[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifter, spanking, HEA]

Naomi Hardin heads into Gargoyle territory to see a play without a second thought. She never expected to run into any Gargoyles, much less two men who claim she’s their mate. She’s drawn to the two Gargoyles but will escape from them. Although they’re gorgeous, she has plans for her life, and they don’t include biologically chosen mates.

Neil Conrad and Isaac Phillips are thrilled to discover their mate at a theater. Although she’s not happy, she’s trespassed into Gargoyle territory and is fair game. They take her home to show her they belong together, but discover they’ve brought her right into the path of danger. Someone is targeting the Gargoyle. They must gain her trust and love while they learn to trust her, as well, because they’ll need her help against some of the attacks coming at them. They’ll have to face the trouble coming for them in order to claim her love and begin their life together.

Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Capturing Their Flame (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Isaac smiled. He didn’t know if it was luck or a curse. They’d find that out after they discovered what this woman was. He took the final step to the door and opened it.

He walked in half expecting to find the woman fighting with the young man, but she stood across from him, glaring. Isaac moved until he stood right in front of her. She turned to face him. He didn’t say a word, merely stared at her. She narrowed her eyes on him. Her blue eyes blazed with anger.

“Who the fuck are you, and why did you have him bring me here? Because neither of you assholes is my sick friend.” She folded her arms across her chest.

Smart girl. He liked a woman with brains. “I am Isaac and you are in our territory. What are you?”

She blinked. Her mouth dropped open. She took a deep breath and her expression flattened.

“Your territory? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

“Nice try. You can feel us, just as we can feel your power.” He took a slow step forward.

“What I am is none of your business. I’m here to watch a play and meet up with my friends afterward. I’m not disturbing you or anyone else.”

“You are disturbing me. Your presence on our territory is a challenge and an insult.” He stopped right in front of her forcing her to look up at him.

“Do I look like I’m challenging you? If you’re that insulted, I can leave and meet up with my friends on another day.” She tried to step around him.

He glided to the side and stopped her progress to the door. Her lips thinned.

“It’s not that simple, little one. You’re coming with us, and you will tell us what you are.” Isaac smiled as she fidgeted

Isaac heard the snick as the door opened but didn’t turn around to see who entered. He knew it would be Neil. He would want to make sure that the others didn’t play some type of game with him.

“I’m not going anywhere with you. Do you think I’m insane? You could be a killer.” She shook her head from side to side, her deep brown hair flying.

“You are though. Everyone is back in the theater now, and more than a few of the people on staff are with us. They’ll clear the way if we have to carry you out. No one will see you. No one will know where you went.” Neil stepped forward.

She narrowed her eyes. “If I tell you what I am now, can I walk out that door?”

“No, there are other things we need to clear up. We’re leaving now.” Isaac stepped out of her way waiting for her to precede him.

He expected her to make a run for it before they got her to the car. He’d let her attempt it. Showing her that she couldn’t escape them might prevent her from doing anything crazy. Hopefully.

She exhaled loudly and walked out of the door. Her body tensed and he noticed her head turning as she led the way. He lagged two steps behind her as they exited the hallway. He didn’t close the distance between them. He wanted her to make her move. Until she realized a connection existed between them, she needed to know that they could and would keep her with them.

He wasn’t thrilled that they had to kidnap their mate. He’d always thought if he found the woman meant to be his that she would be drawn to them. This woman hadn’t looked at him with anything other than suspicion. He didn’t know if she felt anything for them.

Their pheromones would ensure she wanted them, but he’d like to know that she experienced some attraction to them. Once they got her alone, and this issue of why they abducted her out of the way, they could discover if she felt the pull to them. They had to know what type of being she was, or if she posed a threat.

Her reactions hadn’t proven to be a threat, but he was biased. He wanted to have her in his life. He had a feeling she was young. Her attitude gave him that impression, even more than her looks. Plus, the fact that she came here at all and stayed when she sensed someone with power in the building.

She walked toward the door, her pace slow. Just before she reached it, she ran. She hit the door and ran out, swinging the door back. Isaac put his hand out to keep the door from hitting him. He ran out after her. He caught her on the sidewalk. He swept his arms around her and lifted her off her feet.

She screamed. The sound broke the evening quiet. He put his hand over her mouth. Her teeth sank into his palm. He gritted his teeth, but didn’t pull back. He didn’t want the human authorities involved. Not that he’d let her go if they did come, but it would create a scene they didn’t need.

No one walked in the streets, but people occupied the cafés and stores around the theater. Neil ran ahead to get the car. Isaac moved her to the shadows and tried to make it appear that she accompanied him voluntarily. He drew her closer and held her as he waited. Heat flared on his arm where her hand covered it as she tried to pull his hand away from her mouth.

The heat increased. He smiled. That ability stirred his interest and did narrow down what she could be.




Neil lifted her, turning her in his arms and carrying her out of the room. At first, she thought maybe he was taking her to their bedroom, but he didn’t climb the stairs. He strode to a door near the back of the foyer. The long gleaming dark wood table caught her eyes first.

A dining room. She could see a kitchen and the gleaming appliances beyond a half wall. During daytime, glass French doors along one wall would offer a view of what she suspected was their backyard. Now, she couldn’t see anything beyond the darkness right outside.

Neil nudged a chair out of the way and set her on the table. The cool wood pressing against her skin caused her to stiffen. His hands kept her right where he wanted her.

“It was a tossup how I wanted to take you. Face down over something. I’d love to ride you hard and sink deep. Or like this, spread out so I can enjoy your breasts for a little while and watch them bounce as I pound into you. Don’t worry though. I’ll get to every other position.” Neil leaned down and brushed his lips over hers.

Damn, the man’s words burned through her. She’d never have guessed that her body could respond so fast right after one of the hardest orgasms she’d ever had. She could already feel her body tightening and the heat rising.

Not wanting to sit there naked when he remained dressed, she began working on the buttons to his shirt. He let her finish unfastening his shirt. His mouth opened over hers.

While her hands moved over his bare chest, she savored the warmth emanating from him. She wanted to snuggle as close as she could get. His tongue thrust into her mouth. The kiss claimed and demanded a response. She gave it eagerly.

“I’ll take off the rest of it.” Neil captured her hands. “Watching you with Isaac made me hard. I ache for you. Before your fingers get near my cock, we have to heat you up a little.”

“We?” She didn’t know if he meant her and him, or if he expected Isaac to join in sometime.

“Of course, we. He helped me. I’ll be in here to help him. I would anyway. I’ll always be ready to touch and kiss you.” Isaac’s voice came from the doorway. He began striding toward them. He’d put on his pants, but remained shirtless. A pang of disappointment speared through her when she saw him dressed at all.

Neil drew his fingers across the slope of her breast. “Soon we’ll both fuck you at the same time, but not until we’ve made sure you’re ready for it.”

She gasped, and her inner muscles clenched as her mind filled with images of both men kissing her and touching her at the same time. The erotic image thrilled her. A rush of liquid slipped from her.

“Lean back a little. We want to play with you.” Isaac moved up to the side of the table.

She leaned back, bracing her weight on her palms. Isaac leaned down and drew his tongue around her nipple. Hot air feathered over the taut bud.

Neil’s mouth hovered over the other peak. She expected a lick first. His mouth covered her nipple and he drew hard on it. She arched her back and a surprised moan fell from her lips. The sensation pierced straight to her core.

A light brush of skin over her stomach drew her attention right before a hand cupped her pussy.

“Hot and juicy. I can smell your rising arousal.” Neil’s lips left her breast as he drew his fingers over the hood of her clit. “I can’t wait for you to get ready on your own though. I need to speed this up.”

His fingers circled the nub, grazing over it before his touch trailed downward. He pressed two fingers into her and settled his thumb over her clit. He flicked across the hood every time his fingers pumped into her.

Her hips lifted taking his fingers into her and chasing that fleeting touch across the bundle of nerves. The sensation pierced through her. It left her wanting the pleasure the touch promised. She moaned and twisted, trying to get more.

“Damn, it’s beautiful watching you fuck my fingers, but you’re not coming on them, baby. You’ll find that pleasure while I drive my cock deep.” Neil leaned down and scraped his teeth over the hard peak.

Both Neil’s and Isaac’s mouths lifted from her breasts. Frustration tore through her. She looked at the two men as she drew in harsh panting breaths. She reached for Neil. He unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down. As his pants dropped, she stared at his thick cock. She licked her lips.

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