CatNip (MFMM)

CatTales 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,744
15 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

A dangerous drug dubbed CatNip is about to be released on the market. Adonis Cervantes, a new leader for the ominous drug cartel has risen from the ashes to reclaim a deadly throne.  New horrors are about to be unleashed on the Imatu, an already dwindling race of shifters. Courageous action must be taken if these threats are to be neutralized.   Meanwhile, Craig and Lynx, childhood friends and government operatives for COBRA find themselves embroiled in a battle they never saw coming. Their plans will be changed again when the mysterious Leo Lascaux enters the picture. Leo could very well alter everything Lynx and Craig think they know about each other and about themselves.    Will the secret world of shifters survive?  Will there be a king of the jungle left when the world stops shifting? Who’ll come out on top?   Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

CatNip (MFMM)
15 Ratings (4.3)

CatNip (MFMM)

CatTales 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,744
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Awesome! Awesome!
Well written, good plot and very sexy!
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Mynxe L. Silles brings tells a story of intrigue and hot sex that will keep the reader turning the pages of this book. Keep your significant other (or your significant toy) close at hand while you read! The book is guaranteed to keep your juices flowing! I hope there will be a sequel for this book." -- Candy, Sensual Reads

4 TEA CUPS: "CatNip by Mynxe L. Silles is an exciting story of the shape shifters “Imatu.” The way that all the characters of this book come to a full circle is amazing. You learn a lot of the experiences and the livelihood of the COBRA and how they truly form their own family and they take care of each other no matter what. I guess it is sort of like the saying you never leave a man behind. The past really comes back to haunt them in that they do not even except and this is what makes this book so captivating. It makes you want to keep reading more and more. You truly find yourself in this book and feel what they are experiencing in their torment. Lynx is the only female in the COBRA team it might seem a little uncomfortable but she can handle her own. That is a good sense in knowing that a female surrounded by males in a dangerous field is able to fend for herself. There are certain situations that not even Lynx can get out of but her strength will carry her along. Craig, a childhood friend to her brother but also one that Lynx also found attractive is now very fond of her as a woman. Craig needs to make his move quickly because if not someone else has their eye on her. Craig is one that has a little past that he has to deal with and maybe after that he can maybe come into terms with the situation with Lynx. Craig is so taunting in his sexual frustrations that it makes you quiver and squirm in your seat wanting more. Leo is one that gets what he wants and does not care that he needs to go at a slow pace with Lynx. Leo has his way with Lynx in so many different ways, why is it so hard to find a man like him? Leo has a way of taking her into a different world when it comes to her sexual needs and nothing is left untouched. The heat between them is scorching hot and makes you hot and sweaty. If the exotic love making between Leo and Lynx makes you squirm and hot imagine adding Craig into the mix, you just might think you died and went to heaven. The plot of this story has to do with a past that is about to come back to haunt them and the writing of this situation was so creative and sneaky that it just leaves you with a shock. That is the most interesting part of the book beside the erotic scenes of loving making. There are car chases, drugs, gun fires and rescue missions, and you have no idea who will be the last person standing. I highly recommend this book CatNip for readers that love the erotic writing of shape shifters, but not only that—the suspense of not knowing where each character’s life will end up." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

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Lynx, meanwhile, was growing restless. All her senses were burning, on fire. Her jeans chafed the sensitive flesh between her legs, even the barrette holding back her hair, grown damp in the muggy night, bugged her. She tossed the barrette on the kitchen counter, grabbed an apple, and quietly slipped out the back door. She heard the front door open as she softly closed it.

Lynx delicately made her way over the stepping stones that dotted the landscape. Every sound was excruciatingly magnified to her ears. The cricket’s soprano chirp, the frog’s bass croak down by the lake, even the occasional accompanying whinny from the barn sounded amplified. Distantly, she heard the chorus of the cows mooing. At least they sounded placid enough tonight.

Her feet had carried her to the barn before she’d realized it. Lynx always loved seeing the horses, but Lady Jane was her personal favorite. The mare had such soft brown eyes. They were beautiful set against the sable-red coat of her muzzle. In the barn, Lynx found Lady Jane’s stall. Lady Jane normally greeted her with a neigh. Tonight, she snorted, stamping her hooves, refusing even the apple Lynx tried to hand her.

“Whatsa matter, girl?” By this time, Lady Jane had backed up in her large stall, refusing contact. “That’s all right, Lady Jane, I’m feeling kind of prickly myself tonight.” She carefully set the apple where Lady Jane could easily reach it.

She padded out of the barn, irritably tugging her borrowed Pink Floyd tee-shirt from her hip-rider jeans. Looking down, Lynx saw with horrified fascination she had ripped the shirt, shredded it really. Was it her imagination or had a claw emerged and retracted? Her skin tingled oddly, but it was the alluring smell on the breeze that had begun to stir that distracted her, her shirt forgotten. Musky and earthen, the wickedly enticing smell clung to her nostrils, arousing feverish impulses. Lynx’s head lifted instinctively, her body instantly attuned to the fragrant pull of the wild scent.

Simultaneously, the hair on Lynx’s body grew thicker. Lynx stared as a fine pelt began to cover her forearm. Hurriedly, Lynx pulled off her jeans, frantic now. The restraining fabric beyond bearing, she could hear her heartbeat pounding in time to the pulse of the earth. Her clothes felt claustrophobic, and surrounded by nature, she quickly shed them.

The soft swell of a cougar’s seductive call sent shivers over Lynx. Spasms and ripples contorted across her skin in response. With a shock, Lynx realized she had dropped to the ground and was answering the distinctly animalistic cry. On all fours now, the change roiled over Lynx fluidly, so rapidly a mouse forty meters away startled, squeaked, and then disappeared around the back of the barn. Her eyes caught the movement, but that was not what she sought.

Another snuff of the air and she was racing past the barn on silent paws, tracking the elusive, beckoning scent. The woods swallowed her form instantly, the trees closing in like curtains behind her. A heartbeat later, she saw the shape before her. It was coming closer with every second. She knew it, recognized it.

The larger male cougar circled her, crowding close, nose against fur. Lynx rubbed up against him, enticingly, then, just as quickly, took off at a run. The cougar was at her flanks in a flash, cutting her off in another, stalking her movements with untamed snarls, savage nips at her neck and heels that only fired her Imatu blood. She turned, swiping at the cougar with sharp claws. He came back for more.

A growl of approval emanating from close by captured Lynx’s attention, distracted momentarily from the cougar at her flank. A massive, dark amber- and gold-maned lion materialized beside them. The forest hummed in Lynx’s ears, but the low rumble of roars later turned into indistinguishable purrs.


At his quick but revealing movement, Leo saw the bulge in Drake’s jeans. It didn’t really surprise him. Leo looked over at Lynx, gauging her reaction. She still had the look of a deer caught in the headlights. She looked wide-eyed, mesmerized, and a little afraid to move. But Leo also heard the tiny hiss that escaped her lips. She was primed to blow, but unsure.

Leo pulled Lynx into the shelter of his arms. “Lynx, would Drake watching us dance turn you on, kitten?” Leo’s voice stroked her even as his fingers trailed over her lower back and hips. He slid his tongue over her parted lips before she could answer.

“Yes,” she breathed into his mouth. His tongue slid deeper, slipping and tasting, delving in deliciously widening forays as he subtly, but demandingly, inserted his leg between her legs and pushed them apart. The sounds of Eric Clapton and B.B. King drifted from the speakers.

Behind them, Craig shifted his stance, too, drawing a whimper from Lynx as his hands came up under her arms and slid to her breast. The same breasts and hard little nipples poked against his chest.

 Fluidly, they began to dance. Hands, feet, and tongues slid and parried. Lynx moved between them, undulating to their touch.

Lynx gasped as Leo said, “You like that, don’t you, kitten? You love Craig’s hands on your breasts and my fingers in your pussy.”

Lynx whimpered. Her eyes fluttered open at the contact, and Leo rolled with firm and knowing pressure against the swollen knot of her clitoris. It was a bundle of slick nerves. His fingers slid under the lace and sank into her cream drenched pussy.

Her pussy spasmed around his fingers. Leo saw her eyes open wide and lock on Drake’s. Drake had positioned himself by the pool table. He leaned back like a big cat tensing to spring. His eyes had gone dark with lust. His cock strained his low-rider jeans.

Leo watched Lynx’s face. His fingers worked rhythmically, soaked in her juices. Lynx licked her lips and moaned. Her eyes had drifted downwards as if magnetized to the juncture between Drake’s thighs.

Leo’s swirled another thumb at Lynx’s nipple  in lazy patterns to the seductive rhythm and beat of the song. Clapton and King were belting, “Come On” Another spasm rippled through her pussy.

Craig hooked his fingers around the thin band of Lynx’s panties. He dragged them down her legs in an erotic, drawn out stretch. Lynx stepped out of them. Craig was already moving back up against her body, tugging her negligee up with his teeth and fingers as he went.

Leo steadied her as Craig straightened to pull the slip of fabric off. He stepped back and slid his belt out, un-looping it. Leo dropped it to the floor. He unzipped his jeans. His hands slowly, deliberately grazed his cock as it sprang free. He quickly shucked his jeans. As he watched, Craig broke off kissing Lynx so he could dispose of his clothes, too.

Craig pumped his hand over the shaft of his penis before moving back behind Lynx. Leo stood back and watched as Craig nipped Lynx’s nape. Craig parted her cheeks, spread them. His cock was jutting thickly against Lynx’s tender ass. Her eyes were dilated in anticipation.

Leo saw Drake push his jeans down and off. Drake stood there, his face flushed, arousal darkening his eyes, legs spread. He was as hard as a brick.

Leo understood Drake’s tension.

Drake moistened his lips. His eyes fluttered closed, very briefly as his hand closed over his cock. His low groan said it all.

Leo moved back to Lynx’s front. Craig had danced her against the couch. She mewled as Leo nudged the large head of his cock against her mound. He fed his cock into the hot, slick slit. It stretched over him tight. He pushed inside slowly, groaning.

Lynx whimpered again as Craig moved back into position behind her. Craig had lubed up. Craig widened his stance behind Lynx and pushed, Leo felt more spasms rippling through Lynx’s pussy and gritted his teeth. He wasn’t ready to blow, yet.

“So fucking tight,” Craig groaned as he thrust forward.

Leo groaned in unison as he felt Lynx’s pussy spasm again, and then the added friction and pressure of Craig.

“Watch Drake, kitten,” Leo drawled, dragging his lips across Lynx’s. He cupped her face and turned it gently turned it towards Drake.

Drake’s look could only be described as hungry. Drake’s hand worked up and down as he stroked. Judging from the pearly syrup coating Drake’s fingers and his heavy breathing, Drake was already close to coming.

Lynx’s breathing grew harsher.

Craig widened his stance, withdrew part-way and pushed in again, sending more spasms through Lynx. Shudders shook her as Craig’s cock slid back inside the tight ring of muscles.

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