The Alpha and the Enemy (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,556
15 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Alpha Wolfhound Griffin left to rescue his friends. The mission was a success except for one problem. Griffin refuses to kill one of the humans responsible because he smells his mate in this handsome younger man.
Griffin brings Emery Jones back home but there are people in the pack who don't trust Emery and want him dead. Griffin's new mission is to make Emery behave himself and open his eyes to the horrors of the life he'd been living.
Emery hates all shifters but is inexplicably drawn to Griffin. He wants to be held by the alpha and trusts the man to protect him. These feelings and emotions are too new, too frightening, and Emery might just get himself killed before he can admit to his new lover that he loves him. The major question, however, is does he deserve to be mated to Griffin, or to live, after the horrible things he's done in his past?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Alpha and the Enemy (MM)
15 Ratings (4.3)

The Alpha and the Enemy (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,556
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I liked Griffin and Emery together, but I felt that the resolution of Emery's issues, i.e. his reasons for being in the organization that hunts and kills werewolves and creates wolfhounds, was over way too soon.

I'm still enjoying the series, and the next book is about this mated pair, again, so perhaps I'll enjoy it more.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"This eighth book in the series about wolfhounds bred to hunt werewolves for humans focuses on Griffin, who lost his mate when the man sacrificed himself to save his twin brother, and Emery, a hunter out for revenge against the werewolves who killed his brother. Very clearly the first of two books about these guys, it is an intense enemy-to-lovers story that covers the tough stages of Griffin realizing he has a second mate – against his will – and Emery waking up to the fact he was wrong to hunt werewolves. It’s a painful awakening, and there is a lot more to follow. Griffin went out to help Dean and Smith recover Joey and Teddy, but when he is about to kill the last human hunter who attacked the lodge and kidnapped the omegas, Griffin is shocked when he realizes the man is his mate. There are no extenuating circumstances; the man was not forced to work with the hunters, and Griffin is stunned and unsure what to do. He didn’t even want a second mate – Remy was his first love, but he sacrificed himself to save his brother Scott’s life when the scientists wanted to euthanize the omega. Griffin has a hard enough time dealing with the fact that he is now falling for one of their enemies. Worse than that, he has to deal with guarding Emery against the other alphas killing him while trying to find out as much as possible about what Emery knows about the hunters. Emery hates all shifters based on what they did to his family. He joined the hunters for a reason, and when he is imprisoned by one of the werewolves (or so he thinks before Griffin reveals the truth), Emery is determined not to give in. He hates the fact that he feels attracted to Griffin, despises himself for giving in and letting himself be mated, and has a hard time understanding the extent of the mess he’s gotten himself into. Weeks of exposure to Griffin and the gradual realization that Emery is developing feelings for the wolfhound begin the slow process of Emery realizing he was wrong. Coming clean to the pack is no longer an issue, but the idea of standing in front of Alpha Max and telling him everything, not knowing if it is enough for the alpha and the pack to let him live, is terrifying. If you like enemy-to-lovers stories, if you want to find out more about two men who seem less than compatible and have real issues to work through, and if you’re looking for a read that is emotionally intense and leaves a lot more to come at the end of it, then you will probably like this novella. I can’t wait for part two of Emery and Griffin’s story." -- Serena Yates, The Rainbow Reviews

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Griffin didn’t expect the man to pull a nasty-looking blade out from a holster at his hip and point it at him.

So he was still planning on fighting. That was kind of amusing, and again, admirable. Griffin needed to stop using that word for him. This was getting weird.

He stepped forward again. Still, the human didn’t run. In fact, he let out a warning.

“Come any closer to me and I swear I’ll blind you. I can do that much even if I can’t kill you.”

Griffin stopped, and he smiled. The threat actually made him smile. This was one brave little human. It must’ve looked strange for him to see a giant, mutant-looking wolf smile at him, but Griffin couldn’t help himself.

He lunged forward. The human swung his arm. Griffin slashed his paw out, careful to keep his claws back so he wouldn’t cut the man’s hand off.

The human yelled when Griffin’s paw hit him, as though he’d been punched in the wrist. The knife went flying away, and Griffin pressed his other paw down onto the man’s chest, pushing him back so that he was lying in the muddy puddle that swirled with blood.

He could feel the human’s heart beating through his paw. It felt like that same familiar feeling Griffin had felt before. It felt like home.

He could just crush the man right now. It wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort for Griffin to press down as hard as he could and destroy this human’s rib cage and heart, even with the bulletproof vest he wore. Griffin would squash the lungs and other major organs, and then this man could never do anything to hurt anyone else ever again.

But he looked so damned scared as he stared up at Griffin, and Griffin still had yet to get a proper smell of him.

He leaned his nose down, close to the throat where the scent would be the most pronounced, especially since he was still wearing all this damned armor.

Griffin heard the hitch in the man’s breath, felt the jump in his heart as his mouth came closer to that throat.

He sniffed deeply once, twice, and then a third time, taking in as much of that scent through the dirt and blood and rain as he could.

What he took in, the scent that this human gave off, made stars light up behind Griffin’s eyes. Little miniature explosions that turned into pleasure and wanting and desire and everything else that made the animal side of his body perk up and take notice…too much. It was all too much, and he couldn’t think. For a few long seconds Griffin couldn’t gather his thoughts properly at all. He couldn’t figure out where he was or why he was there.

This human could pull out another knife and stab him just as he’d threatened to do before, and Griffin might not notice it.

Mate. This was his mate. That was the only word there was to describe it, and once Griffin realized it, that word repeated itself over and over again inside of his head, as if it was on auto repeat or something.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck, oh fuck. What was he going to do? He wanted this man. Even in his wolf form, his body was reacting, and he couldn’t stop it.

The human noticed, unfortunately. “What are you… H-hey! Get off me!”

Griffin didn’t get off of him, but he didn’t move to do anything else either, because he knew that the second he got off of this man, Smith could appear and kill him, and if Smith killed him, then Griffin would stop at nothing to kill Smith.

And as if his thoughts had summoned the man from the woods, Smith appeared in their bloody, muddy clearing. He looked down at Griffin before his golden eyes glanced toward the human beneath him.

There was no way Smith didn’t see the way Griffin’s body was reacting to the man. Smith shifted. “What’s going on?”

Griffin had no choice. He had to shift as well. He shifted, making sure to keep as much of his body weight on top of his human as he could to keep him from running, and he growled low in his throat at Smith. “Come near him, and I will kill you,” he said.

His voice didn’t sound the same as it should have. He sounded animalistic. He sounded angry and ready to spring an attack.

And he would. He would attack Smith if the man tried coming near what was his. And that’s what this young man was. His. His and no one else’s.

Smith’s brows raised up high. Griffin waited for some sign that he was about to argue, or say something against what Griffin was doing, or what appeared to be happening, but Smith shook his head.

“I’ve got better things to deal with. I’m going to go and find Teddy. Fuck him or kill him, I don’t care. Just keep him away from me.”

Griffin growled. The man’s tone was all wrong, and it made him irritated and all kinds of pissed off. It made him want to attack, especially since those words implied that Smith thought Griffin might only be interested in this man just to rape him.

Griffin understood that he and Smith didn’t know each other that well, but seriously?

Smith walked away, off to find where his mate was hiding and see to his health and safety since it was still raining ice water down on them.

Griffin just looked back down into the eyes of the young man beneath him, those scared eyes that made Griffin just want to hug the man and chase away everything that made him afraid.

Even if that happened to be Griffin himself.

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” the human asked.

Okay, so Griffin wasn’t as noble as he thought he was. Otherwise, he would not have leaned down and pressed his mouth to those big pink lips.




“Sorry, but this isn’t going to be gentle,” Griffin said.

It was the only warning Emery got, and Griffin lined his cockhead up with Emery’s hole and pushed inside, hard and fast, before he was ready, before he could get himself properly adjusted.

And then the alpha slammed his hips forward and back like a wild man.

It hurt! The stretching hadn’t been enough. Emery thought it would’ve been enough, but it wasn’t, and it fucking hurt!

But as much as it hurt, it also felt good. Emery had never experienced something that felt so insanely good, and hurt so terribly bad, at the same time, but this was it.

He threw his head back and yelled as he was filled, as his inner walls were stretched to accommodate the man as Griffin pistoned his hips back and forth like he was a machine.

And the head of his cock slammed against Emery’s prostate again and again. With Griffin’s strange permission, and without his hand holding on to Emery’s cock to keep him from coming, his orgasm came fast and hard.

Emery yelled loud enough to make his vocal cords shake. He probably shook the walls. There was a strange banging sound, and Emery realized it was the headboard. Griffin was fucking him so hard that the bed was slamming against the wall. The flesh of his pelvis slapped against Emery’s ass and thighs, and that was going to hurt later, but the release was so welcome, so good that Emery nearly cried again from the relief of it.

Oh God. He’d needed that so badly.

But his body wasn’t done. Emery had jerked himself off enough to know that he should have been riding that high that came with every orgasm, the gentle throbbing that would bring him down off of that intense feeling, but it wasn’t there.

Even after his own warm cum shot onto his stomach and chest, getting Griffin a little, even, his body still felt that urge to continue on. That heavy rising up and building pressure within him continued to climb, and instead of sighing as the end appeared, another moan formed inside of Emery’s chest and throat, and it escaped him despite his attempt to hold it back.

He was…holy shit…he was getting off again. He was going to come again because Griffin hadn’t stopped.

Or was it because of something else? Who cared? This felt good, and his body needed the release.

“D-don’t stop,” Emery said, slamming his eyes shut, and he wished his hands weren’t bound in front of him because he wanted to grab on to the back of Griffin’s neck and shoulders, wanted to pull the man down, wanted to kiss him. He imagined the taste of Griffin’s tongue in his mouth, thought about when Griffin’s tongue had been on his cock, and those thoughts, along with Griffin’s actions, the way his body moved, the way the man’s body felt, just got him all the more excited.

That shouldn’t have been possible, considering Emery was feeling another orgasm building within him.

Griffin’s face was pressed against the spot where Emery’s neck met his shoulder. Guttural noises left the man’s throat as he fucked hard into Emery’s body, their flesh making lewd slapping noises that were totally awesome.

Another heavy groan, a shudder, and Emery felt the warmth of Griffin’s cum spurting inside of him.

Emery sighed and came a second time just from the feel of that. It was fucking marvelous, and he had to reach his hands down to jerk his cock, to milk that pleasure out of him the way he needed it. His cum didn’t feel so thick on his stomach this time, but it was there, and it felt good.

He panted for breath, and there was a stall in Griffin’s movements, but it was barely there before the man arched his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper inside of Emery’s body.

Griffin was still hard, and Emery’s cock twitched and remained hard. It barely lost volume.

“Oh fuck. How long does this go on for?”

Griffin pulled back enough to look at him, their noses touching. “As long as it needs to,” he said.

And as much as Emery had been begging to come before, now he could hardly stand it, but his body didn’t seem to want to let up, and the alpha spread him wider as he fucked him, still fast, still hard, and still none too gently. Emery let the pleasure take him over, wanting to lose himself in that pleasure, instead of thinking about how this night might turn out to be longer than he thought.


* * * *


Griffin couldn’t stop himself. If Emery begged him to stop, said that he couldn’t take any more, Griffin didn’t think he’d be able to stop even then.

It felt like he was getting years of pent-up lust out of his body, and even when he felt too tired, too weak to go on, he had no choice. His cock and balls wouldn’t let up, and with each orgasm, the next one became harder to attain, even as his body demanded that he take them.

He came five times. Emery came six.

They were both sticky and disgusting with sweat and cum, and even then, Griffin thought he could go one more time.

It seemed he had more control at that point, because Emery gasped and closed his eyes, passing out at last, and Griffin was able to stop himself from fucking his unconscious mate.

Griffin panted, working to catch his breath as he pulled his cock free and rolled off the man, collapsing onto his back. Thank God. He’d done it.

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