The Double Rider Men's Club, Volume 2 (MFM)

The Double Rider Men's Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 208,467
2 Ratings (5.0)

In Unbridled and Unbranded, Callie wants to sell her ranch and live overseas as an artist, but a devious neighbor endangers her dream. Old friends Bo and Rafe help her out and renew their passionate relationship. While they love her and want to get married, they won’t keep her from her ultimate dream.

In Unbridled and Unclaimed, Valentina leaves Russia after a personal tragedy when an old college friend offers to help. Wyatt and Dillon bring news of her friend’s sudden death, offering her sanctuary and a peek into their unbridled lifestyle. When Valentina’s past catches up, will her men be able to save her once more?

In Unbridled and Unhitched, hiding out from a stalker, Alexis promptly gets into delicious double trouble with Jackson and Derek. Waking up in Vegas married without memories is outrageous. But so is having two sexy husbands. When Jackson and Derek head to Colorado, will Alexis follow them? Because what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.

In Unbridled and Untangled, Olivia Stanton, the new CEO of the family business, steps out for a wild weekend at the annual Stadium event and finds two exceptional men. Dalton Rourke and Wade Granger haven't been members of the DRMC for long, but when they meet Olivia, they want to keep her permanently.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Double Rider Men's Club, Volume 2 (MFM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The Double Rider Men's Club, Volume 2 (MFM)

The Double Rider Men's Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 208,467
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Ryder, Colorado


Calista Warren had a keen sixth sense when it came to sensing trouble. Dusty, her ranch's lead foreman, had disaster written all over his weathered features as he approached the barn where she was readying to feed the chickens.

Before he even stopped walking, Dusty started speaking. “Sorry to tell you this, Callie, but I’m giving my notice, today. I’ll be moving on in two weeks.”

“What? Why?” Calista dropped the bucket filled with grain at her feet in utter surprise. She wasn’t sure she could run this ranch without her lead foreman’s help. She wasn’t sure she wanted to. It had been a brutal few months with mischief and bad luck running roughshod over her careful plans to get the ranch into a lucrative and successful place so that she could sell it.

The bucket she’d held hit the ground at an angle and tipped over.  Half of the feed spilled out across her well-worn boots. She started to squat down to sweep it back into the bucket, but felt her time might be better spent cajoling Dusty to stay on for just a bit longer.

Before she opened her mouth to speak, Dusty Bartlett shook his head. He then put a gloved hand up flat and said, “And I won’t be talked out of it, neither, so you can save your breath.”

Callie lowered to the ground and began shoving dirt-coated grain back into the bucket. “Where are you going? If you don’t mind my asking?” She had an idea of where he was headed, but hoped she was wrong.

Her head bent to her task, Callie saw him shuffle a bit. He kicked a rock with one toe of his boot. His pause before answering made her know exactly what his intentions were before he spoke. “Got me a job at Kincaid’s. I figure once you sell this place, I’d be lookin’ for job anyway.”

Callie stood up, schooled her face to show no emotion, and headed for the chicken coop behind the barn with the feed. She was about to argue his faulty reasoning, but changed her mind. “I see. Well, I’m sorry to see you go, but I wish you the best.” She sped her gait, not wanting him to see how upset she was at his defection. He was deserting her to what she considered enemy territory and right during a critical time.

Score one for Drew Kincaid. It was a big victory he’d won today by luring her best worker and ranch foreman away when she needed him the most.

“Maybe you should think about selling this ranch to Kincaid,” Dusty said. He’d matched her speed walk and was only a few feet from the chicken coop by the time she realized he’d followed her.

“Is that a part of your new job description? Persuade me to sell my family’s century-long blood-and-sweat equity so that Kincaid will have a better water supply? No, thank you.”

“He’ll make you a good, fair offer for this ranch, Callie.” Dusty’s defense of Drew Kincaid turned her stomach more than his desertion. “It ain’t like you’re keeping this place for sentimental reasons. If you’re gonna sell anyway, why not let him take the place off your hands?” 

“Over my dead body,” she said quietly, and stepped away from him. She opened the door to the large chicken-coop enclosure and resisted the urge to slam the door once she was inside.

“What if I don’t want to wait two weeks to leave here?”

“No problem. Then I won’t owe you any further pay.”

“Right. Then I’ll clean out and be gone by end of the day.”


“One other thing you might wanna know,” he added tersely. Fuck. Now what? “Billy, Tex, Dale, and Emmett are coming with me. You want them gone by the end of day, too?”

Callie couldn’t see her own face, but felt the blood run to her feet. She couldn’t lose so many trained hands and survive. And having Emmett leave her employ especially hurt. A lot. His skill set was her bread and butter. The man with the golden touch when it came to cow insemination. Or at least he was better than any of the others.

There were already a few dozen cattle in various stages of preinsemination all due to be impregnated in the next few days. If he left, she’d have to start over with another cow inseminator. Callie wasn’t sure she had the heart to start over, and she knew she didn’t have the funds.

“Tell them they ought to be men enough to come tell me themselves.”

“What would be the point?”

She shrugged. Maybe she could talk them into staying. Especially Emmett. She’d paid good money for his schooling. She should have insisted on a written agreement and not a handshake. They wouldn’t have done this to her father. Ever.

“They came because of me, they’ll leave with me when I go.”

“I see. I hadn’t realized you all were a package deal when I hired the four of them at completely different times than when I hired you.” He shook his head as if she were too foolish to understand his prerogative and looked away.

That was fine. She was done with him and his disloyal friends. She turned her back on Dusty, plunged her hand into the bucket, and flung out a handful of seed.

The chickens roamed around until she tossed the first handful of feed out. Then they flocked to her. If only chickens could help manage her ranch. For a bit of feed each and every day, she could finally buy herself some better devotion.  Because right now all she felt was the full weight of her cowhands’ treacherous behavior.

What am I going to do now?

This hiccup in her plan was the most recent in a long list of setbacks that had started only days after her father’s funeral.

Even for as hard as Callie worked, she wasn’t sure she wanted to struggle and fight so hard to keep this ranch, even if it had been in her family for generations.

One thing was certain, she needed help. She needed lots of it. And it had better come soon.




Callie almost lost her balance and climaxed as Rafe stuck his tongue against her clit and licked. Bo’s strong arms kept her vertical versus melted into a puddle at his feet. Sheer willpower alone kept her from releasing.

Bo’s firm cock pressed into one bare ass cheek. The skin-to-skin contact sent a buzz of anticipation to her pussy. She hadn’t even noticed him unzip his pants, although Rafe’s tongue currently kept her in and out of coherent thought.

The thought of anal sex with Bo sent a thrill up her spine. It was something they’d discussed doing on their last date twelve years ago. In preparation for that long-ago missed date, she’d devised a secret surprise for him. Maybe he was about to discover it at long last.

Rafe sucked on her clit and her knees buckled. Bo caught her again. “You better not make her come yet. At least not until I get my cock inside her pussy.”

Rafe licked her one last time and pulled back. Callie inhaled deeply and then exhaled just as deeply. “You two are something else.”

“Just wait. It gets better.” Bo let her stand up on her own as he put a condom on. “Brace yourself on the edge of the desk, Callie.”

Her hands gripped the edge, and she shot her hips out. Bo didn’t lift her shirt very far. He slid his fingers into her pussy once more. He pulled in and out a few times. Then she felt his sizable cock make an entrance. He slammed up inside of her, and the feel of him was amazing. He had a huge cock. As soon as he was balls-deep inside, he sent two fingers dancing around her rear hole, spreading the juice from her pussy.

“Relax and let me in, okay?”

She nodded and tried to relax even though her pussy was filled to the utter brink with his cock.

He started moving his cock slowly in and out of her pussy, but he also inserted a large finger into her derrière hole. The sensation was unbelievably dark and intoxicating. She wanted more.

Rafe eased back in her desk chair and watched them with a primitive, lust-filled gaze. He looked at home in her executive chair. Over the edge of the desk, perpendicular to where she leaned, Callie could see the outline of his cock behind the zipper of his jeans. It seemed a bit unfair that he’d been about to fuck her on her desk but now he only got to watch.

Callie looked over at him and said, “What if I suck your cock as he fucks me?”

Bo thrust his cock deep into her pussy and stopped. “Oh God, you almost made me come.”

Rafe smiled. “I’d love that.” He rolled the chair from behind the center of her desk over closer to where she stood. Her hands shifted from the edge of the desk down to his thighs. Her shirt came up a bit.

Rafe unzipped his pants and his huge cock sprang up. She bent over and took him in her mouth. “I know this will sound crazy,” Rafe said in a low voice. “But I don’t want to come this way.”

Callie pulled off of him. “You really want to fuck me on my desk too, don’t you?”

“Yes. Thanks for reading my mind.”

“Okay. I’ll suck on you for awhile, but I’ll stop whenever you need me to.”

“That might not take too long,” he said quietly. He hissed under his breath as if burned the moment her lips brushed the barest contact with his the head of his cock. She sucked his wide dick deeply into her mouth.

Bo stroked his cock forward and back slowly so she could suck Rafe’s cock. He inserted another finger into her rear hole. His fingers stretched her ass as he fucked her pussy.

Rafe moaned a couple times and even put his hands on her head, but she didn’t last long sucking him.

He pulled her off, pushed her until she was almost standing upright again, and buried his tongue against her clit.

With Bo fucking her pussy harder and harder as he kept his fingers buried in her ass, she zoomed right to the edge of climax in no time.

She glanced over at the door. The idea that even locked, someone might hear them through the door made Callie even more aroused.






Valentina Petrova got a wretched feeling in the pit of her stomach the moment she stepped down from the train and onto the rustic wooden platform in Ryder, Colorado. The lonely, hollow feeling was likely due to the lack of breakfast this morning. Or possibly, it was the additional lack of dinner the night before.

After nearly two days on a train she was just so grateful to have reached her final destination. So she dismissed the ache in her belly as unimportant for the moment and took a few steps into the crowds, dragging her luggage. Her singular bag, sporting a seriously wobbly wheel, was filled with everything she had left in this world.

People, streaming off the train and dressed in light autumn coats and sweaters, bustled around her. She rubbed one of her arms with a palm, wishing she’d been able to pack a heavy coat. The travelers gathered luggage and greeted loved ones who’d come to fetch them with kisses, hugs, or friendly pats on the back. Valentina took a circuitous route around the small groups of static people. She pulled her battered, burgundy, gimpy rolling bag slowly behind her.

Several steps away from the loud humming engine of the train, she searched through the throngs of people milling around for her friend, Henry Foreman. He was her lifesaver. Her only link to a life in this country hopefully filled with new opportunities. He’d promised to help change her dismal former life in Russia for the better.

In only the quiet recesses of her mind did Valentina dare admit that she desperately needed better.

She looked to her left and saw only a square, white post supporting the center of the overhang roof. She looked right and only saw dwindling people making their way to the parking lot and new destinations. She didn’t see anyone who stood out or seemed to be looking for her.

Here she was, a stranger in a land that had obviously forgotten her. She hoped Henry had not, and searched the surrounding area once more. Did she look different from her college days? She had not thought so.

Her friend Henry was a doctor. And when she’d known him long ago, he’d always been late to everything. Back in college, his tardiness was likely forgiven due to the fact that he was from a very rich family and president of his fraternity. His overall popularity probably helped keep him out of a lot of different kinds of trouble.

For today’s tardiness, it was not out of the realm of possibility that he’d be late due to his job as an ER doctor. She was, however, slightly surprised to not find him waiting. His few messages to her had been very enthusiastic about her pending arrival.

The last communication she’d had with Henry was a written one over two weeks ago. She’d had to give up her cell phone months ago as an extravagance she couldn’t afford. Her computer went next. She used the public Internet at the library as her primary communication source. And seemingly old-fashioned handwritten letters, too.

Henry had graciously sent the money for her tickets to Colorado all the way from Russia. She’d cried in relief, swore she’d live only to pay the debt back, and then planned the most inexpensive trip she could find. The one which put her on this train instead of an airplane for the final leg of her journey so she would have a bit of money for food along her journey.

With nowhere to go and no one to see until Henry came to get her, Valentina inhaled a deep lungful of fresh mountain air and crossed to a bench seat facing the train tracks. She sat down and consulted her wristwatch, trying to estimate how long she’d have to wait and how best to broach the subject of lunch as soon as possible when he arrived.

The beauty of the mountains from her viewpoint already made this arduous journey worth the difficulties she’d endured.

She was no shrinking violet, but the air today had a particularly powerful chill. It reminded her a bit of Russia. She shook her head to dismiss her previous life. No need to go back there again, even in her mind. Ever.

After fifteen minutes, she noticed two very handsome men saunter onto the platform. They looked around a bit and walked over toward the train. The large conveyance still rested on the tracks. The two men looked exactly like what she expected to see in an American cowboy. Not that they had ten-gallon hats or rode in on horses. They didn’t. But they wore well-fitted jeans and fleece-lined blue denim jackets and tooled leather cowboy boots.

Tall, rugged, and attractively masculine, these men made Valentina take notice. She could easily be impressed by their looks. But then mentally shook her head. She wasn’t here to get a man. She was here to begin a new life. One that didn’t include a healthy dose of fear each and every day. Or one that had a man dominating her every move or making daily choices for her. Ever again.

She did enjoy looking at attractive men, though. The two crossing the platform each had a very nice backside. This was her personal favorite attribute to study when watching men. Sure, she liked nice eyes and a good body, but there was something illicit in watching a man’s ass as he walked that made a long-neglected part of her libido stand up and sing.

The slightly shorter of the two men had burnished blond hair with light streaks, like he’d be better suited at the beach with a surfboard tucked under one arm. The other man, only an inch or two taller than his friend, had dark hair, dark eyes, and a rugged, square jaw with a hint of five-o’clock shadow already showing at noon. Sexy. Both of them were so very easy to look at.

Valentina purposefully turned her gaze away so as not to be caught leering.

They walked with a purpose, scanned the area of the platform, which was now mostly empty, and finally stopped by the white post she’d passed.

“Where do you think she is?” the blond asked his friend. He turned his head left and right, but didn’t seem to notice her.

“Hell if I know,” the dark-haired cowboy replied. “But we need to find her if she’s here.”




Wyatt leaned in and peppered kisses along her shoulder and the back of her neck.

She moaned and reached behind her to stroke his side.

“Have you ever had a cock here before?” At the word here he pushed his cock against the crevice of her ass.

She shook her head. “Will it hurt when you do this? Is that why you think I am not ready?”

Wyatt loved that she was willing to try it. “Maybe a little at first. I’ll ensure you’re ready. I’ll stretch you with my fingers first, okay?”

“Yes. Please do.”

Wyatt carefully rolled a condom on his already rock-hard cock, grabbed the lube, and squeezed a generous amount over her anal hole. He also pushed more into that sweet, tight, puckered hole.

She didn’t resist. The sounds she made seemed encouraging. Soon, Dillon distracted her with a kiss. When Wyatt inserted the first finger into her rear channel, she moaned and pushed back against him as if she wanted him to go deeper. So he did.

When he added a second finger to her ass, she made a noise half between a moan and a grunt of satisfaction. Wyatt pushed his fingers deeper. His cock pulsed against her ass cheek, wanting desperately to replace his fingers with his randy cock.

As he stretched her, Dillon distracted her with a kiss and soon started stroking her clit.

Valentina allowed them to play with her for a few minutes, but soon stopped them.

“How does this work exactly? Two men sharing a woman.”

Dillon put his hands on her face and kissed her quickly. “Wyatt is stretching your rear channel. Once you’re ready, he’ll shove his wide, hard cock up inside your tight, virgin ass. Then I’ll impale you at the same time with my cock in your slick, hot pussy. We’ll both move inside of you and out again with our thick shafts. It’s called double penetration.”

She didn’t sound worried at all. “And will we do this right now?”

“We can. Are you sure you’re ready for us?”

“I am ready. I want to try this very much. I want to know what it is.”

Wyatt pulled his fingers halfway from her ass and then shoved them back inside as deeply as he could. She groaned and her knees buckled. Dillon kept her from falling. “I don’t know that you understand. My cock is bigger than my fingers. If I put my sizeable dick inside here instead, it will hurt a little bit more.”

“I understand. But I want it. It is very naughty. Almost illicit. I believe I like things that are seemingly forbidden.”


* * * *


Valentina was so turned on by the prospect of sharing these two amazing men, she didn’t care if it hurt. The words forbidden pleasure echoed in her mind. She wanted to try it now. She wanted to feel both of their cocks shoved deeply inside of her body.

The woman in her aunt’s apartment, who had the two men living with her, had been talking on the phone one day to some friend of hers. She’d described something that Valentina hadn’t quite understood at the time. Now she got it. Now it was clear what she’d been talking about. Threesome sex and double penetration.

There had been whispers amongst the other apartment dwellers regarding what went on between the threesomes in bed. Much speculation and whispered gossip abounded about whether they were all in bed at the same time, or if the woman in the relationship just hopped from one bed to the other. The overheard conversation made clearer what Wyatt and Dillon had just explained.

Valentina was about to find out exactly what truly went on.

She didn’t know what would happen tomorrow, or later on after that. She only knew that she wanted to experience it right now. Tomorrow was no guarantee. Her new mantra since moving to the US was Live for today. Always. Tomorrow is no guarantee. It was another version of what her Aunt Sonya had been fond of saying regarding the future. Live for today.

And so she would.

Wyatt moved the tip of his sheathed cock to her anal hole and pushed her forward to ease his entry. “If you want me to stop, I will. Just tell me.”

Her face bumped into Dillon’s cock. She slipped her lips over him and distracted the both of them as Wyatt attempted to slip his huge cock into her ass.

She was so excited she wanted to squeal in joy, but her mouth was full of Dillon’s cock.

Wyatt’s hand went to her lower back as if to hold her in place as he slid inside. The pressure of his entry grew and grew. It didn’t hurt, but she was afraid it would, and tensed up.

Wyatt stroked her back. “Relax,” he murmured. She took a breath through her nose and pushed it back out again. She relaxed her body. His cock slid forward past the ring of muscles guarding her rear channel. He suddenly half filled her ass with his humongous cock. The dark, burning pleasure was like nothing she had ever felt before. Like nothing she’d ever imagined.

Dillon pulled her mouth off his cock and she rose slowly and carefully to press against his chest. Wyatt had stopped moving. His cock was jammed halfway in her butt, and he was breathing hard.

“You’re so tight, Valentina.” He reached around her body, slid his hand between her legs, and stroked her clit several times. His aim was sure. He rubbed her clit and the sensation of wanting to come overwhelmed her.

This maneuver also made her relax, and his wide cock intruded into her body even further. The discomfort was overridden by the dark, naughty pleasure of the act. Two bold words came to mind once again. Forbidden. Pleasure.

Dillon kissed her face. “I hope you’re ready to have your pussy filled up with my huge cock.”






Jackson Cordell stopped the moment he saw the swatch of purple hair amid a sea of honey blonde out of the corner of his eye. The woman who’d crashed their Double Rider Men’s Club special event the night before was currently seated in the hotel bar. Twenty-four hours ago, she’d gotten away before he could stop her from leaving the room during the special Double Rider Men’s Club Vegas show. He’d kicked himself all night for missing a chance to speak to her.

The bartender brought her a drink and set the martini glass next to her arm on the oak bar. Instead of clear liquid containing an olive stabbed with a toothpick, her beverage was tinged pink, with a cherry bobbing in the bottom of the glass. Interesting.

He paused and watched her study the drink for a few seconds. He also tried to think of something clever to say to engage her. Maybe if she liked what she’d seen last night, she’d be willing to re-create it with him and Derek tonight. Or better yet, the whole long weekend they were in Vegas.

If Derek ever got there, that was. Jackson’s best friend and fellow DRMC member was currently stuck in New York trying to get a flight out. He’d likely end up on a red-eye flight and sleep away half of tomorrow.

When another woman joined the object of his fascination at the bar, he thought maybe they were together. However, the other woman didn’t stay long. She ordered from the bartender and he promptly stepped away to get her order.

When he returned with two draught beers, the stringy-haired blonde woman grabbed them and moved away from the beauty he watched. With a beer stein clutched in each hand, the other woman disappeared into the back of the bar where the tables were scattered, leaving his lavender-streaked girl all alone once more.

She took a big sip of her drink and swallowed. His cock throbbed in unquenched lust simply looking at her outrageous streaks of hair color as she drank. Something about this woman rang his bell in a big way. She’d stayed to watch their show for quite a while the night before. He hoped she was intrigued.

Jackson kept his gaze on her for a few minutes more, wanting to ensure she wasn’t waiting for someone to show up. He glanced around to make sure no one noticed his lengthy fixation on a strange woman. No one paid him any attention. It was Las Vegas. Likely any number of things could happen that would never be noticed.

From the hotel foyer, Jackson watched her take another deep, long sip from the large martini-shaped glass with pink-tinged fluid. A girly drink. He smiled. She then snagged the cherry from the glass and tugged the small fruit from the stem with her teeth. Watching her eat the cherry made his cock throb. He lifted his shoulder from the post he’d been holding up and entered the bar on a trajectory straight to her.

It was a quiet night here, only twenty or thirty patrons scattered around, and only a handful of folks seated at the bar along with his quarry. No one was seated close to her, and that made it even easier for his approach.

Five feet from the oak counter he called out, “Let me buy you a drink?”

She didn’t turn around. She didn’t even look in the bar mirror to check him out. “No, thanks. I already have one.”

He didn’t know what possessed him. His goal being at least a quick conversation, Jackson didn’t let her response change his mind. He kept moving, and once he was at her side, he reached around her, picked up the martini glass, and downed the remaining pink drink in one big gulp. He licked his lips as the sweet taste of the drink registered. “Not anymore. But I’ll get you another one.”

She turned, luscious lips parted in surprise, to put her amazing wide-eyed gaze on his face. Her big eyes were so baby blue in color that they practically cried out for mama. Perfect. The color went nicely with the strands of purple in her hair.

After a few seconds of staring at each other, a giggle erupted from her and she promptly laughed uproariously. He adored her laugh. “Fine. Then I guess you’d better get me another one.”

He grinned. “I know this sounds like another line, but have we met? You look really familiar to me.” She startled a bit at his question, but soon smiled again. He reached out and ran a forefinger down the streak of purple she’d put in her hair. He’d have to find out why she chose purple. The scent of her perfume wafted around his head. He resisted the sincere urge to lean in and sniff her neck.

She said, “I get that a lot. Apparently I’m so ordinary, everyone always thinks I look like someone they know.”

Jackson moved closer to her. “Honey, you are so far away from ordinary, I hope you packed a lunch.”

He signaled the bartender for two more of the same drink. “Two more cherry martinis coming right up,” the bartender called out with a smile. Jackson didn’t usually have girly, fruity drinks, but when in Rome. Or more appropriately, when in Las Vegas while trying to get to know a beautiful stranger, do as they do.

“That was a pretty ballsy move and a great opening line. I’m impressed. And that doesn’t happen too often.”

He held out his hand. “I’m Jackson Cordell. What’s your name?”

“Alexis Sherwood.”

After the first sip, he understood why she was giggling. This sweet martini packed a punch. He was already feeling a bit giddy from downing the first half a glass of the stuff she was drinking.




Once the tub filled up enough, Derek turned on the jets. Foaming water and the sound of the Jacuzzi motor running calmed him and put him in the mood for spa sex. He turned to find the two of them already naked and kissing. Their clothing was strewn about their feet. Jackson was certainly getting better at not being such a neat freak.

Derek smiled to himself as he stripped down and slid in behind Alexis to kiss her neck. His cock dug deliciously into her ass. He wondered briefly if she’d be ready for him to pierce her there.

Jackson had initiated her, but Derek found he wanted a chance at that particular pleasure, too. Alexis and Jackson broke apart from their seductive kiss. He slid his hands around to capture her spectacular breasts. Her nipples hardened as he palmed them. Jackson said, “Want to get in the water and soak a bit?”

Derek slid a hand down to between her legs. “She’s already soaked,” he said and nibbled her shoulder as he stroked her clit lightly.

Alexis pushed out what sounded like a very contented breath. “I’m ready for whatever you want.”

Derek said, “Turn around. I need to lick some pussy.”

Alexis turned around as Derek fell to his knees on the hard marble floor. He reached up and grabbed a hand towel from the rack to use as a cushion as he licked her clit. He buried his face between her widened legs and let his tongue guide him to nirvana.

Alexis moaned with each lick and stroke he made. She got wetter and wetter as he feasted.

“I’m so close,” she whispered. She took a step back and away from his mouth. She looked down at him with a lusty smile. “You’re so very good at that.”

“Thanks,” he said and rose to stand before her. “Are you ready to get in the tub?”

She nodded. Jackson helped her into the swirling water as Derek retrieved a few things they’d need for a sexual interlude in the spa.

First they all got in the space and let the frothing water relax and soothe them. Once his muscles had loosened up a bit, Derek slid closer to Alexis. He stroked his hands over her breasts and tugged at her nipples beneath the water. Eyes closed, Alexis reached out and slipped her fingers around his cock. She rubbed her thumb on the sensitive underside place he liked.

“You’re trying to make me lose it, aren’t you?”

Her grin widened. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jackson moved closer to Alexis on her other side. She put her other hand on his chest and slid it down until Jackson startled. Had she just grabbed his cock, too?

“I really like the idea of having two cocks at my disposal.”

She continued to stroke her hand on his cock with slow movements. Derek was certainly ready to proceed.

He kissed her cheek and then her mouth. He pulled away and murmured, “I’m going to fuck your tight little ass. Get up out of the water and bend over.”

Her eyes opened and then widened. He grinned, and so did she. But she also lifted her body out of the water, remaining on her knees, and turned her back to him.

Derek grabbed a condom and the lube. Jackson got out of the water and sat on the edge facing Alexis. “Why don’t you suck my cock as Derek fucks that virgin, tight ass of yours?”


Derek, also on his knees, rolled a condom in place and slathered lube on both his dick and her ass.

He was almost trembling, he wanted her so desperately. When she bent over and took Jackson’s shaft deeply into her mouth, Derek’s cock bobbed in sudden lust. What was it about this woman that made him so ready to shoot his load before he even fucked her?

He put the tip of his cock against her derriere hole and guided it in slowly. She was so tight it was a wonder he didn’t come the moment they came into contact.

Derek took a deep breath and pushed it out, trying to level his lust and get control of himself. Once he thrust inside past her excruciatingly tight ring of muscles, she stopped sucking on Jackson’s cock.

“You feel just as huge as Jackson.”

Derek pushed forward another inch. She sucked in a quick breath. “Damn, that feels so…” She stopped talking, bent her head, and moaned.

Derek stopped to ensure she wasn’t hurting excessively, but she quickly said, “Don’t stop.” She resumed sucking Jackson’s cock, and Derek kept pushing forward until he was fully seated.

She was hot and tight. Having his cock buried in her ass was decadent in the extreme. He shook with the need to come, but got hold of himself by closing his eyes and not watching her sucking Jackson’s cock.

He busied himself getting used to the titan grip of her rear channel by massaging her hips. A few seconds later, Jackson made a grunting noise and stood up. “Whoa. You almost sucked me dry, but I’m not ready to come yet.”

Derek pulled Alexis up to where her back rested against his chest. Jackson slid into the water in front of her. On his knees, he wrapped his mouth around the tip of each of her nipples and sucked a good long while. She moaned and writhed as he pleasured her.

He felt his cock pulse repeatedly as he watched. This had to be the sexiest woman they’d ever been with.

Jackson finished with her breasts and moved his cock between her legs. “I hope you’re ready for me. Here I come.”

He pushed into her pussy with one long, deep, hard thrust. Derek felt him all the way inside. Rapturous was the word echoing in his mind.

Alexis sucked in a deep breath as soon as she was doubly penetrated. She then moaned as that same breath exited.

Derek pulled halfway out and pushed back in. Exquisite torture. Jackson also pulled out and pushed back in.

Soon they were moving in tandem in and out of her body. Derek reached around to rub her clit. She jumped the second his finger hit home and started chanting, “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.”






Olivia set her drink glass down and went to the ladies’ room to freshen up and contemplate how she’d feel if no one she met tonight turned her on. A glance in the mirror at all the effort for tonight gave her an answer.

She’d feel shitty. She’d feel overlooked. She’d feel like taking time off for this big, sexy weekend in Colorado had been a huge waste of time. Olivia had secretly looked forward to this DRMC event for weeks. At least she had looked forward to the idea of it.

As heir apparent to the family business, her free time was very limited. Next week she was going to take the reins of the company in hand as the designated successor. If anyone in the family got even a wispy hint of where she was right now, not only would they be shocked to the foundation of their beliefs, but she might not be the heir apparent any longer. That would not do. She’d worked too hard.

To say her family was conservative was like saying the North Pole was a bit chilly and Pike’s Peak was a nice hill.

Olivia leaned forward slightly and studied her face in the mirror. She didn’t consider herself a beauty queen, but certainly passably good-looking. She had good bone structure. She took very good care of her creamy skin tone, hiding the few freckles on her nose. Her eyes were an aqua color that many thought were contact lenses. As if. Her blonde hair with the hint of strawberry had been commented on many times as being stunning by people she didn’t even know.

So why was she here? She sighed. Because she was lonely.

Even though the bulk of the men she’d met tonight were very attractive, none of them made her want to jump into a crazy, wild ménage sex weekend. Lonely or not, she wanted desire to drive her actions.

She was the first to admit she was picky where men were concerned. Laurel had commented on that earlier, and she was absolutely right. But what if she didn’t find any men she lusted after tonight? Or worse, what if no one wanted her for a weekend of decadence?

If she wanted rejection and no sex life, she could do that back in Manhattan. Perhaps it was time to call it a night. Or she could circle the room once more.

She sighed again and paused before she touched up her lipstick. She slid the tube of her favorite color back in her purse.

No. She was done. She’d met everyone. None of the men made her heart dance. Worse, she didn’t want to be rejected during round two. She’d go back to the hotel and turn in early.

Decision made, Olivia decided to slip out and not bother Laurel. She’d text a message later on and give her excuses then. Her cousin looked like she was already having a great time. That was not a surprise. Olivia didn’t need to be a stick-in-the-mud, fuddy-duddy tight ass and ruin her cousin’s weekend, too.

She came out of the hallway to the bathroom slowly. She spied her cousin across the room heavily engaged in conversation with the same men as before.

Olivia skirted the edge of the room full of exuberant people toward the exit, which had also been the only entrance, keeping Laurel in her periphery. Her cousin was loyal. If Laurel saw Olivia leave, she’d go, too. Olivia traveled down the hallway on a mission to get out before anyone—especially Laurel—saw her go.

She made it to the hallway leading out of the bar. She passed the security guy who’d let her in earlier. He took note of her departure, but didn’t stop her. The guy was huge and muscular, and perfect in his role as head of security. No one in their right mind would ever tangle with him. Those not in their right mind wouldn’t tangle with him for very long before he crushed them.

She yanked the exterior wooden door wide open and stepped out into the crisp night air. Another forward step and she ran headlong into what seemed like a man-sized barrel of muscle. She inhaled to apologize and his amazing scent registered. She grabbed fistfuls of his jacket in her hands to steady herself, and took another deep lungful of luscious, man-scented air. It really had been a long time since she’d enjoyed the company of a male. This man’s scent alone made her tingle in places that had forgotten what it was like to feel good.

“Sorry, ma’am,” came a deep voice from over her head. He’d grabbed her around the waist with one arm to keep her from bouncing off his chest and onto the ground. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Thanks. I was in such a hurry I didn’t see you. I’m sorry.” Olivia glanced up to see his face. She was greeted with masculine, angular lines and sculpted lips she wanted to trace the tip of her tongue over repeatedly. His short, dark blonde hair looked soft and silky enough to rub her face in. She finally locked onto his amazing blue eyes and became mesmerized. 

Now why couldn’t the most attractive man she’d ever laid eyes on be a part of the group she’d just left?

Damn, he was fine. Her pussy gushed in agreement. Limbs still trembling, Olivia cleared her throat wondering what she could say to keep him close just a little bit longer. He hadn’t broken the eye contact. She knew she’d stared too long, but was powerless to look away. The seductive intensity of his gaze liquefied any thoughts of leaving. It melted most of her brain’s power to process.

“Would you like to go inside and get a drink?” he asked, saving her the trouble of thinking up something clever to say. Her words had evaporated as she took in his features.

She finally blinked. “Yes. Thank you. That would be great.”

“The club I belong to is having a special event here tonight. Would you be interested in joining me?” He paused and added, “And a friend of mine?”




Dalton kicked his clothes behind him and turned toward the daybed. His cock was at the perfect level next to her mouth. She reached out, grabbed him close, put her mouth around the head of his cock, and sucked hard.

He practically growled and grabbed her head. “You are so fucking good at that,” he murmured.

She released him. “I’m so glad you think so.” Dalton seated himself next to her on the daybed. Wade did the same thing.

Slow, steady breathing interspersed with a few groans and moans came over the speakers.

On stage, the performers had moved to the bench seat at the foot of the bed. All the men were naked. The woman was already sandwiched between two of them and it looked like she was already doubly penetrated. The third man stepped close so she could put his cock into her mouth.

“Wow. Triple penetration,” Wade said quietly. “They don’t do this very often.”

Olivia watched for a few moments and then glanced across at the other box. The three dark-haired people in the other box were in the process of double penetration sex. The woman’s head was thrown back as her two men moved in and out of her. Olivia didn’t know whether to look over at them or down at the stage. Each scene was stimulating and detonated her desire. After watching the threesome for a few moments, her focus drifted back to the foursome below.

Dalton reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. “My, my, you’re so very wet below, love. You make my cock throb anxiously, waiting to pierce your pussy.”

“Seeing people having sex everywhere I look has that effect on me. And for the record, my pussy can’t wait for your cock to enter.”

“Good. Climb up on the bed and let Wade get your ass ready.”

Olivia’s heart pounded hard and fast all of a sudden. She carefully climbed on the daybed, but left her heels on. She turned so that her back was to Wade. He pushed the center of her back with his open hand until her face rested against the bed. He rubbed something slippery across her ass. One of his fingers slid inside her anus and she startled. 

“Relax,” he said, and kissed her hip. More lubricant was slathered between her ass cheeks and another finger joined the first in her ass.

Dalton seated himself on the daybed and reached out to touch her pussy lips. As Wade readied her ass, Dalton continued to rub her clit. She felt him kiss the center of her back. Olivia’s gaze went to the three dark-haired lovers across from them. They still moved together, one man fucking her ass and the other fucking her pussy. It was so sexy to watch. She felt her pussy clench in utter desire.

Wade pushed a third finger in her ass and the sensation was sublimely amazing. The dark, naughty feeling of anal penetration made the strokes to her clit even more pleasurable.

“Seriously, I’m already about to come again.”

“Don’t,” Dalton said, but didn’t stop stroking her clit. “Wait until we are both fucking you. You’ll be glad you waited.”

Olivia pushed out a long breath. “Okay. I know you’re right. I’ll try.”

Wade pulled his fingers from her and quickly centered his cock between her cheeks. The head of his cock pushed into her derrière hole slowly. “Relax,” he said.

Olivia pushed out a breath as he pressed the head of his cock past the ring of muscles guarding her ass channel. Once he was that far inside, Olivia had to clamp down and force herself not to release the climax that hovered so near she could almost feel it.

Dalton removed his hand from her clit. Wade pushed his cock deeper into the tight, virgin space.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Wade whispered. He moved slowly, but didn’t stop pushing until he was fully seated.

Dalton straightened her up and positioned his body tight against the front of her. She was finally sandwiched. “Get ready for me, love. I can’t wait any longer.” He put a condom on, centered his cock at the edge of her pussy lips. Wade pulled her backward a bit against his wide chest for easier access, she supposed. Dalton then thrust his cock deeply inside the walls of her pussy.

It was all she could to do not to scream in climax the moment they were both penetrating her. She clenched hard to keep from falling over the edge.

The three of them were already breathing hard, and Olivia hadn’t realized how decadently sexy she’d feel with two cocks buried deeply in her pussy and ass.

She glanced out the window and noticed that the trio across from them was still in the same position, but had stopped moving.

Wade gripped her hips. He slid his cock out halfway and back in slowly. Dalton then did the same thing. Having the two of them pumping in and out of her was exquisitely alluring.

“Finger yourself,” Dalton said. “We’ll even let you come this time.” The smirk on his handsome face sent her pulse even higher.

Olivia reached between them and slid a finger over her clit. Her swollen bud pulsed as she rubbed a finger back and forth.

The wickedly full sensation of two men penetrating her as she pleasured herself was the pinnacle of ecstasy.

Dalton reached up tugged at one nipple. He and Wade then sped up their tandem thrusts.

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