Elliot's Escape (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,349
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]
Elliot Hawk longs to escape his life of empty passion. His best friend, Brent Mason, has secretly loved him for years but is afraid to tell him for fear of losing him forever. Elliot fights his Hawk curse, and Brent doesn’t want to be just another conquest.
When they go to Hawksfell Manor, they both fall for lady’s maid Violet Hart. Though Violet is captivated by them both, she won’t risk her position. With a promise to keep her safe, the three of them begin a liaison. Brent is sweet and Elliot is intense, and soon they capture her heart as well as her passion. When Brent admits he loves her and Elliot, she knows she’ll never be complete without both of them.
Can Elliot admit his own feelings and accept their love and passion in return? Or will he escape back into his lonely life and lose them both?
Note: This book contains double penetration. 
The two men are sexually involved. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Elliot's Escape (MMF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Elliot's Escape (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,349
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Lord Hawksfell is awaiting you in his study,” the portly butler informed Elliot.

“Thank you, Mr. Carstairs.”

“And you, Mr. Mason, may allow our first footman, Peter, to show you to your guest room.”

Brent nodded, still as quiet as he’d been on their drive to Hawksfell. Elliot had wanted to throttle him by the time they’d arrived, but he didn’t even dare broach the subject of his mood, lest last night’s kiss enter into the conversation. Being in the close confines of his auto had been torture for Elliot as well. Brent’s heat, his nearness, had his beast stirring. This was unusual, for Elliot was generally free of any pressing urges for several days after finding release. Not so this day.

Brent followed a red-headed servant up the grand staircase as Elliot was escorted through the house. Hawksfell Manor was as impressive inside as out. The sprawling house had a remarkable edifice, with soaring walls of sandstone leading to peaked roofs of slate that glinted in the afternoon sunlight. He’d noted that the grounds were well-kept and the drive well-maintained as they’d made their way toward the entry, and the number of servants lined and waiting attested to the place being very well-staffed. Clearly the earl shared the Hawks’ remarkable luck with finances. Did the earl share in the dark beast as well?

The man himself stood behind his massive desk as the butler left Elliot in the doorway. The dark eyes were like his. The chiseled features very familiar. The hair was inky black, but that wasn’t the only difference Elliot spied. No. The man was smiling.

“Elliot, welcome.” The earl waved him into the seat across from him. “So good of you to accept my invitation.”

Elliot sat, and then rubbed his hands over his thighs. “Your invitation was unexpected but much appreciated, Lord Hawksfell.”

“Please, call me Gabriel. We are family, are we not?”

Elliot felt his heart warm a bit. “I suppose we are. Thank you, Gabriel.”

Gabriel smiled wider and settled behind his desk. “I know you don’t have much family. You are an only child, yes?”

Elliot blinked. “Yes.”

Gabriel chuckled, his dark eyes glittering. “My man of affairs learns about these Hawks I invite to the manor, Elliot.”

“Then you’ve hosted many of our relatives?”

“Yes. I wasn’t always so accommodating, believe me. My Millicent is convinced that every time I do so, I gain a little more peace.”


Gabriel arched a brow. “Comfort, Elliot. I’m not only happy. I’m content.”

Elliot merely nodded, his mind in a muddle. Gabriel went on to graciously inform him that he and Brent were welcome at Hawksfell for as long as he liked, and before a servant was called to take Elliot to his guest room, Gabriel added that the family would gather for dinner that evening.

Elliot followed behind the red-haired footman as they climbed the stairs to a large landing.

“Your things are set in the blue room, my lord,” the servant said. “I am Peter, and will serve as valet for you and your companion.”

“Thank you, Peter.”

He was shown to a lovely room with a seating area beside a small fireplace. His portmanteaux were unpacked and it appeared that his belongings were settled.

“Do you need anything at the moment?” Peter asked him.

Elliot shook his head. “Not until it’s time to dress for dinner, I believe. I take it you’ve seen to Mr. Mason’s accommodations?”

The young man’s cheeks reddened a bit. “Mr. Mason is in the room just across the hall.”

Elliot simply nodded, a small smile on his lips. From the footman’s embarrassment, it was clear that Brent had turned his brand of teasing humor on him.

He stared out at the impressive grounds beyond his room’s leaded window. The summer day was bright, with puffy white clouds dotting the brilliant blue sky. No sign of doom or gloom over the moors on this particular afternoon. He still felt so unsettled. He had nothing calling him home. His man of business would see that his estate continued on and his coffers continued to fill. He had no holds on his heart, save for his good friend across the hall. His eyes slid to the wooden panel, and he was eager to head on over and see Brent. But what the devil would he say to the man?

What he wouldn’t give to feel a fraction of the bliss Gabriel had found. Marriage, of all things, and a happiness as clear as the summer sky. He couldn’t reason a way to escape his fate, however. And now that there was this new strangeness between him and Brent? It seemed like the one oasis in his bleak life was in danger of slipping away.

Stealing himself, he left the room and headed for Brent’s.




Elliot stared down at the delightful creature in his arms. Brent had given Violet a climax that clearly still affected her, judging by the slightly-dazed expression on her exquisite face. His cock was hard and throbbing, and he couldn’t wait to get inside of her. Her. Not some nameless maid. Like before with Brent, this encounter felt very different. He would miss all of this when he returned to his life at Drake House, but for now he would take this interlude as the escape it was.

“I’m going to take you, Violet.” He kissed her, and then nuzzled the silken skin at the side of her neck. “I promise I’ll try not to hurt you.”

She stiffened and he lifted his head to gaze into her eyes. They were truly remarkable, those eyes. Deep and a color akin to her name.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

She licked her lips, her gaze going to Brent who knelt beside her. Elliot caught his breath as his friend gave a swift nod of encouragement.

“You may rest assured, Violet,” Brent began. “Elliot will take care of you as I would.”

So that was the way of it. Brent cared that much for the girl already? Elliot briefly wondered if he should feel jealousy over their connection, but could only be relieved that he was fortunate to have this time with them both. It was most curious, but he was too far gone to puzzle through it now.

Wedging a knee between her thighs, he eased himself closer to her. She was warm and slick from Brent’s attentions, and her scent was intoxicating.

He kissed her again, his tongue tangling with hers as he sought to ready her. Moving his hips, he thrust his shaft over her pussy, dragging himself over her clit again and again until she was trembling beneath him. He put the head of his cock at the slick folds of her entrance and began to push inside her.

“So tight,” he bit out. “Hold on, love.”

“Hold on to me,” Brent said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

Violet bit her full bottom lip as Elliot shifted, easing out a fraction before sinking back into her. He’d never felt anything like this, but she was a virgin. Perhaps that was the difference. Still, her pussy pulled at him wetly and he was seized with the urge to drive forward. Bracing his hands on the bed on either side of her lithe form, he held himself up and broke the barrier of her maidenhead.

She cried out and he stilled, deep inside her. Breathing heavily, he prayed for strength. She felt amazing, wrapped tightly around him as she wriggled her body. His cock was pounding now, aching to ride her cunt to release.

“Violet,” he rasped. “Please hold still.”

Brent began to kiss and caress her beautiful breasts and she seemed to relax a bit. He had to help her along, to make certain she felt at least as good as he did.

“Let me touch you,” he said, leaning on one hand to lick the thumb of his other one. “You’ll feel good, I promise.”

He stroked her clit as he began to move again, circling the little nub of flesh as she tightened further around him.

“That’s it,” he heard Brent say as he lowered his head to her breast. “You’re going to love this, sweetheart.”

Elliot closed his eyes as the pleasure rose inside of him. He sensed the moment she eased as she arched on the bed.

“Oh, that is amazing!” She gripped his arms, bowing back as Brent licked and kissed her. “Yes!”

Elliot brought his hands down again, really working his cock in and out of her now. Brent lowered his head to her belly, flicking his tongue where their bodies were joined.

“Christ, Brent.” He gulped as Brent’s tongue stroked him as well. “Ah, God.”

Again and again he moved inside of her as Brent teased and tickled the two of them. He held himself further away, bowing his back as Brent licked the both of them. It was astounding, and felt like nothing he’d ever experiences. The squeeze of Violet’s slick pussy, the insistent movements of Brent’s tongue, brought a riot of sensation until he was nearly howling with the urge to climax.

Violet crested first, letting out a scream as she undulated beneath them on the edge of her climax. Elliot was very close, and he felt intense relief when Brent lifted his mouth from them. She came in the next moment and after two more thrusts Elliot managed to pull out and spill on her sweet little belly.

“Christ,” he said again, easing down on the bed beside her. “Brent, what you did…”

Brent’s cheeks colored but his eyes were sparkling. “I tasted both of you. Delicious.”

Elliot wanted Brent’s mouth on him right then, but he saw that his friend was the one who needed attention. He, and the delectable female now nestled between them.

“Are you all right, Violet?” he asked, brushing a thick lock of hair back from her flushed face. “I didn’t hurt you overmuch?”

She touched his cheek, a soft smile curving her lips. “You did at first, Elliot. But when you touched me, when Brent did what he did? The pain was all but forgotten.”

Relief nearly swamped him. “I admit I was pleased by what Brent did as well.”

“I was happy to do my part to please you both,” Brent said, his voice a bit strained.

“You need release,” Elliot said. “Let me and Violet please you now.”

Brent’s pupils dilated as he grasped Elliot’s meaning. “Elliot, you and I have not yet done any such thing.”

Elliot held up a hand. “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.”

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