The Magic of You (MMF)

Mystical Realms 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,239
10 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]
Jessica Whittemore loves anything magic. She is unlucky in love and lives alone with her black house cat, Merlin. When she goes on a holiday with the tour company "Magical England," she never expects to end up in another realm.
King Baen Caladh and Lord Carr Domhnull of Marak have been lovers for years and are waiting for the perfect woman to complete them and be their Queen. When Jessica saves Baen’s sister from certain death, they ride in and whisk her back to their castle. Both men are smitten with her from the start and set out to convince her she belongs in Marak, despite the obstacles she throws up against them.
But an enemy is lurking, bent on conquering the realm. Jessica’s men will do anything to protect her, but this headstrong woman is more than capable of protecting herself. Will Jessica and her warriors find the happiness they seek? Or will they be too late? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Magic of You (MMF)
10 Ratings (4.5)

The Magic of You (MMF)

Mystical Realms 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,239
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book
I loved this book! I found it hard to stop reading it. I want more books from this author.




Jessica felt like she had been run over by a steamroller. Her head pounded, her stomach was cramping, and she was drained of energy. The poison had taken its toll and the horrible crap, which the old lady had forced down her throat, didn’t help. What she wouldn’t give for a bath about now. If only she had the energy to get out of bed.

Now they all stood there staring at her. The old lady that had given her the potion sat next to her, looking down her hawk-like nose. The young woman she had saved stood next to two of the biggest men she had ever seen. Jessica was mortified that the two of the hottest men she had ever laid eyes on had just seen her hurl her guts all over the stone floor. She wanted to hide under the covers until they left. Instead, she had used smart-ass comments and sass to hide her embarrassment.

When nobody answered her question, just continuing to stare at her, she took the time to look over at the two hot men. The one that had called for the water was the taller of the two. He was massive in size, standing at least seven feet tall, and Jessica would bet that the top of her head would barely reach his chest. He was packed with muscles. Wearing a sleeveless white tunic, she wouldn’t be able to wrap her hands around half of the expanse of his huge exposed arms. His black breeches molded to his powerful legs. She looked at his muscled thighs before her eyes wandered to his cock. He was well endowed, the size growing beneath his breeches as she watched.

Jessica looked up into his face. He was watching her. His long black hair was tied back away from his strong handsome face. He had seen her looking at him and he was amused. It flashed in his gray eyes, crinkling them at the edges. She tried not to blush, but it was useless. She could feel her face getting hot.

She turned her attention away from the giant man and looked at the other one. Boy, did they grow them big around here. This one was only slightly shorter than the other, and though he, too, was packed with muscles, he wasn’t as big or as solid. He had shoulder-length brown hair that he had left down and big brown eyes. He had a scar that ran down the length of his face and made him appear dangerous. Jessica thought it was sexy.

He was dressed much the same as the taller man, but instead of a white shirt, his was black. He still had on the same tight breeches and black boots, but he had a large sword hanging from a thick leather belt around his waist. The steel was incased in an ornamental sheath that depicted dragons entwined in battle. It was really lovely and reminded Jessica of the real dragon she had seen. That bought her back to reality and she stopped perving on the two men and decided to get some answers.

“Please, can you tell me where I am? Who are you people?” she asked. When the scarred man raised an eyebrow, she hoped she hadn’t insulted anyone.

“My name is Baen Caladh and you are in my home. The lady on the bed next to you is Elsbeth, our healer.” Baen pointed to Elsbeth and then to his brown haired friend. “This is Carr and I presume you know my sister Elvinia.”

“You are the woman from the field, the one with the dragon. God, I can’t believe I just said that. Dragons are a myth where I come from.”

“Where do you come from? How did you end up in Marak?”


Baen and the man named Carr looked at each other before Baen turned back to her. “Marak is the name of our kingdom, little one. How is it that you have never heard of it?”

“That’s a long story,” she replied before yawning. She was getting drowsy, not unusual after using her gift. She needed to sleep to recover.

“How was it that you were able to save me?” Elvinia asked.

“We need to get you cleaned up and rested,” Carr put in. “There will be time for explanations later.”

“But I want to know now!” Elvinia stomped her foot and pouted, but the men were having none of it.

“You will have to wait, Elvinia. The woman saved your life. The least we can do is see her well-rested and taken care of before we bombard her with questions.”

“I’m sure that she has just as many questions as you do, but they will all have to wait. She needs rest and you will not disturb her. Besides, there is the subject of your punishment to discuss.” Baen’s voice was strong and authoritative as he spoke. It sent shivers straight down Jessica’s back, to her pussy. She had never come across men quite like these two, and despite her exhaustion she was turned on and horny.

His sister paled at her brother’s words and Jessica wondered what he had in mind. She didn’t think he would hurt her. The love they had for each other was obvious, and, even though danger rippled from the men, she knew that they were honorable. She couldn’t explain it if she tried. It was just a gut feeling she had and that had never steered her wrong yet.

“Wait!” she called, when they all turned toward the door to leave. “You haven’t even asked me my name yet.”

Baen walked back toward the bed, avoiding the mess she had made on the floor. “What is your name, little one?”

“Jessica Whittemore. My name is Jessica.”

“Jessica,” he said. And then he walked from the room.




“Stop slapping my hands away, little one. I’m trying to remove your garments,” he told her.

“I know, that’s why I’m doing it. I can get undressed myself.”

“Yes, but it’s much more fun if I do it.” Baen untied her laces at the front of her gown and loosened them. Then he lifted the heavy gown over her head and threw it behind him. Carr moved to lie on the bed next to Jessica. He had removed his boots and cape and lay there in his breeches and tunic.

He looked back at Jessica in only her chemise. It was so thin her dark pink nipples could be seen through the material. They pebbled under his inspection, and he reached out and pinched one gently between his finger and thumb. She sucked in a breath, but didn’t say anything.

He watched as Carr leant over and took her mouth in a passion-filled kiss. He had loved Carr for so long his heart was full to bursting. He didn’t think he could ever love another the way he did Carr. But a little slip of a woman with bouncy blonde hair and big blue eyes was pushing her way into his heart and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Not that he wanted to. He had more than enough love to give and now was the time to prove it.

He removed his boots and cape, and then placed his crown on the table before returning to his lovers. He stripped naked and stood at the end of the bed in all his glory. His cock was hard and pointing straight at his lovers. He reached down and stroked it as he waited for his wife and husband to notice him.

It wasn’t long before Carr broke their kiss and looked over at him.

“It’s about time you two came up for air. The king needs loving too,” he told them. He saw Jessica’s eyes flare when she took in the size of his throbbing cock. He wasn’t a little man in any department. Carr often praised him on the size of his manhood.

“Get our baby naked, Carr. I want to see her.”

“You don’t mean to come anywhere near me with that thing, do you?” Jessica asked. Her voice was high pitched and shaky. He smiled at her and stroked it once more.

“Don’t worry, little one. It will fit. You were made for Carr and me. We will make sure you are ready.” Jessica was pushing Carr away as he tried to strip her of her chemise. This wasn’t how he saw this night progressing, but he could turn it around. He gently shoved Carr out of the way and grabbed the bottom of her chemise and pulled it over her head. She covered her breasts with her hands and crossed her legs to hide her feminine parts.

“Don’t hide from us, little one. You are very beautiful and we want to see all of you. Carr, get naked, it might make her more comfortable.”

“If he’s hung like you, I doubt it.” Sassy little thing, she was. Baen didn’t care. He thought she was funny. He moved onto the bed next to her and peeled her hands away from her breasts. They were high and firm and had large, dark-pink nipples. His mouth watered at the sight and Baen could do none other than take one into his mouth and gently bite down.

Once Carr was naked, he moved up the bed and grabbed her legs. He had to use a bit of pressure to get her to open her thighs, but after some persuasion, she parted her legs. Carr nudged her thigh wider with his shoulders as he settled on his belly in between.

“God, baby. You have a gorgeous pussy. So pink and wet. I have to taste it.” Carr ducked his head and Baen heard Jessica gasp. She liked what Carr was doing to her. Her chest started to rise and fall rapidly.

“Do you like that, little girl? Do you like Carr licking your sweet pussy?” Baen spoke the words softly in her ear and watched her head nod the affirmative.

“You have to try her, Baen. She tastes so fucking good. Like a spring morning, fresh and floral.”

“I’ll get my turn. I’m playing with these fine twin mounds.” Baen took her breast in his mouth again and suckled at the nipple. He pinched and rolled the other nipple between his fingers. Soon Jessica was moaning and thrashing beneath them. He raised his head from her breast and took her mouth in a kiss. Her lips were soft and yielding under his masterful touch. Their tongues danced together, thrusting and paring.

Baen’s heart beat rapidly in his chest and his cock throbbed and leaked clear fluid onto his thigh. He couldn’t wait to get inside her warm heat and hoped he didn’t disgrace himself by coming the moment he entered her.

Jessica shuddered beneath him and he caught her scream in his mouth. Carr had done a good job of bringing their little wife to orgasm, but it wasn’t finished yet.

“My turn, lover. Can’t let you have all the fun.” Baen shoved Carr out of the way and took up position between Jessica’s parted thighs. “You weren’t wrong, lover. She does have a beautiful pussy.” He ran his thumb up and over her little bud and watched her moan and thrust her hips. Her pussy juices coated his thumb. She was so wet from her previous orgasm. He leaned his head closer and ran his tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, licking up her juices. She tasted fine. Spicy and sweet and all Jessica. He would never get tired of her flavor.

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