Dakota Sunrise (MFM)

Dakota Heat 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,935
15 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Cowboys Romance, MFM, minor spanking, HEA]

A victim of abuse at the hands of her husband, Deanna Olson suddenly had a way out.

Once at the ranch in North Dakota, she learned that her uncle had not only sold the ranch to them, but had also given them control of the money he’d left her.

She hated being dependent on them and learning that her ex-husband headed toward them, she planned her escape.

Sam Taylor and Carson Wells had no intention of letting her leave.

They’d heard her uncle’s suspicions about her abuse, but seeing it enraged them and they vowed to not only protect her, but keep her and her daughter at the ranch where they belonged.

Falling in love with her was easy, but teaching her to trust in that love proved difficult, especially when she’d known only the pain from a man who still posed a threat.

A threat Sam and Carson wanted very much to meet head-on.


Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Dakota Sunrise (MFM)
15 Ratings (4.7)

Dakota Sunrise (MFM)

Dakota Heat 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,935
15 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A heart warming story with real and endearing characters.
This book had a bit too much “insta-love” for me from the heroes. The overall sentiment was good—-I really loved the way the heroes interacted with Casey. I just thought the book was somewhat slow even with the insta-love angle. Deanna was ok. I did feel for her predicament, I just count connect with her character completely. She came off as very cold (understandable given her trauma) but not as enjoyable to read.




She played the names over and over in her mind, suddenly remembering. “Yes. My uncle told me about both of you.”

You can trust Sam and Carson, Deanna.

Okay, Uncle Don.

I mean it.

I know that, but when would I ever see them? When would I need to trust them?

Who knows? But I want you to promise me that when the time comes, you’ll trust them. Both of them. They’ll do the right thing by you.

I don’t understand. Trust them with what?

Everything, and you’ll understand when the time comes. Promise me, Deanna.

I promise.

“Good. Are you ready?”

Deanna blinked. “Ready for what?”

“To leave Mississippi. Your home’s in North Dakota now.”

Glancing down at Casey and unsurprised at how intently her daughter watched Sam and Carson, Deanna sighed. “I don’t know what you’re doing here. I was going to take a bus to the ranch. I missed his funeral. I’m sorry. I didn’t find out until this morning.”

Sam glanced at Carson. “We figured that. When I called to tell you about your uncle, he answered and wouldn’t put you on the phone.”

Carson spoke for the first time. “So we came to get you.”

“How did you know where to find me?”

His eyes narrowed as if daring her to argue about it. “Stopped by the house.” He glanced at Casey. “Lots of flashing lights. Apparently the police you talked to here went out there. Once we explained things, one of them told us where to find you.”

He took a step closer and crouched in front of Casey. “Hey, Lil’ bit. You ready to go for a ride?”

Casey backed up, pressing against Deanna’s legs. “No. I stay wif Mommy.”

Carson’s tender smile transformed his features from hard and cold to breathtaking affection. “I would never take a little girl away from her mommy. Your mommy’s coming with us.”

Casey hugged her bear tighter and straightened. “Where we goin’?”

Surprised that Casey spoke to him and had actually moved closer, Deanna slid a hand over her daughter’s hair. “We’re going to a ranch, sweet pea.”

“What’s a ranch?”

Carson gave Casey another smile that made Deanna’s pulse trip. “It’s a big place with lots of land and horses. It’s getting ready to snow there, so we’d better get moving.”

“Snow?” Casey turned to look up with wide eyes at Deanna, inadvertently gripping her hand below the cast. “Mommy! I wanna see snow!”

Unable to hold back a gasp, Deanna gently worked her daughter’s fingers from hers. “We will, sweetie.”

Sam stepped forward abruptly, holding her forearm over her sling, his eyes dark with concern. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Carson got to his feet, giving another smile to Casey, his own gaze concerned. “We have to be careful with Mommy.”

Nodding, Casey gently touched Deanna’s cast. “Mommy has a boo-boo. The doctor took a picture and then put a bandage on it. The nurse gave me a wowipop.”

Carson chuckled. “A grape one.”

Casey’s eyes went wide again. “How did you know? Are you magic?”

“I have my moments.” Carson turned to Deanna. “You look like you’re in pain. Didn’t they give you any painkillers?”

Deanna forced a smile, exhaustion making her legs shake. “The doctor gave me a prescription, but I didn’t want to take anything.”

Sam scowled, his expression making him appear even more intimidating. “Why the h—” He glanced at Casey. “Why not?”

“Because I’d planned to spend the night in a bus station and then on a bus filled with strangers. I have a four-year-old to look after, and I’d rather stay alert.”

Sam inclined his head. “Understandable, but that issue no longer applies. Where’s your prescription? In here?”

Deanna nodded, frowning when he took the plastic bag containing her hospital paperwork and a copy of the police report she’d made. “Yes. I’ll—”

Carson shook his head as Sam rummaged through the small bag and turned away. “You and Lil’ bit can come with me. We’ll get you settled in the truck while Sam gets your prescription.”

Remembering her uncle’s words and trusting her own instincts, Deanna nodded again and reached for Casey’s hand. “Thank you, but I don’t understand why you’re here.”

Carson shot her an angry look as he crouched in front of Casey. “We came for you. After Sam called, we waited for you to call or show up. When you didn’t, we got worried and decided to come get you ourselves.”

Almost on eye level with Casey, Carson gave her another affectionate smile. “Would it be all right if I carry you?”

Prepared for her daughter’s rejection and fear, Deanna placed a hand on Casey’s shoulder. “I don’t think—”

To Deanna stunned amazement, Casey nodded and stepped toward him. “Pookey Bear, too?”

Carson’s smile widened. “Pookey Bear, too.”

Casey lifted one arm, holding on to her stuffed bear with the other. “You won’t drop me?”

Carson picked her up, holding her securely with one arm while placing the other against Deanna’s back, silently urging her forward. “Not a chance. You’re safe with me.”

As they walked out and crossed the parking lot, Deanna leaned closer, keeping her voice low. “You handled her perfectly. If you’d reached out to pick her up, you would have scared her. How did you know not to do that?”

Carson scanned the parking lot as they crossed it. “I know skittish when I see it. You’re both skittish, but after what I’ve seen and heard, I understand why.”

Remembering suddenly, Deanna paused. “Everything’s in Jimmy’s car.”

“Where is it?”

By the time they got their things from Jimmy’s car, along with Casey’s car seat, Sam had rejoined them.

Once they’d settled in the truck, Sam turned from the driver’s seat. “Before you take a pain pill, they want you to eat something. Where’s a good place to eat around here?”




Although he spoke to Carson, his eyes never left hers. “I think she has the idea that we’re playing with her.”

“Playing with her sounds like fun to me.” Sliding a hand over her abdomen, Carson bent lower to nip at her bottom lip. “You said you wanted fun, baby.”

Carson took her mouth with his, swallowing the moan that escaped when Sam slid her sweatpants and panties off.

Sam groaned. “It’s my turn to have a taste.”

Trembling with the memory of the pleasure they could give her, Deanna arched when Sam gripped her thighs.

Parting them wide, placed them on his wide shoulders. “Now I get to feast.”

Carson slid a hand under her, keeping her back arched as he lifted her higher and closed his lips on her nipple.

The feel of Sam’s tongue on her clit startled another cry from her.

Her clit throbbed and burned beneath Sam’s tongue, the pleasure intensifying when Carson lowered his head and took her nipple into his mouth.

Her body remembered the pleasure, and faster than she’d expected, she found herself racing for release.

Her body gathered and bowed as the pleasure exploded, the wave of ecstasy that followed stealing her breath.

Carson lifted his head, stroking her damp nipple while staring into her eyes. “If you’re gonna be breathless, it’s gonna be from pleasure, not from fear.”

Sam raised his head with a groan, kissing her inner thighs before releasing her. “Delicious.”

Sam slid up her body, holding the back of her neck while sliding his other hand under her bottom. “I want you.”

Struck by the hunger in his eyes and filled with a sense of belonging, she curled into him, craving his warmth. “Yes.”

Carson stretched out beside her, running a hand over her hair. “Don’t look so surprised. We won’t always take you together.”

Between them, they stripped her out of her sweater and bra before Sam covered her body with his again, using his weight to press her to the mattress.

Trailing the backs of his fingers over her cheek, Carson stared into her eyes. “There’s no reason to be embarrassed.” His grin, filled with affection and hunger, warmed her heart. “Sometimes one of us will watch while the other takes you.”

He bent to touch his lips to hers, lifting his head to smile at her as he caressed her breast. “I want to watch you come while Sam takes you.”

“Then get the hell out of the way.” Sam covered her body again as Carson chuckled and moved aside.

Using his powerful thighs to spread hers wide, he slid a hand beneath her bottom and lifted her hips. “Nice and slow.”

With a groan, he thrust into her, filling her with his thick cock. “You scared the hell out of me today.”

Carson took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips while running his other over her leg. “The outside is healed, but now we’re going to work on the rest. Feel good, baby?”

Holding on to Sam with her free hand, Deanna found herself caught in his steady gaze, sucking in air while her body struggled to adjust to the size of his cock. “What rest? Oh!”

Sam slowly began to thrust, watching her face as he moved. “Let us worry about the rest. Let us worry about everything.”

Still embarrassed by her earlier panic attack, Deanna squeezed her eyes closed against the sight of Sam’s intense stare.

Sam continued to thrust slowly, each stroke taking his cock deeper. “No. Don’t close me out. Look at me.”

Sliding his other hand beneath her neck, he covered her mouth with his.

Deepening his kiss, he swallowed her moan, taking her mouth with a passion that reignited her own. Easing back slightly, he nibbled at her lips. “You don’t need to be afraid. There’s no need to stiffen against me. I won’t hurt you.”

Sliding his hand from beneath her neck, he braced himself on his elbow and tightened his hand on her bottom. “That’s it. Just let go and feel.”

Carson interlaced his fingers with hers and lifted her hand over her head. “Damn, she’s hot.”

Deanna dug her heels into Sam’s tight butt, breathless at the speed of his thrusts.

She cried out and arched into him, the sense of security she felt with them unleashing a passion inside her she didn’t recognize.

Bending slightly, Sam ran his lips over her temple. “You’re ours.”

Every thrust of his cock filled her completely, the friction against her inner walls taking her higher and higher again.

Opening her eyes, Deanna found herself caught in Sam’s gaze again as he slid his hand from under her and braced himself over her.

Carson pressed his lips to her upper arm, the hand on her thigh moving higher. “Ours.”

“That’s it. Let go. I’ve got you.” Sam’s thrusts came faster, tightening her hand on his shoulder while she gripped Carson’s hand with her other.

Unable to do anything except hold on, she gave in to the intensifying pleasure, the warm tingling sensations becoming stronger with every thrust. “Please. I can’t. It’s too much.”

Sam cursed and lifted himself to his knees, gripping her hips and thrusting hard and fast. “Fuck it. I can’t wait anymore.”

Deanna sucked in a breath when his thrusts suddenly came hard and fast, his shallower thrusts digging at a spot inside her that threw her into a tailspin.

The pleasure erupted in a flash of fire that surged through her, an incredible wave of heat that sucked the breath from her.

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