Night Visions (MFM)

Night 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,502
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFM, HEA]

Serena Abbott had promised to marry Ian and Alastair Wyndham, who not only accepted her psychic abilities, but could help her deal with the darkness that came with them.

Her own screams woke her when she dreamed of murders, but the vision of one of her lovers betraying her with another woman proved more than she could bear.

Alarmed and fearing for peace of mind, Ian and Alastair Wyndham fought to push away the lingering horror while Ian struggled with her belief that he would betray her.

Hurt at her mistrust, Ian tried to convince her that her vision was wrong, but with a serial killer on the loose, one who targeted women who looked like Serena, he knew that he’d just have to let her see the truth for herself.

When the vision played out in front of her, she found herself at the mercy of the killer, her connection to Ian the only thing that could save her.


Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Night Visions (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.6)

Night Visions (MFM)

Night 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,502
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Ian holed himself up in his office for the rest of the afternoon and evening, avoiding both Alastair and Serena.

In his present mood, he thought it best to stay away from Serena, the urge to bend her over and take her from behind again, to brand her as his, far too tempting for his peace of mind.

Grateful for the vision that brought her to them, Ian scraped a hand through his hair and went to the window, staring out into the darkness.

He loved her.

Just the thought of it scared the hell out of him, but he was realistic enough to know that he wouldn’t have changed that fact even if he’d wanted to.

His possessiveness grew by the day, but her easy acceptance that their relationship wouldn’t last heightened it to the point that he wanted to imprint himself on her in a way she would never forget.

Jealous of Alastair’s ease with her, Ian went to the small bar between the bookshelves and poured himself a straight whiskey.

Alastair had made the discovery that he could shield her from the thoughts of others, allowing her to be out in public for the first time in years.

It had taken a lot of practice and nerve-wracking frustration, but Ian had finally been able to shield her from the thoughts of others.

Over time, he did it with more ease, but it annoyed him that Alastair was better at it.

Serena, however, had grown stronger and rarely needed them to block her anymore.

I don’t need you, Ian.

She could protect herself from the thoughts of others now.

I don’t need you, Ian.

She’d needed him, however, when her dreams had become dangerous, but it appeared that her mind had found a way to protect her by placing her in the position of the murderer instead of the victim.

Ian smiled to himself. He was the first to be able to get into her dreams—her visions—her nightmares.

He still didn’t understand how he’d known how to get to her, but when he’d realized that she was having one of her nightmares and that she couldn’t breathe, he’d tried to shake her awake, but she’d been too caught up in her nightmare.

Her vision.

Somehow he’d entered her dream and yanked her out, stunned by the horror of what he’d witnessed.

It left him furious to know that she’d been subjected to that kind of vision over and over.

In her last vision, she saw through the murderer’s eyes and felt the evil the murderer felt.

He didn’t know which was worse.

Her abilities continued to grow, and her belief in what she saw was absolute.

But he’d be damned if he’d let her belief in her visions keep him out of her life.

He didn’t turn when the door to his office opened, already knowing that his brother wanted to talk to him. “Where’s Serena?”

“She’s in the guest house painting again.” He eyed the glass Ian raised to his lips. “She’s really shaken.”

Ian sighed and turned. “I know that.”

Alastair raised a brow, clearly furious. “Do you? She’s in the head of that fucking demon, and it’s draining her.”

“Shit.” Ian scraped a hand through his hair and started past his brother. “She needs to cut her loose.”

Alastair caught his arm. “She won’t. She’s taking notes about everything she sees and painting it in the hopes that it’ll help the FBI catch her.”

Ian turned to face his brother. “It’s not worth it. Serena’s a strong woman but sensitive as hell. Too sensitive. What she saw is going to cause a lot of damage. She’s going to see it over and over.”

The thought of it made him sick to his stomach. “She’s going to relive it over and over. She needs to block it. If she won’t, I’ll do it for her.” He eyed his brother. “I’m surprised you haven’t done it.” He took another sip of his drink and shrugged. “You’re a hell of a lot better at it than I am. You seem to have a connection with her that I don’t.”

“Jesus, the two of you are so fucking hardheaded.” Shaking his head, Alastair grimaced. “She needs to do this, Ian. She needs to prove to herself that she can handle her gift. We need to let her. She feels threatened if she doesn’t have control, and when we take that control away from her, it brings back that feeling of helplessness she’s fought so hard to throw off.”

Ian cursed and turned back toward his desk. “So we just sit here and watch her destroy herself? We watch her live through things that are going to give her nightmares for God knows how long?”

Alastair swirled the glass of wine he held, a glass Ian hadn’t noticed. “Yes. The best we can do is help in any way we can to find this killer as soon as possible.” He took a healthy sip of his wine, grimacing as he stared down into his glass. “And to be there to help her deal with the nightmares that are sure to come.”




Wrapping her legs around him, Serena gripped his shoulders, lifting into him. “No. No time. Take me. Oh!”

Filled with his cock, she threw her head back and dug her heels into his tight butt, sucking in a breath at the fullness.

Chuckling, Alastair slid his hands into her hair, using his hips to press hers into the mattress. “Consider yourself taken.” Sliding one hand free of her hair, he covered her breast. “You’re silky all over. I should be used to it by now, but it always fascinates me.”

Withdrawing slightly, he ran his thumb over her nipple and slid deep again. “And velvet gripping my cock.”

Serena cried out when he began to move, thrilling at the way he slid the hand at her breast lower to grip her hip, his firm hold moving her into his thrusts.

Keeping his hand fisted in her hair, he stared down at her, his eyes narrowed to slits as he surged deep. “Don’t you dare come yet.”

With a groan, she bucked her hips. “Don’t stop.”

He bent to take her lips with his. “I have no intention of stopping, but I want it to last. You’re too close to coming.”

“That’s your fault.”

He smiled against her lips, softly chuckling. “Of course it is. I know your body as well as I know my own. I want to stay inside you as long as possible.”

Trembling with arousal, Serena reached up to run a hand over his chest, moaning and lifting up to take him so deep that she tightened and gasped. “Alastair!”

Running his hand over her breast, he tugged at her nipple. “Careful, love. You’re not ready to take my cock that deep yet.”

He bent to take her mouth in a searing kiss, leaving her breathless when he raised his head again with a smile. “I like hearing my name on your lips.”

With a long mane of golden hair, mussed from her fingers, he had a wild look about him that made his formidable control even more intimidating.

He withdrew slightly and began deliberate shallow strokes that kept the pleasure steadily growing but slow enough to keep her from going over. “I want to hear it again.”

The hunger and love in his tone made her smile. “Alastair, if you don’t stop teasing me, I’m going to—”

Sliding a hand beneath her ass, he lifted her and continued his controlled thrusts, slowing even more when she whimpered. “Not much you can do but take it.”

Reaching up, she ran her hands from his shoulders down his chest and back up again, loving the feel of warm muscle bunching and shifting against her palms. “Please.”

“Come hard for me.” He took her hard and fast, sending her over in a rush of heat that had her crying out his name and riding the wave of pleasure.

His cock felt like hot steel inside her, surging into her with a steady, slow rhythm that spoke of the control that was so much a part of him.

Heat spread everywhere, dampening her skin with a fine sheen of perspiration that made her skin slide against his in a way that fueled her passion even more.

The pleasure continued to build at a heart-pounding rate, erupting in white-hot ecstasy that had her crying out his name on a breathless rasp.

Just as her orgasm crested, he pumped into her several times in rapid succession, drawing her orgasm out until she gasped for air.

“That’s it, love. Give me more.” His tone remained calm despite the demand in it, his eyes narrowed and watchful as he bent to take her nipple into his mouth, sucking it just hard enough to send a surge of heat to her clit.

She gripped the bedding, her body bowing as the smaller waves of bliss washed over her. “Oh! Alastair!”

Gripping his shoulders, she rode the smaller waves, her body trembling in the aftermath.

Lifting his head with a groan, Alastair slid his knees under her, flattening his hand on her abdomen and continued his slow thrusts, alternating between shallow and deep strokes.

“You’re going to come again for me.” The confidence in his tone held an edge of arrogance that made his words a statement of fact instead of a demand.

“I can’t.”

“You will.”

“Damn it, Alastair. You’re so damned arrogant.” Serena’s stomach muscles quivered beneath his hand, her breath catching when he slid his thumb lower to delve between her folds.

“I love you, Serena. I know you. Body. Mind. Soul. Every part of you is mine, and I damned well know how to handle you.”

Serena gasped. “Handle me? You—oh!” The slide of his thumb over her clit and the forcefulness of his deep thrusts added layers to the glimmers of remaining pleasure and sent her over again without warning.

Crying out in shock and bliss, she bowed again, reaching for him in desperation.

“That’s it. Take it all, love. Fuck!” He surged deep and threw his head back, closing his eyes as he slowed his strokes to her clit.

Shaking helplessly, she gripped the bedding in an effort to center herself, moaning in relief when he covered her body with his again, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.

They remained like that long enough for her trembling to ease and her body to go limp beneath his, his light kisses and light but firm caresses righting her world and filling her with a sense of peace.

Smiling, she cuddled against him, moaning when he withdrew, stretched out beside her and gathered her close. “That control of yours pisses me off.”

Chuckling, Alastair pressed his lips to her hair. “I know, love.”

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