[#307 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

A forgotten lotto ticket and a strong dose of lust send Veronica after Johnny and into his hotel room. She's introduced to his good friend Adam and their ménage lifestyle, which further intrigues her. But Veronica has a dark secret she dares not share with Johnny or Adam. It forces her to live a lie and worse, threatens their newfound love.

Johnny and Adam consider themselves lucky to have found a woman intrigued by their ménage lifestyle. Even though they weren't looking for a partner, they've found the perfect girl for them. But Veronica is hiding something that has her running out the morning after the Double Rider Men's Club annual event. An old friend associated with their men's club is hell-bent on putting Veronica in jail.

Will Johnny and Adam be able to protect her from Zachary, or will they lose her forever?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Unbridled and Unbroken (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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I love this book.
OMG--what a fun story and one that will please fans of erotic romance, that's for sure! It is also a story that comes across as very real, with men who want a woman who will "fit" their lifestyle of menage, and a woman who is just now realizing her dreams--dreams she has held dear for a significant part of her life. The crisis is one that many people must resolve and here is assumes a larger-than-life persona as something that could really tear these three people apart. Characters that will appear in future books in this series are introduced and the reader is made aware of some of their issues. It is a delightful, engaging read and one that lovers or romance fiction will find satisfying.
Dr. J
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4 CUPS: "If you are looking for a read that will make the goose bumps rise on your skin, then this is the book for you. From page one, my breath caught when Johnny looked at Veronica the first time, then when Adam got thrown into the mix, I thought my heart would pound out of my chest. This is one red hot story. I would make sure to have an ice-cold beverage nearby before beginning Unbridled and Unbroken, you will certainly need it. Ms. Saint James has demonstrated that she has the ability to add some heat to a romance and then cranks the thermostat until it feels like a sauna." -- Kimberly, Coffee Time Romance

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Jerry the Creep emerged from his vehicle, adjusting his ball cap then his jean-clad crotch and she cringed inside.

“What’s wrong?” Johnny asked and glanced out the front window at Jerry.

“Can you hold on for a second?” She’d been admiring his body ever since he had come into the store. Right now the best part of the to-die-for cowboy was his height and those nice wide shoulders. He was a pretty big guy. He turned back, a questioning look on his face and she said quietly, “Could you do me a huge favor and stay just another minute?”

“That guy a problem for you?”

Veronica released a grateful sigh at his quick assessment of her problem. “Yes. He’s been giving me a hard time. Even with this glass between us, he frankly scares me about half to death.”

“I’d be happy to stay a minute and chat.”

Veronica relaxed a notch. “Thank you so much.”

Her gorgeous cowboy collected his coins and slipped the change in his front pocket. She stared at the front of his jeans for way too long wondering at what glorious pleasure awaited behind his zipper. The bills and receipt he slid into his wallet and the lotto ticket he picked up last and shoved in his back pocket along with his billfold. Only the two coffee cups remained.

Bending forward, he placed his elbows on the counter. “What if we pretend I’m your new boyfriend? Maybe then he’d leave you alone for good.”

His charming grin distracted her so much she barely heard Jerry come in the front door. “That would be great,” she whispered.

“What’s your favorite breakfast at Mary Ann’s?” he asked.

Veronica smiled. “I love the buttermilk pancakes there.” That was the God’s honest truth. “Best I’ve ever tasted.”

“Excellent. I love pancakes.” He winked at her. “So is that what you’ll be ordering when we go to breakfast there together undercover as a couple?”

She laughed and stared at his beautiful aqua eyes. She loved playacting with him. “Absolutely.”

Jerry walked all around the store as they flirted and chatted. She almost forgot he was there. Almost. He approached the counter, likely to ask some inane question like he always did, and the cowboy said, “I really enjoy having breakfast with you, honey.”

“So do I,” she answered wishing they really went on imaginary morning dates together as a couple.”

Johnny suddenly leaned in so close, he practically kissed the plexiglass. “Honestly, the best part of my day is waking up next to you. I love knowing we’ll be sharing our first meal together every morning. Knowing you’re all mine doesn’t hurt either.”

Veronica was so stunned by his very realistic sounding heartfelt declaration, she didn’t have a ready response. Her mouth dropped open, but no sound came out.

Johnny winked once.

Playacting. It was just his way of helping her get rid of her pesky stalker.

Say something flirty.

“I...really like...being all yours.” She managed to stutter knowing she’d never win an award for her lame acting skills. Fortunately, a glance at Jerry and she knew she wasn’t the only one convinced over Johnny’s acting abilities.

“Will you stop by my place after you get off work so that we can,” he paused for a breathless moment as a number of activities crossed her mind, “chat some more about our future?”

“I’d love to.”

Jerry listened in to their conversation with rabid interest. When she finally tore her gaze from her cowboy hero, Jerry stared at her with accusation in his eyes. His gaze then strayed to Johnny. The cowboy returned his stare and straightened to his full height and he was a head taller than Jerry. Without saying a word, Jerry adjusted the ball cap on his head again, threw a dollar on the counter and stalked out to his van. Thank heavens he was gone.

Once the van disappeared from view, the cowboy leaned in and said, “Now that I’m your new boyfriend and everything, maybe I’ll see you around this week. If you’d like, we can go out and have a real breakfast together.”

Will I wake up next to you, too?

Veronica’s heart sped up at the idea. “Maybe so. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks again for staying behind to protect me. You were very convincing. I’ll likely never see him again.”

“No problem.” His grin almost gave her an orgasm on the spot. “Have a great day,” he with a wave. He picked up the coffee cups and moved toward the door.

“You too,” she said in a breathless whisper

He pushed one of the doors open with an elbow, turned and walked out into the pre-dawn light. She watched his perfect ass with every step he took all the way out the door. Which was how she saw what happened.

The lotto ticket he’d purchased for his friend fluttered from his back pocket to the floor just as the door swooped shut. The blast of air from the door closing sent the small square paper rolling towards her. She banged her palm on the glass trying to get his attention, but he quickly slipped into his vehicle and drove away before she could unlock herself from the prison behind the protected glass cage of her desolate employment.

She rescued the ticket from beneath the rack holding a large assortment of candy bars, gum and mints and watched his tail lights head in the direction of the hotel where he’d told her he was staying.

Fingering the stiff corner of the lotto ticket, Veronica wondered if she should go after him once her shift had ended to ensure he got the final item of his purchase.

Was it foolish for her heart to speed up at merely the thought of seeing him again?

Without the protection of the glass separating them? They’d be able to touch each other.

She shivered with involuntary excitement at the vision and slid the ticket into her pocket.





Together they got into position in front of Adam. She was on her knees and suddenly trembled as he nibbled at the back of her neck. Her nipples hardened as he reached down between her legs to stroke her hot clit. He palmed one breast and pinched her nipple then did his best not to release against the soft flesh of her ass.

She writhed against his groin pushing her butt into his throbbing cock as if to entice him. He was very tempted. Another wicked thought entered his mind as she undulated against him. He wondered if she’d ever had anal sex. The mere idea of initialing her virgin ass with his stiff cock almost made him lose it. He took a deep breath and cleared his head. Later, he’d ask, but for now he’d enjoy making her scream while Adam watched.

Johnny slid his hand around to cup her pussy and easily found her clitoris. She was very wet already and his cock throbbed in response.

Veronica panted and moaned as he stroked her clit. It wouldn’t take her long to come at all. He knew she was close by the amount of juice running out of her pussy as he fingered her clit.

Shifting his hips, Johnny allowed his cock to slip inside her primed body. She moaned even louder and pushed back against him. His cock slid a few inches into her slick tight walls of her pussy and he had to concentrate not to let loose.

She pushed her hips backward again so he thrust his cock deeper still. Johnny glanced over her shoulder to see Adam rubbing a hand over his stiff cock still buried in his pants. Johnny bent down and kissed a spot beneath one earlobe and her body suddenly arched against his back.

Impressed with Adam’s stamina, Johnny couldn’t wait until they shared her at the same time. And hoped they’d get the opportunity. Something about Veronica was unique.

Johnny flicked his fingers over her juicy clit and pushed his cock into the heat of her body with more force. Short strokes midway inside the tight walls of her vagina would hopefully hit a good place inside her pussy, so he concentrated on keeping his cock in the sweet spot. She reacted immediately. Her moaning intensified and her hips swayed in perfect rhythm with his thrusts.

Adam watched from across the room, his attention focused on Veronica’s face. He watched for her to come.

Her pussy suddenly clamped down on his thrusting dick. She tilted her head back and shrieked. The moment she slumped, Johnny pushed her forward onto the bed. Her head was almost off the edge. She braced herself on her elbows as he grabbed a fist full of her beautiful blond hair. He slammed his cock forward into her body once, twice, three times very hard searching for the nirvana of release.

“Adam,” she called as Johnny fucked her pussy harder and harder. “Come here so I can satisfy you.”

Johnny’s eyes almost rolled back in his head with pleasure. He clamped down on his need in order to watch her suck Adam’s cock. Seeing a blow job as he fucked her would be the best satisfaction yet.

Adam stood quickly and unzipped his pants. He didn’t even push them down, merely retrieved his rigid cock and shoved the head towards Veronica’s willing mouth.

Johnny kept thrusting into her pussy. The moment she had Adam’s cock between her lips and started to suck, Johnny stroked inside her pussy one last time before the climax of a lifetime accelerated through his body. His legs trembled as cum shot into the end of the condom reservoir. Orgasmic release rushed through his body, centered at the focal point of his cock sliding deep into her pussy.

Hand still fisted in her hair, he penetrated her body once more and let loose a wail from the depths of his soul as supreme pleasure settled all the way to his bones.

Adam had his eyes closed as if afraid he’d come the moment her lips closed around his cock. Johnny completely understood that. He released his grasp on her hair. She sucked Adam’s cock deeply into her mouth Adam growled in appreciation. He grabbed her head, slipping his fingers into her hair and tried to pull his cock out of her mouth. Veronica grabbed a hand around his ass and held him in place.

Johnny watched as she sucked the orgasm right out of him. And damn, if she didn’t swallow every drop of what Adam gave her the moment he released.

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