The Teacher and His Wolf (MM)

Nehalem Pack 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,726
15 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]
Life has never been easy for Knox Farrell. After the death of his mother, he takes on the responsibility of raising his two younger brothers while searching for the one that ran away. Not an ideal life choice for Knox, but he couldn’t ask for more, that is until he meets Ellison Wyatt.
Ellison has a strict rule, never date a student’s family member, but all that changed when he met Knox. Now all he can think about is the man, but what his brain is telling him to do is at war with his heart’s desires. What is a teacher to do?
Knox feels like he’s spent his entire life fighting for one thing or another, and when it comes between choosing the family he’s built with Ellison or searching for his runaway brother, he must decide what’s more important, the family who’s left you behind or the one that’s there to help pick up the pieces?
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Teacher and His Wolf (MM)
15 Ratings (4.6)

The Teacher and His Wolf (MM)

Nehalem Pack 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,726
15 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“I love you, Raleigh.” Knox kissed the top of his head then pulled back from the embrace. “And just so you know, if you ever pull any this crap on me like Tenny, I swear I’ll string you up by your toenails,” he teased.

Raleigh laughed as he wiped away the stray tear that ran down his cheek. “I can promise you I’ll never do that. We’re family and family sticks together.”

“That they do.” Knox ran his hand over Raleigh’s head then looked back toward Noel’s front door. “Where’s Boston?” His younger brother was usually the first one to greet him when he got back into town.

“Uh, yeah that’s another thing.” Noel came up to stand next to Knox and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“What did he do now?” Knox asked, looking from Noel to Raleigh.

“Well…” Raleigh glanced over to Noel.

“Okay, here’s the thing.” Noel started after taking a deep breath. “You were gone when the boys had open house, so of course Beau and I took them and met their teachers. Nice people. I think you will really like them.” Noel glanced back to Raleigh. “Raleigh was super excited to start the school year and there hasn’t been one problem with him adjusting, but Boston is another story.”

“What happened?” Knox dreaded to hear it.

“It’s not his fault, Knox.” Raleigh spoke up. “I think it’s because he’s been missing you.”

“What did do?”

“Here’s the thing.” Noel closed his eyes and took a deep breath, looking as if he dreaded telling Knox what was going on. “School’s been in session for a week and a half, and I’ve heard from Boston’s teacher at least five different times. Today Mr. Wyatt called and wants to meet with you tomorrow for a conference. Apparently Boston bit another student today.”

“Damn it.” Knox groaned. That was the last thing he needed. “Where is he?”

“Inside. Beau is helping with his homework.” As Knox started for the door, Noel’s hand on his arm stopped him. “Take it easy on him. Raleigh is right. He’s misses you so much when you’re gone. I just think he doesn’t know how to handle those emotions.”

Knox nodded his head then started walking to the front door. Once inside he could hear Boston’s small, sweet voice as he read to Beau. Beau was a fifth-grade teacher at the school Boston attended, and from the get-go jumped right in to help get Boston ready for kindergarten.

“Sound out the word, Boston,” Beau’s kind voice prompted.

Knox stood in the entryway to the kitchen, leaning against the door, listening. He smiled as he watched as Boston’s tongue stuck out the side of his mouth as he looked at the word then as he started to pronounce it.


“Yes!” Beau wrapped his arm around Boston’s small shoulders and hugged him. “Good job.” Boston’s face lit up with the praise.

“Not bad, little man,” Knox said, letting his presence be known.

“Knox!” Boston jumped up from his chair and ran toward him. Knox bent down and picked him up, holding him close to his chest. Boston buried his face into Knox’s neck, clinging to him as if he thought Knox would vanish.

“Hey little man.” Knox kissed Boston on his pudgy little cheek.

“Welcome home, Knox.” Beau stood up from the table and reached his hand out for Knox to shake.

“It’s good to be home.” Beau caught his eye and Knox nodded his head. He set Boston back down and pointed to the chair he’d been sitting in. “Have a seat, Bos. I think there are some things we need to talk about.”

“You told him?” Boston glared up at Beau.

“Hey, don’t look at him like that.” Knox knelt down to look into Boston’s eyes. “Your bad behavior at school isn’t something they can keep from me and you shouldn’t either.” Knox pulled out a chair and sat down next to Boston. “So spill it. What happened?”

Boston looked from Knox to Beau. Knox followed his eyes and saw when Beau nodded his head. Boston took a deep breath then said, “I bit a boy at school today.”

“Is that all?” Knox asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Boston started to nibble on his lower lip and looked down at the floor. Beau must have taken pity on him and began to explain.

Apparently Boston had a problem with sharing and playing nicely with the other students. When he didn’t get his way Boston would act out, and this resulted in him actually biting another little boy today.

“To be honest, Knox, it is common for kindergarteners to have an adjustment period at the beginning of the school year. I also think with you back home it won’t be as bad, but nonetheless you need to go speak to Mr. Wyatt. He’s a good guy. I think if you explain the situation to him, he’ll be understanding and work harder with Boston.”

“I hope so.” Knox wasn’t looking forward to the conference. He didn’t want others to know about what had happened to their mother or that his mother became a slut after the death of Knox’s father and no one knew who Raleigh and Boston’s fathers were. It made them seem trashy, and that was the last thing Knox wanted anyone to think of him and his brothers.

Knox and the boys stayed for dinner at Beau and Noel’s then headed next door to their house afterwards. He helped Boston get ready for bed and said good night to Raleigh, then tucked Boston in for the night.

Once they were both settled, Knox went to his own room. He took a seat in the rocking chair by the windows and stared outside. He was only twenty-five, and already so much responsibility sat on his shoulders. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer like he did every night.

Please give me the strength to never let them down.




“Look at me, Eli.” Knox’s tone was low and gravely. It almost sounded like he had rocks in his mouth.

Oh so very slowly, Ellison lifted his head up. His eyes landed on thick hairy thighs then on two low hanging balls. Ellison’s tongue darted out to wet his lips. Finally tearing his eyes from Knox’s massive testicles, he took in the sight of Knox with his hand around his long and very hard cock, slowly moving his fist up and down its broad length. Ellison sat up on his knees and moved slowly to the edge of the bed, reaching out to touch Knox’s chest, moving over his nipples then down the grooves of his abs until he put his hand over Knox’s. Slick juices seeped from the tip and Ellison used his thumb to catch the glistening drops and brought it up to his mouth. He looked up at Knox and held his stare as he sucked in his thumb, humming at the sweet and salty flavor of Knox’s cum.

“God, you’re so fucking hot.” Knox lunged toward him and pressed his heated body up against him and kissed him hard. Their combined moans filled the room.

Ellison moved his hand down and squeezed it in between their bodies. He had to touch Knox. The velvety smooth skin was so hard under his fingers. Ellison moved his hand the best he could up and down the strong rod, letting his fingers brush against the wiry trimmed pubic hair. Ellison could feel his mouth water and the kiss became sloppier.

“Please.” Ellison pulled back enough to suck in some much needed air. “I need to taste you.”

“You don’t say.” Knox smiled and kissed the corner of Ellison’s mouth then let his head fall forward and he sucked and bit down on his shoulder, no doubt leaving a mark. “Great minds must think alike because I want you to have a taste.”

Knox gave Ellison’s shoulder a gentle shove and he lay back on the bed. He watched as Knox walked around the foot of the bed to the side then stopped right where Ellison’s head lay. He leered down at him as he crawled up onto the bed and straddled Ellison’s head with Knox facing toward Ellison’s hard cock.

Ellison had his eyes wide open, unable to look away from the thick bubbled cheeks of Knox’s ass. The massive globes hovered over his face and Knox’s furry balls swung back and forth, brushing against his lips. Not seeing any reason not to, Ellison stuck out his tongue and licked the round orbs. Knox groaned and spread his thighs wider apart, bringing his ass down closer to Ellison’s mouth.

“Ah fuck,” Knox groaned.

Ellison reached toward the front of Knox’s body and fisted his hand on Knox’s cock. The man let out a howl then shifted into a crouched positon and angled his cock toward Ellison’s spit-covered lips. Ellison opened wide as Knox fed him his solid length. His tongue lapped at the small slit then he flattened it against the groove at the underneath side of the tip.

“I think you can do better than that.” Knox pushed further into Ellison’s throat.

Ellison’s lips stretched painfully to accommodate the thickness. He relaxed his jaw the best he could, breathing through his nose as Knox thrust down to the base.

“Oh yeah, just like that, baby. Eat my cock. Get it nice and wet,” Knox said as he pulled out then shoved forcefully back inside.

Ellison coughed around the intruder drilling into his throat but wouldn’t let Knox pull out. He sucked and lapped at the smooth heated flesh. The musky male smell filled his nose and he wanted more, wanted Knox to take control of his body and never let him go.

“You like my fat cock down your throat?” Knox asked in between jabbing his length down Ellison’s gullet. Ellison hummed around Knox’s dick the best he could do for an answer. “Yeah you do.” Ellison could hear the smile in Knox’s voice. “Good, because I love fucking your mouth.”

Ellison loved hearing Knox talk dirty to him. It made him want to do better, to make this man shout out his name in pleasure. He wanted to hear more.

“Keep talking to me,” Ellison pulled off long enough to demand.

“You like that, do you?” Knox pinched at Ellison’s hard nipples. “Are you my dirty little teacher? I bet you’d like me to fuck your tight ass the way I’m fucking your throat.”

He tried to nod his head, but with his mouth full of cock he could barely manage that. He curled his tongue and slurped around the blunt, fat head, drool running out the corners of his mouth and down his cheeks.

Knox cursed under his breath then fell forward, taking Ellison’s entire length down his throat. Ellison screamed in ecstasy at the sensation and Knox plunged his cock deeper, the vibrations from his vocal cords thrumming against Knox.

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