Crush Rekindled (MM)

The Rekindled Trilogy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,642
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Gay, Contemporary, BDSM, Spanking, MM, HFN]

Zack Smith has had a crush on Mason Wright for ten years. Now, at their high school reunion, Zack feels he might just have a chance to grow closer to Mason.

But there’s just one problem. Mason seems to be in a relationship of some kind with Karli. When Zack can’t figure out what Mason and Karli truly have going on, he decides to have lunch with Mason to find out.

As soon as Zack realizes that Mason and Karli are just friends, a gay bondage adventure ensues that will leave Zack breathless. Still, Karli is the jealous type who doesn’t like others coming in between her and her gay friends, so Zack seems to be just another impediment in her life. If Zack and Mason are to be happy together, Zack must find a way to get into Karli’s heart and past her bitterness at his budding romance with Mason.

Crush Rekindled (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Crush Rekindled (MM)

The Rekindled Trilogy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,642
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Zack continued making his way through the crowd of people, and something in his gut told him he was getting closer to his target. He didn’t know what that feeling was, but it was as if a sixth sense informed him that Mason was nearby. It could have been the faint sound of his voice, perhaps the scent of the cologne he used to wear in high school. Something, however, was telling Zack that Mason was around somewhere. And the same question as before occurred to Zack.

Where was he? Where was Mason?

Then a terrible thought occurred to Zack. Maybe Mason didn’t come. Zack pondered this possibility for a moment, ignoring the strange psychic impulse that told him Mason must be near and started to despair that perhaps he had wasted an evening he could have spent resting at home and watching television. He had to work the next day, after all, and rest was a rare treat for Zack. But then he spotted Mason. Bingo!

Zack stared at him for a long time, practically dropping his bottle in the process, and he viewed the man he’d had a crush on as a teen. Mason looked even better now, but Zack had always found him sexy. Mason was muscular, with just a hint of baby fat on his face that made him so adorable and gave him a youthful appearance. Still, that extra flesh didn’t take away from Mason’s killer physique. Mason must have increased his time in the gym based on how hot he looked now, and Zack immediately felt self-conscious as he stood before him, wearing his jeans and a polo shirt.

Zack had never been as muscular as Mason, but he knew he was still attractive enough. Zack had jet-black hair and tan skin, but his build was slimmer than Mason’s was. He had always liked muscular men, sneaking into the computer lab in college to stare at pictures and videos of such guys after it was closed at night. He had jerked off perhaps a thousand times to any images he could find that reminded him of none other than the current object of his obsession. That he had never truly gotten over Mason was a fact that Zack simply couldn’t ignore at this point. He and Mason were friends in high school, but mere friendship had never been enough for Zack.

“What do you like in a girl?” Zack had asked Mason one time just before graduating after both of their recent eighteenth birthdays. “I mean, what gets you going?”

Mason blushed at the question, and that only caused Zack to love his friend all the more.

“I don’t know,” Mason replied, leaning in to where Zack was resting on the couch. The two had been inseparable in high school, and now Zack wondered what had happened to cause their friendship to fizzle so quickly. Zack had gone to college, and Mason had chosen to work for the electric company. He was a blue-collar man, and that ruggedness so infatuated Zack that he had spent night after night jerking off to thoughts of Mason over the years, even as the two of them had blossomed into the epitome of youthful perfection in their late twenties. “What do you like?”

Why had Zack never confessed his love for Mason? Even if Mason had rebuffed his intense interest, that rejection would surely have saved Zack a decade of tormenting obsession. But Zack now had the potential opportunity to rekindle that flame, to find out what Mason liked, to be the man that Mason would want in his life.

There was, however, one problem. Next to Mason stood a woman on his arm. Fuck! How could Zack have been so stupid as to think Mason had liked him when they were teens? Now Mason clearly had a wife or girlfriend, and Zack realized in that moment that he had wasted his time. He felt a lump in his throat, and he started to walk in the other direction, placing his now-empty bottle on a nearby table and pulling his keys out of his pocket. If he could just make a quick exit, this hell would soon be over, and he could go back to his lonely, sad, pathetic life.

“Hey, Zack!” Mason called after him. Slowly, Zack turned, and he watched as Mason and this woman walked up to him. The woman wore a smile, but it was a bitter smile. Had Mason married a woman who made him happy? Zack hoped Mason was content with his existence. Still, Zack wanted to leave as soon as possible. The torture he felt in his heart at seeing Mason with this woman was quite possibly more than he could bear.




Mason grabbed the rope from the floor and stood, picking Zack up like a child’s toy, carrying him like a man carries his bride to the bedchamber.

“What are you doing?” Zack asked, and he noticed Mason’s wicked grin.

“Taking you to your bedroom. I can’t wait any longer, and you’re making me horny. You’re driving me to the point of madness, Zack. You need to be punished.”

“Punished?” Zack repeated, eyes wide as Mason threw him onto the bed. “You’re the one that needs to be punished.”

“Maybe so, Zack, but you’re the one that’s gonna get punished.”

Now it was Zack who was grinning. Mason walked to the head of the bed with one piece of rope and wrapped it around the bedpost. Then he brought up two strands of rope and tied them in a square knot at the corner of the mattress.

“Let me show you how this is really supposed to be done, Zack. I think you’ll like it, but you may not like your punishment.”

“Something tells me I will like it,” Zack said.

Zack crawled up on the bed and lay back with his arms stretched to the side. Then Mason took the slack coming from the square knot he had just tied and moved it around Zack’s wrist, placing his thumb between the rope and the flesh on Zack’s hand. Then he threw the slack through the bight in the middle that the square knot he had created and securely wrapped it around Zack’s hand, tying it off.

“Comfy?” Mason asked.

“Yes, Sir.” Zack sighed. Then Mason walked around to the other side of the bed and repeated the process with Zack’s other hand. Now Zack found himself in tight but comfortable bondage for his master to do with his body as he so chose. Zack had already removed his shirt, but he still wore his shorts, and he watched as Mason slipped out of this clothing, revealing his hot chest, arms, legs, cock, ass, all of it. He was such a specimen of divine masculine beauty that Zack wondered if the man had any equal in the world.

Of course, there were men who were every bit as hot as Mason—and even hotter. Still, Zack didn’t want these other men. He had a heart only for Mason, and he was determined to let Mason do with him whatever he so desired.

Mason crawled onto the bed and grabbed Zack’s slim ankles with one massive hand, lifting his legs and then his ass off the bed and slipping Zack’s shorts down his legs. Then he pulled them off his ankles and left Zack lying on the bed, completely naked. Then Mason lifted Zack’s feet off the bed once more, and he revealed Zack’s ass, seeming to study it. He never let go of Zack’s ankles, and he took his free hand and started massaging Zack’s ass, moving his hand over each cheek, occasionally slipping a finger just a bit into Zack’s hole.

“Ohhhhhh,” Zack moaned, closing his eyes as he did so. This sensation was divine, but now Mason did something that Zack did not expect, at least not fully. He moved his hand away from Zack’s ass and then brought it back, slapping Zack’s right ass cheek hard. Fuck!

Zack hissed in pain and curled his toes, but from the look in Mason’s eyes, he was far from done.

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