Seize the Night (MMMM)

The Ministry 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,966
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Futuristic, Alternative, Gay, Multi-menage, Action/adventure, MMMM, HEA]

Casper is running from a former boyfriend, Burgess, who has treated Casper in the worst way. When luck is almost gone, Casper is rescued by three shadow ministers, Phoenix, Dicken, and Squint, who want to shower him with love and make him forget all about Burgess. Only Burgess has set out a dastardly plan to punish Casper.

A rogue shadow minster, Burgess has created several clone bots and unleashed a deadly parasite on earth, leading Phoenix and his pod mates to call in reinforcements to save the planet.

Casper finally meets his long lost cousin, Shay who helps Casper to overcome the trauma of his recent past, along with an alien feline, Nus, and a pair of wolf hybrids who all help to nurse him back to health.

Casper is terrified that he won't be enough for his three hunky shadow ministers, but they know that Casper is the one and only for them.

Seize the Night (MMMM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Seize the Night (MMMM)

The Ministry 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,966
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Casper’s flimsy sandals slapped arrhythmically upon cold stone. The giant warehouse that had once housed a thriving shipping business now acted as a halfway house for transients. Casper negotiated addicts, dead rats, narcotics’ paraphernalia, and the occasional corpse. He kept his head down and eyes averted. No sense drawing attention. 

His bones ached from more than the Arctic bomb that had dropped in the early evening two days before. He welcomed the freezing temperatures keeping his injuries from throbbing too much. Ribs, ankle, jaw, wrist. He had bruises on bruises. Burgess had done a number on him this time. Once too often. 

He glanced about warily. No doubt Burgess’s many contacts would soon be on his tail again. He’d given them the slip in New York, taking the decrepit Amtrak as far as it could go, then hopping freight trains until he reached a destination. Chicago. He’d been hoping for Florida, but he wouldn’t grumble. The cold would keep most people inside here. Less chance of being seen. Soon he’d make his way south to warmer climes.

A tinny rattle caught his attention. An old geezer had flung an empty tin of brown nectar. The kind that eased up on a guy, rotting the insides and brain matter, alluring with the taste of hops and molasses and industrial alcohol. Casper winced as the man flipped the tab on another can, fixing him with a cold, warning stare. Casper scuttled on, heading to the third floor. Close to a fire exit that tracked down the outside edge of the building. 

Huddling as close as he dared to an oil drum brimming with sluggish flames, Casper tucked his hooded sweatshirt over his fire-hued locks, covered his frozen toes, and prayed for a miracle. He’d try another text later. Shay, his cousin, had to answer sometime. He had to. 

* * * *

Phoenix peered thoughtfully at a green dot blinking on his monitor, tilting his head as he processed what it meant. 

Dicken craned his neck, his honey-blond ponytail slapping Phoenix’s cheek as he leaned in closer. 

“Is that…?” Dicken said, astonishment coating each word.

Squint appeared over Phoenix’s left shoulder, resting one giant mitt on Phoenix’s console, and contemplated the dot, then whistled quietly.

“Well, well. So Shay’s instincts were spot on. That text was en pointe.”

“He didn’t know about this,” Dicken protested.

Phoenix smiled slowly. “Perhaps not. We were sent after Burgess. Rogue Shadow Minister. Mass murderer. Bad egg. I’d say this new target needs a second glance, don’t you think? I didn’t think the pull would be this strong.”

Dicken cuffed him upside the head, barely ruffling Phoenix’s short, spiked blond hair.  “I told you it would be, but nobody listens to me,” he griped. “Boss. Lover. Love of my life. Let’s acquire that target. Pronto.”

“Dicken, honey, you’ve been in this galaxy for far too long. Your lingo is beginning to suffer.”

Dicken grinned at his black-haired, aquamarine-eyed behemoth of a second pod mate, Squint. “Darling. I happen to like their lingo.”

Squint wrapped his other hand around Dicken’s neck and swept in for a steamy smooch. “Darling, so do I,” he said.

Phoenix rolled his eyes and tugged them both down for a sloppy three-way. Parting, they eyed each other goofily, then looked in unison at the green dot. They high-fived. 

“Let’s go acquire that target,” Phoenix commanded, rewarded by double yells of delight and a scramble for seats as he maneuvered Shadow Sleuth onto a new heading. Chicago, Illinois. Planet Earth. 




The cabin was dimly lit. Mood lighting, Casper figured. Except he needed nothing to aid his excitement. He was nervous. His pod were large and well-built—in all areas. He just hoped he’d be able to keep up.

“Darling, we’ll make sure you go the distance.” Squint smiled, already stripped down.

Casper lay sprawled on his back on the huge bed in his cabin, naked and primed for action. His cock was damp with pre-cum, his body damp with sweat. He wanted this. Wanted to forget anyone else but his trio of lovers.

Phoenix moved in, stroking Casper with firm, soothing sweeps of his hands, from chest to the tips of Casper’s toes and back again. Casper lifted his legs, keening softly, and Phoenix knelt between them, hooking them over his shoulders.

“Beautiful,” he husked, admiring the view of Casper spread wide before him.

Squint and Dicken began jacking off, spraying cum over Casper before he knew what was going on.

“Stunning,” Phoenix murmured, smiling as he scooped cum up and smeared it around Casper’s hole, probing gently with one finger.

Casper moaned, already writhing restlessly. Even Phoenix’s finger was big. He’d done the math. For this to work how he presumed it would work, he would have to take all three of his mates simultaneously. Two holes. Three cocks. It would be a tight squeeze.

“Your body has already been adapting,” Dicken said, tapping Casper’s mouth with his dick. “From our first kisses, your body has been primed for this, knowing who it wants...knowing who it needs.”

Casper slurped the tip of Dicken’s fat cock, loving the taste, and began lapping at it as though it was a lollipop. Squint, not to be denied, tapped too, so Casper switched from one to the other. Before he realized it, Phoenix had inserted his finger inside Casper, gently stretching him, and was in the process of squeezing in another digit beside the first. Casper moaned again, pushing against the invaders, feeling hot, his heart racing as though he was running a marathon.

“Yes, darling, this is a marathon, not a sprint,” Phoenix assured him.

Casper giggled suddenly, amused that they read his thoughts almost before he knew what he was thinking.

“We’re that good,” Squint said, grinning.

“Wait until he can read our minds,” Dicken warned, groaning when Casper sucked the tip of his cock. “Oh, my, that’s... That’s...amazeballs.”

“I wanna turn,” Squint complained, slapping his cock gently against Casper’s cheek.

Moaning, Casper turned that way, alternating between his mates. Soon his neck began to ache from switching from side to side.

“Here, little fireball, how about we try it this way,” Dicken said, moving in front of Casper.

Phoenix lifted Casper a little higher until only his head rested on the mattress. Dicken smiled wickedly and fed Casper his dick. Squint moved, too, almost straddling Casper’s face, and began sucking Casper’s needy cock.

Casper felt electrified, his entire body trembling with need. His pod mates were making love to him, not just having sex. They seemed to adore a body he’d thought would be too chubby to be admired by anyone. Nobody here seemed to care a jot.

“We love your body,” Phoenix growled, adding a third finger to Casper’s craving chute.

Casper gasped. There was a little twinge but not the burn he’d been expecting.

“That’s it, darling. Take me in,” Phoenix crooned. “Take all of me.”

Casper found himself being stretched wider still. Phoenix tapped his hole with something fat and dripping...and Casper felt the burn as his alpha began to enter him, sliding his cock in inch by inch. Oh. My. God.

Casper’s eyes crossed, though he felt no real pain. Only need. And a burgeoning love for his behemoths that told him he’d never felt love before.

“Love you too, fireball,” Dicken said, face fucking Casper steadily.

Casper felt Phoenix’s plump balls smack his ass. Slam dunk.

“Indeed.” Phoenix chuckled. “Slam dunk is where we’re at. Fully loaded is where we’re heading.”

Oh my.

Phoenix began to thrust gently, and so smoothly that Casper felt no sudden jerks. Phoenix and Dicken and Squint moved in sync, even Squint’s sucking was in time. Casper had never felt anything so good. He was their sex toy, yet they were so considerate he felt no fear. Only pleasure. An intense pleasure he’d never known before.

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