This Omega Makes Me Howl (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,705
13 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Sam Benson is an omega running for his life. Living in his wolf form during the worst winter in a decade is a struggle especially with someone trying to kill him. Sam doesn't expect to jump into the arms of an alpha—an alpha who is also his mate, and wants to keep him safe.
Logan is a wolfhound. Born and bred to kill mindlessly, he has learned to control himself the hard way. When he discovers his mate malnourished and on the brink of death, his first instinct is to bring him home, see to his recovery, and claim him as soon as possible.
When Sam discovers the man he fell in love with at first sight is a wolfhound, the same breed of creature who killed his family and pack, he flees back into the cold and nearly gets himself killed when he runs into that mystery wolf that wants him, and the rest of the wolfhound pack, dead.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
This Omega Makes Me Howl (MM)
13 Ratings (4.4)

This Omega Makes Me Howl (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,705
13 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Sam and Logan were wonderful together, and they reminded me of some of the earlier pairings in this series. Sam was adorable, with an unimaginable core of strength to have survived all of those months out in the freezing winter weather. Logan was great, but I've always been partial to him, so it was time for him to get his HEA.

The saga of Dean and Joey continues, as Dean found his mate he thought was dead, but instead he's been changed into a werewolf, and they've brainwashed him into hating Dean and the whole pack. It's very sad, and I know the next installment is going to be tough.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"This eleventh volume of the ‘Rogue Wolfhounds’ series is a special one for me in many respects. First, Logan finally finds his mate and while it’s not an easy process for the two men involved to get used to each other - and when is it ever easy for these guys - I loved watching them deal with all the issues. Second, there are some more revelations about one of my favorite couples in the series – and, based on the blurb, it looks as though the next installment of this saga is all about them – finally! And third, the suspense is high, the emotions are deeply felt, and events seem to be coming to some sort of high point for the series. All of it is very exciting and keeping me on the edge of my seat as I follow the “rogue wolfhounds” and their struggle for a life where they are in control of their destinies. Logan has been around for a while, and ever since he merged his smaller pack (Griffin, Hyde, Teddy, and Scott) with Max’s bigger one so they could all survive, he has had my respect. For an alpha like him to give up a leadership position for the safety of his pack members is huge. It wasn’t easy, but he has become a strong second in Max’s pack and so far, there was no hint of a mate for him. Then he finds a half-starved and frozen omega being hunted by a strange black wolf, and everything changes for Logan. Sam has witnessed his entire pack being killed, and now something is hunting him. He’s spent months out in the cold, surviving a winter that has most people hiding in their warm homes, He is hungry all the time, malnourished, and freezing. When a strong alpha catches him and saves him from whatever beast is after him, Sam is only too happy to follow the man to his home. But neither the house that turns out to be a mansion nor the man without a scent turn out to be what Sam expects, and it throws him for a loop. If you like stories about unlikely matings, if you want to find out more about a man struggling to see beyond external clues to the person his lover really is, and if you’re looking for a read full of suspense, emotional tension, shocking revelations, and very hot man-on-man action, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Sam was going to pee himself. Maybe he should. That might deter the wolf from taking what looked like a skinny, easy snack if Sam grossed it out.

He would keep that in mind as a possible last resort should the creature behind him catch up. Until then, Sam continued to push his legs hard and fast through the snow. He ran blindly. Everything was gray and hazy, and with each tree and shrub that got in his way, he bad barely enough time to duck around them to keep from crashing into them.

Which slowed him down even more, and his heart pounded as he swore the beast behind him was catching up to him.

It was going to kill him. It wanted to kill him, and he was going to die out here in the cold.

He thought of his parents, and embarrassingly enough, the main focus on that was his mother, and he wished she were here, that he was still a little kid and could hide away from whatever scared him in her arms.

He whined and howled, his limbs burning now despite the cold, and he could feel those teeth snapping at the back hairs of his tail.

He didn’t want to die!

A shadow appeared in front of him. It got bigger, turned into a solid shape. A tree.

Sam tried to duck and dodge out of the way of it, but it was as if the tree branches acted as limbs, reaching out, grabbing him up, and tangling him into them. It stopped him! He was going to get caught!

But no hard teeth bit down through his coarse fur. Nothing tackled into him from behind. He was…he was all right.

And the thing that held on to him didn’t feel like a tree. In fact, it really was holding on to him. Whatever this was, it was warm, and it had hands, not branches and reaching twigs.

Sam shivered. His adrenaline from that run, and all the fear he’d felt, was getting the better of him. If he suddenly had to run again, he knew he wouldn’t be able to. He was done for if that wolf was really behind him, waiting to finish him off.

He looked up, and the shadow through the gray snow looked back down at him.

Through the haze, Sam was able to make out, barely, the color of blue that was almost like ice, and hair a shade of white blond that made him almost blend into his surroundings.

No. That wasn’t right. His hair wasn’t that pale, but his skin sure as hell looked it in that moment. This was either a ghost, or Sam was losing his mind. Maybe he was already dead. Maybe this really was a ghost, come to claim him and take him to see his alpha, his pack, and his parents.

It was one hell of a sexy ghost, however. Sam’s body warmed just looking at the man.

A man with a strong jaw and muscular arms that held Sam securely in their embrace and brought heat to his body.

The man turned up and looked behind Sam, as though searching for what had been chasing him.

Sam whined. If he’d had vocal cords, he would’ve spoken.

Don’t leave me here. Please don’t leave me here.

He wanted to shift into his human shape, but both he and the animal side of his mind knew that was a mistake. He could hardly keep warm with a fur coat, and even though this man didn’t seem to be wearing much at all, he was so wonderfully warm…

And naked. He had to be a shifter. That was the only explanation. A human couldn’t handle this weather nude. Not a chance. A shifter, however, would only be able to retain his body heat for a small amount of time, however. This guy had either just shifted, or he had a house nearby.

“Fuck me, what was that?” he asked.

Sam’s ghostly angel-man sounded good, even when he swore.

Sam released a small cry at his question. He was too cold and confused to answer. He didn’t really know what it had been either. It could have been a shifter, or a real wild wolf.

The man adjusted Sam in his arms, holding on to him as if he weighed nothing at all, and Sam liked that. He liked how strong this man was. He had to be an alpha. The air about him made the omega side of Sam’s mind respond. He wanted to obey, to sit at this man’s heels and do tricks if that’s what it took to please him.

There was something else about him that called to Sam, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, and when the alpha leaned his head down, putting his nose between Sam’s ears and inhaling one long, deep sniff, Sam shut his eyes in pleasure.

He liked that. He liked that this alpha was holding him and smelling him. Why? Why did he like that?

And why did he like that rumbling noise that seemed to come from the alpha’s chest? Sam didn’t just hear it. He heard the vibration that came from him. He was leaning against the man’s chest, after all.

His perfect, strong, taut chest.

“Come on, pup,” said the alpha, holding him close. “I’ll take you home.”

Sam’s home was destroyed, but he couldn’t say that. It was too much of a struggle to stay awake since falling asleep in the state he was would mean death, never mind turning into his human form so he could talk.

But it was so comfortable in this man’s arms. Sam didn’t even care why. All he could feel was safety, the chance to finally rest, and warmth, comfort, and a desire that he couldn’t place. A desire that heated him from the inside almost as well the body heat of the alpha.

Want and need and a touch of lust.

A lot of lust. His body burned with it and he moaned.




“It’s fine. I liked it. A lot. Do it again.”

It was obvious Sam wasn't lying to cover for any embarrassment. Logan could see it in the eager glint in Sam's eyes, and the tone of his voice as he stared at Logan's mouth, as though waiting for his tongue to make another appearance.

Might as well give Sam what he wanted, so Logan did just that. He’d take the time to ask if Sam had any experience with kissing later. Like, after he’d come inside of him, putting his scent all over him, making sure the entire pack knew who this man belonged to.

When Logan pushed his tongue inside of Sam’s mouth, spreading his lips apart and licking him deep, he put his hands on Sam's hips and moaned at the taste.

So good. Oh fuck, so warm and so good. His body vibrated with it, his cock filling and aching already.

Sam groaned, and the vibrations of that rumbling purr of pleasure shot down like a spark of lightning to his cock. With one hand, Logan was probably bruising Sam’s hip, but with the other, he put his fingers into the man’s hair, holding him in place so he couldn’t back away.

And Sam responded wonderfully to being guided like this. His hands were already fumbling with Logan’s belt and the zipper of his jeans as he pushed them down. The kissing was only slightly awkward at that point as Sam had to arch his back a little, pushing down his sleeping pants, and their cocks were in the air, inches away from each other, as though they were reaching out to touch each other, desperate for contact.

And Logan could smell the pre-cum of his mate. It made him heady. His dick throbbed and his balls tightened as the pleasure within him swelled.

Whatever it was that made Sam shy about kissing clearly didn’t affect his need to get naked.

Which was good.

The kissing had to be broken off completely so Logan could kick off his shoes and step out of his jeans. Sam did the same, and then they were pulling each other’s mouths close again, kissing and sucking on each other’s lips with just a hint of teeth.

Logan pulled back just long enough to give his breathless instructions as he reached for Sam's thigh, pulling it up onto his hip.

"Ride me." He kissed Sam again, biting his lower lip.

Sam arched his foot, keeping his leg in place as he stared down between them. He was panting through his mouth, and his eyes widened when he seemed to realize their cocks were pressed together.

"Do it, move," Logan said, using the commanding tone of an alpha.

Sam moaned, and he moved. He circled his hips and fucked up into the crook of Logan's thigh. Logan groaned at the friction, at the sensation of his dick rubbing against Sam's cock and pelvis.

He kissed his mate again to cover up the embarrassing noises, and the urge to say meaningless, empty words. No one ever said anything profound during sex anyway.

God, he was so warm. Warm and shockingly soft even as he was boney. Logan was going to have to feed him a lot more if this thing between them was ever going to work. He didn’t want his mate starving around him, after all.

At least he tasted good, and he moved circled his hips like a pro already. Sam tasted like mint, suggesting he’d brushed his teeth sometime before, as well as a hint of sugar from whatever fruit juice he’d been drinking at the time, and beneath all that was his own natural flavor.

Sam mewled against Logan's mouth as they dry humped each other, and the little devil, his fingers pinched Logan's nipples, sending him almost over the edge.

The wolfhound within him roared to life. It was taking over, or trying to. Logan held on to as much control as he possibly could, but there was still a hint of animal in his actions.

And then he was pushing his mate, and not too gently, over to his bed. Logan shoved him down.

Gah!” Sam cried out, bouncing on the sheets, and then pushing himself backward, to the center of the bed as Logan climbed on top of him.

His mate smiled at him. He was eager. Good.

And Logan kissed him hard and deep once more, spreading his legs wide as he did so.

Logan, like any other healthy male, had a sex drive. Just because there hadn’t always been someone there to sate it didn’t mean he didn’t handle things from time to time. Whenever he couldn’t get into town on a Friday night to the bar that Dean had told him about he wasn’t above jerking off from time to time.

Which meant he was prepared for this. Logan grabbed his lube from where he kept it hidden, and the condoms he also had pulled free and flew from the drawer as well in his hurry.

Sam raised a brow at them, then looked up at Logan.

Logan shook his head. “They were for the humans. I never told them I was…you know.”

He didn’t want to say werewolf. That would’ve been a lie, and he definitely wasn’t going to admit to being a wolfhound. Not yet. Not when the desire raged within, swirling like a storm and buzzing for satisfaction.

“Oh, okay,” Sam said, as if he understood.

Maybe he did.

Logan had to focus on preparing Sam’s hole. He moved quickly. Probably too quickly, and he didn’t think he used enough, but it was getting to the point where he had to pull his fingers free, or else risk that his claws were going to come out while they were inside of him.

He was pretty sure Sam wouldn’t enjoy that.

Logan yanked Sam’s legs onto his shoulders, lined up the head of his cock and pushed forward.

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