Cherry Hill 5: Love Heals All Wounds (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,598
9 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA] 

Maya Hennesey has been fighting all her life to survive and to be free from fear and violence. Trust doesn't come easily, even with four sexy capable men who make her feel things she isn't ready for or needs right now in her screwed up life, but their kisses are to die for, their attraction so strong, so sincere, that they break down those walls and show her that love can heal all wounds. Even ones as deep as those she has. Just when happiness is at her fingertips, her bad luck as she likes to call it comes knocking at her door ready to destroy all she has achieved, including getting to love her four men and get her happy ever after. However, Maya isn't ready to give up the fight just yet. Her Marines have taught her well. Their love is so strong and empowering that she's ready to fight to the death, to make them proud and not live her final moments as a victim but instead as a a fighter, a soldier in battle just like them.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 5: Love Heals All Wounds (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Cherry Hill 5: Love Heals All Wounds (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,598
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I liked this book a lot. I particularly that DLD mixed up her formula a by having Harper seriously question her commitment to the men. The fact that the heroes wouldn't verbally or fully emotionally commit to Harper for 2 yrs was so different for Dixie's books. Sure, we've seen heroes be hesitate or fight their feelings, but not for 2 yrs! And for the heroine to question whether she deserves better--it felt very realistic and normal. A nice twist that made it all the sweeter when the heroes and heroine worked out their issues.

Also, I am really intrigued by Isla. I hope is the subject of an upcoming book. I'm really interested in commander Kane as well. Would love to see him as a hero in a book as well.
Totally lived it, please keep it up the good work, I like books just like this with plenty of good interaction between all characters

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Maya had set the alarm so she could get washed up, dressed, and begin packing things up. She knew that Alex and Nash would be coming over to help her. What she hadn’t expected was the bruising on her wrist or the pain. That jerk really grabbed her wrist hard last night, but when he squeezed her ass she was so angry. Despite how warm it was outside, she opted for the long-sleeve shirt to try and hide the bruising on her wrist. She really didn’t want Nash or Alex to get upset over it. It was funny how she worried about them now, and their reaction to things. Plus, she was nervous about moving into the cottage right next door to their house, yet just knowing they were there brought her peace of mind. Then of course she thought about Rhett and Kase being there, and she got all nervous again. Those two were incredibly intimidating and not very talkative. They barked.

She had pulled her long brown hair back into a French braid and started to get things ready. She opened the door and was pulling boxes out when the trucks pulled up.

She waited for Nash and Alex to say something about the incident last night at Harper’s, but they didn’t so she didn’t tell them.

“Thank you so much for helping me. I really appreciate it. With my car, it would have taken several trips.”

“Not a problem. How are you feeling?” Nash asked and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Good,” she replied and stared up at him. He towered over her, especially in the tennis sneakers she wore.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers softly. “I missed you,” he said. She nibbled her bottom lip.

Then Alex approached. He slid his hand along her waist and pulled her closer. “You look good,” he said, and she felt him slide his hand along her ass. It felt good, right, unlike last night. That uneasy feeling hit her as she slowly pulled back.

“Well, I don’t want to waste your time or your day off, so let’s get moving,” she said.

He stopped her. “You are not wasting our time or ruining our day. We’re planning on spending it with you, helping you settle in and get comfortable.” He gave her French braid a tug and winked. She smiled, felt all giddy but then heard the other truck pull up. She was shocked. It was Kase and Rhett.

“Oh God, they didn’t need to come, too. I don’t have that much stuff, and the cottage furniture stays,” she said as both men got out of the truck, and holy Jesus did her heart race.

Kase looked huge and muscular. He wore a flannel shirt in green rolled up to his elbows. It was tucked into tight blue jeans, and he wore cowboy boots just like Rhett. Rhett’s shirt was navy blue and rolled up to his sleeves, too. As they approached it was like a force field of manliness, and she was a small object of arousal in the middle. Her throat closed up, her heart raced, her palms sweat, and she said hello and her voice cracked.

“How are you?” Rhett asked, but Kase just stared at her.

“Good. I truly appreciate the help, although it’s not really necessary. I don’t own that much.” She reached for a box.

“Let us do that. You keep packing,” Alex told her. She watched the men begin to pack up what she had started the last few days. She walked back into the kitchen and got on the small step ladder to reach the items on the top shelf. Just some old glasses she had from college. She started to bend and place them down when she felt the hand on her hip.

“Easy there or you’ll fall,” Rhett said to her. His large, warm hand was on her waist, and then Nash was there helping to place more things into the box.

“You really don’t have that much, huh?” Nash asked her.

She looked down at Rhett who was caressing her skin under her shirt. “Not really.” She went to step down. Rhett didn’t move his hand, so as she stepped down his fingers inched higher and then around her waist. She pressed her hand to his chest and gasped at the pain.

“Are you okay?” he asked her. She nodded, but then Rhett cupped her cheek and stared into her eyes. “You smell real good, Maya.”

“Thanks, Rhett,” she said, but then he pressed his lips to hers. He lifted her from the ladder and placed her ass on the counter behind him. He pressed between her thighs and continued to kiss her. She was afraid he might go too far. This was a complete shock to her to have Rhett kiss her today, right now, only after being around her for like ten minutes or whatever. He must have sensed her need to slow things down as he eased his mouth from hers, but slid his palm and hand around her waist under her shirt and hugged her to him. “You sure are a sweet surprise, doll. A sweet surprise indeed.”




Maya gasped as Kase did a slick move on her and knocked her onto her ass. Rhett chuckled. Kase reprimanded her. “You aren’t paying attention. Stay focused for a little while longer.”

The days to follow were amazing and fun, always leading up to fooling around after dinner, or when Maya got home from work with one if not all of her escorts.

“I am focused,” she stated firmly as she jumped up and then came at Kase again with her boxing gloves, the chest pad, and even headgear. They made sure that even when learning to spar and kickbox that she couldn’t get hurt. He ducked as she threw her fist up at his chin.

“Watch out, I think you made our little angel angry,” Rhett said, and Kase came back at her, giving her directions.

“Bend and twist to the right then extend that arm. Hard, fast, right into where it will hurt me most,” he ordered.

She was losing her breath, getting tired, but she wouldn’t back down and stop until Kase said so. He was relentless. Then Rhett walked behind her, and she struck him in the side.

“Hey! I was just going by you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I—”

Kase swept her feet out from underneath her again.

“Damn it, Kase!”

Rhett chuckled. “You walked right into that one, baby,” Rhett teased.

She slammed her fisted glove down on the mats and then got up into her ready stance. “Okay, wiseass, bring it on.”

She heard the long whistle and then looked that way but not entirely because she was onto Kase’s slick tactics. She saw it was both Alex and Nash, and as Kase went to punch her in the side, she grabbed his arm forward and punched him in the face with the glove. Rhett roared with laughter and Alex chuckled, but Kase lifted her up over his shoulder and spanked her ass with the glove.

As Kase stopped by the doorway, Nash undid the padded helmet and pulled it from her head. He cupped her chin. “Nice move.”

“He asked for it,” she said and gasped as the gloved hand landed on her ass again. “Kase, put me down.”

“When I’m ready,” he said, and she exhaled. Then he slowly set her feet down, pulled her close, and kissed her. She attempted to catch him off guard and take out his leg so he would fall, but it backfired on her and she wound up on the mats with him straddling her. “You didn’t learn your lesson, did you?” he asked and pulled his gloves off, tossed them to the side, then pulled hers off and pressed her arms up above her head. That move made her tank top lift up.

She held his gaze. “You started it.”

“And I finished it.” He lowered down and started to kiss her neck, tickling her and making her scream. She couldn’t fight him because he was restraining her, so she gave up. As she closed her eyes and exhaled just as he stopped tickling her, he slid her tank top up higher and cupped her breast. Her lips parted and their gazes locked. “You did good today, Maya, considering you and Rhett started things off slowly.” He pressed her sports bra up over her breast and quickly lowered his mouth to her tit.

“Kase!” She said his name and reached down only for Kase to grab her hands and press them back up over her head. He feasted on her breast, rocked his crotch against her pussy, making her wish they were naked and skin to skin. She was getting more used to their touches, their need to explore her body, and she was ready to make love to them.

He released his hold on her arms and shoulders, then slid them down her ribs while he rocked his hips, teasing her. She could feel his thick, hard cock, and she could practically smell his scent. She had pleasured him first thing this morning before they headed to their own private gym. As he used his mouth and traveled lower and lower and began to lift the elastic of her pants down, she stopped him.

“Kase, I should go shower, and then get ready for dinner.”

He growled against her belly, tickling her, and she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Who’s cooking?” Nash asked, and as Kase got up Nash offered her his hand before Kase could. She took it, and then as he lifted her up and she went to fix her bra, he stopped her. He held her gaze and cupped her breast. “I missed you, and this body.” He pressed his lips to hers.

She ran her hands along his uniform shirt and then felt his utility belt, gun, and things against her belly. He released her lips and trailed his mouth along her shirt and then under it to her breasts that were fully exposed. She held on to his shoulders while he suckled on her breast, and tugged on her nipple. “Oh God, Nash.” She felt his large hands grip her hips, and then Alex appeared in front of her. He cupped her cheeks and pressed his mouth to hers as Nash pushed her pants and panties down. She moaned into his mouth and then felt both sets of mouths on her body. One on her pussy, it had to be Nash, and the other on her ass cheeks, nipping, licking, pulling her foot from her pants and panties as Nash thrust a finger into her cunt. She rocked her hips as the four men manipulated her body with tongues, fingers, and hands.

“Goddamn, this is a sight. I can’t wait for the days we can wrestle on the mats then fill you with cock right here in this room,” Kase said, and she moaned, rocked her hips, and came. Nash pulled his fingers from her cunt and replaced them with his mouth as he lifted her leg over his shoulder. She felt the tongue lick over her asshole back and forth, and she moaned and came again.

“I get her ass the first time. I call it,” Rhett said and then pressed a digit into her asshole. She pulled from Alex’s mouth and cried out against his chest. They all held her, kissed her, manipulate her body until she felt weak and spent.

Kase cupped her cheek as the men fixed her clothing. “Let us make love to you, Maya. Let us claim you our woman right now? We can go upstairs to the bedroom, shower, and take our time loving you.”

Tears filled her eyes. She was so overwhelmed with emotions, and she wanted them too. She wanted to try and to be free forever. “Yes,” she whispered.

“What?” Nash asked her.

“You’re accepting our guardianship of you, our claim as our woman?” Alex asked.

“Yes. I’m ready. I want to feel more of what the four of you make me feel. I want that forever. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”

Kase cupped her cheeks. “Never again, baby. Not with us. Never again.” He pressed his lips to hers, and then Kase lifted her up into his arms and carried her from the workout room that was in their home.

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