucas’s balls then moved his thumb at an angle that allowed him to rub over the tight muscle of Lucas’s opening.

Lucas jerked and pulled his legs up, giving Bane better access to his entrance. Bane pulled off of Lucas’s cock with a loud pop then buried his head between Lucas’s ass cheeks and licked and kissed his tight little hole. Lucas thrashed around on the bed above him as Bane jabbed his tongue at the rippled opening. He couldn’t get enough of Lucas’s taste.

“God, you taste so fucking good.” Bane sat up, kept his stare on Lucas, as he caressed his hands up and down Lucas’s inner thighs. “Want inside you.” He glanced up to see what story Lucas’s eyes told. The blue orbs shimmered in the bright light, and Lucas gave him a small nod.

Bane crawled up Lucas’s body, stopping at his mouth to kiss him hard and long. He unfastened his pants, and Lucas’s hands came up to join his own in dragging them down his thighs. It was Bane’s turn to suck in a deep intake of air as Lucas’s warm strong fingers grabbed at his cock. He worked his length in long gentle strokes. Bane dipped his head down to bury his face in Lucas’s neck.

“I thought you were going to fuck me?” Lucas turned his head to whisper into Bane’s ear. “Because I want you to.” Lucas nipped hard at his ear.

Bane growled and sat up. He glared down at a smiling Lucas. He raised his hand and stuck three fingers into Lucas’s wet mouth. Lucas hummed and licked his pointy tongue all over his fingers until Bane couldn’t take anymore. He never knew that licking one’s fingers could be so obscene.

Bane braced his left over to the side so he could hover over Lucas. He lowered his damp fingers to Lucas’s opening and didn’t hesitate. He worked one finger in and paused at Lucas’s high-pitched moan. He waited only a few seconds before pulling his hand back and adding another.

Lucas was a sweaty mess by the time he was riding three of Bane’s fingers. Bane smirked down at Lucas and the picture he made before him. His skin was flushed and his cock was a deep red and oozing on his stomach. Bane could do this all day, tease and torture Lucas in a good way, but his own cock was about to explode.

Bane shoved his fingers in deep, enjoying the pain- and pleasure-filled sounds Lucas made. He lifted up his left hand and spit in it, rubbing the wetness over his cock. His touch nearly made him shoot right then and there.

Bane pulled his hands free and crawled up between Lucas’s legs. Lucas went to raise his hands, but Bane grabbed them by the wrist, pinning them to the bed. He shook his head and Lucas didn’t argue.

Lucas lifted his legs into the air and Bane looked down. His dick hovered just at the opening. He arranged Lucas’s hands so he could hold with one hand while he guided his cock with the other. He slapped the leaking crown at Lucas’s opening and smiled as the muscle twitched against him.

“Stop teasing me, you fucker.” Lucas’s eyes were heavy-lidded and his pupils were large. He was just as eager as Bane.

“Ask.” Bane thrust his hips forward and Lucas screamed. “And you shall receive.” Bane held still as his body pressed against Lucas’s.

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