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Through With Love (MMM)

Suncoast Society

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 50,747
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[Siren Sensations ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, fisting, sex toys, HEA] 

Kent is through with love and convinced one man can never satisfy him—or his “monster.” He takes his pleasure from the sexy parties he throws for his friends, watching in silent envy as one after another pairs off and finds love. Meanwhile, an endless string of guys parade through his own bed, while his heart remains completely walled off.   

Tim and Paul accidentally fell together, but it was lust at first sight with love soon to follow. They both enjoy their sexy after-hours funtime. When Kent stumbles onto their games, it adds a delicious bonus to their business relationship and redefines the phrase “strange bedfellows.”   

Except what starts as fun soon turns into more for Tim and Paul. They know Kent is scared of commitment and has shadows in his past. So does Tim. Can Paul show both men this could be forever, and can they win not only Kent’s trust, but his heart, before it’s too late?


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

User Reviews
Suncoast Society, Book #71. Past trauma meets present inferno, but just who and what will survive? SPOILER ALERT: IT'S HELPFUL TO READ STEADY RAIN, INDIFFERENCE OF HEAVEN, AND LIKE THE SEASONS (BOOKS ...

- Pam Stanton

I love the way that Paul and & Tim meet up and how that plays out in their relationship memories and how it begins the next chapter in their life. They actually seem like an unlikely grouping but yet ...

- Karen M in FL

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Paul stopped by Tim’s apartment in South Tampa to pick him up early on Saturday. It wasn’t a bad complex. Totally appropriate for a twenty-eight-year-old at this time in their life. A starter place.

Although an apartment didn’t provide the kind of privacy a house did. Like the older house Paul owned in Town and Country.

Not that he brought people home that often to warrant the privacy, but he was always hopeful one day he’d find a guy.

For now, he’d have to settle for the occasional night out at the Ybor club as pup. Wasn’t as satisfying as a relationship, but it helped scratch his deeper itches.

For a while.

Work had to come first.

“Am I finally going to get to hear you call me Paul today?” he teased Tim.

Tim awarded him a winning smile. “Yes, I’ll call you Paul today. But I’m not calling him Kent unless he insists on it.”

“He probably will. He’s a nice guy, very friendly.” They chatted as they headed south through St. Pete and over the Skyway. Mostly work, and especially Kent Corwin’s project.

“How much of a work day will this be today?” Tim asked.

“Probably a lot, knowing Kent. I mean, I don’t know him well like friends or something, but he’s always struck me as pretty intense about work. Once he’s on the topic, he’s very focused.”

They found the affable man puttering around at his boat slip in Venice, except it wasn’t just a “boat.”

It was a boat. More correctly, a yacht. Around forty feet long, the cabin cruiser was no doubt worth several times over and then some what Paul’s house was worth.


Holy shit.

Paul knew Kent had money, because he’d researched the man’s company before signing a contract with him to create the software.

But seeing something like this drove it home that his little start-up software company was really playing in the big leagues now.

“Holy cow,” Tim muttered as they parked. “That’s one helluva ‘boat.’”



* * * *


Tim knew they were working for a client who had money.

It was another thing entirely to be smacked in the face with tangible signs of that money.

He’d never met Kent Corwin in person and didn’t know much about him beyond what Paul had told him during the drive down from Tampa. Except Corwin’s attention to detail and his hands-on participation in the process boded well.

Tim hoped.

And yes, he’d call Paul by his first name today. What he could never admit to the guy—his fricking boss—was that calling him Mr. Sauer while at work helped Tim hold back the sexy fantasies of everything he’d love to do to the guy outside of the office.

Hell, maybe inside it, too.

And it wasn’t very politic to tell your boss you would love to put him on his knees and fuck his mouth until he was drooling and choking on your cock before you flipped him over and fucked his ass so he’d feel it into the middle of next week.

He loved this job and couldn’t allow himself to fuck up and end up weirding the guy out. Especially not now, after being named the project team leader and finally getting their team realigned and everything in their dev cycle moving on course once more.

Tim could also see the potential in Paul’s company. They had quality people doing quality work. With the contracts they now held, it wasn’t inconceivable to think they could be a huge name in custom software development in five years or sooner. He wanted to be a part of that, not just a nameless cog in a larger machine like he’d been at his previous job.

Kent looked to be in his late forties or early fifties, and was only an inch or so shorter than Tim’s five-eleven. His dark brown hair was neatly trimmed, a few hints of silver here and there proving he didn’t dye it. With brown eyes and a winning, friendly smile, the man quickly took over.

“So you’re Paul’s newest guy, huh?” Kent shook with him in a hearty but not assholish grip. “Heard a lot of good things about you.”

Tim cast a quick smile in Paul’s direction. “I enjoy working for him.”

“Glad he brought you today. A lot I want to talk to you guys about…”

Apparently there were three other guests arriving soon, all men, but either Tim didn’t catch what their relationship was to Kent, or maybe Kent didn’t say it.

Kent led them into the cabin area, showed them where they could stash their things and where the drinks and snacks were in the galley, then flashed them a playful smile. “So how long have you two been together?”

Paul looked adorably confused, and Tim had to swallow back his laugh so he didn’t freak Paul out.

“Sorry?” Paul asked.

“How long you guys been an item? Look, I want to talk work today, but it’s also a day for fun, right?” Kent dropped them a knowing wink. “Kick back and relax. All work and no play, that bullshit, huh?”

When Paul’s cheeks turned an adorable shade of pink, Tim opted to help him out. “I’m keeping things professional with Paul,” Tim said, patting the guy on his shoulder and risking leaving his hand there for a brief moment. “Wouldn’t do to piss anyone off in the office. Our team’s too valuable.”

Kent’s eyebrows arched. “Ah, mea culpa, gentlemen. I misunderstood. I thought you two were an item. No hard feelings, I hope?”

“Not at all,” Tim said. “I’m flattered you think that highly of me.”

Tim was having a hard time containing his laughter that Paul had been rendered totally speechless, something he never thought he’d see. The guy wasn’t a smooth operator, no, but this level of shock and silence was unusual for the man.

Kent’s smile widened and he pointed at Tim. “I like you, kid. I’ve been looking forward to sitting down with you and chatting in person ever since Paul told me he hired you.” He lightly smacked Paul’s shoulder. “Keep this one around, huh?”

Paul nodded, apparently happy for the diversion of the topic. “Yeah, I plan to.”




Tonight Tim wanted to enjoy a drink, a good cigar, and then wander upstairs to the third floor to finally bust some tension that had built up. He purchased a bourbon on ice downstairs and carried it up to the changing room on the second floor, where he picked a locker.

He caught a glimpse of a guy with a sweet body dressed in pup gear heading out of the changing room as Tim walked in through the opposite door. He knew it wasn’t uncommon for bottoms—pups or piggies or just good old-fashioned sluts and power bottoms—to make the rounds of the second floor, looking to suck cocks or pick up play for later upstairs on the third floor.

After stripping and removing his briefs, he changed into jeans, boots, and a black leather vest, locked his things in one of the lockers, and headed out. He had lube and condoms in his bag for later, but didn’t want to go upstairs without finding someone to play with first.

As he scanned the space, across the room he spotted a guy already on his knees—the pup he’d seen earlier—with a large black Top. Seeing from the look on the other Top’s face already sitting there that the pup would be busy for a while, he started for the cigar room, then hesitated, turning back for a second, closer look.


Staying off to the side, so the pup’s back remained to him, Tim leaned against the wall, sipping his drink as he watched the guy eagerly servicing the large black Top, quickly followed by the other Top sitting at the table.

His gaze kept falling on the light blue stripe on the pup’s collar and right armband.


When the pup finished with them, he moved across the room, away from Tim, and picked up three more Tops after pausing at one guy who apparently turned him down in a friendly sort of way after petting his head for a few minutes.

It’s just wishful thinking.

Still, there was something…familiar about the guy.

His cock throbbed as he watched the pup sucking the first one of that group of three, Tim’s heart racing before he finally shook it off and headed for the cigar lounge area. Tim’s cock wanted to be buried inside the pup’s mouth.

The night is young.

Instead, after Tim bought a cigar from the attendant at the counter inside the room, he picked a comfy chair along the far wall where he could see both one of the TV screens as well as the door to the room. He set his drink on the small table next to the chair that also held a clean ashtray awaiting his use. After clipping the end of the cigar he lit it, taking a few draws off it and sighing in contentment.

Only thing that would be better would be having his cock buried in a certain special someone’s mouth right now.

When another pup approached him a few minutes later, he patted the guy’s head and shook his own, sending him away with a smile. Between sipping his drink and smoking his cigar, he couldn’t help but keep glancing at the door to the other room.

That’s why, when it finally opened and he spotted the pup’s head poke through, and finally got a look at the pup’s unmistakable green eyes, it took every ounce of self-control he had not to stand, stride over, grab him by the collar, and drag him upstairs.

Instead, he waited, watching.

He spotted it the moment those gorgeous green eyes locked on his, and he knew his smile looked more than a little predatory, especially when those gorgeous green eyes widened in recognition.

And maybe just a little fear.

Probably more than a little fear. Something akin to horror, from how wide they opened.

That only made Tim’s hungry cock throb harder.

Tim crooked his finger at the man, wondering if he’d make his way over…or if he’d have to go after him.

Eventually the pup approached him, looking sexy as fuck on all fours.

Tim’s hard cock pulsed inside his jeans, this dream come true. He made no secret of it when he transferred his cigar to his left hand and started massaging his bulge with his right.

Ohhhh, it’s on.

The pup’s body almost seemed to tremble as he sat on his haunches in front of Tim. Tim patted his inner thigh and let the pup come to him. When he was close enough, Tim hooked a finger through the ring on the front of the pup’s collar and pulled him the rest of the way in, so that the pup’s cheek was pressed against the denim stretched over his cock.

Tim didn’t say anything at first, mesmerized by his green eyes, the fear and lust and longing all mingling there.

Tim took another puff from his cigar and blew a lazy smoke ring before he leaned in with a smile. “You want to suck Daddy’s cock, pup?”

The pup licked his lips and eagerly nodded.

He released the pup’s collar and eased his fly open with his right hand before reaching for the collar again, hooking his fingers around it.

“Take your time, pup. Daddy’s in no hurry. I watched you with some of those other Tops, and I want a taste of your mouth, too. You seem to be very popular around here.”

Tim leaned back, getting comfortable with his cigar, waiting.


Smiling at his good luck.


* * * *


Maybe he doesn’t know it’s me!

But the tone of Tim’s voice drilled deep into Paul’s soul. He knew this was wrong and stupid and maybe even dangerous.

He also didn’t care.

Paul leaned in, eagerly swallowing the man’s cock, swirling his tongue around the head and tasting him before taking him to the root. Tim’s wasn’t the largest cock he’d ever serviced, but he had nothing to be ashamed of, either. He had a sweetly tangy taste Paul wanted more of.

And Paul wanted to take his time.

Maybe even all night.

Tim’s thumb stroked the side of Paul’s head through the hood, even as his other fingers firmly held the collar, trapping Paul in place.

“That’s it,” Tim softly cooed. “Make Daddy feel good, piggy. Look at me.”

He forced his eyes open and stared up into Tim’s intense brown gaze. Tim’s smile nearly made Paul come right there.

“I watched you sucking cocks out there. Eager little piggy, looking for something you haven’t been able to find, aren’t you?”

He couldn’t reply with Tim’s cock now deep in his throat, but he mumbled an assent around it.

Tim’s smile widened and he set his cigar in the ashtray before he leaned in. He cupped his left hand around the back of Paul’s head and dropped his voice to a whisper.

“Bet you’d rather have my cock up your ass instead of that butt plug, hmm?”

Something about his tone burst through all of Paul’s defenses despite knowing this was a really bad fucking idea. If he let Tim take him upstairs, no way could he pretend he wasn’t who he was.

Or why he was there.

He wouldn’t be able to keep his hood on. They had security up there, and it was required you be totally naked outside the locker room and showers. If he tried to leave the locker room in anything but a towel and shower sandals—jewelry and collars and harnesses were allowed—he’d be spun around and sent back in to strip. It kept everyone on even footing.

“Maybe you’d rather have my fist up your greedy little ass, hmm?”

A needy whine escaped Paul, along with another mumbled assent. It’d been a while since he’d had that, but yeah. While large toys were fun, it didn’t beat having a flesh-and-blood partner.

“Maybe we can find a second Top who will help Daddy DP his greedy little piggy’s ass, hmm?”

Ooooh, I am soooo fucked.

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