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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (MMMMF)

Suncoast Society

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 46,908
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[Siren Sensations: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M/M/M/F with M/M elements, HEA]

Arden’s been plagued by personal problems—none of them involving men. But when she waits on four hunky rich guys one night and they find out she’s studying computers, their job offer is the answer to her prayers.

Trace, Steve, Ken, and Hal have been best friends since they were college roommates. They’ve already successfully birthed and cashed out one start-up that made them rich, and moved to Florida to focus on replicating their accomplishment. They hope buying a house together will help them recapture their magic and avoid distractions, like dangerously meddling family and crazy exes. But Arden, their adorable motorcycle-riding assistant, doesn’t seem to understand how much she distracts them.

Then, a chance encounter at Venture gives the men a very bad—or very good—idea. And when Ken needs Arden’s help hiding his secret from family, the men decide the risk is worth it. Now, all they have to do is convince Arden she’s perfect for them.



Note: This book contains double penetration.


A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

User Reviews
What’s not to love? Hot, wealthy guys and a woman with all the right answers.

- Booklvr

I love how everything is new for these guys from their home, relationship, and Arden. They are smart and aren't afraid to go after what they want. I'm so excited that there will be more.

- Karen M in FL

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The four guys in the corner booth seemed nice and friendly and something about their manner spoke money, even though they weren’t dressed super-fancy or anything. Two white guys, one guy who looked like he might be from Indian or Middle Eastern descent, and a handsome bald, black guy who looked vaguely familiar, like maybe an actor she’d seen on TV or something.


The four of them were the friendly kind of flirty, not obnoxious, and she finally had to ask when she brought their appetizers.

“You all here on vacation, or what?”

“Nah,” the black guy said, giving her a warm, wide smile. “Relocating here. We just closed on a house this afternoon. Starting our new business here. We were partners in our previous business before we sold it. Did a couple of years of consulting for the new owners, and now that the non-competes have expired, we’re ready to stretch our wings again.”

“That sounds mysterious. What do you do?”

“Ever hear of Collidezkope?”

“Yeah. I have friends who keep trying to get me to join, but I’m not as crazy into bands and music as they are.”

He pointed at the blue-eyed blond cutie. “Trace, there, came up with the name. Didn’t hurt he was a little drunk and couldn’t spell worth a shit. Steve”—he pointed at the guy who looked Indian, with handsome brown eyes and straight black hair—“he’s the one who hit on the basic site architecture and structure we started with. Hal and I shouldered building most of the initial framework. We were in college.”

Hal, who was the other white guy and had hazel eyes and brown hair, flashed her a smirk. “Ken here is a little too modest. It started out as a class project for a grade and kind of blew out of control. Before we knew it, we had a company.”

“Holy cow! That’s awesome. If you’re looking for unpaid interns, I’m looking for a new position since I just lost my old one.”


* * * *


I have a position I’d like to put you in.

And Trace knew it would involve zero clothes, cuffs, a collar, some implements, and a whole lot of lube.

“What happened?” Trace asked. From the frown she’d flashed, it didn’t sound good.

“Guess the owner of the company was cheating on his wife and brought home something antibiotics couldn’t get rid of. She killed him, and herself. Just the other day.”

“Oh, shit.”

She nodded. “Yeah. Killed my internship, too, which sucks, because when my classes are over at the end of the semester and I graduate, I was supposed to move to working full-time for them.”

“What are you studying…”

And that led them into a discussion of her skillsets and studies and had Trace re-evaluating his earlier dirty thoughts. Especially when she gave him her portfolio web URL and he took a look at the test sites she’d built for her classes.

When Arden left to take care of another table, Trace leaned in. “Guys, you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That I’d like to ride her like a pony?” Hal joked. “Fuck, yeah.”

Trace reached over and slapped his shoulder. “Asshole. We talked about the next step being we’d need an AA. She’s almost done with school, she’s got some skills already—she’d be perfect.”

Ken frowned. “You’re serious? We don’t know anything about her.”

“That’s why we ask her for a resume,” Trace said. “You’re in charge of personnel until we get big enough for an HR department, that was the deal. She can be our first hire.” He held up his phone. “She’s not just blowing smoke out of her ass.”

Ken pulled out his wallet, rummaged through it, and found a business card. The phone number listed on it went to a VOIP number he could check from anywhere. “I want to give her my cell number. Any of you assholes got a pen?”

They didn’t.

She returned with their entrees and Ken went to work. “Can I borrow your pen for a second?”

“Sure.” She handed it to him, and he quickly jotted his cell number on the back of the business card. “My e-mail’s on the front. Send me your resume tomorrow and text me so I have your number. We’d like to set up an interview with you.”


Trace watched Ken turn on the charm. Hell, it made his cock twitch, and while he wouldn’t weird his friend out by admitting he’d maybe thought about what it’d be like to take a spin through the sack with Ken at least once, like hell would he ever tell him.

“We have a plan,” Ken told her. “House came first. Next step is setting up an office, and hiring people. Very first hire has to be an administrative assistant. Won’t be much coding for you to do in that job. Not at first. It’ll be sort of a catch-all position. But as we grow, we’re going to need to add on staff, and that’s where you’d have more responsibilities. Having someone who knows the technical side of things will be a huge help.”

She stared at the card. “Are…are you serious?”

“Absolutely. We’ll work around your class schedule, of course.”

“Wow. Thank you!”

“We’re staying here, for now. We have two suites up on the top floor. It’ll take us a few days to get our stuff from storage and get moved into our new place. We’ll be working out of there, at first. Long story we can chat about at the official interview.” He held out a hand to her. “Ken Rossi. That’s Trace Huffe, Steve Chaudhary, and Hal non sequitur Larsson.”

“Dick,” Hal muttered, but he offered her a smile. “Hi.”

“Arden Hasegawa.” She tucked the card into her back pocket. “I really appreciate this. Would it possibly lead to a paying position after I graduate?”

Ken’s smile widened. “I’m sorry, I think you misunderstood me. Depending on how the interview goes, after we tell you more about us, we’d want to hire you as our paid AA starting immediately.”

Her eyes widened. “Really?”

“Really.” He pointed toward where she’d slipped his card into her pocket. “So don’t forget to get that sent to me ASAP.”

“Thank you!”




Arden was totally sober by the time Ken let them into their hotel room. She wondered if he’d still be wanting to do what he’d said when he caught her hand and pulled her into his arms.

“I think someone needs to get naked for me, hmm?”

Ooookay, then.

She wasn’t going to turn this down.

When she slid off her coat, he took it from her and tossed it onto the chair. She started to take off her heels, but he stopped her. “Nah, leave those on. For now.”

He smiled as he took the dress from her, then her bra and panties. As he circled her, nodding in what she hoped was an appreciative way, she felt desperately glad she’d opted to shave her cooter that morning in the shower.

He stepped in and pulled her into his arms. “Someone said something about needing a spanking, too, if I recall?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He reached down and smacked her ass, hard, with one hand. “Then someone better get down on their pretty little knees and do what I told them to do.”

He held her hands, helping her down. Then she bowed, hands on the floor, forehead resting on them. “I need a spanking, Sir. Please, give me one.”

“Mmm mmm mmm. Then what?”

She took a deep breath. “Then I want to suck your cock, Sir, and want you to fuck my pussy with your cock.”

“Ooooh, baby. Such pretty begging.” He reached down and fisted her hair, easing her back up into a sit, her face right in front of his fly. “Start with convincing me how badly you want my cock, baby.”

Her fingers trembled as she eagerly worked to unfasten his belt and fly and lower his zipper. His thick cock lay hard and pressing against it from inside, making it tricky to get it out but she managed. He looked even larger than he had that morning and her mouth watered as she leaned in and licked the tip before swallowing him as deeply as she could.

“Ooooh, yeah.” He cupped one hand around the back of her head, his fingers keeping her in place as she bobbed up and down on his cock. The other he reached down and held the base of his cock, and she realized she didn’t want to be anywhere else at that moment but right there.

Except…maybe if the other three men were there with them.

He only let her do that for a moment, though. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and caught one of her hands, yanking her to her feet. “Someone needs a spankin’. Then my good girl’s gonna get to swallow a load.”

He didn’t bother undressing or zipping up. He sat on the end of one of the beds and pulled her over his lap, the fabric from his slacks and suit coat slightly rough against her flesh and creating delicious friction against her nipples.

He flicked her shoes off her feet. With his left hand planted in the middle of her back, he squeezed her left ass cheek, then the right. “Hang on, baby. This ride will get bumpy.”

She buried her face against the covers as he started spanking her, hard and fast and without any warmup at all. She’d already been spinning down into subspace, but the jolt of endorphins dumping into her system slammed her the rest of the way, like the back side of the first climb on a roller coaster. Even as pain blossomed in her ass, her clit burned, throbbed as it received the occasional rub against his hard thigh.

Not once did she consider safewording. Every time she thought she was about to utter it, he’d pause, squeezing her ass again, fingers digging in, nails raking. Just enough time to give her a moment to regroup and suck in a long breath before he started spanking her again.


* * * *


Holy hell, she was so goddamned sexy, squirming against him and needy, greedy, shoving her ass against his hand and arching her back into the impacts.

God, she was perfect.

One thing that had been missing from his life was the ability to totally dominate his partner the way he really wanted to. With the other guys all being Doms, he’d let that part of himself slide to the wayside.


This was perfection.

She was perfection.

He could sate his kinky needs with her and bust a nut with her or the guys, either way. Win-win.

Finally, he lifted her from his lap and put her on her knees again, between his legs, and started fucking her mouth. He needed her, needed to claim her, mark her inside and out.

He also wanted to hear what she sounded like when she came, but that wasn’t going to happen until he took care of his aching cock.

There was no finesse this time. He kept control and was careful not to gag her, but he made it clear to her he was in charge and every soft, sweet moan she made vibrated through his cock. She held on to his legs, not trying to push him away but trying to hold on closer as he pumped into her.

“Swallow.” That’s the only warning he gave her before he thrust deep one last time. She surprised him, though, taking him even deeper than he’d been fucking her mouth, her hands flexing and stroking his legs through his slacks.

When her gaze swiveled up to meet his, his heart squeezed and he knew.

Without a doubt.

No fucking way was he letting her go. They needed her, all four of them did. In different ways and for different reasons—his the most selfish of all—but they did.

Like fucking hell would he let her get away from them, and he knew exactly the way to make sure she didn’t.

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