[Siren Ménage Everlasting:: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Willa Michaels knows shifters exist. Now she has decided she wants to mate a werewolf and have him change her, making her part of his pack. She is ready to capture the werewolf of her dreams. Yet, when she sees three better-than-chocolate cowboy werewolves, she ups her game, ready to claim all three.
Werewolf friends Grant Standard, Ryan Rysling, and Thomas Ash are surprised when Willa asks them to be her mates. They would be happy to claim her. There's one problem, though: she has already been hanging out with the pack’s lead alpha, Moses Garrett, and he has been telling everyone that she is his mate.
Willa sets Moses straight, telling him he is not the one for her. Moses, however, never takes no for an answer. As the pack begins to split apart, ready to do battle for control, the men have to decide. Will they save Willa? Or will they fight the pack?
Note: This book contains both double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


Fighting the Pack (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Jane writes shifters so well and this is no exception. Loved it and can't wait for the next book.




For a moment, Willa was sure they knew her secret. But then Thomas laughed and added, “She’s no Little Red Riding Hood. Something tells me she can take care of herself.”

“Still, maybe you should keep on going and get her away from Moses.” Grant cleared his throat. “Sorry. I forgot he’s a friend of yours.”

“Sort of.” She didn’t want to claim Moses at all, but he had helped her out.

“I get that.” His dark gaze met hers. “Just be careful around him, okay?”

“Because of his temper? Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“Yeah. His temper.”

Did he mean more? If she’d had time, she would’ve asked. Taking a wild chance, Willa put her back to the wall so she faced all three of them. “Can I ask you a question?” “Do you have a mate?”

They kept their expressions neutral enough, but she still caught a flicker of a reaction in their eyes.

“A mate?”

“You know what I mean, Ryan. Do you have a woman?”

He checked with his friends. “Are you asking me or all of us?”

“All of you.” Her heart was so loud she was sure they could hear her. Should she tell them that she knew what they were? Should she tell them she wanted to be their mate? How did she even know? Maybe she didn’t yet, but she sure as hell wanted to find out if they were taken or not. If they weren’t, then great. If they were… She didn’t even want to go there.

“No, we don’t. Not one of us have a mate,” answered a very serious-looking and intrigued Grant.

“Are you planning on sharing one woman?”

Thomas shifted from one foot to another. Was she making them nervous? “Yeah, we hope we can. But that’ll depend on the woman.”

“These questions are kind of out there. Why do you want to know?” asked Grant.

Oh, how she wanted to answer him truthfully. Suddenly, she ached to tell him everything. But the time wasn’t right. Instead, she shrugged and feigned an indifference she didn’t feel. “I’m just curious. Henrietta told me that it’s kind of a thing around here. You know. Ménage relationships.”

Their bodies loosened up a little. Her mind, revved up by her quickening pulse, had gone into overdrive, needing to know what they were thinking. Was this it? Was she finally meeting the men of her dreams? “And that it’s usually two or three men to one woman.”

“I guess Henrietta’s been filling your ears with a lot of ideas.” Grant glanced down the hallway. “What else has she told you?”

Again, she considered telling them the truth then changed her mind. If she pushed too hard, too fast, she might lose them. “Wow. Isn’t that enough? I mean ménage isn’t exactly a normal thing. Unless you live here, I guess.”

“Yeah, that’s enough. Didn’t you want to…?” Grant inclined his head toward the ladies’ room.

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Besides, Moses is waiting for you.”

Shit. Thomas was right. If she didn’t get back to Moses soon, he’d come looking for her. Finding her with other men wouldn’t make him any easier to control. “You’re right.” She put her hand on the door. “I guess I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah.” Ryan eased back. “I hope so.”

She smiled and pushed her way into the small restroom. Thankfully, no one else was inside. Taking a breath, she waited several minutes then checked her hair and left. The men were nowhere to be seen as she made her way back to Moses.

Before she could get a word out, he was on his feet and taking her along with him, his hold tight on her arm. “Now, how about we head to my place?”

She jerked her arm out of his grip. Not a bright thing to do when dealing with a temperamental werewolf. His eyes flared with amber spots. She mellowed her abrupt move by skimming her palm along his arm. “I don’t think so. I told Henrietta I’d get home early.”

He scowled. “She won’t mind. Not when you’re with me. I’ll drive you home tomorrow.”

Tomorrow? Oh, hell, no.

She stepped back, needing to put distance between them. “No, no, that’s okay. Besides, I drove here. Thanks, anyway.” Before he could argue more, she started moving toward the door. “Okay, then, bye, Moses. Thanks again for the drinks. See you soon.”

To her relief, he didn’t follow her. As she hurried through the crowd, she glanced toward the bar at the far side of the room. Thomas, Grant, and Ryan stood with their backs to the counter, watching.

If only I could stay here and get to know them.

Her focus slipped to the scowling Moses then back again to the men.

If only I’d met one of them instead of Moses.

Shoving her back against the door, she went outside, spun around, and rushed toward her car. One way or another, she had to free herself from Moses. One way or another, she had to see the men again.

And if I do, then what?

She wasn’t sure, but she’d figure it out. Smiling at the idea of getting to know Grant, Ryan, and Thomas, she slipped behind the wheel. Being with Moses had turned out to be a good thing after all.




She was left breathless by their attack. A kiss from Grant, albeit brief, left her filled with need and lust. Heat swamped her, spreading outward from her core to light a fire in every part of her.

Grant pulled her on top of him, settling her against his crotch as his cock demanded entrance. He plunged into her pussy, driving in so hard that he lifted her into the air. His hands cupped her breasts as his mouth plundered first one nipple then the other. She mewled, giving herself to him completely.

“Baby, this way.”

She turned to Ryan and took in the cock he offered. His flavors mixed with Grant’s as she whipped her tongue around and along his length. Hollowing her cheeks, she tugged on his cock, knowing it was impossible yet wanting to pull every inch of him farther and farther inside.

Thomas knelt beside them, his hands playing over her butt cheeks. “That’s it. Damn, but you’re a sight to watch.” He squeezed and pinched her then bent low enough to add nibbles to her stinging flesh.

She rode Grant, the urgency building inside her pushing her to a frenzy. Rocking back and forth, she began to move her hips in a circular motion, driving his cock into her pussy harder and harder. Her moans flowed over Ryan’s cock as she held on to Grant with one hand and cupped Ryan’s balls with the other.

Sensations washed through her, tangling her mind until she couldn’t think straight. All she could do was react, her own primal instinct taking over. She was an animal, too, even if she couldn’t yet change her body to match her primal urges.

“Don’t be greedy, man,” complained Thomas. He stood beside them, clutching her by the hair and urging her away from Ryan. She turned Ryan’s shaft free then opened wide for Thomas’s cock.

Ryan backed away, taking over where she’d let off, his hand working his saliva-slickened shaft. “Fine with me. I’m ready for her ass.” Falling to the ground behind her, Ryan straddled Grant’s legs and urged her body forward. Grant lay back, giving her room to stretch and offer her ass to Ryan. His fingers dug into her butt cheeks as she stretched to keep Thomas’s cock in her mouth.

“Easy. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.”

Fingers probed the tight ring of her ass, pressuring them to make way for his cock. He nibbled along her shoulders, murmuring words of encouragement and love.

She freed Thomas long enough to speak. “Now, Ryan. I need to feel you inside me now.”

He gave her what she wanted, pushing in gently first then, with a good shove, going deeper into her dark hole. Ryan wrapped his arm around her waist and slammed his cock inside her again. His thighs and balls slapped against her, adding an extra tingle of excitement.

Three cocks inside me.

She smiled around Thomas’s cock.

They’re perfect for me in every way.

“She feels so fucking good.” Ryan’s tone was filled with awe. He groaned and thrust into her again. “So fucking good. I’m not sure how long I can hold out. Damn, but she’s tight.”

The three of them moved as one, bodies moving forward then backward, making lovely slapping sounds as flesh met flesh. Their bodies cocooned hers, their cocks connecting them, yet the connection would have meant nothing without the emotional bond flowing between them.

“My turn, boys,” ordered Thomas as he eased his cock from her mouth.

Grant, his eyes filled with specks of amber, his jaw set, thrust his cock into her pussy again. “Switch with me, Ryan. I want a go at her ass.”

“In a minute. Shit.” Ryan tensed then fell away, giving into his release. His orgasmic grown morphed into a low howl. His voice trailed off as his release subsided. “Keep at her, guys. I love watching.”

She started to move, but she didn’t have to. Picking her up as easily as he had done before, Grant turned her around then settled her onto the grass next to him. Brushing her hair away from her shoulder, he moved her butt cheeks apart and entered her anus with little other warning.

She cried out, but the sound was lost as Thomas lay beside her, pulled one of her legs over his hips then slipped his cock inside her pussy. His aim was true, as his cock slid over the soft cushion of her pussy. She clung to Thomas, her breasts bouncing each time Grant rammed his cock inside her.

“That’s it, Willa. Fuck them hard.” Ryan leaned against the tree, his hand loosely playing with his cock.

They’d pushed her past her limit, yet she kept going. Each thrust was a promise of a future. Each nibble a pledge to be loyal. Each soft murmur a prayer of thanks. Her climax grew, her pussy tightening, her clit throbbing a steady beat of need.

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