The Dakota Heat Anthology (MFM)

Dakota Heat

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 129,185
4 Ratings (4.0)

In Her Dakota Men, when Stacy Daniels came home to bury her father, she knew she couldn't stay. She'd fallen hopelessly in love with the foreman's three sons and knew it would hurt everyone if she didn't leave. Guilt consumed her until she could no longer face them. But Wolfe, Travis, and Cash Dakota wouldn't let her go.

In Dakota Ranch Crude, Samantha's brother gets into trouble and the only way out is to live and work with her brother's employers for a year. Jackson is too good looking and charming for his own good. His brother, Shayne, feels too big and rough for women. Samantha finds she can't resist either.

In Dakota's Cowboys, while struggling to keep her ranch, Dakota Wells turns away the two sexy, hard-as-nails cowboys who come looking for work. But they won't take no for an answer and convince her to hire them. Little did she know how hard and fast she would fall for them. Joe Taylor and Colt Mason have their own reasons for wanting to work here. Protecting Dakota is easy. Protecting their hearts from the little spitfire is a lot more difficult.

In Dakota Springs, Elizabeth Reed returned to her hometown to start over and wants to avoid the ranchers who broke her heart years earlier. Hayden and Chandler Scott regret how they hurt Elizabeth and want another chance. But in order to get her divorce, she had to use blackmail, and the information she has is dangerous.

A Siren Erotic Romance
The Dakota Heat Anthology (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

The Dakota Heat Anthology (MFM)

Dakota Heat

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 129,185
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing




Travis leaned over her shoulder. "Do you really think you're going to get away with running from us, making us look for you a month before we could find you and keeping secrets from us?"

Stacy smiled hesitantly. "Just this time, right?"

Cash bared his teeth. "Wrong. Do you know how worried we were that you might be alone and pregnant? Do you have any idea of how often Rosa cried, afraid that we would never get you back? Do you know how many dirty looks we got from Dad because we hadn't told you everything from the beginning?"

Stacy latched onto that quickly. "See. It is partially your fault. If you had told me in the beginning that all three of you wanted me none of this would have happened."

Travis ran his hand threateningly over her bottom. "You had the chance to come to us and tell us what was bothering you and you didn't. What did I tell you would happen if you ran away again?"

Stacy shook her head, aware that standing here naked while they all remained dressed left her in a completely vulnerable position but relief made her giddy. "You said that I would be in trouble if I threatened to leave. I never threatened to, I just did it." She smiled at him but apparently he didn't appreciate her logic. Her smile fell.

Wolfe eyes glittered and the look on his face took her breath away. "Do you have any idea what we're going to do to you?"

Stacy shuddered, gulping and shook her head. With all three of them there she couldn't even imagine what they had in store for her. "Can I take a shower? I'm all sweaty."

Travis reached his hands around to cup her breasts, nuzzling her neck. "Later. You're going to get a helluva lot sweatier before we're through with you."

He pinched a nipple in each hand and she moaned, letting her head drop back against his chest. More moisture flowed from her slit. Wolfe's hand moved between her legs, she hoped he would think it came from her nipples being pinched and not his spanking. Her body blazed with heat, ultra sensitive, as she stood, for the first time, before all three of her lovers completely naked.

"You liked your spanking," he said softly, looking at her.

Damn. She kept silent and Travis pinched her nipples harder.

"Answer Wolfe, baby."

"He didn't ask me anything. Ohhh God. Yesss! I liked my spanking. But it hurt."

Wolfe's lips twitched. "It was supposed to. You're lucky I went easy on you. I won't go so easy if you ever try to run away again. Talk to us, Stacy. We've always been there for you. That certainly isn't going to change."

Stacy's eyes widened. That was easy?

With his hands on her bottom, the heat of them making it burn even more, Wolfe lifted her dripping pussy to his mouth. Travis lifted her and she dropped her head back onto his shoulder. Wolfe didn't tease like Cash, but went straight for what he wanted, immediately pushing his tongue inside her. He thrust into her several times before moving to her clit. The jolts of pleasure from her nipples being pinched made her clit throb even more. When Wolfe closed his mouth over it, she gasped. He held it with his teeth, causing her whole body to shake as he sucked it hard into his mouth. She came hard and fast, digging her nails into Travis' biceps as she held on tightly.

Wolfe lifted his mouth from her and moved aside, motioning for Travis to lay her on the bed. Three sets of hands ran over her, three pairs of lips touched her, and she writhed on the bed as her system went on overload.

One kiss slid into another, a hand at one breast and a hot mouth on the other had her body struggling to catch up. A thick finger pressed into her pussy, and she lifted herself, trying to move on it. When it withdrew she whimpered until it was replaced by a thick cock.

"Oh. Fuck. She's so tight." Cash said.

Wolfe and Travis leaned on an elbow on either side of her, their gazes moving from her face to where their brother thrust into her.

She loved the feeling of all three of them being a part of their lovemaking. Wolfe watched her, his eyes indulgent as the pleasure took her higher and higher. Travis looked down at her, his eyes fierce, his hands sliding back and forth between her breasts and pinching her nipples. Cash's face looked set in stone as he thrust into her hard, his pace quickening. She held onto both Wolfe and Travis's shoulders as Cash's thrusts threatened to push her across the bed.





“I understand why Pete did what he did.”

Samantha sighed, relief making her lightheaded. She moved to the sofa and dropped back in her seat. “Thank you.”

“But,” he continued. “I don’t know exactly what you expect us to do about it.”

Samantha looked from one to the other, frowning. “I want you to drop the charges against him.”

“And then what?” Shayne asked softly. Too softly. She felt goosebumps break out on her arms. She crossed her arms over her chest and rubbed them, covering her beaded nipples from their gazes. What would that voice sound like in the bedroom, in the dark, against her—?

Breathe Sam! She took another deep breath. “I don’t understand.” Hell, she’d forgotten what they’d been talking about.

Shayne sighed. “Your brother seems to have a penchant for trouble. If we drop the charges against him, he’ll get out of jail, but then what? He’s already put you in danger and is deeper in debt than before. What do you think would happen if he got loose?”

Samantha blinked. His continued stare flustered her more than she wanted to admit. “But while he’s in jail, he can’t make any money. I’ve got to get those people paid off as soon as possible! I can’t keep looking over my shoulder while I’m working to pay these people back and come up with the money for the medical bills.”

Shayne inclined his head. “True.” The silence stretched again. “How much money are we talking about?”

Samantha sighed and looked back down at her lap “After selling the house and everything, we still owe a little over a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills.”

“And the other?”

Samantha rubbed her stomach and looked up. “Petey originally borrowed twenty five thousand but he said with interest it’s now close to fifty thousand dollars.”

Jackson whistled at the amount before his face tightened in anger. He looked over at his brother. “Pete tried to steal a bull worth over a million dollars to pay a debt of a hundred and fifty grand?”

Samantha’s mouth dropped open. “A million dollars? For a cow?”

“Bull,” Shayne corrected absently.

Samantha watched them both apprehensively as some sort of male communication passed between them that she had no hope of understanding. Looking at her lap and noticing that her knuckles had turned white where she gripped her purse, she made a conscious effort to loosen them. Her nerves couldn’t take much more. Would they let Petey go? She didn’t know what she’d do if they refused her. But even if they did let him go, how would they come up with the money they owed? Shayne had been right about that. No matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t see a way out. One problem at a time. First, she had to get her brother out of jail.

She looked up to find them both watching her. Her face burned, and she wondered what they were thinking. Forcing herself to sit still, she waited.

“Can you cook?”

Samantha blinked at Jackson’s unexpected question. Without meaning to, her eyes flew to Shayne, taken aback when his face hardened even more.

Looking away hurriedly, she forced her gaze back to Jackson, trying hard to ignore the heated amusement in his eyes. “Yes. I’ve always loved to cook. That’s what I do. I cook in a diner. Why?”

“I have a solution to your problem.”

Shayne’s warning growl shocked her and made her tremble. If either saw it, she hoped they would think fear caused it. That growl did something strange to her insides. She tightened her thighs against the rush of heat that soaked her panties.

She met Jackson’s gaze, struggling to keep her tone neutral. “You do? What is it?”

“My brother and I will drop the charges against your brother and pay off your debts.”

Samantha narrowed her eyes. “Just like that? What do you want in return?”

Jackson’s dimples appeared again. “I see you’re not as gullible as your brother. That’s good. Your brother will work here, properly supervised of course, for room and board during the next year.”

Samantha slumped in relief. They’d believed her. Petey could keep his job. She would also send money and they would no longer have men threatening her. “Oh, thank—”

“And you,” Jackson continued as though she hadn’t spoken, “will quit your job at the diner to live and work here.”

“What?” Samantha stared at him, stunned.

“You heard me. Our housekeeper retired. You can take her place. You’ll get room and board like your brother.”

She looked over at Shayne’s unreadable expression before looking back at Jackson, who’d leaned back against the arm of the sofa. “For how long?”

“One year.”

“A year!” Samantha jumped up and moved back to the window. How the hell could she live here with these two for a whole year without going out of her mind? Her panties had been soaked since she’d walked through the door. They both affected her too much to ignore. This stuff didn’t happen to her. But how else could she get out of this mess?

Samantha closed her eyes. “Shouldn’t I speak to your wives about working here?” Please let them be married. Then she knew she could resist them.

“We’re not married,” Jackson grinned and she felt it all the way to her core. “I already told you, we like to share. One woman would have to put up with both of us.”

“That’s enough, Jackson,” Shayne growled and stood. “Don’t threaten her with me. She’s all yours.”



“Easy, baby. I’ll fill you.”

Shayne’s thrusts continued to press his thick length deeper and deeper. Moaning around Jackson’s velvety hardness, she kept trying to tilt her hips to take him in faster. The unbelievable fullness had her entire body quivering.

The hands on her breasts continued to explore her, stroking and lightly pinching. Her moans, their deep groans and murmured encouragement filled the room.

“These breasts are so damned beautiful, Sam. Oh God, your mouth feels so good. Like hot velvet. Fuck. That tongue.”

“Her pussy’s so tight she’s killing me,” Shayne groaned, his voice barely recognizable. “So damned sweet. All these fucking little ripples. Jesus.”

Samantha couldn’t stay still. With her hands gripping Jackson’s thighs for leverage, she squirmed on the table, so close, hanging on the edge of yet another orgasm.

“Fuck. I’m gonna come, Sam. If you don’t want to swallow, you’d better let go. Now.”

Samantha grabbed onto his thighs tighter. She needed all of him. Needed everything they could give her. The pull on her nipples intensified as Jackson groaned his completion. His cock pulsed and his erotic taste filled her mouth. She swallowed frantically, moaning as Shayne thrust further into her. Jackson’s deep groans went on and on. “Never like this. Fuck. Oh God, Sam. So fucking good.”

His groans and praise and the way he caressed her everywhere even afterward made her feel even more cared for. It also made her hotter. She squirmed harder, moaning in frustration and trying to take more of Shayne’s thick steel inside her body. She needed all of him. She didn’t want him to be careful. She wanted him to take her like he’d never taken another woman.

Shayne’s big hands squeezed her bottom, halting her movement.

“No more, baby. I don’t want to hurt you.” Shayne sounded tortured as his thrusts increased in speed but he didn’t go any deeper.

Jackson withdrew from her mouth and moved above her head, cupping her breasts and running his thumbs over her nipples. She cried out. “More, Shayne. Give me more.”

The way his cock rubbed something inside her made her crazy. Her inner muscles burned from being stretched. Through eyes opened to slits, she could see his furious struggle for control. She didn’t want him to feel he had to be careful with her.

She wanted him to need her so much, he forgot about control. She wanted to be able to take all of him.

She bucked on the table. “Shayne. More.”

“Damn it, Samantha.”

Jackson looked down at her. “Shayne, give her more.”

“No, damn it.”

Samantha cried out when he concentrated his thrusts on that sensitive spot inside her. “More, Shayne. Harder.”

Between one thrust and the next, she went over again, crying out loudly as her body arched off the table. Every inch of her skin tingled with pleasure. Her inner muscles tightened on Shayne’s cock, pleasuring her even more. It went on and on and she hoped it would never end. The tugs on her nipples added even more as did her lovers' deep voices.

Samantha raised her hands over her head to grip the other side of the table as she dug her heels into Shayne’s firm butt, forcing herself onto his thickness. She cried out at the delicious fullness.

With a bit off curse, he plunged into her and she screamed. He went so deep inside her, it seemed impossible. He cursed and attempted to withdraw from her. She dug her heels into him even harder, absently hearing their voices but couldn’t focus on what they said. Her entire being had been taken over as one orgasm layered over another.

She shook, she cried out, she jolted in Jackson’s arms as the incredible feeling burned through her. When Shayne’s hands tightened and she heard his deep growl, she knew he’d followed, and burned even hotter as his cock pulsed inside her.





He lifted his head as he ran a hand over her belly. “Do you have any idea what we’re going to do to you?”

Joe tossed her panties aside and looked down at her slit hungrily.

Dakota parted her trembling thighs, gulping in air. “Do your worst.”

Joe’s eyes flared as he ripped off his t-shirt and lowered his head.

Colt leaned over her, grinning. “Yes, ma’am.”

She cried out at the first touch of Joe’s mouth, gripping Colt’s shoulders as hot tingles radiated from her slit outward. Joe ate at her hungrily and she tightened her hold on Colt as her defenses crumbled all around her. Holding her buttocks in his hands, Joe lifted her to get better access and simply devoured her, robbing her of all reason.

Colt’s mouth moved over hers, brushing his lips against hers and down her jaw to her throat while his hand stayed busy on her breasts. Suddenly, a large swell of pleasure washed over her, stealing her breath as she arched, her body tight.

Joe held onto her, his mouth gentle as he brought her down so slowly she thought it would kill her.

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” Colt told her against her lips as he took them again.

Joe released her and she heard the sound of their duffle bag being unzipped and then the rip of foil. When Colt lifted his head, she looked down to see Joe rolling on a condom.

Joe’s jaw clenched as he ran his hands from her knees to her thighs. “I’ve never wanted a woman as much as I want you.”

Dakota lifting her hips in invitation. Her entire body had gone up in flames and she wanted more. Wanted it all. “Take me.”

Colt lay next to her, watching her face and running his hands over her thigh as it wrapped around Joe. It felt so erotic and naughty to look into one man’s eyes as another man began to fill her.

Dakota turned her face to watch Joe’s eyes as he slowly began to enter her, so slowly she didn’t know if she would survive it. She struggled to accept him. His size and the fact that she had been celibate for some time made his possession deliciously snug. She lifted her hips higher, trying to take even more of his thick heat into her.

Joe brushed her hair back and tilted her face to his. “Easy, Dakota. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Please. You’re killing me. More.” His thick length burned inside her, each bump and ridge of his cock delighting her.

“She’s so fucking tight,” he told Colt through clenched teeth. “Dakota, look at me, honey.”

Dakota lifted her gaze, rocking her hips to take even more. “God you feel so good. Stop treating me like a baby, damn it. Show me how much you want me.”

His eyes flared. A heartbeat later his lips covered hers again, taking her mouth with none of the finesse he’d used earlier. His strokes came faster now, each pressing more of his cock into her. He ended the kiss to stare down at her.

Her breath caught at the heat in his eyes. It erased any inhibitions she may have had. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, each stroke taking her higher and higher. Her body began tightening again and she thrashed on the pillow to fight it, not wanting the magnificent feeling to end. He relentlessly dug at a spot inside her that gave her no choice but to surrender.

Braced on his elbows above her, Joe kept his eyes on her the entire time. “Go over, Dakota. Don’t you dare fight it.”

He spoke through clenched teeth, and she could see he was barely hanging onto his own control. Leaning to one side, he slid a hand under her bottom and lifted her into his thrusts. “You’re so damned hot.”

Colt’s hand slid over her hip and thigh before he reached up to cover a breast, running a rough thumb over her nipple. “We won’t let you fight it, Dakota. You’re gonna come, honey. Let go. Let us make you feel good.”

Joe thrust to the hilt inside her and she couldn’t help but cry out at the pleasure. She tried to pump her hips but he held onto her, controlling her movements. Those little sparks got stronger and started to spread far too soon.

“No. Not yet.” She moaned, thrashing on the mattress. She dug her heels into his taut buttocks, lifting herself even more. “It’s too good.”

Joe groaned harshly. “Incredible.”

Dakota gripped him tighter as the wave of pleasure crested, washing over her so completely she felt it in her toes. Her body bucked and jolted helplessly as Joe thrust harder. She gloried in his possession, losing herself to the pleasure as his control finally snapped.

He covered her body with his, burying his face in her hair as he thrust, stroking his hot length deep inside her. Groaning, he slid his arms under her, pulling her even closer as he found his own release.

Colt’s hands ran over her, firm but gentle.

Running one hand over Joe’s back, she reached for Colt with the other one, gasping for air. “Why doesn’t it feel wrong to have Colt touch me while you’re still inside me?”

Joe lifted onto his elbows again and gave her one of those rare smiles. “Because he’s as crazy about you as I am.”





Chandler’s hands came around from behind her to cover her breasts, pulling her back against him. He bent his head to nibble at her neck as Hayden watched, his eyes hooded.

Her head fell back against Chandler’s shoulder as need clawed its way to the surface. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from Hayden as he watched her every reaction.

Chandler massaged her breasts gently, cupping them and moving his thumbs over her nipples, each flick over them causing her pussy to clench.

Her stomach tightened, the muscles quivering as Hayden’s hand covered it. Tightening her thighs against the throbbing of her clit, she arched, pushing her breasts more firmly into Chandler’s hands.

Hayden’s lips twitched as he touched her, his hand moving in slow circles over her abdomen. “Your lips say one thing, but your body says another. You like having both of us touch you this way, don’t you, baby?”

A moan ripped from her throat as he began to gather the material of her dress, raising it, inch by torturous inch. “It’s just chemistry. Lust. It can’t work.”

Chandler lightly bit her earlobe as punishment. “Bullshit. You’re not the kind of woman who can react this way with someone you don’t care about.” He lightly pinched a nipple through the material, making her cry out. “And it can work. You like that. Let’s see what else you like. Hayden and I have a lot to explore, don’t we, darlin’?”

Chandler tugged her nipples again, surprising another cry from her and making her ache to feel his hands on her bare flesh.

Gripping Chandler’s sinewy forearms, she squeezed her eyes closed. God, she’d never imagined anything could ever feel as good as having both of them touch her this way. Liquid heat pooled between her thighs as her clit throbbed steadily. Her body, hypersensitive to every touch, shimmered with need. She could no longer tell the difference between their warm breath caressing her or the warm breeze. Blending together, they surrounded her, touching her everywhere. Dazed and weakened by the little burst of pleasure wherever they touched, Elizabeth arched into their hands, needing more.

Never in her life had she felt so needy, so desired.

Having both of the men she’d loved forever touching her this way was something out of her wildest fantasies. Her eyes flew open when Hayden’s callused hand skimmed her bare thigh. Alarmed that he’d been able to raise the front of her dress completely out of the way without her even realizing it, she shuddered.

His big body stood between her and the street, blocking hers from anyone who might be walking by. Somehow they’d maneuvered her closer to the house so that she couldn’t be seen from the windows. She could see Hayden’s eyes more clearly as he slipped his hand inside her panties. “Nice and wet, huh, baby?” He bent, covering her mouth with his and swallowing her gasp as his finger slid over her clit.

Chandler released her breasts to grab her around the waist when her knees buckled. Holding her up, he buried his face in her neck. “That’s it, darlin’. Let go. I’ve got you.”

Elizabeth’s body gathered as Hayden stroked her clit insistently, his mouth moving over hers to muffle her cries.

There was nothing teasing about his touch. He stroked her steadily, driving her relentlessly to the peak, and she’d been hungry for them too long to resist.

Her body sizzled, every nerve ending screaming with ecstasy as she came, trembling helplessly at the strength of her orgasm. Her body tightened and jerked as her pussy clenched desperately, her juices coating Hayden’s fingers. Her clit burned where he stroked her, pulsing in time to her rapid heartbeat.

He swallowed her whimpered cries, his touch gentle now as he raised his head, raw possession glittering in his eyes. “So beautiful.” Removing his hand from her panties, he allowed her dress to fall back into place.

Chandler turned her in his arms. “I can’t wait to get you naked and explore every delicious inch of you.”

She closed her eyes against the wave of longing, only to snap them back open again. Pushing against them, she moved several feet away, wrapping her arms around herself as a chill went through her. “I can’t do this. Don’t do this to me. I know you both well enough to know this won’t work.”

Both regarded her steadily for several long seconds before sharing a look. Hayden nodded, reaching out a hand to her, only to flinch when she took a step back. “You’re tired. We’ll leave you alone tonight. Get some sleep. We’ll be back tomorrow.”

Elizabeth took another step back. “Don’t bother.”

Chandler grabbed her arm before she could avoid him. Leaning close, he brushed his lips against hers. “Oh, it’s no bother, darlin’. You’ll be seeing us quite a bit.”

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