Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove:: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, vampires, HEA]  

You have to be the best to go to war with the worst. That’s the motto the agents of the Federal Paranormal Agency live by. They hunt down rogues and deliver justice to those that break the law. They are the enforcers of the paranormal world.

Max Lumeria is a snake shifter with the FPA. When the International Criminal Investigation Unit calls and asks for help, Max gets on a plane to London. He’s excited to work with the unit, a group of agents that solve cross-border crimes in Europe. As soon as his plane lands, Max is given the task of assuming the identity of Patryk Walicki, a member of the ICIU.

Tommy McConnell was a detective in Northern Ireland before being recruited to join the ICIU. He isn’t exactly thrilled when Max is brought in to pose as one of their own. But, after spending some time with Max, Tommy quickly realizes that he likes the shifter.

Even though Max is drawn to Tommy, he’s still cautious. This human is special because he might be Max’s second chance at having a mate.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.


Mended (MM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
Great story! The chemistry between Tommy and Max was instant and electric. Tommy's shy aggression to get his man was charming and Max's reaction was instantaneous and hot. Great story surrounding these two with a bit of danger and intrigue also. Enjoyed meeting the characters seeing their love grow. Cannot wait for the next story.
Well worth the wait.




Max Lumeria groaned as he stretched out his back and rubbed the sleep from his tired eyes. He glanced out the window and watched as the clouds parted, giving a perfect aerial view of New York City. Home sweet home. Max grinned. Even though he hadn’t been gone that long, it still felt good to be back.

“Do you have a hot date tonight?” Axel asked from his seated position across from Max.

Max chuckled playfully. “I met a guy last week at Man Cave.”

Axel’s brows pinched together. “Isn’t that the club owned by a warlock? The same club associated with the underground shifter fighting ring that took Ranger?”

Max waved off Axel’s concern. It was an old case, and the owner of the club didn’t have anything to do with the shifters being abducted and forced to fight.

“Anyway, this guy I met, he’s double jointed.”

Axel rolled his eyes heavenward. “There’s no such thing.” 

Max grinned. “Oh, I’m pretty sure there is.” It was a good thing he wasn’t the type to kiss and tell. Otherwise, he’d have some exciting stories to share.

“No, it’s actually called hypermobility. Your date can stretch farther than normal, but he is not double jointed.”

“Don’t ruin my fantasy.”

Axel sighed, clearly disappointed with the direction of their conversation, and Max knew what was coming.

“I’m worried about you,” Axel said, becoming serious.

“Don’t,” Max told him, all the humor disappearing.

“You’re acting irresponsibly.”

“I’m just having a little fun.”

“By sleeping your way through all the single men in New York?”

Max scoffed. Here we go again. He didn’t want to think about the past. He didn’t want to deal with it. And he definitely didn’t want another intervention about his behavior. There wasn’t anything wrong with casual sex. It helped him to forget, even if it was for a short amount of time. Being buried balls deep inside a willing stranger gave Max a little peace, at least until the orgasmic high wore off.

“Watch it,” Max warned.

“I am watching it. I have been watching it. And truthfully, I don’t like what I see,” Axel told him. “When are you going to grow up? When are you going to face the past and deal with it?”

Max’s eyes widened slightly. “Are you serious?”

“This isn’t you.” Axel shook his head. “You’ve changed, and not for the better. I don’t think Brady would approve.”

Max sucked in a harsh breath. Brady. He tightened his jaw, grinding his teeth together. The anger he kept buried, simmering just below the surface, tightened inside his gut, threatening to break free. Max wanted to lash out. He wanted to jump to his feet and slam his fist into Axel’s nose for even mentioning the man’s name aloud. He wanted to hear the crunch of bone. He wanted to see blood. But he couldn’t react violently.

Max tightened the reins on his volatile emotions. It took several minutes, but eventually, his tense muscles relaxed enough for him to speak calmly. He gave Axel a pointed look and said, “Don’t ever say his name again. You don’t know anything about Brady. He’s dead. My mate is dead.”

Axel averted his eyes. He ducked his head, pressing his chin against his chest, clearly ashamed. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s just…” He glanced up and stared into Max’s eyes. “We’re all worried about you.”

“I never asked for your concern,” he simply said.

There was a gentle bump as the plane made contact with the runway surface. With Ian’s experience as a pilot, Max barely felt a thing. The plane slowed dramatically, and Max could hear the thrusters reverse as Ian applied the brake. And soon, the hum of the engines died. Ian taxied the plane toward their private terminal at MacArthur Airport. He pulled inside a large metal and cement hanger and shut the engines off, signaling that they had arrived.


He purposefully ignored Axel.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s none of my business.”

Max rose to his feet. He grabbed his duffel bag from the seat beside him and swung it over his shoulder. After their mission in New Orleans, he was looking forward to a hot shower and a comfortable bed.

“I’m sorry,” Axel apologized once again. “Talk to me, man.”

Max strode through the plane, with Axel on his heels, walking toward the front of the aircraft. Ian unlocked the cabin door, swinging the huge dome-shaped door open, unwinding a short staircase leading to the ground. Max jogged down the stairs. When Max stepped off the plane, he noticed his boss, Abram Jackman, standing beside his car. Max glanced toward the sky and said a quick prayer that Abram wasn’t waiting for him.

“Max!” Abram called out.

He groaned and shook his head. “No, no way,” Max said, striding toward Abram. “I just want to go home and get some sleep.”

“I hate to do this to you, man, but the ICIU requested you.”

“The International Criminal Investigation Unit?” Max’s brows drew together in confusion. “Why would they ask for me?”




“Fuck,” Max breathed out. “Oh, baby, that feels so good.”

Max cupped the sides of Tommy’s face with his hands, petting Tommy’s shaved head. The shifter wasn’t demanding.

“Your mouth is fucking amazing.”

Tommy moaned. He loved having Max’s cock in his mouth. Desperate to see his mate, Tommy grabbed ahold of the blanket with his right hand and tossed it aside. He looked up at Max. The man stared down at him.

“Oh God, Tommy,” he groaned. “You look so good with your lips around my dick.”

Max lifted his hips, feeding more of his length down Tommy’s throat. Tommy took it all, swallowing him down. He worked his mouth along the length, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked the shaft tightly. Max’s muscles tightened, and his body jerked. Instead of getting a tasty treat splashed across his tongue, Max pulled Tommy off of his cock. The shifter moved fast. He spun Tommy around, placing him on his hands and knees.

“Wha−” he squeaked.

Before he could even finish his thought, Tommy felt two of Max’s slick fingers slid inside his ass. He dropped his shoulders down to the bed, spread his knees apart, and lifted his hips. Max added more lubricant as he spread his digits, stretching Tommy. Removing his fingers, Max pressed the head of his cock against Tommy’s hole and pushed in. Tommy’s eyes rolled back. He gripped the sheets and arched his back.


“Are you okay?” Max asked, stopping mid stroke.

“You feel so good.” Tommy breathed out unsteadily.

Max growled. The sound was more animalistic than human. Glancing over his shoulder, Tommy looked at his mate. Gray scales appeared on Max’s arms, running up his shoulders to his neck. His eyes flashed, and Tommy had a feeling he was looking at the beast. Max’s hands tightened, his fingertips digging into Tommy’s hips. He knew the shifter was fighting to stay in control.

“Fuck me.”

Tommy wasn’t sure who he was speaking to, and honestly, it didn’t really matter. The eroticism of having Max fucking him, the searing length of his hard cock buried in Tommy’s ass, his hands holding him in a firm grasp, had Tommy pushing back, silently begging for more. He shuddered when Max’s larger frame covered his like a blanket. Max nipped his shoulder with his sharp fangs.

“Don’t move,” he ordered.

Tommy was panting. He couldn’t stop. “Please…” Tommy wanted to feel Max moving inside of him, fucking him, marking and claiming him. He shoved his hips backward, impaling himself on Max’s cock. The man’s shaft spread him wide, stretching his ass, filling him completely. He was consumed. Branded. Max owned him.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” It was a warning. “My snake. He’s too close to the surface.”

Tommy could feel the precum leaking from the head of his cock at Max’s words. He didn’t care if Max hurt him. “Fuck me.”

Max groaned. He started to move, pulling back before sinking his cock in deep. With their bodies connected, Max wrapped his right hand around Tommy’s neck, holding his throat in a firm grip. The show of dominance sent a flood of pleasure through his system.

Max started moving faster, building the tempo. He went from slow, deep strokes to quick, short jabs. Max thrust into him, and Tommy’s mouth dropped open. Unintelligible cries of pleasure filled the room. It was good. God, Max was so damn good. The shifter knew exactly what he was doing. Tommy bucked as Max’s cock pounded inside of him, striking his prostate gland again and again.

“My mate,” he growled.

Nothing had ever sounded so good. “Yes,” Tommy panted in agreement. “I’m yours.”

When Tommy felt the sharp tips of Max’s teeth press into his shoulder, he shuddered. Max pierced his skin, sinking his fangs deep into Tommy’s flesh. He kept thrusting as his teeth stayed locked into Tommy’s shoulder, holding him in place. Tommy heard a deep growl before he felt Max’s seed jet into him. Max pumped his hips wildly, a thick load of spunk filling Tommy’s ass.

“Yes! Yes!” Feeling his lover’s release was enough to send Tommy over the edge.

His hole clamped down onto his mate’s cock as his release slammed into him. He shouted Max’s name as cum streamed from the tip of his cock, shooting across the bedding beneath him. Tommy panted harshly. With his limbs shaking, he let go, dropping down onto the bed. He closed his eyes, his body still quivering from the intense orgasm. The shifter knew how to fuck.

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