[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Sold by his pack to a dangerous Alpha werewolf, Omega wolf Rio isn’t prepared to be assigned to a mate. Rio thinks he’s consigned to his miserable fate, but the last thing he expects is to be insanely attracted to Lucas Griffin.
Sparks fly and Rio begins to discover it might not be so bad being mated to a ruthless Alpha with a hidden heart of gold. But external forces threaten the happiness of the newly mated couple.
Lucas knows being the Alpha comes with certain responsibilities. Taking Rio as a mate started out as a duty but he never imagined his lust turning into something so much more. When the pack’s century-old enemy, a werebear clan, thinks they can destroy his pack by taking his mate, Lucas will go all out to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bound by Love (MM)
14 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is the 2nd book of Contract to Love series. We see want can happen when you have a little patience with someone that they can bloom. We see Rio open up after he is shown what happens in a happy pack. This was a very loving story that you must read today
virginia lee




His stomach did strange flops, especially knowing what was to come. The trainers prepped him. On the first night, right after the exchange had been made, the Alpha who was to be his mate would want to test out the goods. Worse, even put his permanent mate mark on Rio, branding him forever, because a shifter mated for life.

Some part of his mind whispered that it wouldn’t be too bad, that Lucas seemed different from all the Alphas he’d heard about. Was that only wistful thinking? 

He dragged his feet up those stairs, feeling like it was the end of the world. They entered a corridor with rooms on either side, finally reaching the end. Domino opened the door to what Rio presumed would be Lucas’ private quarters.

“Wait here. Lucas will return after the Rosewood congregation leaves.” Domino paused by the opened doorway. “Hey, it’s going to be okay, all right?”

Rio didn’t know if those words offered any comfort. Once Domino shut the door, he was alone once more, left to his own devices. To prevent panic from completely setting in, he looked around the room. Warm color on the walls and simple but comfortable furniture that looked worn-in decorated the space. The centerpiece was clearly the bed. The magnificent piece looked like it had been carved out of mahogany. 

Rio tentatively approached the bed, touched the footboard where two wolves, one bigger and a smaller one, ran alongside each other. There were move carvings of trees, plants, flowers, and wolves on the run, prowl, and hunt. 

The creator clearly worked thoughtful details into the piece.

“What am I doing?” he muttered out loud. Rio rubbed the goose bumps over his arms. He shouldn’t be admiring the damn bed. He eyed the open window. Did someone forget to close it? Then again, he knew he would never outrun the wolves of the Clear Water pack. Still, he approached the window and looked out. 

He let out a breath at the splendid view. Rows of trees stared back at him along with the outline of the Clear Water mountains. This enormous parcel of land belonged to Lucas and the Clear Water wolves. His pack now expected he was only an Omega. He might be the Alpha’s mate, but he would never really be one of them, merely the Alpha’s breeding partner.

Rio heard horror stories of other Omegas being discarded after they stopped producing wolf pups. That was all they were to the other wolves, disposable. He told himself he’d be different, that he’d find some way to find his freedom, but he saw how impossible that was.

Despair crept in and the longer he looked at the view, the more he decided he didn’t belong here. Rio elected to sit on the edge of the bed and fingered the thick comforter. Above the door was the wall clock, which he kept his eye on.

He thought Lucas would make him wait long. The doorknob turned and the Alpha entered, looking tired. Rio sat up, back straight, then stood, unsure of how Lucas wanted him. Lucas locked those green eyes on him, then shut the door. The Alpha didn’t seem to care about dress codes.

Bernard and the others wore their best suits, but Lucas wore a green shirt that looked faded and a pair of jeans with holes in them. The man looked good, despite it all.

“Now,” Lucas drawled. “What am I going to do with you?”

“W-what do you mean?” He hated the stutter in his voice, didn’t like how being around this Alpha made him feel off-balance all the time. “Aren’t you going to, you know, test me out?”

Lucas’ growl filled the room, making him jump. A knock came on the door seconds later.

“Alpha?” came Domino’s voice. Had the other werewolf been standing guard outside the door all this while, or had he merely been nearby? 

“I said no disturbances,” Lucas said with a growl in his voice, not taking his eyes off Rio.

“Will do,” Domino replied.

He took a step back when Lucas approached him. Rio hadn’t realized he kept doing it until his back hit the wall. Lucas stopped, gaze narrowed.

“I know,” Rio began, voice a mere whisper, “what’s going to happen next. There’s no need to play games. Let’s get with it.”

Lucas’ pupils turned a bright gold. Shit. He knew he should stop talking, but he couldn’t. Lucas closed the distance between them before he could say another word, the Alpha’s speed breathtaking. Lucas slammed a hand into the wall, making him cringe, but Lucas hadn’t hurt him. 

Rio became suddenly aware of Lucas’ body, touching his. It felt like brushing against a solid wall, except Lucas’ body burned hot, and so did his. It would be easy to peel off all his clothes, persuade Lucas to do the same so they could touch skin to skin. His dick strained against the zipper of his jeans, and his head spun with confusion. He itched for Lucas to press those demanding lips against his, for Lucas to take control and make him scream himself raw with pleasure.

His wolf rose up inside of him, eager, playful, and he swallowed, confounded how fear could turn easily to desire.

“So, little wolf. You do like me, even a little.”

He scoffed at those cocky words and shoved his wolf down. “You wish. I might be forced on you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever love you.”




Lucas climbed over Rio, using his arms to keep his weight off the Omega. Then he took Rio’s mouth again. Heat went right to his dick. The kiss was rough, hungry, but Rio responded in return. He allowed the Omega to curiously touch him, let Rio run his hands up and down his body. Lucas moved his mouth to the side of Rio’s neck. The Omega froze when he licked Rio’s pulse point and planted a kiss on the area where neck flowed to shoulder. 

He left a bite there, one hard enough to bruise but not draw blood. It was a promise, that sooner or later, Rio would be truly his. Rio shuddered and he went lower, creating a trail of nips, bites, and more kisses. Reaching Rio’s left nipple, he took it into his mouth, sucked, and left his bite there before moving to the next. 

Lucas could feel Rio’s own prick, hardening, rubbing against his own aroused member. 

Rio moaned as he went lower, finally reaching Rio’s dick. He licked at the pre-cum gathered at Rio’s tip, making the Omega squirm. When he met Rio’s gaze, he smirked.

“You’re going down on me?” Rio asked, surprise evident on his face.

“Always wanted to taste you, make you whimper for me.” He gave Rio’s prick a few pumps, made Rio mewl. 

Lucas took his time, tonguing Rio’s slit, exploring the length of the Omega by tracing every ridge and bump. Above him, Rio fisted the sheets, expression soft, vulnerable, and clearly turned on. Rio’s balls, he took into his mouth, sucking on them until Rio cried out.

At this rate, his little mate wouldn’t last. Lucas opened his mouth and took Rio’s prick inch by inch. Once Rio’s cock hit the back of his throat, he pulled back up. It didn’t take long for Rio to cry out. Lucas pulled his mouth away, lifted himself up, and slammed his lips over the Omega’s, letting the Omega taste his own cum on his mouth. Then he reached between Rio’s legs and gave Rio’s tip a pinch. 

It was the tipping point. With his mouth still over Rio’s, he muffled Rio’s cry as Rio spilled his load over his fingers. He released Rio’s lips and lifted his wet fingers to Rio’s face. To his delight, the Omega leaned forward and licked each one clean. Afterward, a self-satisfied expression appeared on Rio’s face.

“Good job, little wolf, but remember, we’re far from done.”

“Yes,” Rio murmured, recovering his breathing, staring at him with pupils that had bled yellow with desire. Just like his. “You haven’t fucked me yet.”


* * * *


Rio blushed the moment he said “fuck,” because he wasn’t used to saying crass and dirty words. It only served to heighten the sexual tension in the room. Lucas growled softly in approval, and he knew he no longer faced the man, but also the ferocious predator underneath. 

Three days ago, Rio would have been scared of being at the complete mercy of a powerful Alpha. Not anymore though, because he’d seen the other side of Lucas, too—the protector, the man everyone in the pack could approach. This amazing man, this leader, could be his mate if only Rio let him in. 

Was he worthy of being Lucas Griffin’s mate? Only time could tell. Before coming here, Rio’s thoughts centered on merely survival, possibly escape, but not anymore. He no longer needed to run, to constantly watch his back. 

“You want my dick inside you, Omega?”

If possible, his blush deepened, but he liked this new bold side of him that started to come out, too. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

A streak of mischief entered him. Daringly, he met Lucas’s feral gaze. “Yes, Alpha. Please put your magnificent cock inside me?”

Lucas chuckled. “You have a mouth on you.”

“Admit it. You like my sharp tongue.”

“I do. I like that you challenge me, keep me on my toes.” Lucas got off the bed, and he blinked, only for Lucas to pat the edge. Understanding what the Alpha wanted, he scooted until his ass touched the edge and gasped when Lucas hefted both his legs to those amazing broad shoulders. 

Rio’s breath hitched. Like this, he felt completely exposed. Lucas could see his pink asshole, his balls, and his dick, which seemed to pulse back to life at his new position.

“One of the things that interested me on the file your uncle sent was the fact you’re self-lubricating. True or false?” Lucas traced his calf, the muscles there tensing. 

Rio had been made, like all the other Omegas, to study the various sex positions, the dozens of ways to please their intended mate. This was one that confused him, because most Alphas liked to fuck Omegas on their hands and knees. Now he understood this placement allowed more intimacy, because Lucas could see every emotion that flittered across his face.

He met the Alpha’s challenging stare with his own. “True. See for yourself.” 

Lucas’ eyes gleamed with hunger as the Alpha touched him there, traced his puckered entrance first, before pushing a finger inside his hole. He squirmed, but true to his word, he was already slick, ready. Lucas grinned, added a second digit in, and he moaned as Lucas found the secret spot inside him.

The teasing Alpha rubbed his prostate again, making him purr. 

“God,” he whispered, clutching the sheets because he needed something to hold on to.

“Very nice.” Lucas began making twisting motions, preparing him for what was to come.

He knew some Alphas would plow right through their lovers without hesitation, would take what they considered theirs without thinking about the feelings of the Omega on the other side. Lucas was different, always had been.

Yearning soared through him. Rio badly wanted this man to own him, claim every part of his body, then his heart. 

“Make me yours,” he uttered.

Lucas startled and smiled. “Exactly the words I want to hear, baby.”

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