Aurora Zenith is battling to survive in poisonous London. Working at a docking station to Planet Alpha is not helping. Why? Because each day she witnesses lucky humans rocketing to a better life in the stars. With a surname last on the list to escape and a lung condition making her first on the list for death she’s getting desperate … and reckless.

Seeing an opportunity to stow away on sexy Captain Ciro’s shuttle to Alpha, Aurora acts first and thinks later. Trouble is, without a plan she’s flailing in space and lost on an alien world.

A string of rash decisions and a hasty retreat make for a perfect storm of danger, deceit, and lust. Will Aurora escape the evil Xyran who has her in his sights? Will Captain Ciro ever tear his attention from his gorgeous copilot and notice her? And what do the Alphans mean when they say a woman will complete them?

The only thing to do is fly with them and see where she lands.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, double penetration, anal sex, voyeurism

Reckless (MMF)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
This was a great addition to the Planet Alpha series. Suspense and sex - what a great combination. Loved the guy she worked with that encouraged and prodded her to go.

Of course the males are hot and Alpha which is just fine with me. I will begin searching for more books by you Ms. Harlem.

Ciro and Luc were homosexual. Seeing them together, doing the deed, would be a fantasy come true—a fantasy she hadn’t known she’d had until moments ago.

But why were they here? In a room in a club?

Clearly they weren’t too worried about being seen by other Alphans. But what would they make of her watching?

They wouldn’t find out. She’d stay just another minute and…

She held in a gasp as Ciro shoved at his warrior pants and gripped his cock. It was huge, golden, and the domed head shiny.

He gritted his teeth as he worked it root to tip, his movements industrious and firm. “Open up,” he said, using his free hand to cup Luc’s jawline.

Luc did as instructed and turned to Ciro. He kept his eyes closed.

Ciro bent and kissed each one of Luc’s horns, very gently.

Luc clenched his fists but kept them where they were, on his legs.

Ciro moved closer and placed the tip of his cock on Luc’s bottom lip.

Luc swiped his tongue over the end.

“Ah, yes, bondmate, like that, more of your tongue.” Ciro groaned, then fed his cock into Luc’s mouth. He kept on going, sinking deep and deeper still.

Luc took it all, even when the tip was bulging the base of his upstretched neck.

Ciro cupped his own balls, hanging heavy, and slipped almost out of Luc’s mouth. His cock was now glossy with saliva, and a dribble of moisture had dampened Luc’s chin.

“Think of what else we need,” Ciro said. “What we will find one day to complete us. Think of that, Luc. Find that image in your head.”

Luc made an incomprehensible noise as Ciro rode back in.

Aurora wondered what else they could possibly need. It seemed to her they had each other and with that pretty awesome sex thrown into the deal.

“Take your cock out,” Ciro said. “Work it while I mate with your mouth.”

Quick to obey, Luc undid his pants and delved inside. He tugged his cock from between the gap in the zipper and held it steady.

“Work it,” Ciro instructed again, his golden eyes sparkling as he looked down at Luc’s hard cock. “Work it fast.”

Aurora pressed her legs together. This was the hottest thing she’d ever witnessed. Her pussy was dampening, and her nipples were tight and scratching against her bra.

Luc began to move at speed, masturbating in a way that made his hand become a blur on his shaft.

Ciro continued to fuck his mouth, though he seemed mesmerized by what Luc was doing to himself. He wasn’t even blinking as he watched.

Aurora itched to touch herself, too. Apply pressure to her clit as she enjoyed the erotic show the Alphans were unwittingly putting on for her. But she didn’t. She’d have to leave the club any second now. This was too dangerous, too risky.

Ciro pulled out, his cock shiny and solid. “Stop.” He gripped Luc’s arm forcing him to let go of his shaft. He then dragged Luc to standing so they were face to face. “Look at me.”

Aurora couldn’t tell because Luc was now facing away from her, but she guessed Luc had obeyed because Ciro’s urgent expression softened.

“Did you think?” he asked Luc.


“And what did you see?”


Ciro nodded. “We are in alignment. The decision is made then.”

“It is.”

Ciro kissed Luc hard and fast. Then, still gripping his arm, he spun him to face a table that sat before the chair.

Next thing, Luc was bent double over it and Ciro was tearing at his pants, shoving them down Luc’s legs. Ciro’s cock bobbed as he worked, tapping up against his captain’s jacket that hung over his belly.

“Oh, please, now…” Luc groaned, folding his arms on the table and setting his forehead over them. “Ciro, just do it.”

“Remember who is your captain,” Ciro said, kicking Luc’s feet wider apart. “I do not take orders from you.”

“I know, I know … but…”

Ciro had stepped in close, his cock head clearly against Luc’s asshole.

Aurora clenched her buttocks. She wasn’t a virgin. She’d had a few boyfriends over the years. But she’d never had her ass breached the way Luc was about to have. And damn Ciro’s cock was huge.

Both Alphans were breathing hard, their bodies tense and solid.

Ciro gripped Luc about his hips and with a sharp jerk of his hips and a grunt, penetrated him.

Luc grappled for the edge of the table and gripped it. His back arched, and he stretched his neck so his face was angled at the ceiling.

“Take what you need,” Ciro said, running one hand up Luc’s back and meshing his fingers in his hair. “Let the pleasure of relief take you.”

“More. Harder.”

This time Ciro did do as he’d been asked. He pulled out, then rammed back in all the time keeping Luc in a firm grip. He set up a wild, steaming pace, thrusting in and out of Luc’s ass.

Their flesh slapped together, and they didn’t appear to care about the noises they were making.

Aurora’s knees were watery. She gripped the doorframe, committing every moment to memory. These men were so sexy, so primitive in their determination to reach the end goal of climax.

“It’s here,” Luc gasped. “Oh…”

Ciro bent double. Just before he bit onto Luc’s neck, two sharp fangs appeared.

Aurora had heard of these tesak fangs before. But she’d never seen them, never even been sure if they were just a rumor.

Now she knew they were very real.

Luc was writhing in apparent ecstasy as Ciro sank both his cock and his fangs deep into him.

A quiver attacked Aurora. It started in her belly and went up to her breasts and down to her pussy. What must it be like for Luc to be on the receiving end of Captain Ciro’s lust? All that passion and need. The basic instincts of mating unleashed.

Ciro drew back, two scarlet drips sitting on his fangs.

She guessed, by the ecstasy on his face, that he was coming hard and long.

Suddenly his eyes seemed to focus, and he turned to the door.

He looked straight at her.

Aurora gasped and pressed her hand to her mouth.

She stepped back. But she knew it was too late. He’d seen her watching. That split second of connection between them had been like a bolt of lightning.

Her heartbeat tripped as she stumbled to the base of the steps. Gripping the handrail, she hurtled up toward the street. Mortification swamped her. What the hell had possessed her to watch such an intimate moment between alien lovers? Her cheeks were on fire. Every breath was burning its way into her lungs.

She reached the dark street, and without pausing, fled back the way she’d come earlier. Her footsteps ricocheted around the alley. She grasped the sharp edge of a building as she flew around a corner.

What the hell was going to happen now?

Had Captain Ciro recognized her?

No, surely not. In that split second? When he was so distracted with his climax? Impossible.

But Ciro wasn’t human. He was an Alphan warrior. A highly intelligent one at that. He had abilities that were unknown to her.

What if he had seen who she really was? An imposter.

What if he decided to hunt her down?

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