Lust on the Bayou (MMMM)

On the Bayou 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,214
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Menage Amour: Alternative, Menage a Quatre, Multiple Partners, BDSM, Sex Toys, Bondage, Spanking, Public Exhibition, MMMM, HEA]

If there’s anything that intern Evan Anderson knows, it’s that getting involved in an office romance is a recipe for disaster. But never in his wildest nightmares did he imagine a situation where he would not only fall in love with one of the men he worked with…he’d fall in love with three of them.

Adam Carver is an alpha male who writes his own rules and follows no one’s orders but his own. His best friend, a beta male, Michael, is the same way. The two of them, with Jared as their sub, have got their life exactly the way they want it…until the new intern in the office, Evan, catches them in a passionate encounter…and wants to join them. But can a loving threesome become a loving foursome, or will Evan’s inclusion spell doom for a love that had seemed meant for the ages?

Lust on the Bayou (MMMM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Lust on the Bayou (MMMM)

On the Bayou 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,214
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


When the elevator doors opened on the executive level, Evan found himself staring into an outer office that was austere. There were a few paintings on the walls, all of them subdued landscapes, and Evan doubted whether any of them were worth any significant amount of money, though that seemed terribly odd, considering the significant finances of the company. There was a single mahogany desk in front of him, and behind it was a young man with a welcoming smile. Evan guessed his age at twenty-three or -four, putting him older by three or four years. He had rather longish dark blond hair that came down over the collar of his shirt, and a face that was almost gaunt. He was attractive without being either feminine or hyper-masculine. But nothing that Evan saw gave him any indication of the elaborate bourgeois decadence that he had suspected he would find in the office of a billionaire.

The handsome young man behind the desk rose immediately to his feet and raised his hand in greeting. His smile was open, welcoming, and most pleasantly of all, honest. Honesty was the last thing Evan had anticipated. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“You’ve got to be Evan,” he said. “I’m Jared Thurman, and I’m absolutely delighted to meet you. I know you were hoping to meet the men that you’ll soon be working for, but I’m sorry to say that they’ve both been summoned away on business, and I’m not quite certain when they’ll be back.”

Evan shook hands with Jared, and when he did, he felt an almost electrical charge go from Jared’s body straight into his own. Their gazes met and held, and in those few seconds, each man realized that he was vibrantly, sexually attracted to the other.

Office romances are disasters waiting to happen, Evan told himself, even though Jared matched every conceivable aspect that Evan wanted in a partner, sexual or social. Don’t let your balls do your thinking! Use your brain, damn it!

But even though Evan knew that an office romance was a train wreck just waiting to happen, when he looked at Jared, he couldn’t help but wonder what sexual delights would come of their union. The young man’s body was long, lanky, and physically fit. What would it look like naked? Jared had an aura of stamina to him, though Evan realized that this perception could just be wishful thinking. Wishful thinking was a flight of fancy that he’d taken more times than he probably should have already in his life, he reminded himself.

Just the thought of seeing Jared naked sent a shiver of desire through Evan’s spine, and for a moment he had to close his eyes and turn his face away. The mental impression was so powerful it was nearly frightening.

“Is something wrong?” Jared asked, still holding on to Evan’s hand.

“No,” Evan replied quickly, fighting furiously to get control of his emotions. “I just had something in my eye, that’s all.”

“Well then, let me show you around so you’ll get the lay of the place, and then we’ll have a bite to eat later on before we get down to serious work.”

“Sounds perfect to me,” Evan replied, even though he was wondering, at that very moment, just how much he was willing to risk to have an affair with Jared. Office affairs were always fraught with danger, but Evan hadn’t had a lover in more months than he could remember—and there was nothing about Jared that didn’t turn him on.


Jared leaned forward and planted a light, smacking kiss on the head of Adam’s cock. Before he could respond completely, Jared kissed the crown of Michael’s cock, then flicked his tongue against the slit. After the third lick, he tasted a salty drop of pre-cum, and Jared purred like a barn-born kitten being given fresh milk from a Holstein for the first time.

“Deeper,” Michael said through clenched teeth. “As deep as you can. I want your whole fucking mouth.”

“You can have,” Jared replied, tonguing lightly on the head of his cock, “whatever you’re willing to take.

It was a saucy, taunting statement, and Jared knew that he would have to answer for it in just a matter of seconds. He was a sub who knew his Doms, and what tripped their libido triggers.

“Impudent little piece of ass, aren’t you?” Adam said.

But Adam didn’t give him the chance to answer because he thrust his hips forward, filling Jared’s mouth with hard cock, making it impossible to speak, and very difficult to even breathe.

Jared closed his eyes as he tightened his lips around the throbbing shaft of Adam’s cock. Though his mouth was full, and the bulbous head of the cock was pushing firmly against the opening of his throat, he held less than a third of his Alpha Dom’s powerful erection in his mouth. Possibly with a lesser man he could deep throat, but with Adam’s thickness and length, to even try to take more would be an act of frivolity, an attempt certain to fail. More than anything else, the man was simply too thick.

He started to stroke Adam’s cock as he sucked him, but then his hand was batted away by Michael.

“Just your mouth,” Michael said, his tone low and authoritative. “When you use your hand, I can’t see your lips on his cock.”

Jared lowered his hand, and then, after a moment, he put both of his hands behind his back, pantomiming being handcuffed. He wrapped the fingers of his right hand around his left wrist, then leaned forward so that the head of his lover’s cock pushed even more firmly against the opening of his throat.

It wasn’t until he was at the verge of gagging that he leaned back until nearly the entire crown of Adam’s cockhead was out of his mouth. He was breathing deeply through his nostrils. There was an intense eroticism in the strain he was going through.

“Oh, yes,” Adam said as Jared tongued the slit of his crown. “That’s just the way I like it.”

A soft, purring sound came from Jared’s throat as he began to weave slowly back and forth, dragging his lips over Adam’s cock, and then Michael’s. Now that he was on his knees, he was in no hurry to have them reach the pinnacle of pleasure. Soon enough—sooner than he wanted, to be sure—they would be on a jet plane and headed out of New Orleans. When they were gone he would miss his road warriors desperately, though he was already relieved in knowing that soon they would return home—and when they did, they would want him with a lustful exuberance that would be feverish in its intensity. There was a definite upside to their leaving town, and it always happened when they returned.

Jared tilted his head back on his shoulders and looked up at Michael. The man’s eyes were closed, and the expression on his face was one of utter serenity. Jared couldn’t have wished for anything more. He filled his mouth with the man’s cock, then pulled back slowly, using his tongue constantly to eke out every last bit of pleasure he possibly could before letting the hard, lusty flesh slip completely out of his mouth. He kissed the head of Michael’s cock one last time before turning his attention to Adam.

Looking up at Adam, he asked, “You love me, don’t you?”

Adam smiled down at him, then said, “Always…but especially when you’re on your knees.” He smiled roguishly. “I suppose that’s a moral failing on my part.”

“Good answer,” Jared replied, then pushed his lips over the crown of Adam’s cock, using his tongue on the underside in a way that he knew Adam liked.

Jared felt Adam’s hand slide gently over the top of his skull, then cup the back of his head. With gentle but insistent force he pulled Jared closer, not stopping until the crown of his cock was pushing firmly—almost threateningly—against the opening of his throat. The move was that of a Dom who was proving his control over a sub, and Jared knew it…and that’s what made it just a little more erotic than it otherwise would have been.

“Soon,” Michael said quietly. “I can’t take much more of this.”

“I’m not far behind you, brother,” Adam said a moment later. They weren’t really brothers, but when they were experiencing times of extreme emotion, they referred to each other in the manner of a lifelong comrade.

His thighs were quivering, which let Jared know that he was close to climaxing. Though his tone was calm, his body was telling quite a different story. Jared couldn’t wait for him to come.

“No,” Michael said, the single word coming out sounding strained, as though every muscle and nerve in his body was as tense as a piano wire. “You first, my darling,” he said to Jared. “Let us satisfy you first, then you can finish with us.”

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