Come with Me Now (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,928
25 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Omega wolf Colten Morgan has been taken as the mate of an alpha wolfhound. Wolfhounds are bred to hunt and kill werewolves, and though Zane claims to love Colten and doesn't want to hurt him, Colten can't help but fear him, even as he desperately desires him.
He doesn't want to fear his mate. The man has had ample opportunity to do harm, and yet he's always been more than kind, more than willing to protect Colten and give him everything he needs.
But Colten's animal side goes into flight mode whenever his mate is nearby. It shivers and shakes, and despite the desire between them, he still knows that he is creating a very unhappy mating.
Colten doesn't want to make the man he loves unhappy. So he will do whatever it takes to be with his mate, even if it means demanding to be taken the way he needs to be.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Come with Me Now (MM)
25 Ratings (4.2)

Come with Me Now (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,928
25 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very exciting 2nd book in the series. The author is really opening up prospective new strings rather quickly with the possibility of Dean and Joey, Smith and Teddy, and Ryland and the other omega wolfhound. So, there's a lot to be excited about coming along.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"The complications of a werewolfhound - a genetically altered werewolf whose purpose it is to hunt and kill werewolves - mated to a werewolf omega really come to the fore in this second book of the ‘Rogue Wolfhounds’ series. Max, the alpha of the wolfhound pack, and Todd, the pregnant omega werewolf he saved from the human-run lab, overcame their issues relatively quickly because Todd had every reason to trust Max after he accepted the baby. But Colten has no such reason to trust Zane, and I only began to fully understand the severity of the situation with Zane and Colten’s story as the focus. To be mated to someone, yet fearing the man’s very touch, is driving Colten crazy. He needs to have sex with Zane, and emotionally he likes the powerful werewolfhound, but Colten’s inner wolf severely disagrees. He is scared to death of Zane, and the push-and-pull is making Colten wish he had more control over the animal. He is too scared to let Zane bite him, and even though they both suspect that is what helped cement Max and Todd’s relationship, Colten just cannot get to the point where he will ask for, or even allow, Zane to give him the mating bite. Zane for his part isn’t much better off. He wants Colten all the time, wants his mate to trust him, but every time he sees the abject fear in Colten’s eyes, it is like a punch to the gut for Zane. He is more patient than a saint, and I really admired him for that. Then push comes to shove and he does what has to be done, yet regrets it deeply. The whole situation sure had me paying attention! But that isn’t all. Toward the end of the book Max and his pack run into a new danger, or rather a new enemy finds them, takes them unaware, and before they know what’s going on they have Smith taken from them to protect Todd and Colten and Ryland left behind knowing his mate is out there. The situation with Dean and Joey isn’t getting much better either. In summary there is plenty of material for several more books in this exciting series and I look forward to seeing what Marcy Jacks comes up with next. If you like the idea of werewolfhounds and their issues, if you want to see how Colten and Zane battle and overcome their issues, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of suspense, action, angst, and hot mating, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Colten watched as Zane entered the water with some amusement. It was interesting, watching this man that hed been so afraid of, and still kind of was afraid of, try to impress him by getting into the water first.

Zane caught a couple of fish with his bare hands, letting them go immediately since they werent planning on eating them, and then called to Colten.

This should do nicely.

Colten laughed. That looks like my dick will shrivel up.

Though, even as he said it, he didnt entirely believe it. He was still hard, still throbbing and desperate to be touched, licked, sucked, and fucked.

It was kind of difficult as it was to not reach his hand down right now and take care of the problem himself. He was sitting on the rocks in such a way that would hide his dick from Zanes view though he was pretty sure the man could still smell him.

And of course, Zane did have to call him on his bullshit. Do I look like my dick is shriveling? he asked, sticking his hands on his hips.

Colten swore that the man was also purposely spreading his legs a little more just so Colten could see his cock.

Even with the mans balls touching the cool water, his cock remained thick and hard and pointing up at Zanes belly button. Colten swore he could see it throbbing in time with Zanes heartbeat.

And he wanted to touch it. It was like there was an invisible string between him and Zane, pulling them together, and it was damn near impossible to fight against it.

This was definitely one of the few times where the wolf side of him wasnt clamoring to get away. It was a relief. It felt...really nice to be able to look at his mate and not tremble in fear.

And he wanted to take advantage of that before it came back, before the wolf inside of him woke up and his instincts to flee a predator came roaring back to life.

Colten stood. No, I guess you dont.

You guess?

Colten glanced down one more time at Zanes erection, doing his absolute best not to stare. He didnt do a good job on that one.

I know, Colten replied.

Then come in the water, Zane said, and he was starting to sound a little impatient. Impatient in a good way.

Colten put his toes into the stream, and then his whole foot. He nearly hissed from the cold, but he didnt want to look like he couldnt handle it, and he could already see the knowing smirk that was on Zanes face.

He was going to prove to this man that he could handle it no matter how cold the water was!

But it actually wasnt all that cold. As Colten stuck his other foot in and walked forward, his body adjusted quickly. He mustve been overly warm before getting in.

The only time when he couldnt hold back a hiss was when the water came up over his cock and balls. He may have experienced some shrinkage right then.

Zane laughed at him, even as he backed up further into the deeper end of the water. It went all the way to Zanes belly button now, which meant that it almost touched Coltens chest.

Okay, seriously, no deeper than this, Colten said.

Why? Dont you like it?

I do, Colten said. Your pack is strangely rich. Why do you have to do your swimming in a stream? Shouldnt you have an in-ground pool or something?

Zane shrugged. Max has been talking about getting one, but this seems more natural.

Of course, Colten said. How stupid of me to think otherwise.

Youre saying your wolf doesnt approve of this? Water that does not have chlorine in it?

My wolf is kind of sleeping right now, and I want to keep him that way, Colten said, raising his arms and putting them around Zanes shoulders.

Zanes expression changed, from eager and excited at being with his mate, to kind ofsad.

Shit. Maybe Zane had thought this was all of Colten, the wolf and the man, finally accepting him. To hear that wasnt the case had to be disappointing.

Im sorry, Colten said, looking away. Im trying, I swear. I just—”

Shhh, Zane said, and then put his hands behind Coltens head, his touch calm and soothing as he pulled Colten forward for a kiss.

And it wasit was so good that it made Coltens knees weak. The heat that rushed through his body when their mouths touched wouldve been too much for him had the cool water around their bodies not been there to even out his temperature.

That sizzling sensation that rushed through his mouth and down to his knees almost made them buckle. Zane easily held him up, he wouldve been able to hold him with or without the water to help, but it was still there, and Colten found himself clutching at the other man and opening his mouth to let his tongue inside.




“Touch me. I want your hands on me,” he said, and then went back to kissing and sucking on Colten’s throat.

Colten did. He kept one hand on Zane’s lower back to steady himself, and used his other hand to find Zane’s dick, curling his fingers around it, and then stroking it in the water.

Zane groaned between the kisses he pressed to Colten’s collarbone. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to Colten’s nipple, first one, and then the other.

And Colten threw his head back and moaned.

More pleasure, more sensations that threatened to drown him. There was nothing in the world but him and Zane and the water. No one else. Nothing.

And it felt so damned good It was amazing.

Colten pressed his cock against Zane’s and wrapped his hand around both of their dicks. The throb he felt, the way Zane’s prick jumped in his hand, was electrifying. That was probably a stupid, cliché way of putting it, but it was the truth, and there was no other way of describing how this felt.

So good, please fuck me now. I need you now,” Colten begged.

It was like their first night all over again, back before his wolf knew what it was that was on top of him, and Colten missed that. He needed that. He needed to feel like he was actually safe in the arms of his mate.

Zane’s mouth pressed against Colten’s in a hard, desperate kiss before he forced Colten to turn around. Colten felt the hard length of Zane’s cock pressing against his ass cheeks, then pushing between them, teasing him, and he groaned.

“Yeah, just like that. Please, just like that.”

“The water might not be enough.”

“It’s good enough. We can make it work.”

Colten wasn’t entirely sure about that. He’d never been fucked by someone with only water there to help ease the way, but it wasn’t like he was a virgin or anything. He should be fine. He hoped.

And anyway, he was too damned desperate to settle for anything less than being fucked and claimed like he really wanted to be. He needed it.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me right now.”

He honestly thought he would die if he didn’t get it. Logically he knew he wouldn’t, but that’s how much his body was begging to be filled.

Zane growled a little behind him, and his mouth came back down on Colten’s throat. Colten felt like he was swimming in warm, pleasurable sensations. It was almost an overload. It was making his vision blur and his body buzz.

And it only got worse when Zane pressed two fingers to Colten’s pucker, pushing inside.

Even though that part was slow and easy, Colten still found himself tensing up. The water helped, but barely. He wasn’t going to give up and he wasn’t going to ask for this to stop. He needed it. He had to have it and he was going to get it.


“I’m fine,” Colten said through his teeth. “I can do it. I’m okay.”

Zane still hesitated, though, and it was driving Colten up the wall.

He growled back behind the man, his wolf waking up a little. “Don’t think about it, just do it!”

Zane’s eyes flashed, and a smile tugged at his lips.

It made Colten shiver in anticipation, and…

No, he wouldn’t let that take over. This was supposed to be about the two of them and nothing else. Not fear or anxiety, nothing.

And then Zane’s mouth was back on Colten’s lips, kissing him, making him feel so damned good as his fingers pushed inside of him, stretching him.

Zane kept one arm curled around Colten’s chest, his hand on Colten’s chin so he would continue to look over his shoulder, kiss and be kissed. All the while Colten moaned and thrust his ass back against those amazing fingers.

The burning, uncomfortable pain was starting to ease up. The cool water was helping with that, but Colten could already tell that he probably wouldn’t be having sex with only water to help the way again.

Probably. It would likely depend on how much his body was aching for it because so far this wasn’t turning out to be so bad, and then Zane hooked his fingers and rubbed his fingertips over Colten’s prostate.

Colten threw his head back, breaking off the kiss as he moaned against Zane’s shoulder.

“Oh fuck, oh that’s good. Please,” he begged.

The wolf was starting to wake up, and he didn’t want that. He didn’t want the wild, animal side of himself to start back up with that need to flee. That shit had to go because this felt perfect.


“I got you,” Zane said, and then he pulled his fingers free in one easy motion that had Colten grunting. Then something thicker was pressing between his ass cheeks. The blunt head of Zane’s cock pushed against Colten’s hole, and he already moaned from the anticipation of it. His prostate begged to be touched, and it was a chore to not tense his body and keep Zane out as the man pushed inside.

“That’s it,” Colten said. He raised both of his hands out of the water, holding on to the strong arm that was curled around his chest. His wet fingers felt the little hairs that were on Zane’s forearm, and it was strange how he’d never noticed them before, but he noticed them now when he shouldn’t be noticing them at all.

It was probably because Zane was still insisting on taking his good sweet time, like an asshole.

Colten grunted when the fat head of Zane’s cock finally pushed inside of him. He looked over his shoulder and growled. “Hurry up and fuck me already.”

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